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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 02:25 PM

Distant skies, they render loss
Dreams of hope, they spill with blood
Turmoiled lives surrender love
To the ancient God's above

A man of sin speaks his tongue
Charred by seething desires bent
Ignorance still racks the minds
Of all those souls with unspent lives

Upon the mountain of the damned
Swarm abound, battered spirits
Unsettled from the lies before
They reach for all those lost in lore

Yes, the outcast mold no thought
Into the fear of days yet past
For they are those, the daunting few
Who whisper to all lies, adieu

Alas, I walk among the damned
Divided from the beast's device
I claim with brothers from our land
Fear no God nor single man

A lonely trail I'm bound to trek
Through a fearless journey long
Through the scattered woods of woe
I'll purge all lies with truth bestowed

Unsheltered from the storm, I dance
Singing in the face of fear
Outcast is my hard earned title
For truth from lies is my recital

There is no man to who I bow
This is my one and only vow
For no religion will I proclaim
And heretic shall be my name


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