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Possible(Spiritual) Explanation for Timeshifts

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 05:34 AM
This is going to seem pretty far out there but if you believe in time shifts then the skys the limit right?

I have two different beliefs on what could be going on:

Belief 1:

Anyway, this is going to be a kind of blending of the matrix, scientology and buddhism.

These three schools of thought are very similar.

The basic belief is that there is something beyond what we perceive as reality. I am simply going to leave it at that.

The implications are that we where somehow enslaved to this -fake- reality. By accident, by will or by force i cannot tell you. But the basic idea is that we are bound to this fake reality which we see and perceive today.

I have a feeling that somehow we reached out to a higher consciousness and they came and saved us. This is of course all occurring in the outside world, the real world.

I have two beliefs here.


1) Something saved us.


2) When we dreamed, we somehow where able to take control of the system and use it to backfire against itself. This system is some kind of machinery, like the matrix. But its not a literal machine like a computer. It simply is artificial in nature.

Well, either way, something noticed us breaking free of the system. Im going to say these where benevolent aliens or other humans or whatever we are in this real world.

These aliens want to save us, but we cant break free from it that easily.

Sort of like how when Americans found the holocaust survivors and started giving them food, they quickly became ill and alot of them died because their bodies couldnt handle the intake of all that food.

Just like the above scenario, we have to be slowly FED this new way of life. I cant say when, but maybe 2012? we will break free completely.

belief 2:

We are all eminating some kind of psychic energy. Through this energy we can actually shift and control the world around us. Belief 2 does not conflict with belief 1, and they can both be true.

Im not going to say that you can literally pick up an object with your mind(although who knows? it could be possible and ill explain why) but you could theoretically place yourself in a dimention in which things you desire occur.

Of course, this implicates the question of

Is anything that happens to you real? Are the people around you real?

My belief that if anything is possible in #2, then we could not even be real. We could all be part of some kind of simulation. Think of this great show:

Ironically the show has a lot of real-world reference. But regardless, imagine that these people in the show have no idea that they are in a computer world. Would it be any different for us?

Anyway, thats all my crazy thoughts for tonight. We all question our reality, and nothing is too hard to believe when you think about it.

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