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Ships that can salvage 1000 tonnes of oil /day

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posted on May, 10 2010 @ 08:29 AM

Sweden would like to help with oil recovery

Providing three U.S. ships
U.S. wants Sweden to help the oil in the Gulf of Mexico.
And the crew of the Coast Guard vessel Poseidon stands ready.
- If you can say we would beat the # out of the second clean-up vessels, says the ship's chief officer Christer Mountain Power.
Work on the oil recovery in Gulf of Mexico has stalled. Yesterday, for example, failed experiment of placing a huge funnel of the leak at 1500 meters.
Now the U.S. is seeking aid abroad. On Friday it sent a request to Sweden, UN, EU, and 13 other countries for assistance with equipment to work with the clean-up.
- We answered directly that we are prepared to help both with the county equipment and vessels, "says Michael Muhr, Special Attaché for security at the embassy in Washington to Aftonbladet.

Can be there in two weeks
Sweden has announced that three ships could be mobilized if necessary. The name Poseidon (KBV 001), Triton (KBV 002) and Amfitritre (KBV 003). The vessels are of the same type and has a special system for oil recovery.
- They can collect 50 tons of oil per hour, said Michael Muhr. Amfitritre is not yet ready for operation. Christer Mountain Power is Chief mate of Poseidon which is docked in the Free Port of Gothenburg. According to him the ship would be in place in the Gulf of Mexico about 14 days.
- We are very motivated and it would be incredibly exciting to ride. I am pretty sure we would make an exceptionally good job, "he says. Calculations show that the oil is leaking at a rate of 800 tonnes per day. According to Christer Mountain Power Poseidon can fill the tank, which takes 1000 tons of oil, once per day.

Works in inclement weather The oil herded together by means of arms that are precipitated from the boat's sides.
Then use pipes to soak up the oil tank to the board.
Remediation works even in bad weather and with a wave height of up to one and a half meters. Christer Fjällström describes the technology as world leading.
- These boats are fully optimized for this. If one may say so, we would beat the # out the other decontamination vessels, "says Christer Mountain Power. According to Mr. Muhr has not talked money with the U.S. yet.
- State is acute now and the oil must be up. But we will of course ask for full cost recovery if it becomes necessary for us to help, "he says.

Wow, this sounds really good, if they can salvage 1000 tonnes per day then maybe this problem could be solved pretty fast.
If all the nations with ships harboring this technology all went there and scoured the place for a few months then it sounds like a done deal.

What do you think?

Also, I'm sorry for the bad translation, it's google translator. It translated his name Christer Fjällström to Christer Mountain Power, I just had to keep that typo.. too funny.


Anyway, discuss.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by TheLaughingGod

1000 tonnes of oil is the equivalent of 7500 barrels of oil. ( Link. )

If the flow estimates are what is suggested (25,000 - 200,000 barrels per day), we're going to need a flotilla of these boats.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by loam

Math is not my strong suite, I was just going of the rates described in the article, 800 tonnes/day. Though it seems like that information is wrong.

Still, it's better than nothing, their other failed attempt was overly optimistic and naive in my opinion.

What other options are there really? Nuking it?
Just saw this:
Will check it out.


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