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Idiotic tarts that pose beneath religion

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 10:33 PM
Yes, idiotic tarts.

You absolutely infuriate me to the depths of my being. You pretentious fraudsters mascaraed piety underneath mantles of religion the whole while never bothering to cover up your ego-centric pop culture lives you live everyday in complete contradiction to those morals you so 'loyally' defend inside church walls.

You are morally deficient blind men/women and you persecute all those unlike you. You are like popular children in schools who constantly berate the children not like yourselves. The fact you are allowed to continue on in these roles reminds me of entertainers on stage; nothing but clowns, acting for the masses. You are the reason individuals never bother with introspection or prosperity of the heart, soul, and mind. You have perverted all concepts of 'goodness' in society with your selfish ideologies and your delusions of wealth, fame, beauty, and success. You constantly place others beneath your 'superior' feet in this diluted illusion of 'self'.

You are the same hypocrites who praise God in church with your hands raised high, you sway with the music in a feigned 'trance', you talk about Jesus being your 'buddy' and 'best friend' with the congregation and yet you waltz past every suffering individual with an unequaled indifference. You exploit faith for profit, you preach humility in Abercrombie, your Bible collects dust while your Hollywood collection of brain melting material rises to new architectural heights. You are well educated morons. The world revolves around you and how lucky we should be (sarcasm). I absolutely despise the fact that sentient beings such as yourselves blessed with the exclusive conscious we hold are allowed to so deliberately abuse humanity with your disillusioned ideals and betrayal of your faith.

No, I do not attend your churches. I did until I witnessed these things. Not one of you lives a life similar to Jesus' (the same you profess to follow and have 'given your life to'), even in the most infinitesimal way. You have brain washed entire communities. Your prodigy are even further brainwashed, if that were even possible. You are bigots, hypocrites, and in my opinion, the lowest developed form of humanity. You are entertained by vain, meaningless, irrelevant, fancies which dissuade the morality of this country.

Why am I so vehement in my convictions? Because you are proposed as the 'leaders' of this country we are supposed to aspire to be like. You are held up as figures of logic, piety, success, intelligence, suave, before our children. They get contracted into your cults by social pressure you create and then are lost to all wisdom and love in your clutches. I am tired of watching well meaning individuals being ostracized by you and your kind; kicked to the curb, left out in the cold. You do not practice what you preach and you label anything different from yourselves as 'sin' and 'devil worship'.

I cannot call you corrupt. You are not like the banksters on Wall Street and those whom reside within the Fed. These men have enslaved humanity. However, you are products of their propaganda. You are the same idiots who can name every 'artist' (as if they were) on American Idol (a multi-million dollar corporation exploiting YOU) and yet couldn't tell a person the difference between Pakistan and Afghanistan. You are the same individuals who 'battle your sinful pride for Jesus' whilst driving Cadillac Denalis with 27 inch chrome wheels. You are the same individuals who give ten dollars to the starving in Africa...who you watched a commercial for on your plasma television. You are a parasite that deteriorates the health of a nation and of the world.

I only hope that at one point, there is an antibiotic for this infection.

Please, educate yourselves. Stop being so blind and vain. Discover something outside of your tiny world.


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