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Times Square Eyewitness:Bomb Scare Looked Like Drill

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 06:17 PM
Chime in people, I noticed this oddity and I'm glad eyewitness are coming forward and noting the same peculiarity surrounding this NY Square incident.

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TextA You Tube clip shot by an eyewitness near the Times Square car bomb incident on Saturday night highlights why many people who were caught up in the bomb scare thought that the police were running a drill at the time of the botched attack.

Eyewitnesses, including those who comment on the video on the You Tube page, are baffled as to why police chose to evacuate some locations and not others, as if certain buildings had been chosen to be evacuated beforehand while others were left alone.

Despite the fact that people were being told to leave McDonalds, police did not stop anyone from entering the theatre next door. In addition, the staff at McDonalds were not told to leave and remained in the restaurant.

“None of this made sense when the audience was let in to see West Side Story,” states the text in the video.

“I was actually at a concert in nokia theatre while this was happening. I’m surprised the place didn’t get evacuated too,” writes a respondent to the clip.

“The employees looking out at us all looked confused,” states the eyewitness, suggesting they were not informed about what was going on by police nor were they told to leave.
“Either the terrorists were running a drill, or the cops were…it sure seemed like it could have been a drill,” states the description to the eyewitness video.

An additional detail that suggests police bomb drills may have been taking place in and around the incident is the fact that Lee County Sheriff Michael Scott told WINK News that he was in New York during the weekend training with the New York bomb squad. While it’s unclear whether or not the drills were related to the bomb scare, Scott said that he was at the scene of the incident working with New York police.

“Somebody asked me why I didn’t start taking pictures of the car, I was not in tourist mode at that time I was in cop mode, and you just sort of sense the danger,” said Scott.

According to the news anchor, Scott had been training with the bomb squad before he was called to work the car bomb case just hours later.

Why are drills and exercises surrounding real attacks important? While it remains to be seen whether potential drills surrounding the Times Square incident were of any significance, false flag terror attacks are habitually accompanied by almost identical exercises which provide plausible deniability if any evidence comes to light of inside involvement.

Both 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings were accompanied by drills, which in the case of 7/7 were virtually identical to the times and locations at which the real bombings took place, a statistically impossible coincidence.

The Joe Stack kamikaze attack also took place at the precise moment a Hazmat team was stationed next to the IRS building in Austin Texas conducting an exercise.

The fact that authorities in New York have almost instantly exploited the incident to push for an expansion of invasive surveillance cameras across the city provokes questions as to how much police knew about the vehicle before they commenced with a baffling evacuation process which seemed to focus around certain buildings and not the area as a whole, as would be expected if authorities really feared that a car bomb was about to go off.

Watch the You Tube clip shot by the Times Square eyewitness below.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 06:39 PM
One could maybe postulate that maybe having learnd of a potential attack[we do employ vast intelligence services] agencys use training excercises as a cover to co ordinate an effective responce in and around a suspected area of attack. Perhaps as a form of subterfuge to mask anything from the potential bombers monitoring responces. It also sort of makes sense for not causing general panic amongst the public and cutting down on confusion amongst inter agency communications, different departments handling various aspects of the investigation etc.

But you never know, could have been the government up to its old tricks.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 08:48 PM
I haven't read too much into this thing yet, but it looks/sounds like a whole lot of bs, and I don't believe the official story one bit. However, isn't the point of these people doing drills over and over again so that when something does happen, they do it just like a drill? Schools don't have fire drills, then in a real fire, let everyone run around screaming right? Just playing devil's advocate here. It really does look shady to me though.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:03 PM
Not too sure what the big deal is here.

McDonald's was inside the police perimeter, the theatre wasn't.

It's also a good thing if it appears to be like a drill, this means there is no panic and no lives are endangered due to the chaos.

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