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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 10:01 AM
I am sick and tired of these idiotic politicians who don't know anything about the people of this country.

Rudy Guiliani- I dont care if i spelled your name right, because you are a retard. to think it is acceptable to strip a citizen of their rights and to not read them their miranda rights. do you really think we should be able to just at any moment strip anyone of their rights because you or other politicians didnt condone what they did. well then sir, i dont condone politicians dressing like hooking crossdressers, so when shtf, and martial law breaks out, you may wanna put that dress back on.

i dont even believe that was a real terrorist attack. come on, how m any times an attack going down on the same day you have drills running? bs and we all know it.

now to the oil spill.

omg, for real guys? seriously? 1st, why has haliburton been able to be a world wrecker that they are? 2nd, spend every resource you have to close that leak. that # should be plugged by now. and if you cant fix the problem that fast, well then perhaps you shouldnt be drilling for oil there. are you all complete retards?

when are the people in this country going to wake up and not goto work and just stand on the lawn of the white house and say, "give us what we want, or we will take it, and you wont like that."

the world is being run by a bunch of cross eyed egotistical stooges.

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