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Damn the God's

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 12:54 PM
~Damn the God's~

Swallowing your wallowed strife
You're mesmerized your entire life
Trickery has found it's bonds
In eternal fear your wrists respond

Ignorance feasts on logics tomb!
Where God's of not within you bloom!
Can't you smell the bitter perfume?
Of human fear the God's consume?

Nightly drapes unveil behind
The prison of all shallow minds
Where not a soul will chart or plot
Is the land that all forgot

It's shadows harvest truth of light
Where the God's hide from our sight
Come with me, yes lets take flight
Into the silent truths of night

Forsake your fear and pain of loss
Mend your mind without the cross
Take my hand, we'll test these God's
& follow with the sinners squad

Heretic shall be our name
Yet truth of lies will feed hates flame
Yes, we'll daunt those unversed souls
On fearless shame, where power tolls

Where dark whispers hint abound
We shall hold this faulty ground
Even though the skies rend hate
No God's nor man can steer your fate

As night descends upon your fears
A influx of what comes, is tears
Weeping not for treks of sin
But sobbing for where you have been

Regret sinks into the dark
How could you have lost your spark?
Remember, oh forget no day
That you have spent before you strayed

Curse the God's and still you'll stand!
With their mighty power in your hands
Spread the words from sea to sea
The only God's are you and me!

Open up the your throat of hate!
Let justice feed your weary state!
Challenge their cloak of control!
Only then you'll reclaim your soul!



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