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Some People Just Do Not Live In Reality

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:00 PM
FOX News article

"It's pretty ugly out there," said former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, a staunch advocate of tougher immigration laws. "Half the time that's the way all of us are depicted: corrupt, no good, racist."

Tancredo, who served in the House from 1999-2009, said he received "tons of death threats" while in office and frequently wore a bulletproof vest during public speeches. Though the language of the film is nothing new to him, he said he still finds it offensive.

"The racists who made that trailer, they are as racist as anything I have ever seen" from either side of the immigration debate, Tancredo said.

But, he added, "these guys are 'politically correct' racists, so you cannot heap indignities upon them."

Okay, first of all Mr. Tancredo, this is a movie. Second, it is a movie by Robert Rodriguez. He and Quentin Tarantino make some very violent and spectacular movies. Machete was originally just a fake trailer for a fake movie that was given the greenlight by 20th Century Fox to be made.

As much as I would like to like the trailers for the movies, but the fake one and the real one, I can not due to ATS T&C (nudity, violence, etc.). However the point is that there is a huge difference between the fantasy of a movie and the reality of the immigration law in Arizona. The fact that it is specifically mentioned in the opening of the Cinco de Mayo trailer of the real film is to generate publicity for a film that fans of Rodriguez would easily dismiss as a joke. It is to let them know that the movie was actually made. Nothing more.

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