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Examining the Hash House Harriers

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 07:00 AM
I observed a hash or two.

It's interesting but:

1. I don't like to run
2. I'd rather take my time with beer

My friend is big on it. He claimed that the women who participated often went topless after a few drinks.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by Sailor Sam

Just stay miserable then and wallow in your pathetic conspiracy theories.
We will just continue have fun.
No Hasher that I know (and I know a fair few) wants to rule the world, take over governments and destroy humanity, or f**k children.
Hell we don't even have nukes, just beer cans.
We just have fun, drink beer and be happy.
So I say to you - Continue to have a miserable life.
Not being happy is obviouslynot something you aspire to.

Still going with the personal attacks, I see.
Were your parents bullies? Did you not get enough love and affection at home? It honestly seems as though you're a textbook case of someone who's been damaged and doomed to continue the cycle.
Yes, I HAD a miserable life when I was friends with people like you.
I didn't accuse anyone of having sex with children.
I did point out where things are done in front of children from hashers' own accounts. I have pointed out that some truly disturbing songs are sung about having sex with children and babies. I have also pointed out that hashers have admitted on H3 websites (Flying Booger's in particular) that children have been to parties where sex acts are performed in front of them.
I won't go into what happens to dogs at these parties. Been to Camp Hedon?
Isn't Wackenhut the usual security company that's hired to watch over these parties?

Since I find many hash activities disturbing, I don't call myself a whore or trash, humiliate myself in public, don't yell out vulgar things to "civvies" to cause them to feel uncomfortable, can have a few drinks without stripping down, and don't perform sex acts with and in front of my friends, then I suppose I have a miserable life. I'll drink to that.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 04:11 PM

Originally posted by Afterthought
This is the last time I'm going to visit this thread. Go ahead and continue to slam me or whatever else you feel inclined to do as it appears to be the typcial hash trademark behavior.

I knew it was too good to be true,

But you're right, whatever we post will not convince you otherwise because it's all true. You've found us out. We are a secret organization trying to destroy the world's morals. And get drunk and have fun.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 11:59 AM
Interesting thread. Much of the guesswork is incorrect from what I have observed in well over 1/2 a decade of hashing in the eastern US. Since you haven't attended a hash, you really have only secondhand information to go off of.
*Most* hash runs are just that. People meet up, run trail, and drink, followed by a closing circle. While many kennels do utilize trail markings that encourage flashing, it is by no means required. In fact, no one is ever required to do anything at all, least of all something they aren't completely comfortable with. All of the most outlandish things mentioned in this thread (drinking milk with cum in it, etc) I have never, ever, heard of before reading it here. There is nothing secret about our society, nothing we hide from new members until they are "indoctrinated", nothing like the rumor being bandied about here. I'd be glad to answer any questions you have about it.

Oh, and I just wanted to point out from the post two previous to this post something hilarious:
"Still going with the personal attacks, I see.
Were your parents bullies? Did you not get enough love and affection at home? It honestly seems as though you're a textbook case of someone who's been damaged and doomed to continue the cycle."
I will give y'all the benefit of the doubt here first, and presume that we can drop this kind of hypocrisy (or sarcasm / irony, if I just missed that) and just be civil?

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posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 03:13 PM
To continue...
Circle, at the end of the hash, is just where we gather together and sing our rude songs at each other, along with a little more drinking. The songs are all silly, sometimes / often raunchy, and usually spoofs of other songs. But realize that this is maybe 5 to 10% of the total time of the hash... it's by far mostly running the trail and drinking / socializing.
The only questionable thing usually is possible violation of open container law. No children have been consumed to my knowledge. We will usually get together immediately after circle closes to eat food and sober up at a local restaurant before driving home.
Now, granted, there are many reasons why this isn't for everyone. Some people are uncomfortable with the occasional nudity. Some with public drinking. Some don't like beer (the usual hashing beverage). Some don't like the people there. Some people are assholes and the hashers don't like them. Some people have to work on the usual hash day.
I've never heard of a hasher being shunned by other hashers because they decided to stop hashing, as someone in this thread reported.
For the financial rumors, the only money collected at a regular hash is $5 or so to cover the costs of the run for that day (or the next one). Often, this will not even cover the cost of the beer, flour, toilet paper, chalk, etc. Some hashes also collect a little out of each run to go towards the kennels hash cash. This is used to purchase shirts, whistles, patches, etc, to either sell or give away. Some kennels try to keep several hundred in their hash cash in order to put on larger, usually weekend, events. Most kennels will do at least one charity run each year, most often a Red Dress Run, where the proceeds go toward a children charity or breast cancer research or the like.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 04:53 PM
First off, I have to admit I haven't read every post in this thread, mainly because I just don't have the time. But I did read the first two and a half pages of posts, and that prompted me to join the site just to respond.

I've been hashing for almost 4 years now, and know people that have been hashing for 40 years. I've done most of my hashing in Prague, but have also hashed in Tirana, Bratislava, Dresden, and Athens, and almost hashed in Budapest once but didn't quite make it in time. Next year I'm already booked to hash in Krakow, where there will be 700+ hashers gathering for a weekend of what many people will no doubt consider drunken debauchery, but what we just call fun.

I'm going to take a few minutes to address a few of the claims that have been posted here, and then after that I might never visit this site again. I just want to set the record straight for those that might have been put off by the rather one-sided anti-hash diatribes that have been posted on this forum, seemingly because someone is upset that he's not allowed to go and play with the big kids.

1 - HASHING IS A RELIGION - Actually, no it's not. It is true that each kennel, or chapter, has one or sometimes more than one person that is known as a Religious Advisor. The Religious Advisor has many roles, including performing various ceremonies (which I'll get back to shortly), and ensuring good weather for all trails. Obviously no mortal is actually capable of affecting the weather, and like everything else hash related this role is actually tongue in cheek, and just gives us an excuse to make the person in question drink a beer at the end of the trail if the weather is bad!

2 - HASHERS ARE LUCIFARIAN DEVIL WORSHIPPERS - This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life. Do hashers behave in slightly naughty ways sometimes? Yes, we most certainly do. In recent months I've personally been part of a naked run through a small village at midnight (when all the locals were in bed), a naked train on the way back from a brewery, a naked tram through the centre of Prague, and naked rafting, and was stood a few feet away as a bunch of friends decided to go skinny dipping in a river by a campsite with hundreds of other (non-hash) people staying there.

All of these events, (except the midnight naked run, which was actually pre-planned to a certain extent), were completely spontaneous, and I think it's safe to say that alcohol was involved each time. Equally, on each and every one of those occasions there were hashers there who chose NOT to get naked, and nobody made any effort to pressure them to change their minds, or was in any way upset with them for choosing to remain clothed.

The Hash is about personal choice in all things. If you want to get naked, there will be times when you have the opportunity to do so. If you don't, then don't. It's as simple as that.

3 - ALL HASHERS ARE DRUNKARDS - This is also not true. Yes, it is most assuredly true that the vast majority of hashers like to drink. But there are also plenty that NEVER drink. And they are just as welcome as everyone else. There are also people, like myself, that NORMALLY drink more than their fair share, but occasionally take a break from consuming alcohol for their own reasons.

On these occasions we can employ a designated liver system, where should someone who is not, for any reason whatsoever, drinking alcohol, be chosen for a 'punishment' drink, they can nominate someone else to drink it in their place. Again, nobody in the hash is ever forced to do anything they don't want to.


That very concept is so funny if you actually know any hashers! The way it works is simple. Each hash chapter or kennel has a designated Hash Cash person. This person collects a fee from each person that attends the hash each week. The fee varies depending on the kennel, but in Europe is generally between 3 and 5 Euros per person.

This money is used on the day to buy drinks for all the hashers. In most cases there will be at least one beer stop during a trail, and all trails end with a ceremony (again, I'll come to that later), and drinks, so there is rarely any of the collected money left over at the end of a trail. People who are hashing for the first time, who are generally referred to as Virgins, get all their drinks on the trail for free, so any extra hash cash covers that.

Money is also raised by making and selling items of clothing, particularly shirts and sweatshirts, and also things like socks, gloves, decals for your car, backpacks, and various other things. This money does not, contrary to opinion, get syphoned off to some dodgy third party organisation. It is used to cover various small administration costs such as web-hosting in order to have a website to promote the local hash, and can also be used for occasional parties for the hashers.

100% of money raised goes straight back into the local hash, and many kennels actually run at a small loss. There is not a single person involved in hashing anywhere in the world that is paid a salary for the effort they put in.

5 - CEREMONIES ARE DEMEANING AND DEGRADING - There is no doubt that some people would see what goes on in a Hash Circle (which is the ceremony that takes place at the end of each Hash) as demeaning and/or degrading. There is also no doubt that some people come to the Hash once and never come again because they get scared off by what happens in a Circle.

But 95% of Hash Virgins come back and hash again, so it can't be all that bad really!

First off, let's look at the age range of hashers. In the Prague Hash, which is my local kennel, our youngest regular adult hasher is 23, although we do have a 14 year old boy who comes along with his father whenever possible. I'm sure they would actually come every week, but they live a couple of hours away so it's not that easy. Our oldest regular Hashers are in their 60's and 70's, so as you can see there's a big difference there.

As for jobs, in some places the Hash is mainly made up of military people, but in Prague we have English teachers, property developers, people who work in call centres offering technical support, bartenders, and diplomats. To name just a few of the jobs regular Hashers have, so it's fairly diverse in that respect too.

In 'normal' society, the likelihood of a 23 year old English teacher becoming friends with a 40 year old diplomat and a 65 year old property developer are not really that great, but in the Hash this IS normal. We don't care what you do for a living. We don't care which country you come from, what religion you follow, if any, or if you're gay or straight or somewhere undecided in between.

All we care about is that you come with a positive attitude and show everyone else the same amount of respect that they show you. Of course, I still haven't gotten to the actual 'Circle' yet, so here's a brief overview of what goes on in a standard 'Circle'. I shall endeavour to do that in another post as I appear to have reached my character limit for this post :-)

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 05:02 PM
a reply to: Spawny666

Thanks for your rendition of events. It sounds like you guys have a good time wherever you go.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 05:48 PM
So, here's what happens in a Hash Circle...

First off, the Religious Advisor will call everyone to order, and he will then hand out various 'punishments', or 'down-downs', for certain 'sins' that might have occurred on trail. A 'down-down' is a beer, usually about 0.01 or 0.02 litres, so not full beers or anything, and they need to be consumed in one go (if possible) by the person receiving said punishment at the appropriate time.

As for the sins, these can be pretty much anything, but common ones are 'being a race-ist', which is the term we apply to runners who are actually competitive and try to race one another, 'pissing on trail', which I think is self explanatory, 'wearing new shoes', which may involve the perpetrator to be forced to drink a 'down down' from his/her actual shoes, and 'shortcutting', which again is a fairly clear accusation.

The person/people who set the trail can also be punished for not marking the trail well enough, or perhaps for marking it too well and making it too easy to follow. 'Virgins' are also invited into the Circle and will have everything explained to them in a clear and precise manner. Where possible, we in Prague try to ensure that the person doing the explaining does so in a language that is completely unknown by the Virgin, but everything is pretty clear anyway!

There are songs sung before each 'punishment' is dished out. These songs can range from extremely tame, such as 'This is your down down song, it isn't very long'... to extremely vulgar, and obviously if children are present then the nicer songs are almost always used instead of the not so nice ones as a sign of respect. Similarly, there are songs that are quite sexual in nature sometimes, but these songs can be degrading to either men or women. In the Hash we're nothing if not equal opportunity abusers!

As stated earlier, nobody is forced to participate in the Circle, and some people like to come and do the trail and then go straight home rather than listen to the songs, and again, nobody has any problem with them doing this. People might also choose to sit out the Circle because it's getting too cold for them, (especially older Hashers), or for other reasons, but most people look forwards to 10 or 15 minutes of stupidity at the end of a trail before rejoining civil society on Monday morning.

There are also a couple of other notable things that might happen in a Circle, such as someone being Named or someone having a birthday and being silly enough to inform everyone else about it. I'll start with the names, as that aspect seems to have caused a little controversy earlier...

A Naming is an important part of the Hash tradition, and is without doubt one of the things that makes the Hash look Cult-like to outsiders. Naming's can occur on somebody's first Hash, but generally we take a little time to get to know people better first. Some kennels like to make Names as vulgar as possible, others go for Names that sound a little dodgy but are in reality quite tame, (such as fairly recently Named Hashers in Prague called 'Gobbles Wet and Salty' and 'Indecent Descent').

Names are not given freely, and they have to be earned by the Hashers, usually by them doing or saying something really stupid in front of everyone else. When a Naming is being considered, the person who is to be named will be called into the Circle, and then everyone calls out their own ideas for potential Names. Once there are three or four decent options, a vote is taken, and the most popular Name wins.

This is then given to the Hasher by the Religious Advisor, who may pour beer and flour over said person if it's available, or may choose NOT to do this if the person in question has made a request that they not end the day in a sticky mess out in the middle of nowhere when they have no change of clothes. As stated a few times, everything in the Hash is 100% voluntary, and nobody gets mistreated in any way, shape or form if they are not comfortable with what's going on.

As for birthday's, if someone is silly enough to announce that it's their birthday, the Hashers will present them with a full birthday cake, or the ingredients for one anyway, on their head!

The Hash House Harriers is, quite simply, a Drinking Club with a Running Problem. It's a chance for people from all walks of life to get together, have some fun, blow off some steam, and then go back to normalcy a day later. Some drink to excess, some drink nothing. Some chapters are more vulgar than others, and some chapters do 40km runs while others do 5km runs.

There are more than 2500 Hash Kennels around the world, so pretty much regardless of where you are in the world at any given time, this is an easy and simple way to meet new friends right away, and know that they share some of your interests.

They also, as has been stated previously, raise a LOT of money for charity, mainly by having Red Dress Runs, where everybody, regardless of whether male or female, will run a short trail wearing a Red Dress. One of the most popular of these is in San Diego, where the tradition started, and these runs have raised hundreds of millions for charity since the Inaugural Run in 1988. There is an article about this here;

Should anyone wish to try Hashing for themselves, look up your local chapter and give them a try. Some chapters are wild, some are child friendly, and others hover somewhere in between the two. Since I started Hashing I've personally introduced more than 50 people into this wacky world, and only two of them didn't have fun :-)

And if you don't want to risk doing it locally, come over to Prague and join in with us. We run every Sunday, although most of us actually walk really :-)

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 06:31 PM
a reply to: Afterthought

Having read the page you link to in full, I'd like to call you out on your misrepresentation of what it says. He clearly states that the suspect in the rape is a registered sex offender who lives with his mother and step-dad. At the time of this article, the guy was still a suspect, and I have no way of knowing at this time whether he was found guilty or not. But let's assume that 6 months or a year after this article he WAS found guilty.

Then I, and I'm certain the person who wrote the article, and just about anyone else that isn't a scumbag, hope that he got the worst punishment that a judge was allowed to give him. But should the mother be persecuted for the crimes of the son? Because that's what happened here, and she was persecuted because of images that were on a website for hashers, a website that the writer of this article was expressing disgust and dismay over.

There is no evidence that the suspect in this case was a Hasher, and just because his parents are/were, there is no evidence that this is the reason he was already a registered sex offender. How about instead of getting all angry at adults who have consensual fun together, you rail against the system that allowed a sex offender to be out on the street to commit another crime?

posted on Sep, 2 2014 @ 11:06 AM
I am a Hasher, and have been for almost 6 years. I've hashed with 11 kennels in 5 different countries, and have held leadership positions in 3 kennels in 2 countries.

The Hash is an excuse for responsible adults to let loose, have fun, and blow off steam. I have NEVER seen any sex at any of the hashes....although I have seen a few bared-bottoms (Most of which I would rather not have seen.) I have many friends who are former hashers (Many of them were introduced to me as ex-Hasher friends by current Hashers.

Do we do good? For ourselves EVERY run. For society as a whole--usually we do 1-2 charity runs every year.

Is it religious? No. We don't believe in any one god, and usually as a group we do good-naturedly make fun of most religions (Predominantly Christianity, but Judaism, Islam and Buddhism are also regularly mocked) I have Hash friends who are Priests, Rabbis, and former Buddhist Monks. The "Religious Adviser" for a kennel is there to make note of and make new traditions for the group, and to "Punish" people for violating rules that may not have ever existed before (And may never exist again) The punishment is getting an extra drink--OH NO!!!! As for Virgins--yes, we celebrate people coming to their first hash, and want to make their first time memorable--hence the term Virgin. We also (In my kennel) ask them traditional silly questions: Who made you come? Was it long enough? Was it hard enough? Will you come again?

Why do my family (Wife and 8 year old son) and I love hashing? We get a good run in nature, set by friends who want to show us the best "Secret" areas that they can come up with. After the run, there's drink and food to be had, as well as camaraderie and fun. Whenever we travel we know that we can join a local hash-run for a fun and silly time, and get to know a lot about a new place in a short amount of time. My Son understands that swearing is allowed at the Hash, but NEVER at any other time--every thing has a time and a place.

As far as I'm concerned, part of the silliness factor is to scare off a$$holes--if you're offended by the mockery and silliness, then we really don't want you to be part of the kennel, as you would be detrimental to morale.

On-On or On-Out, it's up to you. I won't think any less (Or more) of you as a person for being a hasher or not--I judge people based on who they are and how they treat others--most hashers are good in this respect, but definitely not all. For those of you who would judge ME simply for being a Hasher--No, I wouldn't think less of you, I couldn't.

posted on Sep, 3 2014 @ 08:54 AM
a reply to: Afterthought
I have run in and am a part-time member of an active HHH club in Australia... I was invited to join in via my dad years ago when I was about 15years old...
I cannot vouch for other clubs, however my personal experiences have been nothing like what you've described.. In fact the thing I most know Hash for is the running.. I would describe Hash clubs as merely 'running clubs', with the token 'hierarchy' that is elected by the group.. Of course money was collected (say $5.00-$10.00), but that was only to cover the cost of the food and drinks provided after the run... I can join in for a run anytime I please (Monday's) without repercussions if I choose not to, there is no pressure to participate, and it is all in good fun...
I suggest you are looking for something more controversial, when in fact the truth is far more mundane...

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posted on Jan, 25 2015 @ 06:22 PM
If you want to meet a bunch of people who have no real friends, have a need to feel validated and get drunk and end up kissing or sleeping with spouses who aren't their own, then this group is for you! No rituals are here, just people without any morals and values who are missing something from their lives and are trying to find it here with alcohol and sex. So have fun, but if your married to a hasher, beware!! There are too many stories just with the Lion City Hash in Singapore of broken marriages!

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 07:14 AM
I concur with that observation, although it has little to do with hashing. This is a general phenomenon in southeast Asia with western ex-pats: the men (especially older ones) find it especially easy to gain a following of young floozy & boozy girls, either hanging around or actively in pursuit. On the other hand, western women tend to find the Asian guys less attractive or appealing for a variety of reasons.

My wife (a Brit) was living in Bangkok for a while, hashing as well. She finally got fed up of the (otherwise quite fun and lucrative) scene and realized she'd never find a "decent guy" (quote unquote) over there, so she moved back to the western world and met me on her first hash run here. Imagine that, me a "decent guy". I tried not to be, but I guess I failed miserably.

Hashing may contribute to this floozy phenomenon in the sense that it's a good meeting place for ex-pats and hence such situations will occur, but it's by no means the only such meetup opportunity in the ex-pat scene, and has no monopoly on fooling-around-isms.

Indeed, back here in the homeland, I know far more couples who have hooked up in a hashing context than who have split up or done whatever. And "hash weddings" are often quite fun events. Ours was one to remember, if you were lucky enough to have been there.

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 07:19 AM
Wow, is this discussion still alive? Not killed way back when? But no. After-thoughts refuse to fade away. Either s/he is stuck in a Donald-Trumpian alternate reality of denial, or maybe s/he's been on to something all along. Could it be - hashing really IS a Masonicly KGB inspired conspiracy? And if so, how do we reconcile such truth with consistent observations to the contrary by myself and other experienced hashers?

There's only one answer: CORRUPTION. Not in the conspiracy sense though, but a more familiar method with many terms: Rust. Entropy. Disorganization. Second law of thermodynamics. Bureaucracy. Etc.

So here's what happened. As Afterthought says, Gispert was a KGB agent and Free- / Expensive- Mason way back when, who founded the Hash House Harriers will mega-devious intent, and set up secret illuminati commmitees to run it. Hashing was disguised with blatant distractions like running, drinking, silly names, and a few rituals with lewd themes. Going all-in was encouraged, eg, getting drunk. Then the conspirators could easily have their way with the gullible intoxicants.

But a funny thing happened. It turned out, drunk people are not so easy to manipulate. Like tortured confessions, such people will agree to anything you say, only to have the most faintest of recollections the next day of their commitments. So the illuminati needed many more indoctrination sessions than expected.

Meanwhile, the "blatant distractions" of running & drinking & lewdness took on a life of its own. The conspiracy was a victim of its own success - soon many other hashing chapters sprung up emulating what they saw in the original, but without KGB minders directing it. The Masonic agents struggled to keep up with the required infiltrations as more kennels came online. And some of the agents got too carried away with "theme promotion", enjoying the drinking and girlies well beyond their mandate. Oops Eventually, hashing assignments were reduced due to budget cuts as the Kremlin Lodge shifted resources to more promising deviousnesses like fluoridated water.

So the modern Hash House Harriers has lost its way; we only do what we see in other hashes, and our corrupt origins have been lost to time. Since hashing has no copyright or trademark or governing body, any ad hoc group can claim to be a chapter, so any re-corrupting must come bottom-up as there's no central organization from which to propagate a new agenda.

There's only one solution: AFTER-THOUGHT THE SAVIOR! You, dear friend, MUST join the HHH and re-educate us on what we've lost! We know nothing about Free- or Expensive- Masons, we have no KGB phone numbers, and aren't latte'd or illuminati'ed or luciferated on matters in general.

So will you, dear sir/madam Afterthought, kindly step up the challenge and fulfill your prophecy? Or will you let our purpose fade away into what you see on the surface? Please, please join us and reintroduce these lost arts of corruption that only you seem to know about! Else you'll never hear the end of contradictory drivel explaining that "you are wrong".

There's a big Halloween weekend hashing event coming up soon, a prime opportunity for your content. How far we have strayed! Our current themes are space aliens, not old-fashion witchcraft stuff. (A UFO lands and says "Take me to your leader!" We lead him to a tapped keg. The UFO flies off in disgust, back to Alpha Centauri.)

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 07:24 AM
I admit that hashing can be a corrupting influence. I offer myself as an example of such wretchedness. A long time ago I was quite a party lad who saw the hashers in much the way you portray it, and soon joined them to increase my drinking opportunities and lewd amusements; running was a necessary evil that came with the territory, although I figured it would at least keep me from getting fat. In due course I bacame the local R.A. aka Religious Advisor, leading the troops in bawdy humor and so forth. I held that position for ten years, and what good years they were!

A little while ago I turned emeritus; a new batch of youthful hashers and flashers took over. I would love to say that their vile mannerisms are all my doing and influence, but that would be far too presumptuous. No, they self-invented it themselves as most of us do, taking inspiration from the general hashing community. In that area I can definitely claim to have played a part.

But a funny thing happened on the way to my RA-retirement. During my 20+ years of hashing, the running aspect took on more and more significance. At first, the running was (to me) just a minor annoyance, but after ten years, I ran my first marathon, and these days I do four such things a year - including all the training this requires, such as hash runs (of course).

At the last hash, our well-endowed RA-ette dragged me into the circle for a flash and a big down-down: I was overheard advising another harriette on which mountain marathon she should do next after the last one she did in June - because I've done 'em all, and by now my perspectives are well sought out.

Indeed, to an outside observer, I might even appear to have that Leave It To Beaver lifestyle you so admire - a nice (hasher) wife, decent job, lovely kids, a nifty house in a good suburban location. How far the mighty have fallen! For shame.

So you see - YES I was corrupted by the Hash House Harriers, and I caution any other party-person to take heed and take care when joining our organization; against all odds, you might end up middle class like me. The risk is much more real than you think.

posted on Jun, 6 2017 @ 12:04 PM
I realize this is all old news, but seriously some of this stuff is out there. Each Kennel is different, some might have elaborate naming rituals, some don't. It is for fun. You don't have to drink or get naked or anything you don't want to do but have fun and help solve trail.

The Red Dress Run is a charity event started in San Diego and spread throughout the Hash Houses. Most Hash House's pick a local charity and raise funds through the run and auctions. Many Hash Houses have multiple charity runs and some times just say hey we want to help out so and so charity please bring some of the following items to hashes this month. The beauty of the hash is it is adaptable to the local members. There are some pure running Hash House's and others that running is an afterthought. I have actually done trail with a cane after an injury. I have also done many a trail with out drinking as I work the day after a hash. Still have a great time. Travel hashing is great, because you are always welcome to the local kennel and they are excited to see visiting hashers.

Like all groups of people you will have some wild ones among you, but I don't see how any group can tell me who can be my friend. People have been banned from the hash for way inappropriate behavior, usually violence or unwelcome attention. Some bans are life time others maybe for 6 months. But I can still associate with these people if I so choose.

Some Hash House's have started having family friendly hashes so their kids can come along.

My Hash House is friendly, inviting, wild and a load of fun. We do act silly and dress silly, but it is what keeps me young and active. So join your has house and see for yourself. You may look excellent a tutu.

a reply to: Afterthought

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