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Lego Space Shuttle Set course for Fun and Learning!

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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 03:09 PM
This isnt the real space shuttle, its a lego space shuttle.

Lego Site Info

Captains Log stardate 2010: Our mission to build a space ship out of legos to boldly go where no lego has gone before. Get ready to blast off for excitement!

this is a replica of the US space shuttle complete with rockets! the cargo bay even opens to hold satellites and other payload. What a great new way for teachers to use this to teach kids about propulsion systems, thrust mechanics, and mass. Teaching will never be the same now this bad boy is out on the shelves.

Kids mostly hate to learn and who can blame them. Using this tool as an icebreakers kids can be taught about the hydrogen reaction that creates the sun we see everyday. This is science made fun and ready to learn! for those of us who love science I cant wait to get my hands on one to build and keep at my desk, rather my whole desk. haha.

Even the cargo crane is included and a satellite with thrusters. Kids can learn about the magic of vernier thrusters at last! Science is FUN! and now kids can have fun learning about science.

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