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Puppet of Society

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 05:12 PM
When you are born
You may be human
But to society
you are a puppet
puppet on strings
Controlled by your superiors
on how to be
"be polite
bite your tongue
don't say things
that will offend
political correctness
that's what I say!"

Growing up
Confused, denial
Developed fears
Your innocence gone
You start to question
what you're told to believe
"No! don't question
the things that are suppose to be"
Your head swims
with ideas, questions
I want answers!
please let me see

"You have to work
Money equals happyness
Material items buy buy buy!"
But why?
Isn't there more to happyness than greed?
Suit and tie
skirt and dress
"Be appropriate
Don't think freely
Be a lawyer!
They make money
be one of them!"
No I say
Do what I want
Question what I want

"Don't be different
be one of us
zombies of humanity"
Lost people
floating souls
darkness, lies
"Be one of us!"

Sit in school
"This is right!
You are wrong"
Why? Why am I wrong?
Tell me the reason
Why why why
"No reasons
Let it be
Everything in the textbooks
is right"
Ask questions
Get the wrong answer
Misguided children
Blinded adults

"You're not one of us
Stop thinking differently!
Stop questioning
what is meant to be
Stop resisting what we want you to do!"

I break from these chains
Prisons of this world
I'm starting to do things
That I feel is right
no guilt.
Take a deep breath
I feel new
I opened my eyes
opened my mind
I'm not caught up in the lies!
I don't need to be smart to do what I want
I don't need a family to be happy
Don't have to have money
or love
I'll spread my wings and fly free
And someday I hope the world will see
Don't have to be molded into something
That you don't want to be!

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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 08:49 PM
Be my puppet with no heart, no soul , no love
Be my puppet forever ,this is lifes price
Be my puppet within ...come to papa puppet , no strings, just sins.
And the one who is the biggest puppet wins
There is in the end no puppet master just puppet dancers.


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