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The Evolution of Humanity!

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 09:09 PM
What "they" don't want us to know has been in front of our faces the WHOLE time.

I remember watching a Jordan Maxwell interview (Project Camelot) where he was speaking about the "dawn of the new day" symbol. He said that this symbol represented the new world order and the coming of communism on Earth, or the return of the Annunaki alien race coming to enslave us all. He said he was very worried for humanity. I however, disagree. If we really were in danger, they would have wipes us out a long time ago. The powers that be are smarter than we think. They know what's up, and they've been trying to tell us using symbolism.

The question that ran through my head was, "Okay, so everything is symbolism. But symbolism for what? Why is the sun so important to the powers that be?"

Mr. Maxwell said that in order to understand, we have to CAREFULLY analyze their symbolism. Check these picture out. What do you see?

Do you see what I see?

I watched David Wilcock's new video "2012 Event Horizon" a few days ago and it dawned onto me what was really happening. He stated that humanity is going to spontaneously evolve on December 21st, 2012 because of some type of energy field coming from the center of our galaxy. This energy field was going to completely change the solar system as we know it. One of those changes that he spoke about was the sun getting bigger!

In the film, he spoke briefly about a crop circle that displayed our solar system alignment the day of December 21st, 2012. The owner of the crop circle was pissed and decided to run his tractor over it. The next day, the same crop circle was made, but this time with the Sun almost 1.5 times bigger. Now, whatever is doing these crop circles is obviously telling us that the dawn of the new day is upon us!!

So take a look again at this picture:

Do you see how the sun is freaking huge in comparison to the mountains?!

Now compare that to a normal sun set:
Get the idea?

Have you ever heard the expression: "As above, so below" ?

It means that whatever happens in the world above, will happen in the world below. The Macro-cosmos is the same as Micro-cosmos. Life on Earth evolves over time, and therefore, the world above (the galaxy) will also evolve as time passes by. Humans give birth in the Earth below. In the world above, mother Earth will give birth when the Father (the sun) plants his seed. Just because the sun seems just like a big ball of fire does not mean it is not alive. The whole universe is conscious of its self.

Right now, the Earth is going through labor, and it's only going to get "worse". All the chaos we are experiencing is a result of the transition. Wilcock proposes that evolution will happen spontaneously, but I suggest that it's a process and is already happening! The amount of synchronicity in my life has significantly increased and my overall mood is very joyful and awesome.

The 2012 synchronization is reminding us we are on a journey together; the twists and turns of our lives contribute to the collective manifestation taking place. We need to honor the importance of the closing of this cycle without hyping it up with fear and expectations. We need to let go of focusing on dates in the future and embrace the possibilities that live within us, right now, that are here to guide us into the new pages that we can write with our collective consciousness.

Let’s drop the notion that 2012 is bringing the end of the world and understand that it is bringing the end of a great cycle. Rather than passive victims, we are here to be conscious participants of this world age transition process. Let us perceive 2012 as a code signaling us that these planetary moments are summoning us to align with our deepest potential and access the deepest dimensions of who we truly are, knowing that as a whole we are enduring a great initiation process to learn how to live in harmony with each other and with Nature.

It seems the fundamental question this prophecy is pointing us to is: How can we live and operate in conscious awareness of our Oneness, our Interdependence? We are being asked to deeply understand that our lives are intimately woven together with All of Life. We must embody this comprehension and let it guide our human efforts.

The bottom line is that this world is ours to shepard. This moment lives within us. We are all instruments of culture. We need to focus our attention on our powers of creativity as human players in this planetary equation. Our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical energies are the vivid colors splashing on the canvas of Life.

This is no time to try to figure things out with the mind, but rather to learn to listen from the heart. The more conscious we become of our potential to be conscious, the more our potential finds us; our self-reflective awareness deepens and flowers.

The moments unfold,
bringing tests and opportunities.
The mystery blooms in our heart,
with petals of innocence and stalks of wisdom.
We shine as fellow rays of light
in an emerging garden of loving awareness.
Basking in each others’ abundant colors,
we are One under the Sun.

[edit on 8-5-2010 by Davidius]

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by Davidius

I gave you a star because this was entertaining. However, it sounds from your post as though you think the 'new age' will revolve around global communism. That global communism is part of some divine evolution would be laughable, if it were not so dangerous. Who is leading and has led the push for communism over the past 150 years? Not exactly the best people here on earth. Has communism been a positive change for people living under it? No, it has not. You also used a folgers can as evidence of divine universe wide evolution...

By the way, if global tyranny under communism is the plan, then I say screw the plan and lets do what is actually logical and best for the other 99%.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:05 PM

Do you see what I see?

Folger's roast meter resembles the terror meter seen on tv.

Like the previous poster said; don't jump on the happy-happy train. Sure, they'll have nice brochures, pretty words and slogans you all can accept, but the next evolutional jump is called no words.

Many talk about marxism but that's old hat and it didn't work as planned. Research the history of the polish stopping marxism and marxist takeover of German cities. Some people never forgive.

After it was clear that political marxism wasn't going to 'spread the revolution' in Europe a special institute was commissioned to solve the problem. Research Frankfurt School. That's where the tolerance and other anti-white stuff comes from. That's where comes the mindset of our entertainment and academia. Initially USA as a harder nut to crack was subjected to a psychological warfare (eg. Boasian anthropology) and Europe to more traditional military takeover, but after the failure the whole project in West shifted using the means of psychological warfare and it has been very effective. It has been going on for a hundred years and was kicked in to high gear in the late 60s.

Newest ideology that is been pushed for slavemasses is called communitarianism. It will be offered as a choice for 'failed' capitalism and it incorporates 'the best features from communism and capitalism', but after it's been already covertly implemented through social programs. That's what Obama practised when he was community organizer, not old school marxism as his opponents think. It's a community given from above in a form of small sized groupminds, which system penetrates all the areas of society from school and workplaces to churches. Churches and charities are very important in this scheme to function as the ground level social control system.

In Britain same kind of scheme is called Common Purpose and in EU there is structural reshaping on county level and various buzzwords been pushed. They seem to be one-to-one. Allways look for buzzwords in government documents. They don't just come out of thin air.

Then there's this issue of who's going to make the jump. Look at evolutional history; entire species and races have dissappeared during bottlenecks. Why would this time be different? Do we continue evolutional path of separate races or this time forever shed the shackles of biology? Look at the various races; are they all on the same level? What does the NWO say about this? Do the evolutional jumpers come from all the races or from among the race which is the pinnacle of evolution? Can this be measured and percieved or are we the same under the skin? Think and make your own mind. Don't fall for Utopias. Facts of reality and evidence can be obtained with the help of the internet.


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