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U.S. Warns Pakistan After NY Bomb Attempt

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 05:03 PM

NEW YORK, May 8, 2010 (Reuters) — The United States has warned Pakistan it wants urgent action against Islamic militants in its tribal regions following last week's failed Times Square car bombing in New York, the New York Times reported on Saturday.


Citing U.S. and Pakistani officials, the Times reported on its website that General Stanley McChrystal, the U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, met Pakistani military chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Friday and urged that Pakistan hasten the start of a military offensive against the Taliban and al Qaeda in North Waziristan.

Officials with knowledge of the visit who spoke on the condition of anonymity characterized Washington's ramped up pressure as a sharp turnaround from the Obama administration's relatively restrained approach of encouragement in recent months, the Times reported.

Seems like... "if you don't then we will" type of message to Pakistan. This just adds fuel to the thread I posted earlier:
Look Out, Obama Seems to Be Planning for a Lot More War
I guess time will tell.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 05:36 PM
You know, I'm always on the side that the U.S. is just looking for reasons to go into other countries. But it did not occur to me until other day, that we have been in Pakistan fighting terrorism for a while now.

The wars are labelled Iraq, and Afghanistan, the media talks of how many troops go to each country, yet never emphasize the troops in Pakistan.

They put Pakistan in their articles all the time, yet never emphasize the fact that we are actually in Pakistan. They are already there, they just need announce "we will be sending troops to Pakistan" and most won't think twice of the fact that we were already there.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 06:14 PM
Explain to me why anyone originating from Pakistan, Afghanistan, or any other "supposed" terrorist supply house country, even gets visas to come here. Or in regards to the latest "WMD's Faisal Shahzad and the Weapon of Mass Destraction" perpetrator was given citizenship.

Next question in regards to your topic-What is the purpose of the US Military?

Oh, I think I have an answer to the first question. So the US military can make the excuse we are under attack.

The second then is obvious, to be the police of the world on the taxpayer dime.


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