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saw something Wednesday night

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 10:55 PM
Ok first of all let me tell you i was taking my kid back to her mom, it was around 1030 pm in the Gaithersburg MD area on the 270 corridor.

What was it, well i can only describe what i saw as i was driving down the interstate and it was night.

i noticed some strange light pattern start to appear out of nowhere relatively low enough for me to believe that this was a blimp, although i cant verify that it was due to the lighting conditions.

the description of what i saw is a red dot in the middle and something that looks like spinning lights arranged in a pattern of horizontal amber colored dots moving to the left from my perspective.

the amber lights looked like a shower of sparklers raining to the left and at first it seemed like the object was oval but then when i could see about 5- 10 rows of the light pattern the object did not appear to be oval anymore i could not make it out due to the glare.

my first thought was maybe its just a reflection on my windshield, i stuck my head out the window and saw that it was not. i'll try to make something in Photoshop to show you guys what i'm talking about here.

but if this is just a blimp someone may have seen something similar, i'd just like to find out what it was either way its a UFO right, until proven otherwise.

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