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Government expects compensation

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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 07:39 AM
Everything concerning the Gulf oil spill that could be said, has been said. I didn't open this thread to rant on or post any newly developing news in regards to that said spill. However, the more I read about this spill the more angry I become. Why? Because of quotes like this:

Originally by Robert Gibbs Ahead of the hearings, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs reiterated the US government's views on responsibility for the slick. "BP will be paying for all costs of stopping the spill and cleaning it up, and we will aggressively pursue full compensation for damages," he said in a statement.

The part that blows my mind is the unwavering blatancy the US Government has exuded in their lack of effort towards this crisis. It is as though they are doing their best to ignore it. They want compensation for the spill? BP will pay! Like that makes me feel like we have the situation under control?

Any half literate moron understands that money isn't going to fix the ecological damage that could and will arise from this catastrophe. Something like this happens and we throw money at it? Where is FEMA? Why isn't the President there, visiting and overseeing some operation? It absolutely disgusts me. It's as if this incident were equal to...a car collision. They may address it as they drive by but around the corner in it's in the past and soon forgotten.

I have all sorts of theories as to why this happened but I will refrain from those for now. My main point is this: you cannot # on mother nature and then expect money to solve the problem. The Earth doesn't want your money and doesn't care about your money. Quit squabbling and put on your big boy/girl pants and get to work (not directed at any of the readers). Our wars and our policies and our selfish expansion are destroying this planet. Nay, our indifference is destroying this planet.

These links are only cousins of millions more. I'm not insinuating anyone here is blind enough to miss them, what I am insinuating is that instead of breaking our wallets and banks in their wars and crooked agendas, perhaps instead of chasing ridiculous policies that enforce near police states on the American people, maybe our government should be pursuing the larger problem in our backyard. We are literally destroying our planet every day and people are so caught up in this whirl wind of terrorism and security and political propaganda (not to mention the brain washing television shows so many millions of Americans are addicted to) that politicians simply slink away in the face of ecological disasters.

We have the Gulf spill, the TN flood, Katrina, and on the list goes these being only the most recent. When will it end? How long are they going to ignore the repercussions of raping mother nature? It is in these profound moments that I am ashamed to be an American and to be a human being.


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