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My thoughts on Progressives...(they are backwards)

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 03:45 AM
Progressives, or the people that want to move forward or advance civilization. Seems like a great idea to me.

The tactics being used are backwards though.

Lets look at some and I will explain why they are wrong.

1. Welfare. Seems fair enough, but when you look at it closer, all it is doing is turning people into slaves. They feel bad and so to keep these welfare recipients barely breathing obedient slaves they give them money that someone else worked for. This creates a laziness in people who feel the need to stay unemployed and continually take money that isn't theirs, thus really p'ing off the people that they take it from.

2. Social Security. Well in a perfect world you would simply get what you paid in. But due to inflation and other imbalances such as age people can draw it (seen 50 year olds drawing before), you start putting them on welfare basically. There was no moral time in America but families stuck together for the most part because one day the younger generation would end up taking care of the older generation. But they feel bad for that younger generation, so these recipients get their welfare and call it a day. It splits the family apart after the kids move out because supposedly the parents are taken care of.

3. Credit. This little thing has single handedly ruined our country. We are sorry that you can't figure out a way to afford this wonderful thing, but here is a plan, you buy it and pay on it for the rest of your life. Win, Win correct? Wrong, if you want it, then buy it then. If you can't afford it then you don't need it. We have enough instability in the world, we don't need you defaulting.

4.Bankruptcy. Ties in with the credit stuff. It is even worse though. People charge and charge the bills and before you know it, they are stuck in a loop of payments. So lets rip off the companies you bought them from and give them some money at a loss on their part. They are probably the bad guys anyway, its not like you made a bad decision, right?

5. Countries coming together to work toward tolerance. This is complete BS. The UN is the thought that allies would come together for the greater good. They would prevent things such as Nazi Germany reoccuring. What it has done is completely split the population of the world. We hate each other now more than ever. All because our governments decide to do with their little progressive sheep.

6. Humane Punishments. No death penalty, no problem. Lets take care of the criminals and show them how they should be. Not true. Criminals turn into repeat offenders because that is all they know. If you start having public executions on every Saturday in your local high crime rate area, you will see crime go down.

7. Non Lethal Weapons. The progressives say that this is for the benefit of the people getting arrested so no one gets hurt. Well cops take it that way and go crazy with it. I am sure we have all noticed it. (though it doesn't help when the media only shows the bad times tasers are used.) How about instead we give cops guns, and tell them to shoot only when they are threatened with death. (it used to be like this and it worked pretty well).

8. Public School. Duh everyone needs education. In the meantime we have all gotten dumber because once again our government thinks that they know what we need to know. We have the internet. Without them, we would survive by, getting up some teachers in the community to teach the kids. They would be paid what they are worth and the education would be much better.

This is all progressives seriously thinking that they are working toward a better world. The human race isn't that simple. We will always have haters because we aren't far removed from living like nomads in an anarchist society. The best way to achieve humans being on the same page as one another is to completely become dependent on each other. You cannot depend on a government to do what is right for you. The only way we will ever change is to become closer again is to become isolationists. This means state sovereignty followed with a dose of families looking out for each other. We are being told to be humane and daily we see the worst in the human race thanks to satellite data compression.

America once had something really close to true progression. It was called the Constitution. We depended on the community and family to come together for the greater good, not government. As a matter of fact, it was dang close to communism (before the progressives hijacked that word).

The goal of the human race should be coexistence with one another and eventually live life without any form of government. We are at the perfect point to becoming closer to a single human race that wants to go farther for the good of ALL MANKIND. We now have the online world to keep tabs on each others cultures, while not being intrusive. The problem is the plan. We have those in power that have hijacked progressive to mean an imperfect world with a single government. They have also turned our good men into sissy boys that think they need the government in all parts of their lives. They did this with the above programs. We will always have imbalances but these imbalances were met with strong human contact, and everyone leaving everyone else alone. In closing, I want to reiterate that the Progressives are completely backwards. They believe that to come together as a world we must be forced together through a single government or governments working together. We have all talked to one another enough on this one site to know exactly how we all feel. We don't mind each other, just leave us the hell alone.

I have not mentioned every progressive program, but I did want to let you guys think outside the box. These programs are unneeded. If you have a community then you are set. If you are a loner then find a community or become a tough SOB like our ancestors were. You don't need all this government, it just gets in the way. Whether you like it or not, you should be thinking of life without these programs because they are unsustainable and best case scenario is that they fall and push communities together. Worst case scenario is that these programs keep going. With that you will end up in a one world government, wishing that you could be left alone, but left with a debt that you owe to the government. That debt is your life and it will be paid in full. Thanks for reading and sorry I am not Stephen King so I can't write worth a sh**. I hope I got my point through though.

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