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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:50 AM
Watched the Man C v Spurs game today , wow two sides who play on the offense more often than not.
It was great for the game to see a different side reach the top four, like many I feel sad that liverpool of all teams FAILED to qualify for the real european competition

Seriously though, Spurs, Man C,Man United,Arsenal under Arsene the fine french manager plus even A.villa have entertained many around this planet all season?
The likes of Lennon,Modric,dDEfoe,Crouch,Bale, give Spurs Energy and contrast.
Man City have Bellamy,SW Phillips,TEVEZ,Barry,Ireland,Johnson,Man United have well name eleven or twelve entertainers at your own leisure.
Arsenal have Van Persie,Fabergras,Walcott ect.
In sharp contrast temas such as Stoke,Hull, Bolton,Liverpool have been dullards in comparison perhaps.
Anyways these choices are just my opinion,based on entertaining quality attacking flair.
Man United is my team but I still look forward as a neutral games like todays where skill is combined with endeavour, heart with flair, if we compared this with the Chelsea v Liverpool FIXture , surely Gerrard and his ilk could not be accussed of having displayed neither heart or integrity, but I guess they both got what they wanted, at the expense of fairness and the good of the English game.

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