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Secret air defence system

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 09:17 AM
About twenty years ago me and a friend were driving back home late one night, after work at about one in the morning and were out in the middle of the Lincolnshire country side which is very flat in nature so Lincolnshire is surrounded by military RAF bases and against this background I will now try to describe what we both saw over about a fifteen second period.

Initially whilst driving and looking forwards I thought at first I was looking at lightning behind a cloud but unlike lightning the light intensity went up over something like a three second period as if it was being controlled by a giant dimmer switch, no flash, the brain was still trying to click in and then I started to look around and it was everywhere and spread very evenly in all directions as far as the eye could see to the horizon and I even had time to glance in the mirror. The light was not so bright as it was blinding and was a bit like a searchlight being pointed up at the sky except it had no epicentre or beam going back down to earth so the best explanation I can give is the clouds themselves somehow managed to turn florescent.

The light stayed at this intensity this for about seven seconds and then died back down to zero in much the same way as it started and during this time me and my friend just looked in amazement whilst catching side glances of each other and we didn’t say a word until after it was all over at which stage he broke the silence and said did you just see what I saw.

This happened during the summer and the clouds were not low or moving fast and you could see the odd star that night in places but not very well and it’s not very easy to draw a picture in someone’s mind that did not see this but the reason I say the light came from the clouds was the perspective and thick clouds would had been shaded if they had been illuminated from behind.

Don’t ask how wide this was, I don’t know as all the clouds were lit up the same so it didn’t look like we were at the edge of anything which would indicate it was covered over 900 squire miles.

My best explanation is this is some type air defence system that does not rely on radar to catch low flying fighters or is used to guide high altitude planes back home over huge distances without the need for global positioning or air to surface radar (yes I know about green night vision) but what I can tell you is it was more powerful than lightning and like nothing I’ve seen before so if it was man made then it must be some type of ground based gamer radiation or what some are calling HARP but whatever it was it must had consumed terawatts of energy.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 09:29 AM
If it was a large cloud, a likely explanation was that either a flight of aircraft were in the cloud, or even a rocket/missile was involved.

As for the aircraft, I have been in flight when aircraft, especially with afterburners engaged, have entered clouds ahead of me, and as they did so, the cloud would literally light up like the lamp cover when the bulb is turned on inside the lamp. If you happed to be behind the aircraft, particular in afterburner, the light coming out from the engines can have a flashlight-like effect. It wouldn't be quite like a searchlight, but it can be fairly prominent.

Also, while working at Cape Canaveral, I have seen many times that during night launches, when a rocket or the space shuttle would enter a cloud formation, the clouds would like up like daytime. You could literally read a newspaper from the light generated. Naturally, no missile or rocket that large could have been used, but a smaller missile, or even a flare with a parachute, could have a similar effect.

Not having been there, I cannot guarantee that this was involved in what you saw, but I have seen these types of effects on a number of conditions.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 09:56 AM
Tesla weapons can do this. Teslas work reports luminous spheres and multiple individual reports around the world. Some thought to be ufos when smaller.

Here's some reports of large light domes. There was another sighting by a BBC reporter in afghanistan, 1975 from memory.

And tesla weapons yeap, HAARP is the poster child. There are many throughout the world though. One of which is now closed it seems -
Saryshagan howitzer. There are a few of them around there, plus missile launch sites in the area. Note the 12 lobes, they need 24 frequencies in total for full brainwave manipulation (in other modes), hence the second site further north.

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 10:47 AM
Will read up on Telsa but to be honest after the description i gave i think people that know will pick up on it in seconds.

i know you can induce magnetic fields but i don't think that would make air and water glow and even if they got the particales to become excited by some type of radio wave to create static then all you would get is a lightning bolt, big directional flash lasting 1-2 seconds and thats not what i saw.

have you seen a 200amp arc welder being used outside at night ? impressive and unless you look at the sorce it's hard to tell where the light is coming from.

well maybe if you got a welding stick 24" wide and 500,000 amps you could produce the same effects from the ground and this might explain how it produce a 180 degree light bean that was so powerfull and the reason for the light blue light but bear in mind i could not even tell the direction the sky was being iluminated from.

forget defence this would blind any pilot looking in the direction of the source making it hard to hit the target. wild guess i know.

Military science is 20 years ahead of where we think it is today.


I too have seen 100's of tornados take off at night and turn on the after burner but on a scale of 1-100 this would come in at about 0.05.

900 miles sqaire of cloud would not light up due to one little fighter entering a cloud unless it droped a nuke by mistake.

it was not quite as dramatic as the night turned to day but night turned to mid dawn would be a fair comparision.

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