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dream of the future revolution

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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 06:29 AM
This might be just a dream but i thought i would share it with everyone.
I can only go through what i remember so forgive me if it is a tiny bit vague.

Ok, were set in England, London. The government has hid all the treasures of the world including taking anything worth of sensational value. Alliances are all out, including the English defence league and there is some smaller groups who come to help to attack any thing worth of value and they target Buckingham palace. I am one of the leaders of one of these's small group's that is more vicious and determined in nature to find the corrupt leaders who have hid away from us after think the financial collapse.

I looked like i was in my 40's around about 45 i am now 27 will be 28 in October, so you can work out the possible years.

The one thing that captured the dream was that everyone looked towards the shiny son, at times the vision of Mary came through and these groups looked at these visions to find some kind of direction and advice.

Just thought i would pass this to you.

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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 07:52 AM
Speaking of that i had a dream of in the 2040's more than a year ago where Londonw as remade..there was a new parliament building and a huge tower in the middle it was called "Imperial Tower" and it had huge flags draped down it of a emblem of a political party i've never seen before. I was on top of this tower looking down on London, i had 3 guards on each side of me dressed in armor similar to the announced "Future Warrior" project. I could see all of London..

"Old" London was today's era it was mainly for tourists,normal citizens and immigrants. "New" London which was where the tower was situated was intended for military,government and worthy citizen use. There were hundreds of thousands of soldiers and tanks around the tower and i began speaking of "Reclaiming our birthright,destroying the enemy and wiping countries off the face of the map" it skips to around the mid 2050's(either 2056 or 2058) judging by the wierd watch on my wrist which had time and date and holographic dials.

I was again on the of "Old" london were destroyed but most was intact, "New" London had lost the cabinet building and MI8 HQ.don't ask how i know the names of the buildings it was inbuilt "memory".

I look down and the road was extended and it was at least 2 million people from citizens to military members lined up watching me on the huge tower, i now have 4 guards either size of me and a holographic shield around the roof ( i assume for projectiles) I begin speaking of "The Second Empire is born..Europe is now ours..Africa is now ours and the Oil fields of the middle east are now ours!. The Russian Union has surrendered and the Asian Protectorate has launched an attack upon the United States" I then start saying something vague and people cheering, then from nowhere.. someone behind me shoots 3 of my guards and my chest he then pushes me from the tower..i can hear screams then darkness and silence. I remember awakening in this tube and a woman's voice saying

"My lord the cloning was a success, our first four dozen attemprs failed but in the last two decades cloning has become common and our tests were optimistic the year is now 2167..your dynasty continues, your 5th son is now Emperor of the Second British Empire" then i woke up.

Strange thing is i told this to my best friends and Ben who was my closest interupted me and said he had the same dream from a different perspective. He was part of a resistance movement called " The 13th Column" a name derived from the Emperors birthday and he was tasked with infiltrating the political party to get close to the emperor, he said his was shorter and skipped to him on a large elevator going up a long tower and he said he came out of a hall onto a balcony where he pulled out a small SMG and shot at the guards and emperor, then he was caught,trialed and publicly (as in empire wide broadcast) executed via torture and death.

It was wierd..but one hell of a dream!
Chances are, most are just dreams..sometimes they mean something. Other times your interests mix with the subconcious causing an amazing story to be "shown".

posted on May, 11 2010 @ 08:29 AM
interesting none the less that you and your friend has had a similar dream to this and within the same type of year i previously mentioned. I think it will be different by that time because of the generation coming up will be alot more less tolerant of the old.

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