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Excavation Now Happening Under the Sphinx' Paw! Was Edgar Cayce Right?

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posted on May, 10 2010 @ 08:33 PM
erm..... has anyone considered the idea that there is a tunnel that leads to the passage under the Sphinx from 100m away hence why you wouldn't see the sphinx in the pictures

Would make sense in that people wouldn't think to associate the tunnel entrance with the Sphinx ???

I believe Cayce was onto something, what though I would not know

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 08:39 PM

Originally posted by WashMoreFeet
Why in the name of Stanley, Danny & Clyde would the anal-retentive Hawass allow a bunch of people to dig all up & around one of the most ancient wonders of the world?

I seriously doubt he's the true 'deciderer'. The true people calling the shots on important things these days don't want to be in the spotlight. He's just a just a face and a name to put on everything so people don't go looking too hard behind the scenes.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:11 PM

The Egyptians didn't build GIZA. That much is well known now. "Share the youtube on your profile page. Most important these pics go viral. Get the truth out there!!!" "HURRY!! They may try to get this video off the web. Get this on your Profile page immediately. The truth must get out there."

It seems to me the level of excitement he displays doesn't fit what I saw.
It's incongruous.

And to say "The Egyptians didn't build Giza. That much is well known now".

I mean, he is somehow implying that this video somehow proves this?
..Because it doesn't. Plus the guys who are working and hanging around don't appear to be particularly elated with what they were finding.

I'm not at all sure about the veracity of this.

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posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:14 PM
I had a bulletin about this last night off a respected Archaeologist, who is in fact a member here at ATS, he confirmed this is happening at the Sphinx very close in fact, no doubt in his own time he will post a thread about it, not for me to mention who he is just be patient.

As of the digging, not in a Million years world Hawass allow such a dig using heavy plant unless it was very important, he likes other peoples discoveries to be made his own, and indeed has banned some World renowned Archaeologists from the Plateau because it made him look inferior seeing how one of the biggest was made by a British Professor who just happens to be a Woman, in fact during a recent Documentary on the Family of Tutankhamen, he deliberately left out the most important Family link, that of the Mother, using DNA the Mummy has been shown without a doubt to be his Mother, but he will not name her, because it would prove this British Professor to be right, and he was the only one at the time to dispute her hard work and evidence.

Evidence I might add in the Documentary which he claimed was missing, yet when the original Scientific team carried out their work, the evidence was there, was Filmed, and proved she was royalty, now he claims he can not identify the remains but knows through DNA she was the Mother of Tutankhamen, a 50/50 choice because it could only have been two possible Women.

What has that to do with this dig? you think he would ban all Western Archaeologists from digging claiming they where causing damage, then go and allow the place to be dug up for Red Bull? using heavy Plant? very doubtful.

This IMO is intended to be the crowning glory to his career which is about to end very soon, due to his up and coming retirement (forced retirement) along with revelations that TPTB all of a sudden are in a major hurry to store items away for safe keeping, also the trees in the video look like the edges of Cairo which is right on the doorstep to the Giza Plateau, this man thinks himself as some kind of king, I can understand his wanting to protect Egypt's heritage because for thousands of years people walked off with so much of it, in the last 200 years alone it was Europeans.

He is not about to let a bunch of yahoo's be jumping their Bikes or whatever anywhere near one the the Worlds greatest heritage sites, the man is looking for something, and IMO he found it, we will hear about it soon enough, as soon as his assured glory is guaranteed.

He is going to and wanting to go out with a huge bang, all he has done is been patient and took his time, this is going to be Egypt's discovery, a discovery which will make Tutankhamen's discovery look very small by comparison.

the fact the digging is taking place where it is is not in doubt as will come to light very soon I am certain of it , it's what has been found which nobody has a clue about apart from a very select few in his inner circle.

He is making sure what belongs to Egypt is discovered by Egyptians, and I cant stand the man for what he did to someone who's work I admire and care about.

As for the location when the member in question has all his facts and received permission I am sure he will be here sharing all there is to share .

The people who made the first video and took the pictures will face a nightmare on a scale we can only imagine, they need to be made safe as do their Families, laws in Egypt are a lot different from what we know, we think we are bad off? try looking at the punishments handed down in Egypt, especially if it can be deemed as espionage, accusations can be made up etc.

Be Patient we will get to find out, pushing it will do nothing but put people in danger and could result in us never knowing all the facts.

But it sure does look like the Giza Plateau to me, whether you want to believe it or not, a fact that cant be changed no matter how much deflection is thrown at the truth.

And please don't bother trying to throw flames at me, I only share what I know to be from someone I trust, flaming me just makes me laugh when in my direction, its childish and irrelevant to the truth supposedly sought out here.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:29 PM
I thought Hawass was supposed to be on a hunt for the mummies of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony. Could this be their tomb in front of the Sphinx?

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:30 PM
We need a team of 10 ATSers to attend the Red Bull event on the 14th then put on ninja outfits and sneak under the sphinx paw and remote stream everything.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by azzllin

Well I'm certainly not laughing. Thanks for the information. I'll be looking forward to more disclosures about what's going on here.....

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:43 PM
Whatever is going on and whatever it is that they find, they will never allow it to go public. Egypt would have to be nuts to present evidence that contradicts them building the pyramids. They would be taking themselves right out of the history books and they are too proud to admit that they had nothing to do with starting the first civilization.

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posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:47 PM
I heard a Jim Marrs interview over at Veritas a few months ago. Jim claims to have visited some stuff underneath the Giza plateau. Most likely this same dig. He was given a tour due to his insider connections. Said the stuff underneath was paradigm shifting and the Egyptian didn't want it to upset their tourist dollars, so were trying to keep it quiet. Hawass is just someones puppet and if the top people want what's inside, it'll happen.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:49 PM
reply to post by rajaten

LOL Would we have to supply our own ninja outfits, or would they be supplied for us? If supplied, I'm in. I always wanted a ninja suit.

Well if this is all true, I am sure curious what they are looking for. But I'm still on the fence if it is true.

There was an archaeologist on ATS a few weeks ago talking about the caverns underneath the Giza plateau. I wonder if they are linked to this at all?

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posted on May, 10 2010 @ 09:55 PM
Google is just linking back to this thread.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:10 PM

(sorry couldn't help myself.)

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by VenusOnTheHalfShell

Buried in Egypt, there is a set of tablets that contains the essence of the knowledge of the Amenti. The first part of these contains the reference index. These are the tablets of the Amenti. These equation formulas are written in symbols which were developed in the great antiquity, and they do not resemble our modern characters much at all. These signs, characters, and hieroglyphics as they may be called had a special characteristic.

We shall now go into the ancient tablets of the Amenti, which are to be discovered soon in the 21st century. Their location in Egypt is still secret, and this is because the Amenti are still here. Stashed away in those secret hiding places (which by the way, is known to some), these tablets are so well hidden that it would take more than archeologists digging in order to find them. They are available to souls who have been initiated in means of soul-travel, to travel through space and time. These are some of the teachings of the Amenti—all about travel on the soul realm.

This brings with it a whole new facet of physics, which is going to include the mind: will power as a measurable physical quantity. In physical terms, this would make it possible to transcend the limitations of relativity and be able to define equations in another way. Faster-than-light travel and communication with beings and places would be possible to practically any part of the universe, because this is an aspect of physics and science, not a mere metaphysical symbology.

The tablets themselves are approximately twenty feet tall by ten feet wide. They are cast in metal, and the symbols are in relief, with each symbol being three times taller than it is wide. The symbols themselves are curved around the edges so that they are not just straight lines or curved lines, but the edges are curved. The actual characters are rather simple, and they consist of vertical and horizontal lines, curves, circles, and squares, yet the edges are all mitered down around the edges. The symbols are in order, which gives a clue to their meaning. Each line of each of these tablets is a reference to a particular dimensional quality or quantity. The numerical magnitude is not indicated on these tablets, which are purely dimensional and give a route to the equations in which the quantities are described. Each character has a particular meaning in the context, because these characters are very similar to our present system of measuring quantity, such as grams or feet or other forms.

The actual meaning of a dimensional quantity comes through the reference to its coordinates and its matrix coordinates in the system of dimensional mechanics. We presently have several systems of measurement which we use around the world, but the dimensional form of physics uses dimensional quantities primarily, as they measure something by its dimension instead of its quantity name. We might see the singularity between mass, which is the dimension, and grams, which is the quantity name (or pounds and slugs in the English system). These various dimensional quantities are organized through their coordinates and their relationships to other quantities, and the interpretation of these symbols is one of interpreting the dimensions of particular quantities in relation to other quantities.

The first aspect of decipherment of these tablets would be an organization of the symbols and the dimensions which they represent, and then the deciphering of the various equations and finding their relationship to our equations that we normally use today. This process is not going to be that difficult. We shall go into that in a later publication on dimensional mechanics of the Amenti and their relationship to our form of dimensional analysis.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by paracelsus

The Amenti wish to further our technological knowledge because of certain factors which are becoming more present as time goes on. In ancient history, there was a “postponed” war (which was brought up earlier in this text). This war is still continuing. It has continued for millennia, and may go on for quite awhile longer. This war is against another series of beings that have come to Earth in our past, and have wielded great power and have tried to dominate the Earth through their means. These beings most practically have long life spans, great strength, and highly technological minds. They despise both humans and the Amenti, and wish to annihilate us all. Their primary goal is to dominate over our galaxy, and possibly other galaxies too. They evolved on another world very distant from ours, not in this solar system, but rather halfway across this galaxy.

In the past, they have come here to the Earth and have related to human beings in various manners. They can be physically described as the devil or a form of the devil. Often they have been seen as tall creatures, six feet or more (some are taller), and having a tail, horns, and a rather reptilian form, such as what a crocodile might look like if it were standing. It could walk on two feet. Now these beings have come to us and are part of our mythology, yet they are actual beings. They have real intentions to take over this land or destroy it, whatever they have to do. But they were beaten back in a conflict ages ago, and in the first part of that conflict, the world of the Amenti was destroyed. It was blown up, and it now circles the Sun as a belt of meteorites and asteroids.

Nevertheless, the Amenti migrated to different worlds and set up outposts on Mars and the Earth and Venus and other worlds. That is why we will find pyramids all over the solar system. We will find them on our Moon, on Mars, on Venus, on some of the moons of planets such as Jupiter and Saturn. These pyramids are actual physical structures, and their antiquity is greater than we might imagine. Today we have a reminder of this on the back of the American dollar bill. We can see the pyramid with the light, the eye shining above it in the flames. This is an actual flying saucer above the pyramid. That was what the pyramids were used for, for landing platforms. Throughout time, these great pyramids have disintegrated and have lost their usefulness to the Amenti, who had to construct secret landing places for their vehicles.

The great war that took place between the Amenti and these other beings (referred to as devils), has had a great consequence in the destiny of the Amenti. Having their home world destroyed, they were forced to try to live on other worlds such as Earth and Mars. However, because of the environmental conditions and their physical anatomy, living here on Earth is not easy and cannot be maintained for too great a length of time.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:22 PM

Originally posted by Disclosure Agent
erm..... has anyone considered the idea that there is a tunnel that leads to the passage under the Sphinx from 100m away hence why you wouldn't see the sphinx in the pictures

Would make sense in that people wouldn't think to associate the tunnel entrance with the Sphinx ???

I believe Cayce was onto something, what though I would not know

no,no,no it is has to be a hoax so it makes peoples mind much easier and more at ease with themselves.

Didn't they find those underground tunnels under the pyramids awhile back? Then Hawass ordered the iron gate over the tunnel of the pyramid tunnel entrance.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by paracelsus

In ancient Egypt, the pyramids were constructed on slanting sites where these vessels and the transport of the Amenti and other beings was a prime consideration. The Amenti in their sojourn in Egypt developed a high rapport with the priesthood of Egypt and the kings, with whom they practiced their cultural intervening programs. Oftentimes, the kings would have children by the Amenti, and vice versa. This had been going on for many thousands of years. It has been the desire of the Amenti to develop a being that was able to withstand the difficulties of life in space and to have great physical ability and metal capacity, along with telepathic capacities, which the Amenti have developed.

The Amenti in ancient Egypt were establishing a great civilization through the priesthood and the kings. It was the goal of the Amenti to bring forth knowledge in the times as necessary. And so there was a slow program of educating the human population through the priests, and I [the author] remember experiences in Egypt which I related directly to the Amenti in the temples. The Amenti have taken their form here on Earth to fulfill part of their destiny, which they had decided is in conjunction with the human destiny. This is basically the message of the Amenti. The Amenti wished to cooperate with the humans too—in a program of mutual self-development, mutual self-protection, and other forms. The Amenti have also undertaken such alliances with beings from other star systems—beings who are not on the physical level. Some of them are considered light beings, or creatures made out of light directly, electro-magnetism. They have special abilities that are in a large sense more advanced than the Amenti in their form. They have very little relation with the material world as it is, except for their physics, which brings us into this subject of the contributions which the Amenti wished to make to our civilization and to our technologies.

Let us understand that for many millennia, the Amenti and humans worked together, but not in the way which we might consider a straight-out partnership. The Amenti are weak (and therefore shy), and compared to humans, they have much less physical strength, but they have greater mental capacity. This is shown physically by their elongated heads and their very perceptive eyes, which are large and able to take in many more frequencies than our eyes do. Because of these weaknesses in the Amenti, they have long undertaken a program of genetic engineering. The results of this have been seen throughout the ages in strange creatures. Nowadays we talk of the “Abominable Snowman” or the “Sasquash” or those giant hairy beings which are very similar to huge bears and humans, but what are they?

They are actually the results of the experimentation of the Amenti, in their program of developing super-strong beings with intelligence. Part of their program is to place them back on Earth, where they can test them and see exactly how long they will live, how well they can relate to food and to the environment, and how they can relate to the world in which they are placed. Many of these beings have been developed for special climates. Some have great coats of fur and are very strong, with long bodies.

But why are these beings never found? It is because the Amenti have returned and taken each one of their experiments back into space, to do autopsies and other analysis.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by paracelsus

This type of genetic engineering has gone on for many thousands of years. Back in ancient Egypt, the Amenti experimented with human forms and animal forms, and developed some rather horrendous creatures which had short life spans and yet did contain these animal and human characteristics. Looking back on these experiments, it seems that they went off on a branch of genetic mutation in a way that was not quite right.

By not letting nature take its natural course, they were able to develop beings with super-human strength, some with more intelligence, yet all different from us. They have also undertaken a program of genetic cross-breeding with them. The results of this have been seen in ancient Egypt, as the kings were participants in this program of cross-breeding. Many of the pictures of the ancient kings and gods and children of the gods show this elongated head (which was basically a contrived type of effect), brought upon by using metal rings around the head and other banding of the head. This was done to try to bring the two races into greater conformity.

If we look back even further in time, we will see the origins of the Amenti themselves. It turns out that the Amenti did not originate on planet Earth. They came from another planet, right outside of the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. This planet was destroyed and is now a huge meteorite belt, but in ancient times, life evolved on this world, and the Amenti evolved into their lives. They eventually achieved inter-planetary flight (such as we are beginning to do), and began to set up outposts in the solar system.
The outposts on the various planets were characterized by pyramids, which were used for landing bases of the extra-terrestrial craft, flying saucers.

They were used because of the great stress that a flying saucer craft places on the spot where it lands. The flying saucer has its great vibrations, somewhat similar to sonic vibrations, which create a force. This force, when repelled against the gravitational force, gives flight to these flying vessels. They are held in equilibrium (in any position) by giant gyroscopes made of metals and crystals, which give direction and balance to the flying vehicles. This is why flying saucers are often accompanied by loud sounds or high frequency sounds that modulate.

This is the actual workings of this mechanism with the space-time coordinates, which are determined by the mass and the inertia of each coordinate in space. These giant pyramids were constructed to be strong and to be able to withstand great vibratory forces that would create disturbances on the ground. For example, if flying saucers were to land on a piece of ground, the vibratory force would shake a hole in the ground and create a disturbance. Most flying vehicles of the flying saucer type never touch the ground—they only approach it to within several meters at the most, and then extend landing platforms. If they were to touch the actual earth and become connected with the inertia, it would cause their gyroscopes to spin off, such as what happens when a gyroscope touches something. The vibration and the inertia combined would send it off in another vector direction. And what would happen to a flying saucer when it touched the earth? It would spin out. It would just turn in circles and circles until it was able to achieve some altitude and equilibrium in its gyroscope mechanisms, or else it would be destroyed. If that happened, the power source in the vessel would explode, leaving no trace of the vessel itself, but leaving a huge crater where it had exploded.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by paracelsus

The Amenti are people; they are a race of beings. Some say they are dead, some say they have passed on. Some say they only exist in the imagination, but they do exist in this reality. Where they come from and why they are here will be revealed in this message from them.

In ancient Egypt, it was known there were beings that were connected with the gods. They could have been the gods in some of the tales that have come down to us, but what were they? What did they look like? Why were they there, and why are they still here?

Many descriptions of them say that they are about four feet tall (no larger), somewhat dark in complexion, almost green, with elongated heads, large eyes, and small mouths. In recent times, beings resembling this have been connected with flying saucers. They are seen as beings from other worlds, beings with high technology and great mental facility. They have the ability to communicate telepathically, to control the minds of those who see them and make them freeze in place. This phenomenon has been seen and described all around the world. They have been given names such as “the little people”, “the wee people”, or “the magic people”. They have often come here to impart knowledge and wisdom.

What is this knowledge and wisdom that they have come here to share, and why are they sharing it with us? Let us take a look back, into the past. In ancient Egypt, there was civilization and order where there was a place for the people as workers, householders, priests, and kings, and there are great achievements attached to these civilizations. The pyramids still stand in Egypt, and there are other ancient pyramids around the world, such as in the Americas and in Babylon. Some are under the ocean, attesting to the great antiquity of their construction. Who built them, and why? We must go back into the pre-history of humanity, long ago when humans were like savage animals roaming the Earth, seeking survival. In those times, they struggled to learn, to make life easier for themselves. Over time, mankind made steady advancement in consciousness, in their minds and intelligence, and also their physical abilities improved.

Let us go back to the time of Atlantis, which has been called a mythical civilization, a great continent. Today it is gone, vanished forever. Or is it? Atlantis was a place on this Earth, and it was inhabited by human beings like ourselves, who had come to use high technology. Due to major changes in the Earth, this continent sank. We must investigate some of the reasons for this, and we must try to find out if there are any traces left of the ancient Atlantis and its sister continent Lumeria, or Lu. It is said that in those times there was a great technology, an ability to make great crystals that could trap power and focus it toward the needs of many, and with this came great inventions. Some of them we see today as the flying saucers of the extra-terrestrials. Quite often these beings wear space suits and special clothing which protects them from the environment. But who and what are these beings? Why are they here today? Did they also appear in ancient Atlantis?

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by paracelsus

Yes, they were there when Atlantis was created. The great civilization of the Atlanteans flourished. They were in contact with the Amenti beings. These beings were (and still are) not too different from our human selves. They have a body similar to ours, but there are some striking differences that show their uniqueness and their destiny. Their bodies are physically weak, but their minds are enormously strong. With these types of innate characteristics, they have for millennia developed their mental strength, and not focused on their improving technology. The technology developed by the Amenti is surprisingly very old. Their transportation system of flying saucers and other flying devices was developed so long ago, that we see them today as beings who are using their past experience, knowledge, and achievements to continue in the present.

The Amenti are here on Earth, in our skies. Some people believe that they inhabit the waters, or rather underneath the waters, in areas such as the Bermuda Triangle or the North Pole (where a secret entrance to giant caves is said to exist). In any case, we must see their civilization in perspective to our own. They are greatly outnumbered by us, with the number of Amenti being quite small. Their race is dying. It is not physically possible for them to continue indefinitely. They may have twenty thousand years, even a half million years at the most, but they see that their evolutionary cycle is coming to an end, and therefore they have undertaken a program of finding other beings in this galaxy that can be partners in the civilizing of worlds.

The Amenti are not alone, and we are not alone in this. There are other beings out there with similar mental abilities, but with very different intentions. Some of these beings may be considered rather monstrous and horrible, and their intentions toward us are quite violent, to say the least. There have been many visitations by alien beings upon this Earth for countless millennia. There has been a great war in the past between the forces of good and the forces of darkness. This war was not won—it was merely postponed. The result of that war was the destruction of the Atlantean continent and its civilization. There are still great remains of this civilization, and some will be found towards the end of the 20th century. Among them are underground arsenals of special weapons, machinery, and flying vessels which were developed in ages past. There is an entire technology that was developed to prevent full-scale annihilation of humans and the Amenti.

This is a message of the Amenti.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 10:38 PM

Originally posted by serbsta
I don't get it...

There's an excavation under the Sphinx's paw but its happening 100 feet away from the Sphinx?

A technique for minimizing the disruption of the earth or rock near
the massive weight of the sphinx would be to dig down away from the
object then come in with a small arched tunnel that could be supported
with arch inserts and keep the ground near the object from
subsiding due to undermining.

Someone with some engineering or mining knowledge was likely
consulted for the dig.

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