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The Worst Disaster Since the Civil War But Not as News Worthy as an Oil Spill

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 02:56 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous Avatar
This is not news worthy because it is not man-made.

The MSM only covers man-made disasters. Specifically Government / NWO made disasters. Oil Spill, Car-Bomb, 9/11, Katrina, etc.

NWO does not like competition for attention from Mother Nature in destroying the lives of peasants.

That last line had me rolling on the floor.

Im not sure where you're located, but here in SoCal, if it starts drizzling all the news stations start reporting on "STORM WATCH 2010!"

I guess it depends on what type of weather is typical for a certain region. Over here, we have weather on our news constantly, yet I have heard nothing about Tennessee. Only Greece, and the oil, oh and dont forget LT and the rape case!

IMO, since the MSM is controlled mostly by the left, and Tennessee is a self admitted RED state, where people love their gun rights and aren't so happy about Obama, I feel the general consensus is "well those militant tea party racists got what they deserve!"


posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:03 PM
I've got relatives and friends in Nashville. Yes, this was a very, very seriously bad flood and the property damage is through the roof! I agree that the mainstream liberal media didn't offer enough coverage, probably because most of the population of Nashville are conservative, law abiding citizens (hence the absence of looting and rioting), and there wasn't anything for the media to exploit, since the media seems only to give sympathy to minority disaster victims in liberal areas.

But I disagree with the 'worst flood in 500 years' line. Nashville was founded in 1779. What? There are native american populations running around there screaming the 500 year quote?

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:18 PM
This flood hurt more than people in Nashville. People all over TN were affected. I was born in Nashville and lived there off and on for years. I currently live an hour east. My wife works for a company that has been shut down because supply trucks cant leave Nashville. The capital is a major hub for many businesses around here. Many of you may not know this but Dell computers has a Major hub in Nashville. I watched the news today and saw the place I proposed to my wife under water. I am not sure which is the bigger tragedy, the flood, the lack of concern or coverage, or the ignorance of people who think we are all bare foot and toothless in Tennessee.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by CanadianDream420

I believe she means in Nashville history. Obvious if you have ever studied America's Civil War.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by spookfish

Now my conspiracy mind is going. The land grab thing got me thinking. I know there has been a lot of development going on downtown recently. They have also been talking about new stadiums and what not. There was a whole slew of crap about raising taxes for a baseball stadium that people did not seem to want. I also seem to recall the news recently was about the budget on capital hill, which sustained damage by the way.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by paxnatus

Are you serious? I'm in Canada and I haven't heard a word about it... Technically, in the eye of the world population, you are the richest country in the world, so it doesn't deserve attention... but in your own country? Ouch is all I can think of, and may providence help those affected.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by GorehoundLarry

Again, the 'biggest disaster since the Civil War line applies to Nashville only, I suppose. And as far as it being the 500 year flood, NO! There was something similar in 1927, here and in other Southern cities. Nonetheless, the situation is ill, and lack of coverage when it might've mattered (helped) was strange and heartbreaking.
Unfortunately, it is not because we are in TN at all. When it happens to your community you too will see how little TPTB give a damn about you and yourn. By then it may be too late. I cite the infrastucture countrywide as my evidence.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by paxnatus

Because you all are sticking together, and not pillaging each other like they do in NOLA during a disaster.

Since there isn't much drama, you don't get any news coverage.

If you want it to be on fox news, get in a truck with a bunch of dudes with guns, and start looting. Then you will be in the news. Especially if you target some race that isn't yours.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:47 PM

Originally posted by Z.S.P.V.G.
There are so many BIG THINGS happening that these events are fighting for facetime. The TimesSquare event was a misdirection move to srcub Oilgeddon from the populations brains. Nashville 500 year flood happened so fast. No build up. No drama. We live in exponential times.

I can't say it was to DISTRACT -- but I would say that; if you knock over enough ant hills at enough picnics, someone is going to get ANTS in the pants....

I don't think anyone has a weather machine or earthquake device -- it's all in how you handle the disaster. They couldn't get ice trucks New Orleans for 3 months but they closed Public schools in the first week. In Florida, the next Week Jeb Bush shows up with checks in hand for damaged homes.

Some idiot who can't blow up a firecracker in his car gets NEWS, but the "oath keeper" who took guns and a semi automatic to Tennessee to "arrest" all the government workers gets no attention and a slap on the wrist.

>> The Gulf oil event is a GUSHER -- and could possibly end life for sea organisms in that particular ocean, and then you've got the Gulf stream that will end up in Norway or Finland. I don't think there is any BIGGER news than that.

I'm not sure if Dick Cheney or Haliburton planned it; merely deregulate the oil platforms and they are NOT REQUIRED to have a $200,000 device to close the tap hole. Can you call it an accident, if you drill down a mile in the ocean at the edge of technological know-how into if not the largest than the second largest oil field on the planet that is under high pressure without BACKUP DEVICES and it blows up?

Dick Cheney then goes to Saudi Arabia 2 days later. I think the cagey old war profiteer merely took credit for it. You can bet the Saudis are breathing a sigh of relief that the Gulf oil field isn't making their resources look like a puddle.

>> So, as much as my heart goes out to the people of Tennessee -- the flood will recede and this is not big news in the context of things.

Besides, all sorts of places in the US are "going dark" and as they fall off the map, the news ceases to bother with their plight. For all those folks who don't like "Big Government" make sure you yell at some of these churches to go over there and help fix the place up. According to the Evangelicals; Gawds wrath went after New Orleans and Haiti -- but right now, it's just bad weather.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by merryxmas

One more try to get everyone off the 'not worse than the Civil War' rant. I did not create this thread, but the person who did lives in Nashville. for us HERE IN NASHVILLE, this is the worst devastation IN THIS AREA since 1862. Obviously, the oil spill is worse, obviously Katrina was worse, obviously 911 was worse. But C'mon, do we really want to play whose disaster is worse? That is a diversion. We lost a car (no comprehensive) and a garden, but my roommate was saved from the floodwaters by an anonymous hero whom he never got a chance to thank (In La Vernge). We feel very lucky.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 04:11 PM

Originally posted by Leroy
reply to post by GorehoundLarry

And as far as it being the 500 year flood, NO! There was something similar in 1927, here and in other Southern cities.

You are incorrect...a 500 year flood event simply refers to the probability (0.2%) that such an extreme flood would occur in any one year. It has nothing to do with how long it has been since such a flood occurred.

Source below:

100-year flood: Wikipedia

That's a common misconception though, no offense intended by my post

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 04:52 PM
Perhaps the 'non-newsworthiness' of the Tennessee flooding can be attributed to an act of God, and not human folly

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 05:00 PM
I'm kind of surprised that there hasn't been that much about the flood in the news, but then again, I don't watch the big news organizations (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc), I just watch my local news.

I actually heard about the flood on Facebook from Taylor Swift.

Taylor freakin Swift (she's a country singer if you don't know who she is).

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 05:03 PM
its quite simple...

the death of an eco system and possibly millions of creatures > 30 people.

its not a hard one to work out.!!

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by riddle6

There was some coverage and there certainly is now, But Saturday afternoon when people started dying (and Sun. too) I still had power, and was flipping thru MM. Nada. I mean nothing. It was that car in times square, every channel, and a quick word on the oil spill, topical politics, etc. Business as usual basically. EXCEPT The Weather Channel, they were right here the whole time, but not everyone gets that.
Anyway, MM coverage might have gotten the wheels of rescue and recovery rolling a little bit faster (They basically had to browbeat the Bush administration to get them to do anything about N.O.)

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 05:11 PM

Originally posted by Common Good

And I wasnt aware that we could only handle one problem at one time.
Oh no wait, this is Obama, best that he does only One thing at a time anyways. We dont want his brain to explode from too much pressure.

I can see that you wasted no time spinning the disaster into an Obama-bash. Pathetic.

As long as you have...lets take a look at the facts. President Obama could not assist until nashville asked for assistance...I am sure you appreciate the deference to states rights..

May 4th

U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and Bob Corker, R-Tenn., were in Nashville Tuesday for a firsthand look at the devastation caused by the deadly storms that passed through Tennessee over the weekend.

“I’d like to congratulate Mayor Dean, Governor Bredesen and the community for doing a first rate job in getting an application together for disaster assistance and getting it to the President, and I thank the president for acting quickly.

President Obama declared it a National disaster the instant the paperwork landed on his desk.

No back to the actual opposed to politically opportunistic false BS.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 05:53 PM

Originally posted by paxnatus

I am sorry for the loss China, as well as INDIA has experienced, but should that negate the levity of the flood and loss in Nashville?


Do you really find the Nashville flood amusing?

- and you call Obama an idiot . . .

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 06:06 PM
...Easy there Hoss... I think Pax meant Severity...

Pardon if already posted...

On the Ground, Updating President Obama on the Floods in Tennessee

At the request of the President, I’m in Tennessee for the second time this week to meet with local officials and assess the damage from the severe weather and subsequent flooding that swept through this state and other parts of the Southeast this week, and to ensure that all the needs of the state and local governments – as well as communities and individuals – are being met. I met with Governor Phil Bredesen and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean yesterday and reiterated our commitment to bring every federal resource to bear in response to this – as Governor Bredesen described – “unprecedented” storm. FEMA was on the ground from the beginning and is leaning forward to ensure a swift federal response to this disaster.

We’ve been engaged with the affected states since last Saturday when the rain began to fall, and currently have representatives on the ground in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana to measure the damage and provide federal assistance where needed.

On Monday night I met with Governor Bredesen of Tennessee, and on Tuesday, the Governor requested, and the President signed, a federal disaster declaration for the state, standing up federal assistance by way of temporary housing and home repair grants, loans to cover losses from uninsured property, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover. The President signed a similar declaration for Alabama the day before.

To date in Tennessee:

* 27 counties have been declared as federal disaster areas;
* Approximately 12,000 individuals have registered for FEMA assistance;
* FEMA has approved over $1.5 million in federal assistance for housing and other needs.

We’re working to make sure that every request is processed rapidly, and that individuals and business owners in the affected areas have all the information and resources they need to quickly recover from these storms.

I’ll join Secretary Napolitano tomorrow in Nashville, where we’ll meet with state and local officials and receive briefings on the coordinated federal, state, and local response efforts underway.

Individuals who live in the affected area can register for federal assistance by calling the FEMA hotline at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or by visiting You can also visit the from your mobile device for more information at

Individuals should always be prepared for a disaster like this. Visit for information to prepare for the unexpected.

[edit on 5/7/2010 by Hx3_1963]

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by paxnatus

There could be major economic ramifications from the oil spill, that is why. We are talking the liviloods of hundreds if not hundreds of thousands across multiple states.

I am sorry about Tennesse, but it is not the first place to flood, it doesn't touch Hurricane Andrew.

It is not about competition. It is not who gets the victim award.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by paxnatus
So I ask all of you, what is the real reason this is being ignored by the media?

Unfortunately for you Nashville was civil in the wake of the disaster. If there had been gangs roaming around raping and pillaging then you'd be headline news. Door to door gun confiscations would have kept you on the forums for years. If it bleeds it leads in the news business.

The other problem is that it isn't an eco-disaster if "mother earth" is deciding to reclaim the land from "capitalist expansion" which is another reason the news does not care.

The last reason is that Nashville is a conservative city and the press doesn't give a flying flip about a bunch of conservative country singers especially when Obama is the president.

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