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ex-Prime Minister John Major's failure thread

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posted on May, 3 2010 @ 08:50 PM
Elections are imminent here in the UK, on Thursday.

I am supporting the Liberal Democrats.

Why did the Conservative gov under John Major in 1991 fail to implement " stiffer penalties for knife crime offenders" in the "wake of a murder by knife of a policeman", I estimate leading to over 4,000 preventable murders.

How despicably incompetent of the Tories.

And now? You want to bring back fox-hunting, tearing apart self-aware foxes to death... You don't disgust me Mr. Cameron, but as I see it I am DISGUSTED. I hope you will implement CHANGE to some of your ideas, notwithstanding some really good ones.

And of Gordon Brown - I think he was a great chancellor, but when the Haiti disaster struck, he only initially volunteered handing over £6million on the day of the earthquake, LESS than is spent mean average on UK defence that day.

Which troubles me, in many regards, because it is suggestive that the UK Government may be short / or maybe was short of funds in it's own current accounts held with the Bank of England.

But the main thing though is this disgrace of the failure of the Conservative government in 1991. I have taped evidence, a newscast presented by Moria Stewart.

Why did John Major's government fail to do anything. The scandal is why did they simpler step over a very very important thing that should have been done.

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