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Backflips From Week to Week Make Channel 7 Seem Weak

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 09:53 AM
This has been giving me the irrits for a long time now.

We have the media, though especially Channel 7's Today Tonight changing their mind about what is good and bad from week to week.

They do it most consistently with housing.

This is an example of when they do the story about how good it is that house prices are going up and how happy we all should be that people in my age bracket will be forever be locked out of owning a house.

Economist with Australian Property Monitors Matthew Bell is optimistic.

"A lot of factors are pointing to continued house price growth across most capitals," he said.

"You can expect to see house prices heading south by around about September," he added.

However, Matthew Bell argues, "I think we're going to see continued recovery."

He believes population growth in Australia and under-supply of housing will see strong demand for property this year, particularly in capital cities like Sydney.

"I think overall, we're probably going to see a growth rate of I think the high single digits for Sydney."

In Melbourne Matthew is predicting growth of 10%.

In Adelaide, Matthew thinks the market will also rise but not as much as other cities.

"It hasn't got the same population growth prospects as Melbourne and Sydney and even Brisbane and Perth but I think Adelaide will get close to the five or even six per cent," he said

"I expect Perth to be one of the stronger performing cities in the country, simply based on a re-emerging resource sector, so I'd be surprised if Perth was under 10 per cent for the year."

Matthew suggests strong growth in both the territories with seven per cent in Darwin and up to 10 per cent in Canberra.

And in Brisbane again Matthew is forecasting growth.

"I think we'll get close to the eight or nine percent."

Optimistic that I will never own a house. Good news for landlords, bad news for me.

Here is the same show different week talking about how bad a situation the housing problem is in this country.

Owning your own home has long been the great Aussie dream but our national housing crisis for many it's become a nightmare.

"if the public transport is there and follows the spread and the infrastructure is there as well you can go as far as people are willing to travel and still get on public transport and come back. If that's not available then you have a problem." Greg said. "A lot of countries around the world the US, the UK, Ireland, Spain built too much housing during their bubble, we didn't, we haven't built enough housing."Financial advisor Michael Pascoe it can only get worse if governments don't act. "The Reserve Bank has taken an extraordinary step and it's very bluntly warned government federal, state and local that they have to introduce policies to improve the amount of housing being built to get more housing built otherwise we'll have the bubble and the reserve bank will have to move and that means they'll belt us all over the head with that very blunt stick, high interest rates." Michael says.

Cramming more people into apartment blocks closer to the city centres is the traditional government response. It does nothing to lower the cost of real estate..."A unit in the inner city in a high-rise with two bedrooms will set you back close to 500-thousand dollars.

I realise that I have picked on one media provider here, but they are the one's I notice backflipping the most. I could have used any of the News Ltd. papers as well.

It just really get's to me when they go from being on my side of the issue to the other in a matter of days. Has anyone else noticed this.

BTW it is full of crap they don't pay for stories. A few months back they wanted me to appear on the program. I would only do it for cash. I got my cash.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 07:03 PM
the media in aus is reprehensible, it utter contempt of our intelligence is beyond belief. But the thing is shows like 4 corners, foreign correspondence etc are on the other networks and not at the best time slot...
and even if they were in prime time, they would tank.

ffs 60mins is the pillar of current affairs...yep I really think brandaleina or Russel Crow and the other hard hitting topics are even news worthy..?

I cant stand watching tv apart from sport or a few programs, if TT or ACC is on I have to go outside...weight loss and the angry neighbor etc news?!?!?!?

But the thing I wanted to pull you up on is it seems your in Brisbane...but you seem to have muddled up your avatar....
Make your mind up on your own TT moment....D's or a real say the king of the jungle..Lions!!!

back on topic, I agree but the masses dont care...they love the show.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by Rollo

First I will deal with the more important of your comments.

Not from Brisbane just live there.

From Echuca Victoria.

No prob with lions, even go to games so I get some live footy, just not my team.

Second, yeah I agree. Four corners does a heaps better job. As do a few other services not on the commercials. Just need a vent every now and then.

I have to put up with TT or ACC because my wife finds it funny, where I find it offensive.

Did you see that bit on Media Watch the other week where the channel 9 cameraman was caught calling the moslem a terrorist to get a rise out of him? That was a very good piece that shows just what directives these guys get.


P.S. Don't even get me started on what 7 and 9 think are news. I call it advertising.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 04:52 AM
yer I did...

I feel your pain on the tv standards...

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by Rollo

I just cannot believe that this is what people accept.

To be bluntly honest, the networks just do what they can get away with.

If people stopped watching it would just go away.

But they don't.

I do my part and just don't watch, but there aren't enough that do. They simply appeal to the worst of most people, the part that loves gossip, innuendo, hype, and scandal.

I am sick of firing off letters of complaint to everyone, from the channel themselves, to their rival that might call them on it as well as to media watch who are still a bit to hung up on conflict of interest stories, trying to instigate some change. Or at least a substantial fine for breaching the code of conduct in regards to news programing, that says to stay on the airwaves they need to provide certain amounts of public services in the schedule.

Worst for that is 9. When they have a show that has had a lot of money sunk into it like Underbelly, all of a sudden that and related topics are news. Especially on ACA. It is cross promotion gone mad and no one seems to care.

It just caters to the most stupid element of society through over-exposure, when it has been proven that if you give that same demographic access to a higher standard of programing they will watch, e.g. the modern animated series for adults, that actually do have low brow points but mixed with current biting satire no matter the political leanings of the creator.

Sorry I should stop.

I do like T.V. it is just I can never usually follow a show for very long as when there is decent programing it is not on until after 11p.m. which is when I am at work, and the rest of the world is winding down. Then when 2 million people don't watch it that late it can be deemed a failure never to be seen again.


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