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Is there software or a Web site that will compare text to determine authorship?

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 01:23 AM
What I'm getting at here is that various texts, such as alleged lost works of Shakespeare or undiscovered manuscripts from other great writers or passages from the Bible or whatever have, at times, been subjected to scrutiny, and compared to text which is definitely known to have come from the author in question. Experts will point to the frequency with which words, turns of phrase, or even spelling or grammatical errors occur in one document, vs. the other, and in so-doing are able to make estimates as to the likelihood that two documents share a common author.

Now then, is there an algorithm for this? Is there an app I can download or a site I can go to where I could paste in text from two different sources and have the software tell me how likely it is that the two texts were written by the same person?

I ask this because I'm currently dealing with a troll or two in another Web community, and I'd like to figure out whether the troll accounts and posts are coming from who I think they're coming from.

Naturally, I'm sure you can imagine better uses of such technology...

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