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Aliens/Illuminati/Mind Control

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 01:35 AM
Ok. This is bizarre of course. Anyways, one night after hitting the bars, hanging out with friends and such I went home and before I went to bed I had this feeling that in the night I would be visited by aliens. The next morning I awoke and had this incredible feeling of joy and happiness, it was like a full mind, body, spirit cohesion that I've never felt since then, and oddly enough it felt like a pure sensual whole-body experience. I don't know what the cause of this incredible feeling was to this day but it was pure and divine. A medical term for it is mania.

The next day I was on the internet and messages started popping up on my computer. One of the videos that popped up was Stewart Swerdlow's History of Mind Control and what struck me about this video is that he described how Marco Polo discovered an ancient culture that brainwashed assassins by making them believe they had been to heaven and back in order for them to kill rivals. This struck me as odd later on down the road that this video would pop up in what seemed like a hacker had done. It described to a tee what was happening to me with the mania and pure divine feelings and everything.

Then more stuff started popping up with the Illuminati, mind control, etcetera. One of the videos was How to Operate your Mind by Timothy Leary and this really did me in. I watched it and as the video portrayed movements of the distorted characters I had just made those movements at the same moment the video portrayed them. And then, on the video there are images that relate to my past and there is one image that really looks like me albeit this video was made in 1994. I went into a psychosis stage at this point.

Now I remember one day at my office I stepped outside to smoke and this man that had been sitting in a broken down car (or what appeared to be) came over and asked me if I had 50 cents for the bus fare. I gave him fifty cents and he began talking about how his grandfather had been involved in mind control. I disregarded it as nonsense. Then a week or so after talking to him I noticed my house had been broken into by picking the lock but nothing had been touched.

All this evidence seriously makes me believe that I was a target of a mind control operation. As when I was in the Air Force I went to the mental health department and took a test of like 150 questions that assimilated my characteristics and I believe that had something to do with the mind control operation that was carried out against me. I do not know if the government is working in collaboration with aliens but somehow I was metaphyically or physically drugged or made to feel mania, then with my obsession about the information that was popping up on the internet I developed psychosis.

Do you believe this is possible? I understand most people will disregard what I have said, but to truly understand you have to take a walk in my shoes and I have not explained it thoroughly enough but it is a rare coincidence that many thing coincided in the span of events that unfolded.

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 01:52 AM
There is no such thing as coincidence.

i advise you to start practicing mediation and have positive thoughts.

Also, make a affirmation that you have a strong will mind that you will not let other overcome or take over.

Fact about Mind Control

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by LightofLiberty

I can only confirm a similar set of coincidences from my own life.

I was raised a USAF brat, and tested at an early age. I cannot confirm the entirety of those tests and/or results because I was around four years of age when they were given. My father worked with sensitive information over the years and does not broach the subject with me. My mother, is completely clueless to any testing outside of an standardized I.Q. test administered at that time.

As a child, I used to sense "presences" in my room. Four white beings with the standard watchful gaze, no discernable facial features and whom sometimes emitted a soft white glow about them.

When I reached the age of 17, I experienced a psychotic break. It began with intense feelings of "otherness" and then escalated into a full blown break from reality. It took me two months to recover in a theraputic environment, and I was released without any official diagnosis.

At the age of 24, I had another systematic break and was subsequently diagnosed as Schizoaffective Bi-Polar Type.

Within a year of getting an "official diagnosis" I found my way onto the internet in search of answers for some of my delusional/manic experiences, and somehow found myself surrounded by a flood of information on Mind Control, MKULTRA, Project Monarch, and so forth.

I don't recall what lead me to explore those particular avenues, but I remember finding and absorbing information as if I was in a some sort of a trance-like state.

Since then, I have had powerful dreams of meeting alien beings, as well as a host of visual and aural phenomenon I cannot simply write off as a "chemical imbalance".

Waking from these dreams yield what I can best describe as a rush of information and positive emotion.

I'm still searching for answers, but going is very slow as the past few years I've ascertained that the majority of information I've come across on MK subjects tends to be full of triggers. I'm getting better at blocking them over the years.

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If you don't mind me asking, how long was it between your test taking and this initial euphoric event?

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 03:01 AM
Mind control is nothing new, and had been around for ages. It had been practiced as early as during ancient greeks days, simply by converting your belief systems into another. For that to work, it needs the manipulator and the manipulated to be present

However, present day mind control techniques are much more advance, with the aid of mechanical devices that can invade your consciousness, as proven recently by the Germans in an exhibition whereby they hook up a man to a machine and manipulated the machine to write texts on a screen.

This is only the basics that the germans are showing us. We know today that we can use wireless means to interface between machines.

Thus, the possibility and future development of creating interfaces whereby human interacting with human is within reach....if not already possible as some theorists had claim being roused subconsciously.

Utimately, what is important is not the fear your mind being controlled other. You only need to fear yourself of what you are capable of. We humans can perform the most noblest of deeds, and capable of the worst depridations upon another fellow being.

Should you find yourself under 'mind control', then you must critically analysed what was the information seeded into you.

If you find yourself harming or hurting another, even yourself, or with the intention to do so, then you must paused and decide if it is a good thing to do. Religious teachings help. So does Universal humanitarian truths.

You are your own worst enemy or your own best friend. No being, no man can compell you to do what you have no wish to do, unless you want to. Going over the edge still is your choice no one can tamper with, for that 5 sense inherent in all humans, belongs to you alone.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 10:14 PM
General Eyes, thank you for the response. In my psychotic break it was as if someone knew when to target me. They did this through a psychological campaign via the internet and external sources. I have had paranormal experiences before too, like intuition, knowing that an angel was near me or knowing that a car accident could happen unless I drove.


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