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Female posters incapable of original thought?

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posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 02:11 PM

Originally posted by autowrench
I completely disagree with you on this. I have made many women friends in this forum, and I find them to be very knowledgeable on the conspiracy topics we discuss in here, and some have even brought me secret information that they have discovered. I don't think you are reading the women right. In fact, women are smarter than men are, and they react sooner also. My wife would put some of you men to shame with things she know about.

The section you quoted was me paraphrasing some of the things I've read from male posters here in response to someone they know to be female, not my thoughts on women. Being female myself, I know just how intelligent we can be and how often we are underestimated simply due to what's between our legs. No worries though, simple mistake.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm surprised to see this thread still going.
I thought it had died months ago. Not that I'm complaining, I'm glad it's still making people think.


Originally posted by fooks
sorry, didn't read all million pages, but you must not be married.

Sure am, but we have a pretty equal relationship. We build on each others strengths and help each other with the things the other person isn't as good at or as capable of doing, and neither of us treats the other as being inferior based on gender. Got lucky I guess, because the attitudes displayed in this and other threads by some people just makes me shake my head in pity.
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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 12:48 AM
Having been a lurker for a long time, I finally decided to join. This topic caught my attention and I decided to make it my first post!

I believe it is fairly easy to explain why anyone, male or female, would resort to name calling and stereotypical gender role 'suggestions'. They are either a combination of ignorant and fearful or they come from a country/society where this is the norm and thus accepted. In reading through this entire thread, I noticed that the poster's who were the most outspoken against the need to even point this problem out had no true reasoning other than it is 'ridiculous'.

How is the oppression and or degradation of another human being through sexism 'ridiculous'?

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 08:31 AM

Originally posted by mutantgenius

I see a mix of everything around here, and there are alot of people from both sexes who have gained my respect.


That said, we women are pretty tough skinned when it comes to "typical" males. We have heard it all. We know, that you know, that women are stronger, smarter, more intuitve, more persuasive and more compassionate than you. That is all.

I disagree.

In my experience Diversity means alot of slackers riding and expecting to be carried on the backs of non slackers ..while they hang back and watch. They, the slackers, also expect to direct how things go for their benefit. Just like a politician.

Diversity means strength only if the bulk of those present have real knowledge, skills, and self starting initiative.

Otherwise it is mostly dead weight.

People of all persuasions do not want to carry others. It is human nature.

Only a public education devoid of the understanding of natural human nature can come up with the concept that diversity means strength.

In most groupings of humans ..and particularly in western nations you have about 80% watchers and 20% doers.

Diversity has become a "Uneducated " default setting for stupid and maintenance.

But Diversity has become the default setting for most to play through at the expense of political votes.


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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by Jenna
Over the years since I first joined ATS, something has been bothering me. There seems to be a persistent belief that women are somehow incapable of understanding some issues or that they should essentially know their place. This isn’t an opinion voiced by all male posters, nor is it my intention to imply such a thing, but it has been voiced on occasion and it typically shows up in the middle of an otherwise civil discussion. What I’d like to understand is why this view is held at all. How did it come about? Why, in this day and age, is it still held at all?

I’ve never considered myself to be much of a feminist, though I suppose this thread would indicate otherwise. I don’t believe that women are oppressed (not any more anyway), that we are victimized or exploited by men daily, or that women are in any way the superior sex. Nor do I believe that we should need to prove ourselves anymore than a man does in order to be taken seriously. I’m not out to demonize all men or call them all sexist pigs, though I’m sure someone will inevitably post without fully reading what I’m saying and claim that I am. In my mind, gender is not an indication of intelligence or worth and no one gender has a monopoly on either. Men and women are equal, different but equal. But I digress, back to the topic at hand.

Literature, mythology, and folklore from virtually every part of the globe contains tales of women who were fierce in battle, leaders of armies, revered leaders of their people, heroines, goddesses of war, etc. Women were not always seen as weak, helpless, and incapable of intelligent thought. This seems to be a relatively new development in the history of mankind. One that I find irritating in general, but significantly more so on a website such as this where we all come to discuss and learn.

As much as I’d like to do otherwise, I’ll refrain from providing direct quotes to avoid pointing fingers at any one poster. The comments that I’m referring to either flat out state or infer that:

  • Women are incapable of understanding an issue so complex as the one being discussed;
  • They should stick to neutral topics where they will be better capable of contributing;
  • Men in a group will each speak their own mind, women in a group will just develop mind-think and agree with the majority because they have no individual opinions;
  • Women cannot have an independent/rational/correct thought without first having it explained to them by a man;
  • Claims of sexism are unfounded because women irrationally believe that everything is a conspiracy against them.

That’s to say nothing of the rest of the sexist comments one can find here with a quick google search. My focus for this thread though isn’t sexism in general, but the mistaken belief that being female makes someone incapable of original thought and/or incapable of understanding a topic put forth for discussion. What is it that has caused some posters to believe that's true? More importantly, why is it brought up mid-discussion in an attempt to invalidate and demean female posters for doing nothing more than discussing the topic at hand?

coz most of these guys live in the basement and really never seen a girl in real life.

cept mom and little sister.


you can tell who has had a real interaction with the opposite sex.

half these people are borderline serial killers and peeping toms.

forget them, do not show weakness! you will be subjected to endless star trek references and facts that Roddenberry didn't even know.

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by fooks

I completely agree with you! Many of these men (or as I like to think of them as - immature boys) are most likely shut ins whose only interactions with people is online. Some of the prejudice could be related to their own feelings of self worth, the whole I feel bad about myself so I am going to take it out on others. While it tends to irk me to no end, I too try to ignore the ignorance.

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