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"Sacrafice liberty for freedom"

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 01:05 PM

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

"They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.- Benjamin Franklin

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

"Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither." - Benjamin Franklin

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security." - Benjamin Franklin

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." - Benjamin Franklin

"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." - Benjamin Franklin

"If we restrict liberty to attain security we will lose them both." - Benjamin Franklin

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." - Benjamin Franklin

"He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither." - Benjamin Franklin

"Those who would trade in their freedom for their protection deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin

"Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security" - Benjamin Franklin

Im sure you have seen at least one of these quotes in just about every geo-political documentary ever made. I was always amazed at how people will say "Benjamin Franklin" quote so therefore it is correct and bother to look up (or pretend that they looked up and did not just watch some 1/2 baked "ducumentary" about the NWO or elite) the history of how the Warburgs and JP morgan rule us all but not even bother to look up what they spout off as quotes from our slave owning founding fathers about freedom. Truth is it was written by Richard Jackson the colonial agent of connecticut. He wrote it in a book called "An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania". Richard Jackson was altering slightly a previous quote of Franklin's which was

Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power

This was published in Poor Richard's Almanack in 1738 and im sure we can all agree it does not mean the same thing. So next time someone mindlessly parrots a varriant of the quote in a typical "freethinker" cookie cutter speach, first ask them where that quote came from then tell them to STFU when they say Benjamin Franklin.

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