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New Setback in Attempt to Contain the Gulf Oil Spill

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 11:09 AM
If this "accident" is actually a NWO operation that is going "as planned", then the most important matter has to do with what their goal might be. If their intention is to inflict catastrophic damage, then of course various lame efforts to control the damage will "fail".

Anyone else notice that the "accident" occurred on one of the more "sacred" holy days of our occult masters, namely, Hitler's birthday? Of course, eleven human sacrifices were offered up as well. Sure, it's hard to imagine getting those numbers right by intention, but that's what it looks like to me. Our masters left at least these two "obvious" signs that this is their work (as usual!).

A bigger picture will surely emerge, and like 9/11, many would not believe until years went by, and they looked back and said, "Oh yes. That's when things changed..."

JR MacBeth
Gathering Storms Ahead

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by JR MacBeth

seems like some sacrifices are needed to make up a bigger plan!

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by pavelivanov22

Well buddy i'd love to find out what your smoking. If you noticed all the russian detonations were on land and in places where no one lived.

The closest example would be the 1958 detonation at 2,000 feet. Course it was way out in the pacific with no population to worry about. Also it stated that after the detonation a 300 meter wave moved out in all directions. Thats ruffly 1,000 feet in height.

I Live on the gulf coast, so first we got the fishing industry killed off, tourisim in the toilet. And you think that detonating a nuke at only 50 miles from the gulf coast where millions of american live and work is a good thing?

You do know if they went ahead and did the detonation, the wall of water would be vast coming ashore around the whole circumfrance of the gulf. Thats coastal Lousiana, Mississippi, alabama, florida, texas, mexico, yucatan penisula, key west, possibly cuba, the carrbean.

Were talking millions of people, homes washed away, land radioactive. And for what? because a bunch of corporate idiots that couldn't plug up a leak had to use a Nuke to do the deed? Thats crazy, even more so that criminal.

You remember all the folk that couldn't afford to evacuate durring hurricane Katrinia. Thosands died. Theres no way the gov't could evacuate everyone along the gulf. There would be untold of folks that would die.

And how far would you tell folks to move inland? Montgomery? Atlanta?Dallas? It would be a logistical nightmare to evacuate millions of people.

And what do you do with them aftewards? They can't go home, theres no home left, its all been smashed by the 1000 foot wave, then washed back out into the gulf. And who's going to pay for the loss of the state of Florida, and the other states? When the water receeds it leaves behind all manners of radioactive mess. The whole area would be off limits for habitation for decades. If ever.

BP, transocean, Haliburton have already killed off the best fishing area on the planet. And you think they should nuke the broken pipe? And reduce the gulf coast states to a radioactive contamination zone for possibly 100 years or more?

Your crazy, BP Crazy, the gov't crazy if they think thats the only way to seal off a 21" pipe...

You can put one of the big lasers they build on a ship go out over the pipe, target the pipe and cut lose. Weld that baby shut. No radiation, no 300 meter tsunami's. No puting a huge hole in the floor which mind you is really close to various fault zones.

And what of all that methane that bubbles up from the sea floor? A nuke would ignite that along with the vast oil deposit and the effect would be ..unthinkable.

We thought it was bad seeing the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, picture all the local faults being jared awake by the pressure wave. Various dormant volcanos waking up with a fury. The pressure wave running through the earths crust could set off other faults within the US and surrounding areas.

How many people are you willing to sacrifice? 1 milllion, 30 million, 100 million?

yes that would be the worse case scenario. But since its never been done at 5,000 feet we have no idea what would happen. And taking in all those other things its the worst idea Ive ever heard.


Its what TPTB want to happen...

As for me, since I'm only 100 yards from the gulf, Id probably be washed away. I'll say this, anyone that uses a nuke to seal a pipe in my book would be responsible for Genocide against American.

Think about that when you say Nuke a pipe...

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