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alien tech dream, *a dream in a dream*

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:56 AM
last night was a really weird night. first I could not get to sleep, I tossed and turned to well after midnight. the dream as I recall was sort of strange as well, I was driving something faster and faster until everything was a blurr...........
but I had no destination as I recall, and I was wondering where I was going and the feeling I was going to win...?? Win What>...?
I remember crawling into bed in my dream and I dreamed what I think is alien technology since nothing we make today is done this way.... anyway, when I woke about 20 minutes ago, I could recall it very vividly, and the desire to tell someone was urgent feeling..

ok, weird yes, standing by for redicule ... this is ATS but this is for someone, I just dont know who..

I recall meeting a faint semi-transperant non-human - "human", and he was eager for me see how something that was being made, he didnt say what it was and I cant say for sure, it was about 35 feet circular, maybe a ufo if it was being built from the top towards the bottom upside down. just like a upside down UFO, sort of. anyway - there was like a zillion light beams about the size of which was hard to tell, there were too many to concentrate on just onethey were really tiny way smaller than a human hair. in every color of the rainbow. there was a like a fog that surround the top. not sure if the lasers where causing the fog, or the fog was like being assembled into the thing.
* the thing that most interested me was what the lights were doing. it was like they were etching this lead looking material or assembling circuits.
* I asked how heavy is it..? and this is what makes me think its alien, I heard, Heavier than you planet........... which did not make any sense at all because it was clearly only 35 feet circular or so.
* I remember asking what is it ? and the answer I got was "this is your future"
* it was important for me to note: life is death, and without death there cant be life.
(I dont have a clue why I recall this, but I did sense time was running out)
* you know I recall it was hot and muggy, and the air was fowl sort of. I did not swet, and it was like New Orleans in a really warm Summer, is about as close as I have experienced. really heavy air.
* I recall looking around to see where the light was coming from and it was like you could not sense a light direction, it had no shadows, like a surrounding glow.
with a hint of green tint to it.

anyway - thats what I can recall of my weird dream (or no visible signs of being abducted or anything out of the normal) my wife thinks is was something I ate.

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by Anti-Evil

Wow this was an interesting post. Only because I had a secret military tech dream as well last night. I remember a sign with norad on it , ICBMs Fighter jets that had flapping wings and could swim through the air, and jets that literally were transformers as they could change mechanical shape while flying.

Anyways, I'm glad I'm not the only one with weird tech dreams.


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