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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Also...(Good Gosh, BIAD -you're on a roll today!) the 'UFO Disclosure Project' video...
The Vid...

I watched it with the sound off.

It IS cobbled together as eletheia says with images that have very little to do with
the Kalahari yarn. I see renderings, photographs from New Mexico and Billy Meier's toys.
Recording devices and cameramen working -to imply that money is being spent on an
investigation and the whole-thing comes off as 70's-style TV action-series.

It makes me yearn for the days of Department S and The Pretenders (which is what is
really going on!)

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

I watched the 'Close Up ALIEN INTERVIEW footage' and it never fails me how
the format of this stuff never changes.
The only footage of this supposed-alien that leaked from Area 51 is the one
where the alien goes into a coughing-fit... and so the film ends!

So let's look at the storyline.
Within a dark room, an interrogator -presumably on an assignment from a
Top-Secret department, asks questions -that we would assume this interrogator
would understand the answers, to a Being from another world that presumably is
ahead of us in technological terms.
The room suits the alien -we assume, due to the unblinking large eyes and yet,
doesn't suit the cameraman and anyone the cameraman is filming this event for.

The guff below the video explains: 'It contains NO AUDIO, which "Victor" says he
deliberately removed so that he could protect the anonymity of those who appear in the video'
Damn it! We would have been the first 'outsiders' to hear the voice from another galaxy...
oh well, Victor doesn't want to get anyone in trouble... it's not like the authorities would know
who was in the room during the interview!!

So we see a child-like face relating unknown words to an unknown person in a dark room
and then as the video winds on, the alien begins to struggle with it's breathing... what?!
The millions of dollars spent on keeping this secret from the public, and you won't
construct an enviroment to conduct a reasonable interview with this 'other-worlder'?!

Then the Doctor... or at least a guy with rubber-gloves on, comes to the alien's aid and
instead of switching the lights on and ignoring the uncomfortable light -to save the creature's
life, he fumbles about in the dark, shines a light in the alien's face anyway and like an Angel of
Mercy, wipes gunk off it's mouth... Mr. Gray, you really lucked-out there!

If anything positive came out of this footage, it is that the creator of this pantomime MUST have
gone on to make TV commercials.
Edit: If the footage was 'sneaked' out of the facility and this 'Victor'-fellow didn't want the
Powers-That-Be to know it was:
A. He who stole it.
B. Who stole it and gave it to him.
C. When he took it.
...Then do you really think that keeping the sound off would make any difference?!
Are we to assume the interrogator is in peril if 'They' recognise his voice?!!
Maybe dear-Victor is saving the alien from being identified?! It would not surprise me.
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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

Nice job of breaking down that video. Reminds me of the Ivan and Dr. Judy's Zeta Reticuli films with the fake KGB emblem and who can forget Dr. Judy's claim she went to Antarctica to obtain them.

Ivan0135 Zeta Reticuli alien footage. (all three videos)

I have to admit though, The Aliens sure look chic in their turtleneck sweaters.

Maybe Dr Judy's next film should have some sound other than the ridiculous projector noise and let us hear the alien language. She has their hieroglyphics down pat so maybe she could interpret the lingo for us. Sounds like another trip to the Antarctic for the good Dr.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 10:10 AM

Originally posted by dcmb1409

Maybe Dr Judy's next film should have some sound other than the ridiculous projector noise and let us hear the alien language. She has their hieroglyphics down pat so maybe she could interpret the lingo for us. Sounds like another trip to the Antarctic for the good Dr.

Well, yeah, and there's all that translating to be done on the alien UV signal, the results of which are long overdue for release, too... lot of translating the good Dr. has to do, and soon, to keep it rolling!

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Anything with a Courier Typewriter font as gotta be fake!

I notice that there's always information given by the uploader at the
beginning of the video and yet, it only adds to the mystery!

Edit: Oh... and the Grays can blink now, quite an evolutionary step.
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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

I'll wager the footage will show the V.L.A in New Mexico and then fade out to another
facility with a big dish. Judy will be wanting to slowly draw the viewer to the conclusion
that she WAS involved in something and as a woman scorned, she's waiting for us to
catch-up and meekly say 'sorry'
The Antarctica-thing that she attempted will be touched on and the Alien eye-candy
will be marched out, of course.
The kalahari Incident will be pushed and warnings that the viewer is entering the world
of disinformation and unscrupulous people will be given. Stay close, my friends.

Wayne will want it to be hinted that all of the history of the visitors is already on his
website and praise to his deciphering of the hieroglyphics is a-must.
But of course, to really appreciate the 'big picture' one would have to go to one of
the lectures... or buy the book.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 11:29 AM
Seems like Wayne Herschel's book like his seminars are also not selling.

Wayne Herschel II The venue is great... had a look today... all ready to go ... still some seats available...will add link for those in Norway who want an enlightening weekend trip... accom is available too...

The speakers at this seminar are not main stream names. I wonder how many seats this convention has.
Does Norway have a McDonalds with two tables?

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Does Norway have a McDonalds with two tables?

The question would be (assuming it held where you suggest)... is which will
be the most appetizing...?
A Cheeseburger and Fries or A cheesy condescending talk-down-to with
constant references to his website and book.
I'll take it that the latter must be taken with a pinch of salt!

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 01:18 PM
Sigh, more recent Kalahari video. This is a long video and mentions Kalahari about 29 minutes into the video and is the same Tony Dodd film.Other recent video sites and a blog recently.

The Kalahari Crash

May 24th, 2012 | Uncategorized


South African General Shoots Down UFO Part 1/4 Coast to Coast - Published on Jun 17, 2012 by MrMilitaria3


Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Shot down a UFO over the Kalahari - Top Secret!

UFO Disclosure Project: The Kalahari UFO Crash – Possible UFO crash landing, 2 aliens were captured
Posted on September 2, 2012 by FLOKO


Doc Judy or some one with an agenda has been very busy lately trying to revive a small cash cow and proven hoax.
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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

The cover-image of the video in your first link says it all... pyramids in the background,
Military craft racing towards hovering UFOs... I wonder where that idea came from!

The third link that you kindly provided is poorly-written, I'd say that the account of
this 'incident' was written either using a computer-translator or by someone writing
the way they speak and having English as their second language.

Good finds, dcmb!

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 09:39 AM
More of the recent video blitz and comments concerning the Kalahari crash.

September 2, 2012 - Video2Get

02 April 2012 - Atlantis

17 Jul 2012, 21:36 - UFO sightings by pilots (an aviation forum) South African Airforce

1996 - 2012 - Paranormal Phenomenon - UFO OVER KALAHARI DESERT

Video's - walk with greys, author - The Grey's Sanctuary

12 April 2012 13:30 Zanthodon said... Hi Ben, sorry for posting the same comment twice. Anyway,I Was in fact serving in the SADF (National Service) back in '89, and in the medical corps. The alleged alien bodies were taken to 2 Mil Hospital, Cape Town. Of course I was not aware of the case personally, but this was SA back in the bad old apartheid days where almost everything was enigmatic and secretive. It seems strange that the Americans could still have marched in and taken over in a crash site in South Africa, a state with whom they did not have good relations at the time, yet that is precisely what happened. The same people seem to have carte Blanche to operate wherever they choose. I do of course realise this is a 'Post Roswell' case. 12 April 2012 15:57

and this recently uploaded.

Upload Date: 07/27/2012 UFO AFRINEWS

Kalahari story

I ask again why the resurgence of an old scam? Maybe a tie in to 2012 and an alien signal?

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Just got through reading all four of the 'South African General shoots down

i found all four 'highly amusing.....This post will be a bit random as it's my

thoughts as the videos progress

The whole set up is about an event that 'supposedly' took place in 1982 and recorded in 1992

all through the video i am reminding myself that this a a 'Brigadier General' - However he says

in 1982 when this 'event' occured his profession was that of a marine engineer and he didn't

do the normal 2 year service 'draft' ( At that time James V Greunen would have been 25 yrs)

The interviewer Art Bell sounds VERY toungue in cheek during the whole interview and sounds

very like he is 'humouring' the 'General'.by feeding him prompts and putting words in his mouth

as, the 'General is far from fluent in his speech and all the interviews are librally peppered with

stuttering er's and um's....nothing like a self assured Brigadier General would be!

I understand that Brigadier General is below Admiral status and equivillent to the rank of

Commodore in the navy so if he is a 'marine engineer' by trade he should surely be a

Commodore? and NOT a Brigadier General?

He says the night it happened he was on duty he didn't know what the weapons were but he

called up the tower at the air force base and said "Get up there and get it down" by that time

i had another 'mirage' up there..and .i'm thinking Russian aircraft...'I don't know'

(Now correct me if i'm wrong but i was always under the impression that although 'orders' came

from the top they got passed down the ranks so he would NOT have been giving the pilot

direct orders?:puz

In the third video he states his job is 'anti terrorism' and knew nothing of UFO's at that time

but when he got out there it was glowing like a rainbow

In the 4th video he says American pilots were taking it...then he says British pilots would

take over?? He cannot remember the name of the base and is prompted by the interviewer

with the name. One of the ET's woke up on the journey and was hit on the head with a weapon

by one of the men who broke his fingers in doing this. and he goes on "we landed

unceremoniously and an American dressed as a Colonel got on and took over so he said

to him "I am a Brigadier General and you speak to me with respect or I'll dump it in the


He then tells the interviewer that he works for the SA Government and is in fear of his life,

he dosen't live in houses and dosen't sleep in any one place

SO MANY ANNOMALIES SO MANY CONTRADICTIONS I'll just leave this post with two

comments off that site

# 1 # Sorry the voice of the 'General' is maximum of 35 years - This is a fake

# 2 # I don't buy this story at all, I was in the military and spoke with many Generals.

Generals are very self assured and speak right to the point - This feller spoke like a

wimpering pansy. Another thing that sounded odd, Why would anybody knock out

a prisoner only for regaining conciousness, unless the flight was put in jeopardy.

There was no indication the 'alien' was putting the flight in danger. IF this story is

true I would be very supprised.

My sentiments exactly (wimpering pansy
) I would hazard a guess

James Van Grunen prior to his reincarnation???

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 02:19 PM
Recent uploads and comments from Wayne Herschel's big conference.


2. Wayne Herschel "- Secrets of the gods...the cosmic tree" Virtually every ancient civilisation had the Tree of Life written into its holy works ... kings of many powerful countries soon altered or removed the secret deemed fit only for their families and not for commoner... there are many recently revived ancient records in obscure archives and encoded in churches and temples of the secrets about the soul... why was it hidden and how does it fit with the prophecy of the return of the 'gods' in 2012? Wayne Herschel Recently broadcast on a television documentary, Wayne Herschel's new findings completely challenge the theories on human origins and the pyramids. He provides new evidence identifying a global pyramid/star map pattern and a recurring hidden message encrypted as a rendition of Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian' human blueprint code. Astronomers have tested Herschel's 50 pyramids of Lower Egypt replicating the known constellations as a grand pyramid/star map.

and his recent Facebook comment

Wayne Herschel II Hoping it will be filmed... maybe... I will gladly go to any conference event that covers accomodation and transport...
September 11 at 1:40pm · Like · 2

Pay his travel,accommodations food, limo,haircut,a rose for Bridgette, and buy his book for the chance to have this scam artist entertain you with rewritten histories.

If anyone is interested I found 5 emails from Alexander Stein aka Joachim Koch whom had personal contact with James and Judith van Greunen during his/her trips to Germany and England. Found it during my Kalahari research. Most of it is old hash and some I haven't totally seen before. anyway it gives a few things to look into maybe.

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

...If anyone is interested I found 5 emails from Alexander Stein aka Joachim Koch
whom had personal contact with James and Judith van Greunen during his/her trips
to Germany and England. Found it during my Kalahari research. Most of it is old hash
and some I haven't totally seen before. anyway it gives a few things to look into maybe.

Yes please dcmb, I -like eletheia, enjoy looking for the clues that show what is REALLY
going on. Great finds.


posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

By five years I wos journalist in local council newspaper "Nadwiślanin", from what last three years
I overworked as her editor-in-chief. I was the cofounder and also the subeditor new of local
weekly "Narrator". Writing however this it not all. I like trips.

The above clip is taken from the 'About Me' page on the website that you kindly offered.
Pawel Nowosielski...

I'm not one for throwing stones -whilst owning a glasshouse, but surely a journalist would
have a better understanding of the language he was writing in?!

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 10:41 PM
OK here is four links the fifth one I cant find my link but I did make a copy of the page and will post it from notepad after this post.

The next one I post is from Alexander Stein

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 10:41 PM
Some remarks by Alexander Stein

Because of the recent discussion on the so-called Lesotho incident of 1995, regarding an alleged saucer-crash, I regard it as my obligation towards the public to present some facts within this open letter.

Beforehand, let me explain to you that as a businessman I am also in the public eye, and since UFOs unfortunately are subject to ridiculousness in wide parts of the public (especially in Germany), from the very beginning of my involvement my decision was to use a pseudonym: Alexander Stein. For myself, I like to use it for the sake of not spreading my name everywhere, even though a German author does not respect this and intends to publish my name in the near future.

By the way, in his case, I am quite surprised that he has not found out my name much earlier, which he was looking for quite eagerly and because of certain circumstances having had some opportunities to get it way sooner. Of course, Mr. Jochen Kopp and Mr. Andreas v. Retyi, editors of the UFO-KURIER magazine here in Germany know my real identity. Regarding the presentation of facts that was given in the January edition of the UFO-KURIER as well as with some addition in CNI news, I totally agree with Mr. v. Retyi's remarks and explanations.

The information to follow will clarify certain facts and events regarding the Lesotho incident.

Since the name of one of the main sources has already been published, I myself have no reason not to mention it also. I became involved in the Lesotho story when two friends of mine got to know the alleged South African foreign agent Mrs. Judith van Greunen. Mrs. van Greunen had some pages of documents with her that seemed to be ABOVE TOP SECRET material. She allowed them to make xeroxes of these pages. At that meeting a couple of quite interesting events happened to which I will refer a bit later. Soon I happened to meet one of my friends, who explained to me what he had witnessed and who also showed me the above-mentioned pages. I was really surprised regarding the contents of the documents asked for another xerox of them, which I received soon afterwards.

I knew of the Kalahari incident of 1989, and so I was also aware of van Greunen, who had supplied material to that case, too. In my personal opinion, there was no question that this information had to be investigated. I called Mr. Andreas v. Retyi, author of astronomical and UFO books, who has my confidence, because of his very well investigated UFO publications -- in contrast to some work by certain self-acclaimed researchers. From this point of time we started our co-operation regarding the Lesotho incident.

Because of favorable circumstances we soon were able to establish contact to Judith van Greunen in South Africa. Van Greunen is -- as stated earlier by Mr. von Retyi -- a mystery in herself. However, I cannot help feeling that against her there are a couple of really unjustified attacks in the making, even though she was the source of the reports on the Kalahari Incident which had a far more factual background than most researchers have realized until now.

In this context let me remind you of the extensive work done by Mr. Anthony Dodd from England, who found much evidence, but nevertheless was exposed to many attacks by uninformed people. Their superficial evaluation was widely publicized and promoted the commonly accepted opinion that the case was nothing more than pure hoax. If you, however, have a closer look into the whole matter, then you recognize partly strange and contradictory statements by several "investigators."

For example, I observed that, at an online conference with Steve Kups in 1996, German author Mr. Michael Hesemann stated having received papers about an incident in Lesotho from an "inside source from within the intelligence community of South Africa."

When you know that this source was Judith van Greunen, his current statements especially on the position of that person give you cause for thought. In addition, I can only suggest re-reading Mr. Hesemann's earlier statements regarding van Greunen and "Kalahari" (e.g. quoted by Leonard Stringfield) and to compare them with his current ones; it is not difficult to recognize a couple of inconsistencies and differring remarks that were uttered by him over the time in a chronologically not comprehensible way. But, as I mentioned above, now I would like to explain to you what happened at the meeting of my two friends with Judith van Greunen.

Because of the quite difficult situation she was in while here in Germany, there were two interesting phone calls, which were witnessed by my friends. They had the phone on loudspeaker, and so could easily follow the dialogues. The first call was to the consul of South Africa in Munich. The consul was speaking very carefully in a low voice.

Among other issues he also spoke of "treason" (of the country) and revealed to Mrs. van Greunen: "You are in a very bad situation. The only thing I can do for you is that you take a plane back to South Africa this evening. However, there I cannot guarantee for anything."

The second call was to the German Intelligence (BND, Bundesnachrichtendienst). After van Greunen had told her name and whom she wanted to speak (we know this name) she was put through immediately. This BND man asked: "Where are the documents? You are here now as "persona non grata" and have to leave the country at once!"

In general, our investigation showed that at least the German Secret Service is interested in not just a marginal way regarding the case and van Greunen herself and that their interest has been alive for quite a long time -- this as a short remark about a person that is said by some "researchers" to have "never been involved in intelligence activities."

Please think also about the fact that Judith Helena van Greunen, when taken to Germany by Andreas v. Retyi, Jochen Kopp and myself, arrived with a passport that, regarding its color, had to be characterized as diplomatic passport (because it was green instead of blue as usual).

The statements of Judith van Greunen regarding the Lesotho crash were confirmed by Henry G., who was also brought to Germany by us. We saw his passport, so his identity should be confirmed in principal. Henry G., who is known as the real source of information regarding "Kalahari" and as real officer (Major) of the South African military intelligence, made no statements with respect to "Lesotho" that were contradictory to the ones made by van Greunen herself.

Recently, the German Michael Hesemann has claimed that the phone numbers of the institutions as given in the Lesotho documents had nothing to do with them. This is definitively not true.

I received confirmation for the correctness of the military phone numbers in Pretoria and Tempe as well as for the phone number of the "Medical Research Institute" (all on tape). Of course, it depends on the method how to gain true information. Without question you will receive a negative answer when it is law of a certain institutions to cover up true identities and to deny facts while facing inquiries by unauthorized persons. The method and the naivety of certain "researchers" respectively regarding checks of phone numbers or receiving confirmation of names of military personal sometimes seems to me grossly negligent.

Later Mr. Hesemann explained the phone numbers lead to switchboards of the institutions -- this is already a clear difference to what he said in the beginning. Finally allow me some remarks regarding the person Judith van Greunen. Whatever one may think of this person, who is even prepared to spread contradictions and lies (especially when her own person and her past is discussed), I would ask you to bear in mind the following facts and questions:

1) The "Kalahari incident," revealed for the first time by van Greunen, almost certainly was a real incident. Its implications and the whole background of the case, however, are so complex that within this short statement it is in no way possible to present the facts that lead to that conclusion. So, for those who dub it a pure hoax: Please refer again to all the results and work of British investigator Anthony Dodd! You may not handle the matter in a superficial way!

2) With respect to statements of certain "reseachers," especially some in Germany and South Africa, who also were involved in the Kalahari matter, there emerges quite a couple of inconsistencies and of in no way logical conclusions -- also regarding "Lesotho." But why?

3) Is it true that information that is transferred to the public eye by an obviously questionable personality be false only because of that?

4) Why have we been warned by an official agency within the German intelligence community that it could be very dangerous to deal with matters like the one discussed here? This warning was spoken out in direct connection with the Lesotho matter.

5) Why was there a huge fireball in the sky over southern Africa/Lesotho right at the date in question, September 15, 1995? What fireball was this?

6) There are other facts and insights that give reason enough at least to us to consider this case an interesting one to be further researched carefully; however, finally I only want to remind you of the many facts that meanwhile have been published especially in the UFO-KURIER magazine (but also in QUEST UFO MAGAZINE, England) and that show that "Kalahari" as well as "Lesotho" for sure have some real background, whatever this may be, whatever the implications may be.

As a final remark, here I can only quote Mr. Anthony Dodd from England (Quest). Asked why so many "researchers" dub "Kalahari" as pure hoax, he only replied: "Because they do not know anything!"

With kindest regards,

Alexander Stein

My bad, I think I posted the wrong article. Will try to find the correct one.
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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

We have already seen how these 'hoaxers' work - on a recycling system 'resurect in a similar

vein when cold' - All smoke and mirrors and confusion......

Take the South African UFO hoaxes

1989 Kalahari >>> instigated by James Van Greunen written about and debunked

1995 Lesotho >>> UFO crash in the same style of the Kalahari - a reworking a rehash??

Came across the following on the internet >>> According to NEW information provided by the

source of the Lesotho incident, the craft of the Kalahari incident was shot down by Gerald Peter

Goosen (what happened to Henrik Grieef?) with a Thor 2 weapon which was fixed to his

Mirage jet. The Thor weapon was a MASA gun built in the Thor factory in Johannesburg.

To more than one of the officers at SA Intelligence this incident had the same markings of

a similar event which took place in the Kalahari desert in May 1989 and decided on the same

course of action as was done then....... Rehash of the Kalahari ??

Then we have the you tube video (taken from dcmb's earlier post) "South African General

shoots down UFO" in four parts by MrMilitaria3 (perhaps another alias of Judy Faltskog aka

Judith or James Van Greunen? who knows? another rehash?)

The UFO in the instance of this video was shot down in 1992 (Lesotho incident was 1995)

and the interview of the said 'General' is said to be 2004 referring to the shoot down in 1992!)

Confused?...I am...smoke and mirrors?...rehash?....Most likely

I have my doubt's about the identy of Alexander Stein! he seems to have an 'agenda'

He becomes involved in the Lesotho 'story' (his use of words a Freudian slip perhaps?

when two friends of his got to know the 'alledged' South African foreign agent - Mrs Judith Van

Greunen, who had documents that 'seemed' to be ABOVE TOP SECRET. (it would seem that

ANY documents with xeroxed logos and badges and with capitalised






capitalised to cause the required reaction of the importance? of said document)

By 1995 James Van Greunen was indeed Judith Van Greunen by virtue of a sex change

operation, but not intitled to the 'Mrs'

Alexander Stein goes on I knew of the Kalahari incident of 1989 and was aware Van Greunen

had supplied material to that case too. (But here he fails to say it was JAMES Van Greunen

then and it's JUDITH Van Greunen now!!)

Smoke and mirrors?....slight of hand?....ironing out creases?...rehashing an old hoax?..I think


Alexander Stein goes on >>> we were soon able to establish contact with Judith Van Greunen

in SA as stated by Mr Von Retyl - a mystery in herself (No mystery to me James Van Greunen

Judith Van Greunen or Judy Faltskog and i am no researcher

The 'evidence' fed to Mr Dodd from England came i would say entirely from one James Van

Greunen. At this point i would like to point out phone calls are not 'evidence' and cannot be

corrobated as such, it can be ANYONE pre arranged at the end of a phone, (like it can be

anyone behind an avitar!!
) Those 'type of phone calls' also happened when James Van

Greunen stayed with Anthony Dood arount the time of the Kalahari hoaxed incident!

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by eletheia

... (But here he fails to say it was JAMES Van Greunen then and it's JUDITH Van Greunen now!!)

Now-now... it wouldn't do to muddy the waters with an explanation of WHY 'Jimmy-went-Judy'!!
As you say, smoke and mirrors.

But for some of people who see aliens and conspiracy around every corner, it's just what the
Doctor ordered (pardon the pun)
A crashed disc, a cover-up and the whistleblowers shown as liars... nothing to see here folks,
move on.
But wait... THAT'S what they want us to do!
And so, after a little time, information surfaces that implies that the characters in this story
are still busy looking to 'out' the real information about that strange day among the dunes.

Come along my friends, pay at the tent-entrance and prepare to be dazzled.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 12:49 PM
more email.

Christmas - 1997

#6 The Lesotho Incident!topic/

Response by Michael Hesemann

Dr. Judy forgot to erase a couple of her sites. Her chat room at ECAN is still up and so is her Ning website that list Dr. Judy Falkstog as owner. When she gets back from Antarctica we must tell her.

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