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SWAT kills two dogs in front of children during a house raid over a marijuana posession.

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 11:59 AM
This is outrageous, if it were my dogs the cops would have had to kill me on the spot, because I would have snapped and went ballistic. Even if they managed to not kill me it would have then been my life long mission to make these idiots pay. I cant believe how bad crap like this pisses me off. Your busting into someones elses home, with their children in the home after knocking for 3 seconds then proceed to go in their house and kill their family pets? are you joking me? I dont have any tolerance for this crap, here you have someone who is using a very very very non harmful drug in their own home, not harming a soul and here comes the peace tards who just want to shoot stuff and arrest people for fun. These laws are a joke our supposed "police" are a joke and the whole damn system is a joke. I hope all the police in that video get testicular cancer and have their family pets shot and strung up from their porches.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:03 PM

Serves them right for having marijuana in the same house with a child. The officers did order them to call off the dogs. If you don't comply then bad things happen. Waiting on the suspects to comply puts the officers' lives in danger. Where can we see that the dog was caged? [edit on 6/5/2010 by DGFenrir]

Have you ever even owned a dog? Clearly not.
#1 Problem I have with you is. 90% of the stuff in your house is more dangerous than marijuana, its very soft and delicate, clearly you wouldnt know that though, cause you are ignorant. If you think marijuana is a danger to kids, throw out everything underneath your sink and put a child safe lock to your garage.
See now these kids will be scarred and eventually hate the govt', because before they even could develop their own political opinions on stuff, they now have this horrifying experience that they will relive every time they see a dog. Let me ask you this question, What do you think was worse for those kids?
a) Seeing dad in the garage or shed taking a hoot from time to time. ( like many dads do )
b) watching their two family dogs brutally shot to death by the people they are taught to believe protects them.

I have to small dogs.
A chiauaua and a shih tzu
Both of which would have done the same thing, as I would do for my dog.
Put your self in the dogs shoes, its watching its pack leader being taken away by another group of big bodies. The dog will see this instinctively as an attack, As would I. If someone came into my house and tried to take my dog, I would fight till the death for my dog. And yes dogs are used as protection, and they KNOW THIS.


[edit on 6-5-2010 by tribaltrip]

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:19 PM
What scares me most about stories like this is that now a days, just about anyone can buy a bunch of black tactical gear and start raiding houses, claiming to be the police.

Its happening here in L.A. to medical pot dispensaries, and homes. In the instance that some guys wearing masks, claiming to be LEO's, kick your door in and run in pointing guns at you or family, is your first instinct going to be to make the dog calm down?!? How can you calm your dog down if you yourself cant calm down?

Animals feed off emotions, they can feel them, sense them. They can smell fear and changes in hormones.

So, in the OP's video, dont you think its a little redundant for them to be telling them to put the dog in check?

And whats up with this whole "bad intel" BS excuse?!

So, let me get this straight....cops can now raid anyones house they wish, with no evidence of wrong doing, and when they come up with nothing, or a small amount of recreational drugs (which you'd probably find in 7 out of 10 homes in my area) they can just brush it off with the excuse of "whoops. guess our intel was off"

Sorry, F# That

If you come trying to kick in my door or point guns at me or my family, I will gladly point them right back at you, while I call 911 and tell them to send more police, so "accidents" dont happen.

[edit on 6-5-2010 by WhiteDevil013]

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by WhiteDevil013

If you come trying to kick in my door or point guns at me or my family, I will gladly point them right back at you, while I call 911 and tell them to send more police, so "accidents" dont happen.

A whole lot of accidents! Bad Karma and such. Those responsible parties would be in for a run of bad luck that would likely follow them shortly to their grave.

Getting a warrant to bust into a home in the middle of the night "should" take more than the word of some crack-head C.I. The "bad intel" justifying such a raid better be for some plan of violence, and not just possession or distribution.

The Judge is to blame. The Police Chief is to blame. The commanding officer of the raid is to blame. The guys that pulled the trigger are to blame.

The deed is done. It was illegal search and seizure, it was violation of the castle doctrine, it was unconstitutional, it was overtly violent and subversive to the spirit of our laws, and there is no excuse for a dead dog, and psychotic damage of that family. "Bad Intel" is not enough. Money is not enough.

Maybe, just maybe, if this police force had someone along the lines of our Afghan commander, that was willing to come to the house, in uniform, alone, carrying a puppy and a legitimate apology, and taking personal responsibility, and an invitation for my kids to play at his house, maybe he would be forgiven and spared. Any other amount of cash or excuses would only exascberate the situation and make their penalty more severe!

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:30 PM
That kid is probably traumatized for life and will now have a deep and seering hate for police. All over a tip that this guy sold a little weed?

He obviously had a nice house and family, do they really need to approach it like they are kicking in the door of a heroin factory in Afghanistan full of armed soldiers?

All that body armor on and these "men" have to shoot a dog for barking at them? I could understand killing the dog if it was latched onto you or trying to bite you... all I heard was barking. Whoever shot that dog must have scared REAL easy.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by Bugman82

LOL a corgi? Get real these cops are becoming fat softies who need to take some MMA classes and get in top shape and stop tazering and shooting non threatening targets. If you are wearing body armor and have to shoot a damn ankle biting corgi you are a p#### .

[edit on 6-5-2010 by ker2010]

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by boondock-saint

Originally posted by EyesWideShut
It's obvious they got bad intel from a CI. You don't know what sort of intel was passed ,

bad intel or not
they had no right
to shoot a caged animal

I would sue the sh!+
out of them

these are not policemen
they are mercenaries.

I'm curious, I've seen a lot of your posts, I was wondering why you type the way you do? Interesting the way it makes me read it.

The first thing they did was attack the dog. There was in no way enough time for the dog to have moved and attacked the operator before he got trigger happy. It's one thing if the dog is prohibiting the operator from completing his mission, but to be that trigger happy and immediately shoot the dog, I'm not to sure if he is the right person for SWAT, what if a child came busting out of his/her room startled by the loud entry noise? Would the officer shoot the child because he himself was just as startled? Fear is definitely present in that situation, but that is where training should take effect. Seems to me it could possibly be poor training, shoot first ask questions later. That isn't the SEALs or Delta.

What I don't get, is why bang on the door to allow any occupants to ready and arm themselves? Element of surprise is a lot better tool than letting your enemy know your coming and contact is inevitable.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:34 PM
The sad thing here folks is that these kind of house blitz tactics are totally unnecessary.

It has been found and proven that if a warrant does indeed need to be served to a citizen that better methods can be employed such as:

-Waiting until the suspect leaves the house and then arresting him/her. When this is done the keys are taken and the police can enter nonviolently.-

A sheriff in Texas adopted this policy and it worked all the time without the terrorizing of the residents or family living within.

These Gorillas get off on domestic terrorism which is all they are truly practicing in these revolting acts. They love the adrenaline rush and it caters to their machismo self images. They are a sad, sick lot in the end and should be despised even more than the lowest thug these days.

To all of you Gorillas who participate in these type of actions this is directed at you too.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:39 PM
I'm on the fence on this one... cant really blame the cops. I could easily blamed those marines who played "shoot the dog" in iraq or Afghanistan or whatever it was cause it was clear they were bastards having fun making an animal suffer for no reason

Now in here we have a special ops team, entering a suspect's house - you know they have to get in quick and have the "shock and awe" effect, get in quick, give no time for the targets to react and secure the place with the objective of 0 casualties always in mind. They have to be very fast at what they're doing and they have orders - they are not acting on their behalf but because they were told to go there because of this or that particular reason and get the job done. No questions asked.

Then the guy had 2 dogs... in that extremely tense situation, and btw I didnt see any "caged" dog... I have to say that unfortunately, to ensure the safety of myself and my team, blood is pumping, the stress the quickness, damn if I'm in their shoes and see a pitbull barking at me you bet I'm going to put it down - its a menace, and a damn good one.

Now if they were chihuahuas or #zus or any kind of "toy-dog" like our friend here has, ok... but we're talking about a real dog here with 1) a bad reputation, 2) a force to be reckon and 3) going insane. As for the Corgi... ok, corgis are small, but their silhouette, if you know a corgi, its of a "bigger dog". So in the heat of the moment that thing barking can be easily confused with something larger and more dangerous, like a german Sheppard for instance.

I dont know... its seems like we cant really blame the cops, it was not cold blooded shooting of animals, the situation is a stressful one... so I cant blame them.

As for being in front of children or not... well that was circumstantial. The fact that kids were there even got the situation more stressful... I cant say I agree with ppl shooting animals but in this case I'm not against the cops either.

oh and btw I dont care how much weed the guy had on him. Sure he could have 1 gram I couldnt care less, if they sent the swat there the guy's not an innocent. I would never have the freakin swat bursting into my house looking for any kind of drug cause I simply dont have a "drug record". They dont go "ini mini mini mo" on a house and send the swat there. So the guy has being on surveillance for quite some time, hes a suspect and he prolly "usually" has a lot more with him, too bad they only caught him with a few grams this time, the cops must be pissed cause the guy was prolly very freakin lucky this time.

Edit: Some spelling

[edit on 6-5-2010 by FraternitasSaturni]

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by EyesWideShut
reply to post by boaby_phet

How about don't break the law and the cops won't come to your house?.... How about that?!?... Oh yeah , that would require people to take responsibility for their actions.

You sound like you justify any wrong doing that may happen during a search warrant. But it seems like you have forgotten something:

Until proven guilty in a court of law a person cannot be said to be breaking the law.

At the time of the search warrant that certainly hasn't happened. People don't get searched because they broke the law, they get searched because they are suspected of breaking the law. Whether a law has been broken is to be determined, and until determined, it is nobody's business to pass judgement.

If a cop feels they want to judge at this time, they obviously picked the wrong profession.


posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:47 PM

Originally posted by DeltaBravoSierra
reply to post by curious_soul

So you think that SWAT just shows up at someones house for simple possession? Do you even know how SWAT operates or even WHY they get called out?

Granted I was reaching when I said he was dealing in front of his kids, but knowing how and why SWAT operates the way they do, it is incredibly safe to assume that they were told there was more weed in the house than just a few grams. Either way, the guy had an ILLEGAL substance in the same household as his kids and im sure that's just a fine example of parenting right? Whether it be a few grams or a few pounds, weed is still ILLEGAL and every time I toke I know the risk I am taking and so did this man.

Just because they got suspecion that doesn't make it legally binding evidence. The ONLY rights a police officer or SWAT team has is to charge you and let you go or detain you depending on the charge or charges assuming the defendant doesn't do anything else while be charged or detained.

In this case they didn't even have enough suspecion to walk in and arrest the guy. They were there to serve a search warrant and then determine if they needed to detain and charge the person.

You're creating a double standard with you attitude wether you see it or not. On one hand, you're saying it's ok for the police or SWAT team to act illegally based on information that may be valid or not, while it's not okay for a civilian to even commit a misdemeanor because it's against the law and illegal. You can't have it both ways. We have checks and balances in this country for this exact reason.

I can't believe these idiots had the nerve to charge this guy with a misdemeanor after braking his door down and shooting his dogs. The SWAT team ended up committing a felony or felonies while only charging this guy with one misdemeanor. Please explain to me how this makes sense or is even remotely legal?

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by CanadianDream420

Doesn't the article say that the corgi was not killed?

"A second dog, which Whitworth’s attorney Jeff Hilbrenner described as a corgi, also was shot but was not killed."

Still, no excuse for shooting them...especially the caged one!

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by curious_soul

I'm sorry curious_soul, you dont send the Swat in with a search warrant, you send regular officers knocking on people's door. This was a planned operation destined to catch someone red handed (the warrant is merely burocracy, its a paper they have to carry with them, thats all, even the swat. That "someone" is not an innocent, its someone they WANT to catch, they KNOW his guilty, and because other means have failed they had the need of a strong approach. If you think you mobilize a swat team over night to "kick people's doors and shoot their dogs" for no reason, you are sadly mistaken.

This took some homework... the guy just got lucky and the cops got very very bad luck. Maybe that was the one single freakin day he was clean yet he was that lucky.

But hell... he should expect more visits in some time anyway cause they wont be happy with that "misdemeanor".. so eventually he'll get caught.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:06 PM
Unreal that people blame the SWAT Team instead of the alleged dope dealer. They enter the house and the pit bull was running loose and barking and growling. Safety of the officer then of the perp are the priorities. So he shot the pit, good job. The corgie was barking and they put him down. Screw the dogs,human life takes presidence.

Just for reference I think every pit bull in the country should be put down or at the very least registered as a deadly wweapon. And if they are allowed to live then they should certainly have different containment restrictions than other animals.

I hope someone sends the cop who shot the pit a fruit basket.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:10 PM

Originally posted by SpectreDC
reply to post by CaptChaos

The corgi could probably take the pitbull.

You say people are "indoctrinated" because they find it a little ridiculous that they raid a house and shoot family pets in front of kids over a few grams of pot.....yet claim a corgi could take on a pitbull?

OMG learn your history people . Man some people are so clueless. Pits, Pure gamebred ones where bred to be dog aggressive not human aggressive. They were bred for one thing and one thing only to kill other dogs in a pit fight!! There are even accounts of them beating wild wolfs one on one.
Corgi beat a pit? LMAO!

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:17 PM

Originally posted by FraternitasSaturni
I'm on the fence on this one... cant really blame the cops.

get in quick, give no time for the targets to react and secure the place with the objective of 0 casualties always in mind.

Then the guy had 2 dogs... in that extremely tense situation, and btw I didnt see any "caged" dog...

As for the Corgi... ok, corgis are small, but their silhouette, if you know a corgi, its of a "bigger dog".

I dont know... its seems like we cant really blame the cops, it was not cold blooded shooting of animals, the situation is a stressful one... so I cant blame them.

I would never have the freakin swat bursting into my house looking for any kind of drug cause I simply dont have a "drug record".

[edit on 6-5-2010 by FraternitasSaturni]

Sorry, no. They truly are to blame. Sometimes I think some people defending the police have other agendas because it almost seems preposterous. Correct me if I am wrong but I see 7 guys in full body armor? Semi-assault guns...what kind of a threat exactly is going on here meth production lab?

The first dog was in a cage, I will trust the charges brought about in the news story about that one. You said "corgis are small, but their silhouette...". You are joking right? If I was one of those "OFFICERS" and a corgi jumped me it's pretty simple what to do. Let it attack your left ARMORED hand and with your right put one hammer blow with your SAP glove over it's head. 3 seconds, situation neutralized. Trust me, that dog will shut up for a couple hours.

All this is overkill. It really seems to me like a drunken frat party of idiots than people I trust to protect and serve. When I hear the word thug I will probably have the images from this video in my head for awhile.

What fantasy world do you live in where a swat team "would never burst into my house looking for any kind of drug cause I simply dont have a drug record". Oh, really? Any idiot with any kind of agenda can make an anonymous tip, whether you have a record or not, and these APES DRUNK ON ADRENALIN then will come a knockin'. Doubt me? Simple experiment to perform.

So I am assuming when you are on the SWAT team you are used to dealing with stressful situations correct? I would think they have to go through some kind of training? Weekly training too? I don't know about you but if I storm a house with a sweet H&K semi-assault rifle in full body armor with 6 other of my friends and we train for this weekly...well this situation wouldn't ring too high on my alert schedule now would it?

I love how everyone has the mindset of "0" casualties in the physical sense but have no sense of the emotional casualty it will bring. Can you possibly even comprehend the YEARS of therapy and deep trauma now that this man's poor kids and wife will have to go through? That isn't a "CASUALTY"? Sickens me.

It is a simple observation, and I mentioned it in another thread about this.

THESE APES GET DRUNK OFF OF THEIR ADRENALIN HIGH. I am sure if any of them even read these posts all I can see their reaction being is slamming their fist on their computer desk, saying a bunch of expletives, and then getting themselves even more amped and riled again to do it all over again. See? Apes....baboons even.

That is all.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by ker2010

Not wanting to take the discussion into other subjects, but... the odds of the corgi killing a pitbull are about the same of a pitbull killing a wolf, one on one, specially ONE wolf which is prolly a lone wolf and the most dangerous wolf you can encounter. The pitbull has no wild or survival instincts to face a lone wolf.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:18 PM

Originally posted by milkmustache

What I don't get, is why bang on the door to allow any occupants to ready and arm themselves? Element of surprise is a lot better tool than letting your enemy know your coming and contact is inevitable.

Enemy?!? Have you lost all sense of what it means to be an American citizen. These homeowners were nobody's enemy. There were having a peaceful evening in their own home when a group of armed heavily armored thugs broke in brandishing firearms. Don't like the word "thugs". When cops behave like thugs, then they are nothing more than common thugs.

The parents possessed a small quantity of a recreational drug. The thugs incorrectly believed they possessed a larger quanity. So what. It doesn't justify the swat thugs breaking into the home in that manner. If you think it does, then you're as much a part of the problem as the swat thugs are.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees us that our homes are sacred and not to be invaded by the government except under strictly limited circumstances. Those circumstances did not exist in that scenario.

This is just part of the agenda to terrorize the ordinary citizen and make them fear the government by instilling the belief that "if you don't behave, or if we even think you're not behaving, this is what you will get."

[edit on 5/6/2010 by dubiousone]

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:18 PM
Damn this thread is filling fast! I believe a nerve has been struck.
This story/video breaks my heart! I keep hearing RAM's Bulls On Parade song!
I support law enforcement officers but their is a percentage of them that are egomaniac bullies, letting their power take over their reasoning sometimes. There are countless examples of police brutality, so don't come on here defending them ALL as fair, honest followers of the law.
RCWJ197 - thanks for your honest, experienced and accurate input!

Skunknuts - that video says it ALL about the drug war

I had a friend that got arrested and when they invaded his house, he woke up screaming"Don't shoot my dog!' He jumped up immediately and locked his dog in the bathroom. The cops allowed him to do this. Later he found out that the cops, through their investigation knew he had a dog and were prepared to deal with it in a non-lethal fashion. My friends dogs were registered with the state, A GOOD IDEA!
Also have some Beware Of Dog signs posted just so everyone knows what is up.
I believe these cops acted unprofessional and are part of the problem with law enforcement procedures.
So if for whatever reason you may think you could get a visit from the po po, if you have a dog, register them and have a plan for if you ever do get a visit, as in shout first thing, "Don't kill my dogs," then tackle your dog and hold them or put them away. Let's just hope no one gets shot trying to do this!

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by curious_soul

Again I state that SWAT is NOT called out for simple possession. It is clear that the police did have suspicion and in fact more than likely had the individual under some form of surveillence. The SWAT team is not going to come knock on your door because you have a gram. He was obviously suspected of having much more than a few grams and seeing as how neither your nor I were there at any point theres nothing to say that at some point this individual wasn't posessing pounds of pot. The SWAT team acted on the intelligence they had and were given, whether it was wrong or right.

True story, I once worked for a door-to-door meat company. I had a delivery to make in one of the rougher neighborhoods in Nashville, so I loaded my truck and headed out. Once I got to the place, I knocked the door to make sure my customer was home, confirmed his order and went to get his food from my truck. Once I compiled his order, we both went back into the house so I could complete my delivery and accept payment. Not even 5 minutes later, Nashville SWAT was busting down the door telling us all to hit the floor. I did as I was told and watched in shocked facination as we were both handcuffed and led outside. As it turns out, SWAT received a tip that the house was in fact a drug house and the owner a dealer. I was questioned as to why I was there but I had paperwork and everything to prove I was who I said I was, as SWAT searched the house they found exstacy, a few rocks of coc aine and 25lbs of weed. All of this operating off of a tip.

Sure I could have fussed and made a huge remark about my wellbeing and having the SWAT team bust down the door and nearly give me a heart attack, but they were doing their jobs, I was in the proverbialy "wrong place at the wrong time" but I had nothing to hide and just because it scared the sht out of me to see them suddenly bust through this dudes door, I wasn't affected at all, and I am never a person to try a get something out of someone for no reason.

The moral of the story? SWAT got a hot tip on this guy and acted on it...luckily they caught him with the drugs. Unlawfull or's their job and I for one can attest that Nashville does their job well.

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