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20 Minutes Of Activity In The Sky

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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 04:19 PM
Finished watching the Forest vs Blackpool game on Sky (great match by the way) and I decided to have a look upstairs out of the window at the sky. Just because I wanted to have a look at Venus really.

The bedroom faces in a south westerly direction. Spotted Venus straight away and then saw the first light. Probably a plane but it looked just like the Sirius star, only it was moving. Same colour flashes and brightness etc. Moving from West to East across the sky on the horizon. With window open no sound but it may have been too far away to be heard. As soon as I lost sight of that, another one appears, same speed and brightness etc. Moving from West to East.

Just as I'm losing sight of that, a full gold light appears a bit higher in the sky moving roughly same speed. Not slow or fast. Except no flashes and just the gold colouring. No sound again. A bit brighter than the Capella star but not as bright as Venus.

Then a third flashing light same as the first 2, appeared from the West going towards the East on the horizon. Curiously the dogs in the neighbourhood are barking like crazy.

To top it all off, Venus seems to have a slight red hue about it. I'm not sure if its a trick of the eye, but there seems to be a small red dot (I can just make out) to the immediate right of Venus.

I am in the UK. About 10 miles to the south of Norwich. The 3 flashing lights are most probably planes too far away to be heard, but I don't know what to make of the full gold light.

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 05:35 PM
Hey - yes, something perculiar tonight, WTF! I was hoping someone else would post this tonight. Some heightened activity for some reason...on a TUESDAY?! --- new government??

I have seen numerous low level lights with NO FAA indications whatsoever tonight. The lights have been the same level as certain flight paths, and what seemed the same height.

Diary: Under low level light but by no means dark about 9.00pm On a bench I noticed a solid bright light travelling quite low to the ground passing over Watlington, Oxon. Moved and tried to see if it had continued its Southerly path but lost sight of it.

Later, 10.20pm to be exact, I spot another mid-level object, bright yellow moving in a Westerly direction over the pub. Solid but dipping in and out of brightness, I thought perhaps ISS, but realised it was no higher than a plane coming out of Heathrow. It passed through cloud.

I recently let off 2 chinese lanterns to see what they did. At that time there was no wind, it went almost straight up and extinguished not long after. Tonight whatever it was was following a flight path because 5 minutes later a PLANE used the exact same route and altitude.

What makes me wonder is this. Coming toward me, it was solid light. But I saw its back side when it moved off and there appeared to be 2 different lights side by side. No wingtip flashes or anything.

Now that you mention it, gold is the colour of the second light I saw, but it was travelling west at 10.20pm, toward Wiltshire

Check out the sky tonight please UFO people! Nice surprises perhaps

Strange co-incidence = you saw one, moved, saw another, and I did the same

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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 06:15 PM
Yes, as soon as one light went out of view, another appeared. Just seemed very strange. Haven't noticed this much activity in a such a short amount of time for a good while. Though to be fair tonight has been the first completely cloudless sky in quite a while.

Interesting about the solid gold light. I saw it at about 9.50PM, though it was travelling from West to East across the sky.


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