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North Korea masses 50,000 troops on border

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 06:17 AM
You know, its really disturbing watching some of the documentaries on N Korea. I am one who criticize and ridicule my government but after watching those videos, I have a better understanding and appreciation for America. N Korea is truly a police/Orwellian state.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 06:28 AM
most if not all of the documentaries on the DPRK are political propaganda!

the only news coming out about the DPRK comes from japan , south korea, china , the US and UK , so they all arent friends with the DPRK so its going to be one sided !

you really need to speak to the people of the DPRK not what the journalists tell you

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 06:38 AM
reply to post by sapien82

Did you even watch any of them. Just listen to the people they talk to from N Korea,They WORESHIP Kim Thong. Pictures,statues and books of him everywhere and the people LOVE IT because from birth they are taught to love it. Its really sad if you ask me.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 06:44 AM
Of course China would give the big "no no" they are too caught up in economic dominance taking over the world rather than by force, How much does China own America ?
With a war on next door, most of the factories there would have to shut shop.

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 06:48 AM

Originally posted by belial259
Doesn't need to be troop numbers. Our strength is not in the number of troops we have but our technological supremacy. Just parking a carrier in the general area and firing off a few missiles for the media is enough to make most countries take pause.

We in the west don't have the industrial capacity and manpower we once used to military or economically. If it comes to a total war I think we're going to be fond wanting. Especially with the state of the economy.

Most countries would, yes. Kim Jong Il, I'm not so sure about anymore. He's either the boy who cried wolf and this is just another of his many false alarms, or he's working up the nerve to actually do something and is trying to gauge our response. Which is why I said he would either ignore an increase in presence of our troops or it would push him over the edge.

Unfortunately I have to agree with you if it comes to another war. The economy plays a major factor in that, doesn't matter how many soldiers you have if you can't afford to equip them or get them to the battle. Even if money wasn't an issue, I honestly believe that a lot of them are getting burnt out after multiple deployments.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 06:48 AM

Originally posted by tauempire
and furthermore...there was no 'convincing'.im sure you wont believe it but...there are gender roles in the chimpanzee and gorilla species...why do you women fight it so hard? im not saying we should return to the victorian era im just saying the maybe certain things should be off limmits for one gnder(men AND women).

Well, if we're going down that road men used to have long hair and wear nightgowns not to mention the heels and dresses, sorry robes, that some wore. (Still do if you count priests and the Pope.) In fact, males of many species are in charge of staying at home and tending to their young while the females go out hunting for the food. Maybe we should go back to that. Why fight it?

Originally posted by vaevictis
Good to know not everyone's been sucked into the vortex of feminist insanity and regarding why they fight it so hard it's simple to them everything is a conspiracy: [...] besides,look at their responses,sums their psyche better than any study. let's end this discussion here,it went off-topic.

Ahh yes, the inevitable reference to our mythical envy of the male organ. No conversation is complete without one. This discussion does indeed need it's own thread.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 07:02 AM
north korea is not a country,

how does he get away with this?

china, duh!

hard and fast and they fold. get this bs out of the way.

let your people go, kim.

now you want ideas on economic development?

u suck worse than castro.

moron moron, kji is a moron. hows that stroke workin out for ya

die soon aswhole. lol.

sorry mods but this guy has to go.

we can starve them out in 3 weeks, hammer them, great loss of life,

china would do what? take on the world?

ever see what north korea looks like from a sat at nite?

pull a noriegia on his ase, china would not say a thing.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Personally i don't think it's a good idea either as this would cause mass unrest not only in Korea as a whole but China, ME and USA... could be the start of something which could go very bad!!

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by belial259
The reason the U.S doesn't attack North Korea is there's no profit in it Iran is a different story , they have plenty of oil , the U.S would definitely profit from it.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:20 AM
if you look into the treaty signed by north korea and south korea and america after the korean war came to stand still / ceasfire , then america are illegal occupants in a country that doesnt belong to them , just like the british were in most countries they kept after world war 2 along with russia and the countries they kept after the war !

Only difference being is america hasnt left , because they are the empire trying to take over everywhere!

look how the japanese bottled it an told okinawa that they had to keep the base !

they dont belong there !

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

The US will certainly get involved, if you think otherwise because our president likes to pretend he's all about peace, you're sadly mistaken.

I don't think that, BUT THE CHINESE MIGHT.

That's my point. Miscalculations happen.

Not to mention the american people are sick and tired of war.

And the US just doesn't have anymore soldiers available. Most in Iraq and Afghanistan have done 3-4 tours each, which is WAY TOO MUCH.

No matter how much it disgusts me(it really does not disgust me...i just figured saying that would soften the disgust for what im about to suggest)and how bad it would be for many humans...war might be the only thing that could pull us out of the abyss of financial and civilization collapse along with the fall of the west.

Yeah EXCEPT... that have you ever thought THAT THE US COULD LOSE THIS WAR?

I mean, the last time CHINA FOUGHT THE US, in Korea, THE US GOT HIS ASS KICKED.

Now if China learned from their mistakes :
- Extended Supply routes
- Too rigid command structure
- No air support

Then they really can kick the US ass in a land war.

I mean let's be real here. We are soft. They are not. We are mostly against war... they are brainwashed. I mean american troops were courageous in the Korean war, but so were the chinese troops.

Not to mention back in that day, the US had great generals... now? Is really Petreaus or Joseph Fil (the one in command right now of US forces in SK) of the level of MacArthur, Ridgway or Eisenhower? I mean come on...

EDIT : More news...

Kim Jong Il is returning home... if something is about to happen, it will happen in the next week

Kim's trip to China not only reaffirmed the strong alliance between his country and its communist neighbor, but also helped divert international attention away from the March 26 sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan.

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by belial259

North Korea doesn't have oil. They don't threat Israel. Why don't they leave NK alone. No one knows 100% sure who sunk South Korean navy ship. They say the topedo was made in China, so what ? That doesn't mean anything. It could be Japanese also. I don't think war is likely to happen. Too much to lose for both sides of the penninsula and too much to gain for Japs and others.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:44 AM
In my opinion North Korea is showing their hand because that is the only card they have. Everyone knows that North Korea would be defeated in a war against South Korea/United States. The primary reason no serious military action is ever taken against North Korea is due to the causalities they could inflict before they're defeated.

Lining up their troops on the boarder makes this situation more real and sends a message to the South Korean government. It lets the South Korean government know that if something goes down then they had better be prepared to go all the way. That means that they had better be ready to accept the causalities that come along with any sort of military action.

I am disappointed with all this talk about weak leaders. I call them smart leaders. I am not going to buy into some "hardcore" mentality where everything must be responded to with military action. Do you guys realize how many lives are at stake? Seoul has around 10 million people and the city is very compact. I have been there, an artillery strike on Seoul would be devastating.

In my opinion, if your not within range of the artillery, don't start saying that we need to attack.

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posted on May, 6 2010 @ 08:50 AM

Do you guys realize how many lives are at stake? Seoul has around 10 million people and the city is very compact. I have been there, an artillery strike on Seoul would be devastating.

In my opinion, if your not within range of the artillery, don't start saying that we need to attack.

Yep. That's why no war was brought on NK since the end of the war. Because of Seoul.

And anyone saying we should just attack NK out of the blue NEEDS TO MOVE EVERYONE HE LOVES TO SEOUL first.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 09:01 AM
Nothing about it on google news yet.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 09:07 AM
Hey if my guess is as good as any well here it goes.,.
IMHO Kim is preparing for the SK response to the sinking of the Navy ship by upping the ante. War is Not permitted but they will continue with the game. China and the US will not permit a "hot" war. The only real danger I see is that one of the players will make a mistake and the situation will escalate out of control.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 09:18 AM

Originally posted by dreamspark

Originally posted by Vitchilo will China give the go ahead to go South because they think that the US wouldn't intervene because Obama is too weak? They could think that... since a lot of americans think that of Obama...

I actually think it is the US who needs a war desperately. Wondering whether the SK warship was sunken by US

We already have more than we need.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 09:29 AM
I think that everybody needs to keep in mind that, according to the article, this troop deployment began two to three years ago and is now just complete.

Obviously, unless the North planned to down the South's ship several years ago, which is unlikely, this deployment has nothing to do with that. Perhaps it was "sped" along because of the sinking of the ship, but it's a three-year wasn't sudden or done "overnight".

The deployment took place gradually over two or three years.

Each light infantry division consists of about 7,000 troops, out of a total of 180,000. That means some 27 percent of all special forces are deployed at the frontline.
Emphasis added by me.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by notsoperfect

Yes but unlike North Korea our countries are under the control of the economic elite and they've done some terrible things. And so have many people in the West in their name. We've kept these other races and people under our heel for hundreds of years now, economically and militarily.

If they ever stand up or managed to get together, we're going to have to live through the blowback. They do outnumber us by a very large amount. If we can't maintain Full Spectrum Dominance in all areas, they will take it from us. And why shouldn't they? We did it to them.

We'll be the ones dying for the mistakes of our leaders and ancestors. If our governments lose control of their "developing nation" pets, it's not going to go well for us the people.

The life of you and your family and your livelyhood versus that of a North Korean. What price would you pay? What cost is too high to keep you and your family alive?

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 09:52 AM
If we get involved in another war, we will have to start a draft, or pull our troops out of Iraq/Afghanistan....because right now, our troops are stretched too thin.

This is why we should never, ever do "police actions" or whatever you want to call them without declaring official war. The framers of the Constitution didn't want our president to go sending troops in wherever he wanted, so they put the provision that only Congress, not the president, can declare war.

So what happens? We have all these "false wars". Then, when a real war does indeed break out, we cannot rush to our aid of our friends.

Police actions and counter-insurgencies not only weaken our country, but they also weaken our relationships. Because our friends see us going into all these other countries and think "Well, if a real war broke out, could they come to our aid?"

I hate war, and I think war should be avoided at all costs. But if a country (like ours) IS going to make the decision to go into another country, like Afghanistan or Iraq, then we better well do it with the full backing of the Congress, with a full declaration of war. Because then, if we need more troops, we can re-instate the draft, give more funding, etc..

I was thinking yesterday, with all these terrorists coming out of Pakistan...are we going to send troops in there, next? Are we going to attack them, next? Hell, there is now more reason to go into Pakistan to protect ourselves, than there was to go into Iraq.

I just think ok, either declare war, or stay out of other countries. It's that simple. The founding fathers thought that, too.

Because now what are we going to do if Kim invades SK? We are in a weak position to go defend SK. We don't have enough troops. Our guys and gals in the reserves are already on their 2nd and 3rd tour. We will have to reinstate the draft, because I don't think we're going to get people to rush in and join the army to protect SK. It's one thing when our own country is attacked, people will rush in to volunteer to protect ourselves. But if NK attacks SK, I don't see tons of new army volunteers rushing to enlist in the army.

So, if we don't reinstate the draft, what will happen? We'll pull some carriers over to the Koreas, and then that leaves us more vulnerable in our own waters.

I don't know....I've played the game "Risk" enough to know that when you start to spread yourself too thin, you're in trouble. That's why I always keep my playing pieces on one continent. If my continent is attacked, I then have enough men to defend myself. But if I try to invade another all falls to pieces.

Maybe we should make every president of the united states play a game RISK every night before he goes to bed to reinforce this simple, simple fact. You cannot invade other countries without putting yourself at risk, so if you do, you better have an endless supply of troops ready to come in to replace the old ones. And the only way to do that, is have a draft instated. And the only way to have a draft instated, is to declare official war.

That's why police actions should not be allowed, and any president who tries to send troops into another country should be impeached for overstepping his duties as president.

Declare war, or don't. But no more "false wars." This is getting ridiculous!

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