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ENDGAME....The final storys.

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 01:48 AM
I call this game , ENDGAME .The final Storys
The purpose is too play out the endgame senario or ultimate fate of the planet Earth , etc in your own words ,

My story will indicate how End Game WOrks ,

Will Enjoy reading other peoples endgames , Mine is One of Hope .....

"When an Alien Alliance Force of Humans Beings from other galaxys came to earth there was War , but not the one we thought it would be ........"

They used technology which exposed the current World Shadow Government as an Evil Slave Master Race of Reptile Origin who manipulated our leaders , using the politicians as to 'debate and bargain the many fates of world human affairs , the government was to expertly lie and keep the public under control because the truth is that we all have to answer to this Slave Master Race of Aliens who have Two Political Factions of their Own,One Against Our Cause , And ONE Faction For Our CAuse ,who have been here for eons ,but because the newcomers came , the scales of power were even for all PARTYS !!! , And the people rose to restore justice ,but had mercy on the politicians and for the the situation they were in .
The Fed Bank was the SGT OF ARMS/ACCOUNTANT for the WOrld Shadow Government , ... Destroyed , ...and labelled Terrorists , BAnnished to Mars ,
There was a mass evacuation of the planet to Mars while the Reptilians politely removed the Moon from our orbit , as it was arificial and used as a MIND Matrix , which ancient sumerians had writtin and drawn in ancient text , THE FAMOUS WINGED dISK wasnt nibiru or planet x , but the arrival of the Moon , The moon was a space station ! Huge Underground Cities which controlled the Giant Space Station ,the house of reptiles and the like , But protest that not all could go to mars caused the Reptillians to abandon the moon as a gift to the Humans of Earth , A treaty was signed for Peace and the Reptillians then returned to Draconia ,along with the grays .Also all other races that were involved ,back to their home starsystems.
SOme pioneer earthfolk stay on mars determined to focus on land cultivation , Spreading forrest growth towards a better mars ,most returned to Earth , Alot of Cowboys liked Mars as to a new wild west but with protest from earth ..One quarter of Mars was given to earth to usher in a Peace Treaty .

In the end we all are set free from the chains of conscience blocking technolgy , and are truly connected to the univese , The ALien Aliance force of Humans from other galaxys are also totally free , a great love of mankind a true standout in their personalitys is the reason why they travel through Galaxys to free Human Planets from the Tyranny of Reptiles ,or the like

We are one for they are us and we are them , and the univese tells you this as your Dna changes and upgrades automaticaly , its as real as it gets , EVERYTHING IS FREE , We mourn the population of all who died under reptilian control , TRUE PEACE as EARTH BECOMES THE NEW JEWEL OF THE UNIVERSE and all Humans from all around the UNIVERSE come to greet the NEWBORN BABY ie.....The People of Earth , The Great Ones , The Survivors..

That is my ENDGAME ...the final storys ..

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 02:45 AM
geez bro
u should write a book
the storyline would be
a blockbuster

and a happy ending

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:29 AM
Nicely written!

When I seen the title of your thread I was expecting another "The end is near!" post (which I detest). As boondock-saint pointed out... with a happy ending.. something that is a rarity these days.

I personally do not have an EndGame story, but I did enjoy reading yours.


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