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Israeli settlers burn down mosque in West Bank

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 10:07 PM
Use google translate:

Chairman of the local council of the village of milk Eastern Jamal Daraghmeh The settlers set fire early on the main mosque of the village, which led to the burning of large parts of it.

وأوضح أن مستوطنين قدموا بسيارات وأشعلوا النار في المسجد ثم غادروا المنطقة، مشيرا إلى أن المستوطنين جمعوا عددا كبيرا من المصاحف والستائر في مكان واحد في المسجد وأشعلوا النار فيها. The settlers came by car and set fire to the mosque and then left the area, pointing out that the settlers gathered a large number of the Koran and curtains in one place in the mosque and set fire to them.

كما قال رئيس لجنة التوسعة في المسجد ماجد ضراغمة "قبل صلاة الفجر رأينا النار تشتعل في المسجد أمضينا قرابة نصف ساعة حتى تمكنا من إخماد النيران التي أتت على المسجد بالكامل". As the President of the Commission on enlargement in the mosque Majid Daraghma "prayers before dawn we saw the fire burning in the mosque, we spent about half an hour so we were able to extinguish the fire which has destroyed the mosque in full." وأضاف "أنا لم أر المستوطنين ولكني على يقين من أنهم يقفون وراء هذا الحادث نظرا لاعتداءاتهم السابقة والمتكررة على البلدة". "I have not seen the settlers, but I'm sure they are behind this incident because of their attacks earlier and repeated on the town."

وقد أدان المفتي العام للقدس والديار الفلسطينية الشيخ محمد حسن قيام مستوطنين يهود بإضرام النار في مسجد بقرية اللبّن الشرقية بشمال الضفة الغربية في ثاني حادث من نوعه خلال أقل من شهر. Has condemned the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Sheikh Muhammad Hassan by Jewish settlers set fire to a mosque in the village of East milk in the northern West Bank in the second such incident in less than a month.

Stay classy Israel. You expect everyone to have sympathy for you when you are attacked, but continually act like a tyrant. I know this wasn't a state sanctioned activity, but it just goes to show how the settlers feel.

They say they want to stop terrorism but so many settlers are terrorists themselves.

They intentionally set the part of the building with all the Qurans on fire first. They want everyone to respect their believes but refuse to respect others.

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 10:30 PM
While I don't condone what they did, it's interesting that the Muslims attack others religions and yet get a pass. Neither side there is innocent, and taking one side of this issue, while ignoring the other is the reason these sorts of events keep happening.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 11:10 PM
Sounds like propaganda to me.

Woopty doo, they burned down a mosque.

Well, at least they didn't run inside with a jacket of C4 strapped to their chest aye ?? They didn't set an IED, blow up a bus, .... nobdoy was killed, .... nobody was even hurt.

this is religious propaganda, true or not, and it's meant to make people angry.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 11:20 PM
If it's meant to make people angry, I predict that it's going to work. The middle east is already on edge, and incidents like this only ratchet up the tension. Didn't Gerald Celente say something about a war in the middle east this summer? That seems more and more likely recently, especially with this sort of blatant attacks happening.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 12:12 AM

Originally posted by adifferentbreed
While I don't condone what they did, it's interesting that the Muslims attack others religions and yet get a pass. Neither side there is innocent, and taking one side of this issue, while ignoring the other is the reason these sorts of events keep happening.

Interesting that you said,

Muslim Albanians burn down Christian Church in Kosovo

Note it wasnt a church but a monastery built
in the middle ages, and yet no western media has picked this up.

I wonder why no western media wants talk about this.

The Muslim Albanians act as if everything is there's , you know what happened after they destroyed it? they made a mosque, to claim that church or monastery never existed.

Sorry to say but Albanians in Kosovo are living off drugs and gangs.

Thanks to bill and NATO,NWO of course.

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 01:19 AM

Originally posted by Agent_USA_Supporter

I wonder why no western media wants talk about this.

That those attacks happened in 2004 might have something to do with the lack of current media coverage.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 02:02 AM
LIve and Let Live.
Its strange how many humans , have no concept, their God says Kill to defend my honour.
Yet God will judge every soul who kills.
Strange how the supposed righteous have such a basic lack of understanding of GOD, on all sides.
Know thyself, and know God.
So many kill in the name of themselves and compound the sin by unloading their deeds on God, but hey God cannot be mocked.
Kill as many as they do , and still they cannot escape karma.
The journey is within, forget killing, accept the hard road.
Somewhere inside....somewhere inside.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 06:28 AM

Israeli settlers burn down mosque in West Bank

Settlers blamed for West Bank mosque fire
A mosque in northern West Bank was Tuesday partially destroyed by fire which Palestinians blamed on Jewish settlers but which Israeli investigators said may have been accidental. "The settlers set fire to the mosque," said Jamal Daraghmeh, the mayor of Lubban Ash-Sharqiya, the town where the mosque is located.
But Israeli investigators at the scene said the blaze in the mosque may have been caused by a short-circuit.
Palestinian officials, according to AFP, said Israel had warned them on Monday about the possibility of an attack by local settlers. "We had an official warning yesterday that settlers may try to attack Palestinian homes because of the demolition of houses built without a permit," Nablus governor Jibril al-Bakri told AFP.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by FalselyFlagged

I wonder if the settlers who burned down that mosque
were bored, angry teenagers?

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by FalselyFlagged

Its reported in other news also from BBC = West Bank blaze damages mosque

and NYTimes = Palestinians’ Emotions Run High After a Fire Destroys a Mosque in the West Bank

The mosque fire destroyed holy books and prayer carpets. Although there were no witnesses, Jibril al-Bakri, the Palestinian governor of Nablus, said it was an act of arson.

The mosque has been undergoing renovations, but village mayor Jamal Daraghmeh said there was no fire in the area where the work was taking place. He added that settlers attacked village property in the past.

The Israeli military said it was working with Israeli police and Palestinian authorities to determine the cause of the blaze.

Israeli media reported evidence of an electrical short circuit in the mosque that might have started the fire. Israeli police said evidence was transferred to its forensics unit.

Also Tuesday, residents of the nearby village of Hawara said they saw settlers set fire to an olive grove close to the Jewish settlement of Bracha. The fire there destroyed about 50 trees before Israeli soldiers extinguished the flames.

"About 20 settlers came from the settlement and they set a fire here and then they left," Rida Mustafa, a village resident who said he witnessed the attack, told The Associated Press.

"Every couple of days, they come and cause trouble," Mustafa added.

from Google = Abbas: Mosque fire endangers renewed peace efforts

and latest update from Haaretz

The Israeli defense establishment has learned that settler extremists in the West Bank intend to vandalize mosques to protest the destruction of outposts and official measures taken against fellow right-wing activists. The plans are part of the “price tag” policy, of exacting retribution for the arrest of certain settlers and the issuing of restraining orders against others.

Settlers intend to vandalize mosques, defense officials learn

and this same thing happened last month also on April 14 2010

*A Palestinian man cleaning the wall of a mosque in a West Bank village on Wednesday.(last month)*
Vandals Attack West Bank Mosque

Bloody *snip* terrorist jewish settlers, havent learned yet from past. Seeing their acts I hope Hitler returns as he was spot on about them.

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:32 AM
Cool. Nothing like the warm glow of a burning mosque!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 09:51 AM
reply to post by mike_trivisonno

lol yea and include the scenes from lolocaust epic win.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 01:35 PM

Originally posted by mike_trivisonno
Cool. Nothing like the warm glow of a burning mosque!

Stay classy there mike.

I'm surprised that someone is this openly bigoted, and even more surprised that ATS doesn't delete this as a TOS violation...

If I said it's great that synagogues get burnt down I doubt I would be around for long.

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