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Population Reduction After The Economic Collapse

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 05:46 PM
I thought you should all watch this video, or at least read what I've transcribed.

We can't win if we let this handful of psychos keep running the world, they are totally against humanity

George Green says " Oh Yea, they think they've won, that's the reason they don't bother about me talking about it, they don't care whether you know or not, what are you gonna do about it?"


The plan is to get a war started in the Middle East and they're still planning to use a Neutron Bomb or one of the bombs they've got on Israel, and that's to begin World War 3. Which is all in the cards, and it's gonna happen, and they even put a monument up for this whole program, it's called the Georgia Guidestones, you know, outside of Atlanta, you know and they've got it all sat down there, it's all in eight languages, they want basically... it's just to get the thing going in the Middle East and it's not going fast enough.

They're making it so where gonna be set up in these Enemy Prisoner of War Camps. I published a book, it's called Chaos in America, in it, I was asked to build an Enemy Prisoner of War Camp, I put the contract in this book, so you can read it for yourself, this is in Downtown Las Vegas, right on the railroad tracks, says Enemy Prisoner of War Camp, they're all on top and they're building them all the way across the United States right now. Bush signed an executive order, taking the old forks in the Army places that we shut down, to get those organized to hold the so called Dissidents, now what's the definition of a Dissident? And the problem is that we're gonna enslave ourselves, because most people want to keep having food coming in and you're gonna follow the line- you're just walking yourself into your own prison camp, then we are gonna come down to the extermination, just like WW2.


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