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Missing Girl Case Prompts Alien Abduction Investigation: Russia Nov 09

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 09:14 AM

Ufologists in the Ural region of Russia have been called in to assist with the disappearance of an 11 year old girl three months ago after conventional investigations failed to solve the case. Investigators with the Ural UFO Group have noted that it is likely that a UFO abducted the girl, Lisa Hlupinoy.

The tragic saga began on 16 August when Lisa and three boys of the same age left their homes in the town of Salda to wander through nearby woods. At some point they all got lost. After three days the boys were found however Lisa was not with them: after a period she was assumed dead and police started suspecting murder at the hands of her companions. The boys vehemently denied the charge. No trace of Lisa’s body has been found as of yet.

At some point the police called in the services of Ufologists and a local psychic. The ufologists helping with the case note that UFO sightings are very common in the area. There is also a missile testing range nearby which tends to attract extraterrestrial visitors, they claim.

The boys who were treated in hospital after they were found and have since recovered have claimed that something paranormal happened to Lisa: alleging they were followed by white beams of light that they think ‘took Lisa’. According to the ufology experts involved these are classic signs of alien abduction.

Lisa’s disappearance made big news in Russia and the failure of the police to find her body or solve the case was considered a mystery. The ufologists’ Investigations continue.

Source: nstersAPersonalJourney+%28Phantoms+and+Monsters%29

There are 5 Youtube videos (1-5 series, all in Russian): 5nYXuCg&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&ct=title&resnum=4&ved=0CCoQqwQwAw

And there is this Russian News
Which I translated w/ Google:

To search for the missing in the Ural forests of 11-year-old girl connected UFO and psychic: Nov 3, 2009

Ural UFO group HEAVEN (Investigation of Anomalous Phenomena) is connected to the search for 11-year-old Lisa Hlupinoy, which is almost 3 months ago vanished in the Sverdlovsk forests. The experts next week go to the scene, told the "New Region" leader HEAVEN Alexei Komanov.

Recall that the Aug. 16 from the village Basyanovsky under Upper Salda left three boys and 11-year-old girl. Lisa Hlupina living in settlements with foster parents, she called friends to "Uncle, which distributes mobile phones. However, children get lost in the woods, and after 3 days Lisa was tired from the satellites. Aug. 22 boys were found in a hunting lodge 25 km from the village Basyanovsky. In Upper Salda children have been treated, now, their lives and health is out of danger. The girl could not be found.

On the disappearance of Lisa Hlupinoy was prosecuted under Murder. However, her search continues today. Every neighborhood in Upper Salda and surrounding areas investigated 3 groups, consisting of volunteers, employees of ATS Verkhnaya city district and employees of emergency situations.

According to, Komaneva, it is likely that the disappearance of Lisa was involved in a UFO, and UFO experts are going to test this version. "The place where easy. Local residents have repeatedly seen in the vicinity of Salda UFOs. Besides, there are a number of military missile parts, which are traditionally the concern of the UFOs. Besides, the boys really can not explain where the disappeared a few days. Their stories are uncertainties and inaccuracies, in general, "white spots". This is characteristic of the UFO abduction. So we are going to check everything is in place. With us go conductors and psychic, who is sure that has some information on this case. I hope we find some traces, which will clarify the history of the disappearance of a girl "- said the head of Paradise.


So there you have it. I can't find anything as to any update or results of any investigation. Hopefully are Russian ATS members can assist here.

I don't know. Three 11 yr old boys. I don't think they would be albe to kill here AND hide the body so it isn't found. But, a lot can happen over 3 days.

And, there is that military base near-by. Could be a prev or two there?

Or maybe a UFO/ALien abduction- Russia has a tons of incidents or UFO sighting in this area.

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by anon72
If I was this girl's dad, I'd be beyond pissed off to see police looking at alien abductions and talking to ufologists! Would we ask Stan Friedman to help police over here?!

The name is only associated with the story of the UFO abduction. Usually that would be an indicator of an internet urban legend in the making. I'll have a look at the Russian press later if nobody else has more information

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Kandinsky

I'm still trying to get additinal info, confirmation and something in English. I am having a heck of a time with the Russian media stuff. Not use to the non-english stuff etc.

I have to tell you that a Google search will indicate just about every UFO/ALien site did a piece on it-it seems. I was surprised when I didn't find it on ATS.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Can you understand Rusian? The YouTube vids seem very interesting.

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