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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by Netties Hermit

Hi Netties

Whilst i agree with what you've said there could be about 17 years between

the two photos and some people don't age well...

I have been trying to enlarge the 'thumbnail' on the wall behind the Sal Conte photo

[don't know why it's there] but from what i can make out it is very like Judy's 'friend'?

The 'plot' and 'message' in the two hoaxes are uncannily alike...And a bit like the OP of

this thread 'MajesticTwelve' the OP of the other thread has been a member of ATS since that time [5 years] they have made only 60 posts [and only one or two posts on

random subjects] and only the ONE thread which is 50 plus pages and he left on page three!...

he returned only yesterday with a one line post
"It's TPTB disinfo campaign"

Same war cry as Wayne and Judy?

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posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 03:37 PM
Forgive me i this has already been discussed but I've been out of circulation for awhile and trying to catch up on
this on going sad saga.

I read Wayne Herschel's claim on his website about the Prometheus script and read more at the Prometheus movie website. Herschel's new (and Improved?) web layout is poorly done and it hit me like a ton of falling bricks that he is laying claim to everything that he reads about on-line or in a book that it is a starmap to him with poorly laid out proof so that he can claim it was his idea originally.

Across all spectrum's of ancient manuscripts and artifacts to layouts of cities and ancient monuments he makes claims that he decoded them all so that he can call plagiarism if any new book or movie uses his ridiculous claims.

Another underhanded way to generate publicity like the failed Bloosom and Dr. Judy collaborations and lets not
forget the donate button on his site and the sock puppets begging for funds all over the web at forums and boards at one time. Underhanded on all accounts.

He insisted that an old Cherokee map was a starmap decoded by the author, Wayne Herschel, as he claimed that the Vatican and Washington DC layouts were decoded by the same "author."He's covering a lot of bases and continues to list more maps almost daily on his sites and has even listed an Egyptian urn he found on-line as a starmap.

So if writers and movie producers (i.e., Dan Brown, Ridley Scott) ever write or produce another story on codes or maps, He has first claim, He thinks

Its also documented that he uses the likes of Hancock,Brown, Scott, Bloosom, Dr. Judy, movies and books, etc., to further his agenda and then turns on them at the first sign of backlash or bad publicity.

I recently got out of the hospital after a three month stay and had my own NDE (near death experience) either real or drug induced but it was as clear and focused as I have ever been in my life and I can tell you that his NDE is another lie from my own experience if NDE's are real as they seem. His NDE was the result o a motorcycle accident he claims but he story sounds more like he was knocked out. I danced with the big "C" and kidney failure among other complications and death knocked several times on my door. My NDE came at a low point after Doctors asked if I wanted to be revived when my system eventually shut down. Today they say I'm free of the big C and my functions have returned to normal. All I can say is, I'm baaack Dr. Judy and ready to keep at it.

I'll pit my NDE with his any day of the week but I can tell you that real or not (in my NDE), there is not a single
mortal man with a secret message or secret knowledge to share among the sheep of this world for monetary purposes.

Its much, much, bigger than that.

Maybe I'll post my NDE. Its nothing Earth shaking or new and is without a message or warning. It was just a
personal experience that healed me in mind and body.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

So sorry to hear about your troubles and so glad you're now fit and back to normal...with

all those experiences i'm sure you will have had your own NDE in the 'land of nowhere'...

however take care WH is bound to claim you have usurped and are plagiarising his NDE

( though i would think you wouldn't be claiming to have eaten from 'the tree'

At the time of the release of the Prometheus movie he was claiming on his fb that

Scott Ridley had plagiarised his book for the film, and because Scott Ridley had 'Hollywood

money behind him, and he (Wayne) was skint he was unable to sue...

The following are a few quotes from Waynes fb at the time

* May 21st>>>



story that is being blocked from becoming public knowledge. As author of THR I pledge

that i will not go silently into the night until the truth be known. Please make it go viral....

* May 23rd



Maybe some powerful attorney in LA will hear of this story...and feel its worth contesting

if he is 'looked after' and wins such an obvious case...I don't have a cent to contest this

so i'm just a spectator for now

* May 24th

One of my loyal investors of my book spoke to a legal advisor on 'interlectual property

rights' and was told we have a good case for plagiarism
He wishes

* May 25th



You have no idea how the whole quest depends on this ...each share/flag sets off a

viral promo effect. Without it my activity here is fruitless. You will be remembered

if this baby ever gets its media break...Its easy to access records here later.....


>>>The full post is on page 245

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by eletheia

Hi Netties

Whilst i agree with what you've said there could be about 17 years between

the two photos and some people don't age well...

I have been trying to enlarge the 'thumbnail' on the wall behind the Sal Conte photo

[don't know why it's there] but from what i can make out it is very like Judy's 'friend'?

Hi eletheia!
Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. Been a bit busy.

I found the original post the pic was found that you're talking about here
It's the guy second from the left, sitting down.
If you click the link the photo is from 1976.

So you know when-abouts the Judy & her 'friend' photo was supposedly taken?

For those who missed it - here is Dr Sal's admission of guilt

Still think the whole Dr Sal/Judy story is more than a coincidence but once again, I doubt we'll ever know the truth.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

I'll pit my NDE with his any day of the week but I can tell you that real or not (in my NDE), there is not a single mortal man with a secret message or secret knowledge to share among the sheep of this world for monetary purposes.

Hi dcmb,
Good to see you again.
I too, am sorry to hear about your troubles but it's good to hear you're back and well.

I have a theory I've been tossing around in my head for about 18 months now. I have to tell you that I had my own ummm, strange experience back then and have researched a lot since then and I agree, Wayne's NDE doesn't stack up for me either.

But that may be a topic for another thread.

Maybe I'll post my NDE.

Please do!! I think they go in the paranormal forum. I'll definitely be on that one as I have ... as I said up there ^ an experience of my own. And mine - its seems - like yours ... was similar ...

Its nothing Earth shaking or new and is without a message or warning. It was just a personal experience that healed me in mind and body.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 09:16 AM
Hello Netties. I'll post it here because in it I compare my experience with Herschel's and gave my own reason to call his another lie. Here is mine

Its impossible to put into words all that I saw and felt during my NDE but I can say that no new revelation or experience happened that you haven't already heard before. Most of it is old hat except that I didn't experience a white light or a tunnel, I was just there. "There", was a place (a different plane, reality, is wrong words to use) much like the Earth but wasn't. I was standing in a meadow and all of the colors were washed out (not in a bad way) in light or were much brighter than normal. There were no indications of darkness in color or vibes. The sky was a beautiful light blue and the ground growth, a vibrate bright ocean of greens and moving in a warm breeze.

I felt at home and at peace in this place. There was a hum or vibration surrounding me that I knew were people or souls communicating in a positive nature and that I was part of that vibration without partaking in the chatter. but it felt positive and natural and good and wasn't distracting or annoying at all. I knew that I could communicate with anyone at anytime but it wasn't a priority to me as here in this place it was just a good feeling to be a part of it. I had a sense that all knowledge was common knowledge among this place. I had no feeling of awe nor any questions were formed in my mind because it was all laid out before me as common knowledge and I didn't care about questions but only that really good vibe that emulated from the environment. There was an overwhelming feeling of restrained power and contentment that was charged with electric vibes like the whole place was buzzing with energy.

There were millions of murmurs and vibrations around me but I couldn't see anyone even though I could if I tried and this was part of the common knowledge, so I didn't seek out anyone because I knew they were there and aware just as I was. It just felt good like I was home and I could admire the landscape or join in the positive chatter and be happy forever. Just before I woke up back in the hospital, I remember looking deep into that blue sky and saw what lay beyond the blue that everyone here knew about and has seen just like I was doing at that moment.

It was like a Hubble deep space picture of far away galaxies and heavenly bodies except they were closer and brighter. The only dark color I encountered was that scene of space and even then it was more a gray than black color such was the light from the galaxies and heavenly bodies. I didn't get a sense of something greater out there but felt a warmth and welcoming feeling like I felt in that meadow. It felt like it was all connected on the same level and it felt right and good. I could read and see every thought and feeling in this place and it was all positive and knowing. It was like my clothes were washed and all negative thoughts and actions were washed away in that cleaning and I stood naked in truth and belonging and it felt right.
I had no desire to return to my hospital bed nor did I have a choice I felt. There were no family members waiting for me in this place and all there seemed as family to me as I did to them. I didn't experience the floating out of body scenario and didn't look down at my body in bed. Instead I was just there and in the end while gazing into deep space a gray screen showed before my eyes and I awoke in bed feeling better and unafraid of death that knocked so many times at my door these past three months. I do know that my NDE (if real, which I'm convinced it was) shows that Wayne Herschel lied about his NDE (to me). There was no cosmic tree of life in the montage of things I witnessed and no alien overlords. All knowledge was shared and not hoarded by one soul trying to make a dollar from his experience. Nor was I the only one to visit this place and return. There are many others with similar experiences and feelings. There were no warnings or messages to return with, it was like a glimpse of what was to become of my soul and to rest easy until it manifested into a reality. I feel at peace and look forward to my return to that meadow and place of good feelings without remorse.

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 02:13 AM
Thanks for sharing dcmb
I know it would have taken a lot for you to do so.

I haven't the time to go into this fully right now, however a few points:

Your comment that you think Mr Herschel is being untruthful in his NDE - well, he could very well have had one, I'm not going to dispute that.

My problem is with people having these experiences and then coming back and turning them into a "cash cow" - talks, books, interviews - all about "their experience". It makes me instantly suspicious that they would want to profit off something so personal and spiritual. Kinda dents their credibility (but that is jmho).

I think that if you have an experience like this, that money/fame/fortune would become irrelevant in life (however I can understand that one could be swept up in the experience).

It all comes back down to your personality-type I guess. Snake oil salesmen can have NDE's too - doesn't change the fact that they come back as same as before - a snake oil salesman. Just means they have a new avenue to make dollars or ...
... form a cult off.

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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 05:01 PM
While having some time on my hands i did a bit of browsing and came across a web site

'South Africian Skeptics' where a member had recently [12. 6. 2012] posted on a forum


"Looks like Herschels paranoia is now begining to develope into a full blown perscution

complex, I'm left wondering whether the person who penned the 'TO ALL THOSE WHO

INVESTED HEART AND SOUL IN THE BOOK' piece was drunk, stoned, or brain

damaged - or some novel combination of the three. (

This link he provided begins

with Waynes woes and excuses for why his book is not selling?

And when you scroll down you get to his 'claim' that Hollywood has usurped

"the plot" from his book for the Prometheus movie which was released in June "quote"

The Prometheus movie is based on the entire basis of the 'real' historical findings made

by the author Wayne Herschel in his book "THR" seen on his website.

'REAL' historical findings???

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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 06:15 PM
I've found three W.H FB sites and his number of hits on the sites are way down. Seems like Wayne's and Judy's little scam really hurt him in more ways than one thanks in part to his scam on ATS and those that won't let him try it again with credibility. On his oneism site he now projects himself as either the wise man on a mountain top or the new messiah ( see below )

Solitary meditation and special diet at a sacred place He committed to intense soul searching research at his home surrounded by nature, on the side of a hill next to a river (see the link - Secrets of Meditation) having already covered years of research. For a period of time he began a special vegetarian diet and drank only mountain spring water while living in seclusion. This was when his ‘ultimate’ life experience put him on this quest as an author and to launch this website here. It first started with vivid and in some cases terrifying emotional visions… then there was more. He was inspired by a strange unexplainable craving to learn ancient meditation techniques in a sacred place on the side of a hill near a flowing river. That was when he became aware that he had some sort of paranormal link to answers to the two ultimate questions of life. He ‘saw’ the answers to ‘who we are and where we come from’… both spiritually and physically. See the two links at the bottom of the page. The only way the author can reason how visions work is by some kind of retinal light feedback sourced from ‘outside’. Consider how the retina processes light and colour. Is it possible there is a way that spiritual plasma ribbons can feed the image to the retina while the eyes are closed? There is no other way one can reason this ‘miracle’. Here is where the ultimate spiritual journey begins on The Tree of Life: A Journey to The Tree of Life… Talks: For anyone interested in planning potential talks with Wayne Herschel as the guest speaker please write to the email address below. Highly visual one-hour presentation, followed by question and answer session! Proceeds at the door to cover the organiser's fees, running costs of the event and speaker's travel/accommodation expenses.

As a researcher (via internet and books) without a college degree and no experience in archeology, he rewrites history to suit his book sales and bizarre claims. Ra he claims is represented by a small star in the night sky in Orion that ancient Egyptians knew and worshiped.

Wrong. Just read real Egyptian sun worship and no distant star could be claimed as the sun they were actually worshiping

Thy rays encompass the lands to the limit of all that thou hast made: At daybreak, when thou arisest on the horizon, source:

Doc Judy sure is quite these days. She must be hard at work in Chile deciphering those alien signals. And Wayne wants accommodations and travel expenses in order to give talks anywhere in the world. Book sales must be nil.....
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posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

As a researcher (via internet and books) without a college degree and no experience in archeology,
he rewrites history to suit his book sales and bizarre claims. Ra he claims is represented by a small
star in the night sky in Orion that ancient Egyptians knew and worshiped.
Wrong. Just read real Egyptian sun worship and no distant star could be claimed as the sun they
were actually worshiping

It's the followers, you see...? It's about minimum input.
Imagine there's a secret, a secret so secret that those who know it get to travel the
world, spend lots of money and to wield power like a child's light-sabre toy.
These mysterious folk enjoy lavish lifestyles and don't burden themselves with what
the 'regular Joe's' have to deal with everyday.

Debts and bills, kid's wanting more-and-more video games and your nightly worries about
whether your girl is seeing that guy behind your back. The guttering is full of leaves, Mom
is telling you to get off that infernal internet and get a job, and the days seem to be the same
over and over again.

But the secret that would indicate you as someone important, a few words that would reveal
that you would be the star of the show and your quiet revolution of envy against those who have
succeeded in life -could be played out just like you imagined... that secret has now been
accessed by one of your own.

Star Maps, visiting Falcon-headed Gods and symbols that these 'Fat-Cats' find amusing
to sprinkle throughout history -Mr. Hershel has found the door that allows the citizens of
Wayne's world to see what the Powers-That-Be have been bathing in.

The sky above shows us many strange mysteries and now, there may be a chance that
-through Wayne's helping hand, the heavens hold the revelation that the kid who sits at
his computer for hours-at-a-time, the guy who has lost his faith in the religeon his parents
told him about and the woman who sees the men getting promoted -whilst she stays behind
her desk, the celestial wonders will show that YOU are important.
It means that you must stay at your computer and learn more of what Wayne churns out.
It means that you are part of something, and that you are in the game... you-you-you.

But nothing changes.
So with terse-language and poor grammar, they ask Wayne for more answers, reasons
on why the 'Gods' came here and what they said. The feeling of knowing someone who is
'in-the-know' and especially if that White Knight is dealing with obstacles thrown in the way
by these unseen rich-folk -is something that makes us feel that we too, are on the same quest.

But these shadowy people must have names, must have departments that they answer to?
I know... call them C.I.A, call 'em Agents Of Darkness, call them names that imply deceit in
these modern times.
And Wayne needs your help.

The standard history is wrong, ergo the crappy-little world you live in is false and so, YOUR
life is not what it seems!! Flying Saucers landed on the Pyramids and the occupants could
have said things that would have made your mundane-life better, clandestine rituals stifle your
future and the clues are out there... Wayne will search for you.

So grab another beer and settle down at the computer... you were right all along.

posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

I too have noticed that Wayne is a little less effusive in his fb postings these days, this

can be compounded by the following three postings on his face book by fb friend

Victoria Zasikowski AKA "Cosmicpixie" OP of this thread

11th March 2012 >

Wayne where have you been?! Are you going to start making threads again? I've realy

missed your posts all these months you have been gone, and i know everyone else must

have too. So do you have plans to be more present on here again?

3rd July 2012>

Why has Wayne stopped posting and gone AWOL again?

17th July 2012>

Went to see "Prometheus"....Ridley Scott must have read your book!

I see she is still hanging on to his every word

Some people will just NEVER learn

Is he just keeping a lower than usual profile OR is he on an excavation/dig somewhere?

posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 11:43 AM
Wayne Herschel and I had a semi heated argument either on CNN IReport or that web blog some time ago about the "face" on Mars. He claimed the face was built of blocks and the motif's or hills nearby were pyramids that aligned with "his" stars in Orion as he discussed in this very thread. His argument was that aliens built the pyramids at Giza and on Mars as a message to the dumb masses for future sheep to decipher. Of course he is the only one to have the key.

Here is the ESA's high resolution pictures of those sites. See any blocks or pyramids?

Note: The face is at the center of pic to the right of the crater below the hills, its very small in this pic.
click on pic to enlarge.

Maybe the fake is running out of snakeoil and his fan base are finally catching on.

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posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Ah... I think I see where you're going wrong, my Dear Dcmb...
It's the facts-part that you're getting snagged-up on.

The bumps and lumps on Mars can take on many forms, a handful of blooming
daffodils or the rear-end of a Kara-Tull of Altaire Four, it makes no difference.
But wouldn't it be better if it was a humanoid face? Better yet, a face made with
blocks dragged there by 'who-knows-who?'
If you REALLY want to know, then wait at the gates of Mr. Herschel's website...
something will turn up.

The 'Herschel Facts' are based on the idea that:

A. You can't disprove them until you actually prove otherwise.
B. If any of his ideas are proven to be true or false, then it'll only be a matter
of time before someone says they thought of them first.
C. You're all in on it... and for some odd reason, wish to live in the real world.

Maybe it's time to buy the book?

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by dcmb1409
I've found three W.H FB sites and his number of hits on the sites are way down. Seems like Wayne's and Judy's little scam really hurt him in more ways than one thanks in part to his scam on ATS and those that won't let him try it again with credibility.

Now that, son, THAT does an old man's heart good!

I'd rather not go into it too deeply, but I believe his "explanation" for what causes visions is bunk, and I believe anyone who has ever had a genuine one would know that right off. It's a lot bigger, more all inclusive than that. There is a reason "metaphysics" isn't physics, and "parapsychology" isn't psychology. trying to shoehorn metaphysics into a physics-based "explanation" is ludicrous.

He's got the still going to try to make some more snake-oil, it seems!

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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 05:29 AM
Wayne is apparently speaking at a two day conference in Bergen Norway taken from his fb

Bergen Norway hosts this awsome 2 day conference of international speakers covering

enlightening life changing new findings that present material associated

with the legend of 2012...a possibility many prophecies fulfilled...a return of star visitors...

who are they?...where do they come from?...what can we expect...what does it mean for

humanity? --- With Lloyd Herschel, Terge Tofteus, Yvonne Bersheim, Henrik Palmgren'

Jorge Ojeda cortez, and Debbie Victor.

Hmmm...Quite the family business?
Lloyd Hershel is Wayne's brother and Debbie Victor

is Lloyds long term girlfriend and fiancee. Wonder if 'Judy/Freja will be there??

Been wondering too what ever happened to Wayne's girlfriend Birgit Lederer i believe her

name was that co wrote Wayne's book with him?
she dosen't get a mention these


posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 03:33 PM
Was snooping around to see what new endeavors Dr. Judy or her new moniker was up to these days and found some old and some new interesting finds. I've never seen this before, a short live video of Tony Dodd (deceased) talking about the Kalahari crash.

Tony Dodd video

Sounds like Judy and maybe Mr. Hesemann in these comments:

Judy and Mr. Hesemann?

Possibly Judy in the comments:

This might just be an alien junkie but someone is trying to revive Dr. Judy's sham of a film.

from an article: At 22:00 on 30 October 2011, a Mr van Greuning reports a UFO . South Africa of course. maybe a coincidence.
research: Tempe Bloemfontein Intelligence Officer. An old article that ties into Kalahari and smells funny.

Just some things that have came up and going on a new trail of our favorite scam artist.

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posted on Sep, 22 2012 @ 09:29 AM
Coincidence or is Dr. Judy trying to revive the Kalahari hoax?
Two videos were uploaded in the last two weeks about the Kalahari crash or that mentions the sham story. Out of all of the UFO stories and claimed encounters that happen almost every day, why the Kalahari sham influx all of a sudden?

UFO Disclosure Project: UFO shot down by Fighter Jet, Alien Bodies recovered - Kalahari UFO Crash

Ties into the Kalahai crash

Strange that an old proven hoax is rearing its ugly head again. Bears watching I think.

Looked at some old comments from Judy and James about hieroglyphics that James deciphered and claims by Judy of Earth and Martian encoded messages and it ties in nicely with her Alien signals and Wayne Hershel's Mars belief.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 04:20 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Could well be

That first Youtube video is a very badly cobbled together piece!

The first half refers to him as Anthony 'Todd' and everyone familiar with the case knows it's

Anthony Dodd
And it appears to me that he looks a lot older in the second half of the


Then the mentioned hieroglyphics if i remember rightly wasn't that debunked by Cynthia Hind

when 'James' produced a piece of paper of hieroglyphs he claimed to have found in the


Can't make out the second video as it's too dark....but i suppose if you work on the theory

that what can't be seen can't be debunked.......

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Some of you may be aware of The Space Opera that Nenothtu, I and others
contribute to. It's pure fiction...(I truly don't wear a dress!)... and yet at times,
when the writers set-off on their own trails, its seems that the characters will
never get together as a group in the story.

But... everytime, there's a link formed and we all end-up doing something heroic
or admiring BIAD's dress

That's because it's fiction, there are no boundarys and no rules to our imagination.
Welcome to Dr. Judy's and Wayne's stage!

The line of the story that they create will have some connection that occurred elsewhere
and then by 'bending' certain trains-of-thought, wild theoretical points of view, they draw
the reader further-and-further into the world that they see themselves as monarchs in.

Folk like yourself and Nenothtu, see the true-bare facts that threaten their story, UV signals
and Radio Telescopes, etc. Maybe there's some confusion...? maybe information got lost along
the way? and so the responsible thing to do is to explain to those doubters and even ask for
But they are King and King/Queen here... and YOU are ruining the plan!

So they call names and slurs at those doubters and skulk away (that's certainly a long shower
Wayne is taking!)... They wait for the next piece of dubious info to come along, something they
can tie-in with their plan and off we go again.

Keep digging Dcmb... they don't like it.

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 08:05 AM
The second video clues are in the comments. Expand the comments and they tie in the video to the Kalahari crash. Yeah I read where Cynthia Hind debunked jimmy's childish hieroglyphics attempt. Its just strange that the Kalahari is mentioned and shown in video's posted within the last two weeks.

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