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Extremist Reverse Psychology.

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 01:05 AM
Now I want people of ATS to understand this simple delusion.

I can guarantee that most of you on here have never even possesed the idea but hopefully those who have, will read this and agree with me.

Now I'm going to try and explain this the best I can but maybe to some, you may not follow and just think im pointing fingers and jump to the same old routine of spitting out your regurgitated nonsense but try and keep calm and hear me out.

We are now living in a world with 'many' laws that are intertwined into our society, some laws are there to protect us while other laws can allow a murderer free back onto our streets. You see, we have become so ruled by our laws, that they are now being used against us or work hand in hand for those criminals that should never see the light of day. You see, loopholes are within everything and sometimes legal loopholes can allow you to do as you please in broad daylight and still enable you to get away with it because if you can mask the explosion, then no one would have ever known it happend.

Now you see, extremist's are playing on this same nature. They are turning the laws books inside out and currupting young minds before they begin to see the world with there own eyes.

You maybe thinking, I still dont understand. Here it is, in a nutshell.


We seen this as one of the most tragic days of human exsistence, thousands died, america familes are forever damaged and still some americans would prefer to beleive that it was there own government over extremists. Now your probably jumping in your seats right now, rearing to reply to this thread and say it was an inside job but listen here, it wasnt. You was just controlled by the things you fear.

Now America did not attack its own country. What they know, is that they knew an attack was going to happen but to what scale, they did not know. Now this attack was planned by terrorists, extremist 'muslim' terrorists. Now by saying that, im not deeming that all muslims are terrorists, as this is again, the reverse psychology I am talking about and will explain in a moment but I am saying that this is the case. It was planned and orginised by 'muslim' extremists. What America did, was allow there plans to go ahead because then, America has reason to invade. Now if your not willing to accept that, then this next bit, your never going to accept. Basically, they attack america, kill thousands of people. Know that americans where already questioning the own government for years, so opened the books on them and released an idea that is was an inside job through the internet. It spread through uneducated people, they spun the story thinking they found a breakthrough 'the real story' but in fact played into the hands of these terrorists and becoming terrorists themselves. They allow americans themselves to tear apart there own protection/government, there own system that lets them sleep at night and slowly break down the trust americans once had. So that now these extremists are on the same playing field, they are then allowed there freedoms again, allowed to roam america freely and the world. Now if you question this, you are deemed racist and making out that 'all muslims' are terrorists, when in actual fact, your just talking about that small group of people that commited the crimes. They use this to defend themselves and use our laws against us allowing them to regain more power because now they make out there freedoms are being attacked. This kinda situation will never go allow you to speak your mind, we are all being slowly muted and these people are gaining momentom every day we allow this to happen. They keep there lands secure, while ours are being mixed with religons and races. We are all equal yes but it is this yet again, that they play on. Slowly you are loosing your common sense, slowly you are loosing your freedoms and slowly you are loosing your country.

I hope you dont loose yourselves in this mess, people need to wake up.

[edit on 8-5-2010 by BlackProject]


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