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Successfully sending telepathic messages/positive vibes

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 10:03 AM
First off I want to make clear that this is an open discussion about, well as the title says, telepathic abilities - specifically to send messages and positive vibes (which is what I've been experimenting with).

It seems I've been able to send messages, but the people who do receive them get them subconsciously (which is understandable). I'm assuming if someone were to be at a higher vibrational frequency at the time of me sending said message/vibes, they'd realize that it's happening, and maybe even realize who it's from depending on the ability of the person sending said message, as well as how much the two people know one another personally.

The thing that made me spark this thread was a successful message that was received subconsciously to a girl I was trying to send a short message too along with some positive vibes.

One key thing here about this is I believe that you need to be of complete pure nature in whatever you are trying to send - it's just the way/natural order of things it seems.

I made sure to focus on that this message was of purity and out of love and kindness. This girl I sent the message too is going through some hard times and I knew she was trying to talk to me but she kept missing me online, and phone contact.

So, in my message I made it short and sweet - I focused on trying to send her positive vibes along with the notion to get online so she could talk to me, mind you this was at 9 in the morning on Saturday so the chances of her being awake and getting online and talking to me were quite slim. I've tried doing this sort of stuff before using other techs, but this time I simply did a quick meditation asking help from my guides and higher self to raise my vibrational level, and I instantly felt it in my legs and I drew this sensation up my body until I felt "charged" so to speak.

Once I finished relaying what I wanted to send and that it was of positive and pure nature, I pictured a sort of spiritual ball flying away from me in my 3rd eye, and watched it go up into sub-space and then fly down into the mind of this girl. Keep in mind I burnt a picture of her in my head before hand. I saw how she was sitting (don't know if it was the actual image of her, but whatever my mind used to create this image seemed to work), and I instantly saw a smile on her face, then I broke contact and went about what I was doing.

Well within 30 seconds to 1 minute I had this minor urge to check facebook, and there she was typing to me in a message asking me if I was there. I also want to add, while I was meditating and preparing the message to be sent telepathically I added in (with a smirk mind you) that if possible subconsciously tell her to get on facebook. I sort of did that as a joke, but pushed through with it to see what would happen.

Now, I know some of you will say "it was just coincidence" but not only do I believe it wasn't, but I am coming to believe that almost everything, if not everything, happens for a reason.

Whether or not this was a coincidence is besides the point. I am here now typing up this post because of what happened, and if I learn one single thing because of this, then it wasn't for nothing. Just sitting here typing this all up helps me realize some things, so that is some validation for me as well.

Also, of course the first thing she says to me is how bad she is feeling and whatnot, so that is also what leads me to believe my message was sent and her minds 'subconscious in-box' received it.


So now, you can comment on my experience here as well, but I'd also like to raise the discussion of this topic completely and ask you all if you've experienced anything similar or different or whatever you'd like to add. I'm open to anything, skeptics alike just don't come posting "This is total BS stop making these threads!" - I'd appreciate anyone trying to just troll my thread to know now that I'm asking nicely for you to stay away.

Anyway, I was thinking maybe (this would be a new thread if I decide to try it) having an experiment where I setup a time/date that everyone who wishes too be included in, can 'clock in' telepathically and let me try to send a very simple message and allow people to tell me what they received. Like I said above I think you need to be in tune with said person sending the message at least somewhat, to actually know you're getting this telepathic message... I believe this is true because we have yet to develop our telepathic abilities much at all even though our brains are completely able to do so.

Questions, comments, replies of any kind?

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 10:45 AM
Well, it's nice to see a thread on this, because I am interested in this topic as well. With me though, it is completely random. When it happens, I have this great sensation on my forehead. It's a great feeling. Other way it works for me, is that sometimes I look at a persons avatar and suddenly know some information about him. Or, I can read his energy pattern. I definately think this is possible and exists, only it is defaultly "hidden" and one has to find a way how to "activate" it. If you want, you can try it on me and send me a short positive message mentioning something specific about you I wouldn't know.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 10:45 AM
Hmm interesting! I think this sort of thing can happen un-intentionally as well, you always get people answering the phone and saying 'oh I was just talking about you'.

One of the guitarists from Mastodon tells a similar storey in this video -

the storey starts at about 2.40. He basically has a dream where someone he hasn't talked to for years tells him she is pregnant. You'll never guess what happens the next morning!

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 10:52 AM
Great thread, starred and flagged I only skimmed it but we all possess this trait, though right brained creative types more than others, the overall tests, thousands that were performed, where 25% was the statistical average, the typical university subjects that participated in the many studies over the years, 32 percent average was found, 7% above average, which is quite a significant finding as even tiny repeatable findings are considered accurate, so Aspirin lowering risk of heart attacks and even told in the emergency rooms to patients, is a result of less than 1%. So they have more than proven it.

When the studies where more selective on right brained creative people, or anyone who has had signs of this, the studies were 65%, or 40% above the random chance on. Huge! Also shows why hemisync, binaurals and anything that takes us into a whole brain experience and creates pathways into our Right Hemisphere is important.

I have experiences occur too, usually on a daily bases.

"Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

When I said I tried different techs before, I did try the whole psi stuff, but I unfortunately had no success at it. I kept trying the psi wheel, and sending messages... the best I could do is build up energy between my hands and push it back and forth and make it grow... it was very real and I knew it was there but I was unable to move anything (including the psi wheel which I know I made as light as I possibly could).

But thanks for the statistics, not that I don't believe you or anything, but do you have any articles sitting around about the studies? If not I'll do a quick search myself, but I was hoping to get your links because I always like the stuff you post.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 11:41 AM
This reminds me of James Randi. At first, I thought he was just a dick. Then I started respecting him. Now I've found out that he really is just a fraud.

Everyone has heard of his lucrative money rewards if a claim is proven to be supernatural. However, what most people do not know is that there is a screening process required before a candidate is eligible to be studied by JREF.

I just thought I'd post the following email, in case someone on this thread actually cites James Randi as evidence that this is a hoax or wishful thinking. Maybe it is, but the credibility of Randi and JREF is quite hollow when it comes to these sorts of phenomena.

Mr. Kolodzey:

Don't treat us like children. We only respond to responsible claims.
Are you actually claiming that you have not consumed any food products except water, since the end of 1998? If this is what you are saying, did you think for one moment that we would believe it?

If this is actually your claim, you're a liar and a fraud. We are not interested in pursuing this further, nor will we exchange correspondence with you on the matter.

Signed, James Randi.
(A hard-copy of this letter will be sent by post to you, today.)
James Randi Educational Foundation
201 S.E. 12th Street (Davie Blvd.)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815

But apparently the claims of Sylvia Browne, Peter Popoff, and Uri Geller are "responsible"? Right.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by Son of Will

See, no one will ever win that prize. Why? Because as I stated, you cannot use any type of ability to prove validation. If someone can, then the people who can see or feel the ability are always true believers or at the very least susceptible to such abilities.

So the whole prize thing is a joke to make spiritual abilities and anything else metaphysical to look like complete bunk. Well it's not, believe what you want, but even if you aren't in the spiritual part of any of this, you can still believe and understand we are able to use telepathic abilities and other abilities, it's just our brains have either not ever used such abilities, or they have been laying dormant for a long time and we need to focus to bring them out/use them.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

If it happened like that once you can always see if it can happen like that again. I don't think you want to test this theory on absolute strangers because there is too much you cannot know which would make it confusing IMO.

That said, this kind of thing has happened to me many times, so I tested it myself, and was impressed beyond belief. Some people can connect with a power you yourself can't imagine (not always good/pure intent). I am now convinced this kind of projection is valid and potentially dangerous.

But that's just me; I knew of healers who could heal at a distance. And Carl Jung experimented with this kind of thing which formed his basis for synchronicity/lifes work. Good luck.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by mark_price

See I always thought to use these abilities you have to be of pure nature... but then again I guess that may be because of my beliefs spiritually.

I guess if you think about how the government has experimented and possibly is using this type of stuff to harm others or control them, then it sort of debunks my theory on purity... but all I know is I wouldn't use it to harm anyone, the worst I can see me doing (and I don't even think it's a bad thing) is to try and gain positive information on a person, such as a woman I'm trying to date or something...

But yes, I do agree complete strangers would be a hard target since you don't know much about them other than what you see physically (unless you talk to them) and even if you do talk to them prior to trying to send messages telepathically, you don't know if what they said was true. I think this works well with someone you can trust but I'm sure if you gain enough 'power' per-say in this ability your range is greater and also the possibilities are endless really...

The girl I had success with today lives over 100 miles away and I don't even know the exact location since she moved... so for me that's pretty impressive. But I'm just starting really with the methods I'm using so we'll see how it goes

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:22 PM
Good thread on the very important , but neglected , topic of telepathy. I consider it to be a double-edge sword. It can be used for good or evil.

On the evil side, telephathy is the modus operanti of most forms of psychic attack. It does work.

On the good side It can be used for healing. It is a selfless act to bring harmony into someone's life.

It is very often done on a conscious level.

I do have a slight concern. Is it ethical to send 'vibes' without the permission of the subject? After all you could be tresspassing that person's space. I am open-minded on this but would be interested to hear comments.

It very much depends on circumstances and on the persons involved. If for example you get on a train feeling a little bit down and then suddenly there is a burst of positivity and happiness going through you. You sense it comes from one of the passengers.You look up and you see this individual looking very handsome/attractive and very serene. You might then show a little smile of gratitude. But if instead you see a smelly tramp who is sleeping rough, you might not welcome the intrusion. It is human nature.

I feel that the ethics of it would become paramount if telepathy became a standard thing. It works and the question is where do you draw the line.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:28 PM
reply to post by crowdedskies

I see what you're saying, and I understand it... however we're not at that point yet where it's common among the masses.

Not to mention I think if it did get that far, it would almost be like email... you can sort out through the 'junk' and push it aside and accept only what you desire as long as your will is strong enough. Or maybe you could simply block everyone out and only allow those in who you're trustworthy with.

There is much to explore when it comes to telepathy, but I don't feel like I violated this girl today when I sent her the positive vibes and the message. If she got the positive vibes they didn't seem to work because she was and still is upset but she did get right online and tell me that so... I don't know :/

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

I took notes once from the video. Some people were trying to discredit the scientist talking but the thing is the tests were thousnads upon thousands in all the leading institutions of the world, over decades with the same results and he even gives the conclusions or educated opinions given by leading figures on this, in government funded overview panels, both open minded ones, and known skeptics, and even the skeptic said, "something interesting is going on."

So that video is very much worth looking into as it goes into the tests, how they're performed, the panels, and that in science very tiny minute stats (ie. apsirin and breast implants) are used concretely as proof, but there is far greater stats for psi.

There are a few techniques that would help you faster in your progress, though I know its individualized and its also, not overnight thing, which I know you know, you strike me as a very deep metaphysical thinker, but had some u2u's thinking this was going to go fast. But even a year of meditation can make extreme changes in your perception of reality once you begin.

My two threads on manifesting and waking up have tons of videos on this, songs, hemisync, binaurals, dolphins and whales. The higher your frequency and if you form those right/left brian connections the faster this goes. Put them on an mp3 and listen for hours, doing chores, staying mindless, and yet every now and then, go within and ask questions, like who I am, what I'm here for, help me to remove blocks to progression, and how can I help others (to your Higher Self/Source). Inward.

A few excerscises, so basic and simple in telepathy, goes faster with those connections and music, and hours of meditation, as in laying down and drifting or sitting if you can, I can't not comfy that way, or movement, chores, but feeling heart zen mind, not mental overlay. That part turned off, so a kind of moving meditation. This really helps.

I'll list some I know of though as excercises and make a post with my more recent music videos that help me now more, updated from my threads. And, try to compile a variety of the excercises that have worked for me, mostly spring boarding from something someone said, then I ended up doing it "my way" so they can all be adopted to your way.

So I guess two post or more depending on the room.

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

I think you are right. If it came as a standard thing, we would have some kind of 'firewall' or filter set up. This could be done by some form of ritual.

Perhaps I am jumping too far ahead. Mind you, with a bit practice quite a few people can get the hang of this.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:43 PM
Another good and interesting thread Highly Original. Thanks for posting.

Telepathy runs in my family which is of Native American extraction.

My Native American grandmother used to exhibit this ability while over 300 miles away phoning and pointing out selectively if any of us were to soon come down with any type of illness. As well as the remedy.

And she was always correct.

Even though I am a Male, I've found that I too had this ability to communicate telepathically.

I have to admit that It has always worked well with those of a female persuasion throughout my life because Women are very sensitive to this energy.

While in college, I used to experiment with random women and I could telepathically call them and make them turn around as if I had called out their name or tapped them on the shoulder !

What a blast !

Guys used to always ask me "How I did it " ? In having beautiful women at my beck and call.

I certainly coudn't tell them that I could communicate with them telepathically.

And I would only joke about how actually I did it. Simply because they wouldn't believe me if I told them...

My hypothesis is that women have a stronger inherent god given sixth sense to protect themselves as well as their young from impending danger. Thus a means of preserving the species.
Just look at any animal and how they will protect their young.
We are no different.

Remember the term "Mother Knows Best" ?

There is a lot of truth to that.

I have also posted here as to how I utilize this ablity to train my dogs. Whom are also telepathic by nature. Which I have concluded as to why animals haven't the need for vocal cords.

Also, look at a most if not all human and alien encounters where they are communicated with via Telepathy.
It makes sense for it eliminates the language barrier.

So all in all OP aka HighlyOriginal, I have no doubts to this experience.

And from a scientific perspective, since I have studied physics in the area of Electrical Engineering. We work and are tasked with designing circuits to perform a particular task/function as well as the signals within those circuits to trigger and create a particular response.

Your computer operates by this very principle. The signals...which trigger a response within the computer's hardware.

Telepathy is no different really. It is merely a thought that is a brainwave with inherent energy and frequency, transmitted and conveyed into the atmosphere and picked up by others. Remember that our bodies and all animals for that matter are electrical in nature !
That is also why we make good electrical conductors and lightning isn't good for us.

I have a very simplistic approach. I merely have to picture the individual in which I would like to communicate with and then think of what it is I need to tell them !
And The more emotion behind these thoughts the better.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:50 PM
About the distance thing, I don't quite understand why it would have any bearing on it, other than because you believe it would. I mean, did this thought/message travel through the material world or some other metaphysical plane or some such?

Also, if it travels through the meterial world, could it be intercepted?

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:51 PM
Please listen with headphones. If you get busy, doing chores and forget you have them on, you may be surprised at how incredibly light headed and the vibrational shift that occurs To ground you need to hug a tree or curl your toes in the grass, and ground, or at least picture this strongly. Perhaps hold a gemstone, from Gaia.

Dolphins Chillout

Whales, Dolphins and Chakras - Lemurian Returns

Chillout-Songs with the whales-Dennis Hart-Soundclips

Blue Whale Song (Smooth Relaxing Music)

The dancing Whale and Dolphin

Breathing yoga exercise with whale songs

Daniele Nacci - Whales Lullaby

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

That would be great, please do share
I look forward too it.

I think that I'm going to practice more with those who surround me in my life the most that way I can build up this ability. The person I successfully sent a telepathic message to today was approx 150 miles away, however I know a lot about their personal stuff so that more than likely helped a lot.

edit to add: I use binaural beats when meditating and knowing I'm going to go out of body.

I made a thread (I'm sure you saw it) in which I uploaded some of the beats, and I am still trying to put together a package of all of the ones I have (over 1gig worth).

Here's the link: Interested in binaural beats?

reply to post by nh_ee


I think you could very well be right about women having a predisposition to telepathic abilities, as I said it seems like the ability has been laying dormant for a long time within us and only within the last few generations has it become to spark up and interest people enough to actually get into trying it.

The spiritual influence is very great for me as well (which I'm sure you've noticed in my posts). I believe this helps me greatly because it holds my core values, which are all pure in nature, when sending these messages. And as I said I never see myself using any ability to harm someone - at least not purposefully unless I was in grave danger and it was my only hope to survive... even then I may hesitate because I'm just not the sort of person to do such a thing although I will physically defend myself and the ones I love to my demise if I must.

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 01:02 PM


Microcosmic Mind Frequencies

"Between Worlds" - brainsync audio

Gateways of Passage - Portal 1 - Five Portals of Consciousness vol 2 Theta brainwave music

(There are many like and related to this on this viewers channel, so I'll only list one)

Shimmering Gossamer (Theta binaural meditation)

528 - 396 Solfeggio Hemisync Mix '___' Endorphin Release Centering

DreamSeed from hemisync

Desert Moon from hemisync

Eternity Within

I can't emphasize the way these help and assist enough, they really raise our frequency and open up our memories and phone home connection to self, HS. This includes help in our day to overcome the world and bad habits, love more, and also, activate some of our real gifts.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by March of the Fire Ants
About the distance thing, I don't quite understand why it would have any bearing on it, other than because you believe it would. I mean, did this thought/message travel through the material world or some other metaphysical plane or some such?

Also, if it travels through the meterial world, could it be intercepted?

It depends on your ability I would assume, but if you're allowing others to intercept your message, as in sending a 'mass message' per-say, then yes I believe it's possible, or especially if you're not focusing enough energy on the target(s).

And you may be right, the whole distance thing may just be a factor of your mindset. Remember... If you truly believe in something, it can be done. We know this is true - so always keep that in mind. If you're slacking in your beliefs than you will not succeed, that goes for not just telepathic abilities but in everyday real life situations and goals.

As for how the message is sent via the 'airways' I would believe it would be sent on this plane of existence we are physically living on in a brainwave state. The only thing is you need to send it on the right frequency. So that's why I raise mine before trying to attempt telepathic messages and such. But then again I don't exactly know how it works (as I don't think anyone knows exactly everything about such abilities) so maybe people who are using the ability to do wrongdoings are at a lower frequency, or have to use much more energy to get to their vibrational state which allows them to send such messages... I just don't know.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thank you for sharing Unity, much appreciated
You've made this thread that much better! I'm glad we're having a good civilized conversation about this stuff, and I guess my asking for trolls to avoid the thread has worked so far (hopefully it will stay this way).

I will be checking out those videos when I get a chance. If anyone is interested in any particular binaural beats, I have tons on for many different things ranging from just plain old meditation to helping memory (you listen while you study for example for a test). Some of them can be found in the link to my thread I posted a couple posts up.

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