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How The Coming Spate of Domestic Terrorism in the USA Could Look

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 05:52 AM
The following would best be described as an opinion piece by myself . While my opinion is not the same thing as concrete facts never the less the American reader should take the historical parallels as a warning while they still can .

How Domestic Terrorism Could Look In USA ?

The current political climate resembles a mixture of the lead up to the American Civil War and 1920's Germany and Rhodesia . At present the current bitter partisan divided can be compared that existed before the American Civil War because of the line in the sand drawn by people so to speak . Let me start with The Tea Party movement which is a bunch of angry people who have no coherent message , as such is vulnerable to hijacking by extremists otherwise known as terrorists . Just look at post world war one Germany how the political spectrum went crazy and people either jointed up with communists or the fascists . Remember that centre is vanishing from the American political landscape just look at how the Republican Party hates its moderate arm . The response of what passes for the left wingers in the US will be also to drift what is extremes of the left wing political spectrum .

Sarah Palin association with The Tea Party movement after it has become a full blown domestic terrorist organisation leaves her with stark choice either distance herself from the Tea Party Movement and other such groups and militias or to continue to support them rather then admit she made any mistakes . The chances of Palin backtracking and admitting that she was wrong are next to nil the same goes for Rush Limbaugh . Palin being a one dimension Christian is where the comparisons with Ian Smith end . Smith had his flaws but he wasn't a shock jock or a media whore .
In order to preserve there media crowns the likes of Rush and Palin will drift further and further to the right until they become fascists . Shock jocks and media whores have to go further and further well to outrage people which earns them there pay check . Don't worry I will deal with the prospect of Left Wing domestic terrorists shorty . One of the other such groups would be those White Supremacists in drag known as the birther movement is going to continue even after Obama is out of office in some form or another .

The response from left wing terrorists will or would be to convince illegal aliens that they are being oppressed by the sensible laws in Arizona . All the instigators of domestic terrorism have to do is use propaganda to convince illegal aliens to commit acts of terrorism as well as pay them more then they get in there current mundane jobs .
So how does all of this play out ?
Now I come to my comparison with Rhodesian Bush Fire War . Just replace the conscript Rhodesian army with private security contractors . The terrorists can be anyone from an illegal alien , working poor and the unemployed take the place of the so called black nationalists . Many of the unemployed will be veterans of recent wars . Since on the political spectrum the right energises first as they did in the Weimar Republic it will be the Tea Party movement or something akin to it that commits the first acts of domestic terrorism . If you don't believe that people would fall into bed with the instigators of such acts just look at how effectively Robert Mugabe conned a lot of people included educated liberals as well as many Black Rhodesians that he was a liberator of the people .

In this scenario the terrorists will use propaganda to try and convince Americans that they are any number of things including constitutionalists , liberators of illegal aliens and that they have anti establishment motives . A lot of postings on ATS is anti establishment drivel against the fed and so on that has no reason to it because who ever is in power is seen to be a part of the establishment . This is normally just a half baked mindset but in the terms of domestic terrorism its dam right dangerous if not fatal because it rules out any kind of political settlement .

After local law enforcement has been overwhelmed no go areas will be declared until private security contractors can “ restore security .” If the US federal government fails to get a grip on the situation soon enough then the left will rise in the manner that I have described . People will commit such acts for two reasons financial gain and for idealogical reasons . Those who do it for purely idealogical reasons are the most dangerous because really only death including possible there own and destruction can placard them . Improved social and economic conditions obliviously remove the financial incentive to commit acts of the worst kind . Access to affordable health care and education or the US federal governments failure to ensure that both are available to American citizens and permanent residents is going to come home to roost . Financial motives will be why most future domestic terrorists sign on the dotted line . If all else fails history shows that terrorists/insurgents will force people to join there cause .

It is Conceivable both the employers and those who refuse to hire illegal aliens could be the victims of domestic terrorism . Political assassinations like the ones that occurred in the 60's are another by product of extreme domestic turbulence .
As to how high up the assassination will go who knows ?
Recently the White House was gate crashed by a couple of attention and money seekers its just as well that they weren't assassins . The shoot down of commercial and private planes is not out of the question either . Now the reserve also applies with the idea of US citizens who are a national security threat being assassinated has already been mooted . I have no doubt that the CIA would not hesitate to take out the leaders of domestic terrorist organisations .

The use of private security contractors will have people wishing for a conscript army like the one existed in Rhodesia in its place . Private security contractors will be used because to my knowledge it is illegal and politically un viable for the US military to operate on home soil .

Many of the private security contractors will have served in that role in Iraq and Afghanistan or be veterans of those conflicts . Since private contractors have no accountability I expect at least one massacre of innocent civilians to be committed by them . The other danger is that someone gets to wear the badge of private security contractor , gets paid by the bucket load but more crucially they legalize there war against the side of the political spectrum they hate . At the end of the road preventive detention and possible loss of citizenship awaits both the terrorists and innocent people who get detained by private security contractors or law enforcement . It is true that the stripping of citizenship is not the act of a democratic government . Even Mugabe when he was rightfully detained in Rhodesia wasn't stripped of his citizenship .

Further more the use of private security contractors will be a major disaster in terms of the all important relations with local people . Rather then winning the hearts and minds of the majority of the population they will have the opposite effect with anything from an innocent loved one being killed to a brush with some guy on a power kick to put it politely will drive more people into the terrorists camp . Look for a private security contractor to be on every corner . The US government defaulting on its debt is the wild card event if that happens there will be no money to pay the security contractors . The US defaulting on its debts before the coming wave of domestic terrorism ends is a worse case scenario because it turns a containable situation into a second American Civil War . What happens then depends on a number of factors . A situation reminiscent of the Spanish Civil War is possible , Hillary Clinton becoming a dictator or the fascists coming up trumps are other possibility's .

Finally where will the terrorists organisation will be based ?
The right wing militias and other groups will be more geographically spread out then their left wing counter parts . California and Mexico which is outside of US jurisdiction make for logical bases for the terrorist organisation which are of left wing origin .

As a final note to the reader real change to the US political landscape from a third party can only come from representation in congress rather then any third party presidential campaign . Third party presidential campaigns sell books the legislate controls the budget enough said . By the time you get to the extremes of the political spectrum that involve terrorist organisations left and right no longer matters in the same Stalin and Hitler were one in the same . In the second half of the 20th century all the so called liberators of the people have been the agents of brutal regimes you have been warned .

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 06:19 AM
I think it very ambitious of you to post a future history scenario, I praise you for that.

But to my taste, you do think in dreadful, too-normal media clichés...I don't get the feeling that you know much about your various categories of political flavor in terms of real life...I don't want to go through line-by-line, as if attacking you...but to give one example, to non-ironically use the phrase "access to affordable health care" does make you seem like your brain is part of a botnet of dupes.

But like I say, praise for the exertion and audacity involved in this type of project, yup yup.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 06:37 AM
Mankind will only be enslaved for so long
til he turns on his master when he has
had enough. Label it however you wish.
And if I remember correctly,
the slaves WERE freed after the Civil War.
So it did serve a purpose, spite the costs.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me providing they do it in a reasonable and or a rational manner which you have done .

Hmm I have to be a bit careful when I address this topic . I will try to put myself in the shoes of Mr X . Let's just say Mr X is unemployed an in effect if not legally bankrupt due to his medical bills . Mr X medical insurance outfit dropped him from their coverage just as he needed it . Mr X is experiencing many emotions with happiness not being one of them .

When an instigator of domestic terrorism comes along and offers Mr x a fair sum of money in order to commit an act of domestic terrorism , just what does Mr X do ?

If Mr X chooses the path of terrorism rather then the sane option then the madness begins .

reply to post by boondock-saint

The only problem is that the times have very much change since the 1860's . The people of Zimbabwe , China and Vietnam e.t.c are not exactly free . I would argue that the real agents of humanity or statesmen depending on the situation get rid of the scrum bags or prevent them from taking office .

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 10:18 AM
reply to post by xpert11

The only problem with that, is I'd bet 90% of Americans who are unemployed do not have medical coverage, mainly because COBRA is a scam, and no one can afford it. And most likely Mr. X was on the verge of bankruptcy prior to losing his job.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 04:13 AM
I am going to add one or more thing before this thread disappears into the archives unless there are some more replies . I would never condone terrorism but I would be willing to support a state that chooses to succession over being caught up in some of what I described . Most of the states would be lacking in the goods in one department or another to have a chance of pulling off such move . Alaska would be a prime candidate thou because it has natural resources , access to a port and a bunch of very hardy souls .

IMO such an event because even if the US was to descend into a civil war or some scenario that is just as bad no one has the balls to pull off such a move . Its just as well I don't fancy the New Zealand police knocking on my door warning me not to do any business with what would be considered to be an illegal regime .

[edit on 9-5-2010 by xpert11]

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by xpert11

the growing incidents of domestic terrorism is just the return of an Anarchist movement

this link is not for posted for the sales pitch, only the content which shows the cyclicality of these terror/anarchist movements...the 1850, the 1920s et al

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by St Udio

Sorry about my slow response . You have made a different take and who knows if things got bad enough Anarchists could join in the fray . In a wider sense if the Federal Government collapsed and the waring party's vialing for control then you would have something close to Anarchy . The International community would never allow any country that has nukes to go the way of Somali .

Cheers xpert11.

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