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My scenario where Germans are again ``responsible`` for starting a world war

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posted on May, 10 2010 @ 01:17 AM
It seems to me that this could be possible if the elite really works to it...but I doubt it would work since now we have the internet to uncover their BS and anyway now most people hate the bankers... but eh you never know, when people are angry, they don't think clearly.

Event 1 : Germany kicks out Merkel

Possibility : She already lost the local elections, she have lost her majority, she could be kicked out. So this is a real possibility.

Event 2 : A nationalistic figure is elected and gets out of the EU.

Possibility : People are pissed at the EU, they are tired of globalism. This is a real possibility.

Event 3 : As a result, the EU collapse, tensions run high, the MSM works hard to pin this on the Germans.

Possibility : With the EU already on the brink of collapse, this would probably make it happen. People being in a depression, with riots, with enough MSM lies, a portion of the population will buy it that it's because of the Germans that it collapsed... because the bank bailouts would have worked.. Hopefully people will not buy into this BS...but when people are out of a job and are asking for someone to get the blame, they will buy anything.

Event 4 : Due to a big increase in attacks on Germans around Europe, nationalistic anti-German movements around Europe take power, the nationalistic German government say that they will not accept any threat against Germany and they increase the military budget by 200% and are kicked out of NATO by the other elite controlled NATO members.

Possibility : If the elite would want to plan this, they could. Just put a few guys in governments around Europe that spew anti-German propaganda, run the MSM anti-German propaganda 24/7 and stage a NATO kick out of Germany... even stage a few attacks on Germans in France and Poland... This mostly depends on the people's reaction...if they believe in it. Stage some Nazi protests in France, do everything you can to make people remember Poland too...the threat of nationalism in Germany...

Event 5 : The controlled governments of Europe build up their armies, then Germany or the ``ally`` coalition of Europe attacks Germany preemptively...

Possibility : All depends on the others events...

This was just a not very likely at all scenario I thought of... If the elite wanted to do it for the lulz... setting up Germany to start another big war... they could do it this way... but it probably wouldn't work anyway because people have woken up to the scummy bankers.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Highly doubt they would pick Germany if they wanted an actual war, just because of the way alliances are drawn up.

And the fact if Germany were attacked by a large coalition it would not really be war, as much as just walking in and taking it. The German armed forces now are not the same as back in the day. They mostly commit theirs to NATO or the UN. Even if they withdrew these troops, it would still not be much of a match for any large European/American/Asian coalition.

Germans would probably just capitulate rather quickly.

Which would lead to some very dark days in Europe.

They are the largest economy in Europe, with one of the better standards of living. To the point where it is actually Germany propping up the EU quite a great deal. I do not think they would think it a good move to destabalise one of the most reliable economies in Europe.

Maybe Spain or Portugal, but I highly doubt Germany.



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