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Slackers! Why do I have to wait for them?!

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 06:16 AM
I am taking online courses for Interior Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and I enjoy it however the latest assignment we had is pissing me off! We had to write a two page paper on our chosen career and then another student has to "edit" the paper and give more suggestions for our career of choice, meaning they have to give us another source to find information on our field. Well we had a WEEK to post and the professor stated in BOLD to post ON TIME and to be PROMPT, well only myself and another student posted on time. We were assigned a students paper to edit and if that person didn't post we were told to go down the list to the next student who posted if the one you were assigned had not posted on time. I did this and my professor told me to give the person I had a chance that it was due Wednesday, well it was Wednesday at 11:45pm and this person STILL had not posted. I am sorry but I refuse to wait for another person who has no real excuse to post late. All the assignments are given to you when you start the course and you know the dates they are due from day ONE. Anyways, the person who was supposed to edit mine still has NOT posted and I am getting pissed off. We have to use the persons edits and repost our paper by Sunday with the edits and their suggestions. It's now Friday and this person still hasn't posted the original assignment or the edit of my paper. I do not like assignments like this where you have to rely on another student. I could give a crap about anyone else in that class, I only care about my grades and my assignments. I am in this course for ME and nobody else. I have straight A's and I have no patience for slackers. It's an online course so there is no excuse to post late. You can log in any time of the day or night! I work 14hrs a day 3 days a week and 10 the other two days and I still post on time. I post many times at 2am or 3am after work and sometimes I am three sheets to the wind and I still get an A
It has to get done so I do it alcohol induced or not. I do not like waiting for someone else!!! I like my work to be perfect and this moron I am waiting on is making it hard for me to do my paper properly. I will now have to miss some time from work to get the assignment done by Sunday, that is if they even post! According to my book I am a "selfish loner" because I don't like group assignments. No I don't like someone else getting an A because of my hard work while they sit around and do nothing.
People like that don't belong in college if they are just going to scoot by at the bare minimum. There are plenty of people out there who would love to be in school. I say give the slackers money to those who really care about their education and let the slackers go! I am one of those who has a hard time getting assistance for school and I get really pissed off when people get in school, get all kinds of money and do the minimum just to get the lowest passing grade. This semester I was lucky and got a scholarship and other assistance and you can bet you arse I will get straight A's all through the course. I am involved in the online clubs for Interior Design and I signed up for student council and I still have time to post my assignments on time, work and party. People need to learn to PLAN their damn days out!

This is what I want to do this this moron holding me back!

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 07:28 AM
Totally with you...I know I am a jerk for saying this but when I was doing my undergrad work I HATED group work and student edits. Our week would go Monday to Sunday and I would send my paper to be student-checked on Tuesday and I recall one week I didn't get it back until Saturday night

I am totally with you on this. All I care about is my grade in there. Does that make me selfish? probaly...don't care though.

It amazed me how often I would see slackers and people who just didn't seem to want to be there and gave almost no effort. Like you I have taken some online courses and I recall in every single class there would be these discussion rules sch as "post 3 well-defined paragraphs with citations." Then we would have to make a thoughtful response to someone. So I would pump out this 4 paragraph half pager with three citations. What did the idiot below me do? Post two sentences with no support. So now I have to find a way to respond thoughtflly to this...unreal

We were in Abnormal Sexuality and I remember one week we were discussing a rather disturbing topic (won't go into details...not the point)

Anywho myself and a few others post these page long responses. Each of us had a good 5-6 citations and we would respond off of each was fabulous.

Then this girl shows up...I swear to all things holy this was her 4 paragraph discussion. I can pretty much commit it to was easy

"Dr iqwbveifyv (can't remember her name now...also not important),

As we read in chapter 9, (insert disorder here) is about a lack of control. People who do this are disgusting and want control"

I swear....that was it

Wow...MB you totally picked a topic that fires me up

If you don't wanna put forward the effort...don't waste your money, the instructor's time and a seat that a more deserving student could have had

Don't get me wrong people...I am not a superhero and think I am better than any other student but for the love of the goddess make a friggin effort!!!


ok...stopping now before I have an anuerysm


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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by KyoZero

Haha! I hear you on people's half done responses. I am amazed that they think that is a good answer. I always go above and beyond while others post a sentence or two. I can't fathom how anyone would slack at college or school for that matter. College is your future and to do it half way makes no sense to me. I want the best education I can get and I want to have the best business when I am done, therefore I apply myself 110%!

It is Saturday and I am STILL waiting for this moron to post my edit and the revised edit is due TOMORROW. I am missing work to wait around for this and I am not happy about it. I am missing out on 300 dollars today! I need that money for supplies for next semesters classes which start in a week. I emailed my professor asking her what to do and I haven't heard from her either. I called the student center this morning and told them what was going on and they said to edit the paper myself and find another source for the information (like the student was supposed to do) and submit it with a note stating nobody edited mine like they were supposed to. I was supposed to have 3 days to do my revised edition of the paper, now I have to rush and I don;t like rushing. I have 2 assignments due Monday and Tuesday and I am working so today will be a very busy day!! I swear I will refuse to do these assignments in the future! I don't care, it's my grade and my future I could careless about anyone else in the class! Group assignments are something I despise. I guess I am just a selfish loner like my book says lol


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