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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 10:14 PM
reply to post by DJW001

Well, its documented that Henry gave it a go once after he sold illegal orchids for real in the UK and was caught. I'm surprised that Judy and Wayne didn't try to spice up their boring fantasies with some red mercury.

Come to think of it Wayne, I do remember seeing red orbs on a lot of Egyptian papyrus and paintings. Perhaps RA was the original hoaxer and sold the Egyptians a bill of goods.

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 11:00 PM
I noticed a sudden up-tick in Wayne Herschel threads recently and after this thread thought they would go away.
Apparently not, so the other night I put together a small montage of Wayne and Judy proclamations and statements with highlighted sentences to support the next claim below them or an overall view.

Hope some of the people curious about Wayne reads this portion.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

Radio telescopes around the world are all seemingly engaged in mysterious signals now coming from some unusual spectrum and found a signal in code! Astrophysicist JUDY Fältskog is a personal friend of Wayne Herschel that holds together the voices for several days running to senior leaders of the U.S. government. The coded signal is transmitted simultaneously from different star systems
(3) Has Judy mentioned to you in the past few months which city /country she is based in at the moment ?

HIS REPLY: Never bothered to ask... (Im actually too busy trying to earn a living as a landscaper and set up talks for my book on archeoastronomy ancient star maps of the 'gods' series).
Now Judy coincidently is in the Netherlands, is with a radio telescope concern, the story has a Mars face connection, the story has an orion alignment connection and she did claim similar message 'binary' encryptions and is currently incognito. My concern for her is expressed clearly on facebook for these reasons.
Originally posted by pinap
Effelsberg LOFAR station was where Judy was working in Germany. I sent a message to Wayne and he said he would post it, but he didn't. Instead he posted my name pledging support which I got angry because I didn't want my name posted.
Judy Fältskog
I will give you a call soon! Yes that will be great If we can work on the documentary together! Wow! I would love to see the RAO you have in Cape Town. Cause I am a Swedish Citizen I will probably need a Visa for South Africa, have to get that soon then!


Judy Fältskog

(Wayne) Its got a 25 meter dish and loads of special electronics for continueing my research here in Chile. We will fly you and your wife (and kids) out to us.
-Wayne Herschel- It was up like that for ages showing her CV .. she was proud of it... now the prn just got removed too. She is a real person and has a south African record that some friends know well.

August 4, 2010

For months I have been trying to figure her motives and why she is not releasing any of the promised star detail right up until a month ago. I reserved a faint hope she was really detained by her authorities and that her page was a false person so I was keeping communication going while evaluating her status. She expressed in my last coms that all that matters is she has logged up more friends. That ended my hope with her and ended communication completely. My hope to get information on my stars kept be giving her claims a chance especially since another coincidence occurred when famous astronomer Micho Kaku said last month we should be looking for light signals from ET.


posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 11:10 PM
-Wayne Herschel-
-Wayne Herschel-
Wow... I experienced some of the crazy demands when they bombarded me when i decided to face the skeptics on that ATS site and i counter demanded they reason probability it was what it was and if its real, then obviously any more news will be saved for an official announcement later or it will be covered up if we are not meant to know. Take it or ... See Moreleave it ... thats all they were getting.

If i didnt have so much on my plate with the film script on a documentary series i would be really keen. Perhaps you should be involved with the documentary footage. Write to me on that or call me. Any chance you will visit this newly developed Cape Radio telescope here?
6 hours ago

Judy Fältskog
Judy Fältskog
I will give you a call soon! Yes that will be great If we can work on the documentary together! Wow! I would love to see the RAO you have in Cape Town. Cause I am a Swedish Citizen I will probably need a Visa for South Africa, have to get that soon then!

Anyhow, as soon as that is done we would like to invite you to the opening ceremony of my latest aquisition, an Earth Station that we have bought and modified into a Radio Telescope. I own 4 Radio Telescopes now. Its got a 25 meter dish and loads of special electronics for continueing my research here in Chile. We will fly you and your wife (and kids) out to us. I would love to finally meet you! I think you will love it here in Chile a lot. Lots of interesting and friendly folks here. Not to mention all the UFO sightings. We guarantee your safety and all expenses are taken care of.
7 hours ago
-Wayne Herschel- @Jeffery Home - she said in her last message she is forced to remove her facebook account with 850 friends , many accademics too, twitter and her other websites she holds dear... she said she "is been taken care of". As a friend i know she had best intention , i know she is an expert and was excited on a new signal she managed to reason... she is obviously in very hot water for for expressing an interpretation and is paying the price right now.

She had this CV on her page and I have never doubted it from her advanced conversations with astronomical data:


* NASA ( Special Projects )September 1994 - Present

Astrophysicist / Theoretical Cosmologist

Exoplanetary Research, Deep Space Mapping, Particlelisation Research, Quantum Cosmology, Radio Astronomy, SETI, Bugging my colleagues with all my " Way Out" theories!

* University of California, Berkeley '93

PhD Astrophysics

PhD Theoretical Physics

August 4, 2010

I am not Judy the hoaxer or Blossom the hoaxer so you sir owe me an apology for your behaviour and accusations disrespect and deformation of character.

Get your facts right. There are no FACTS! I am a researcher and author that proposes HYPOTHESIS based on ancient tradition logic reason and clues of mystery that scholars have not solved. So the only facts you have identified so for is that you are a disinformation investigator and agent trying to stop this information.

You now proved your obsession to stop the work by trying to locate the "John" who bloggs here writing to people at the British Museum. Do you really think he would be named John like your name is DCo5 or Mr Jedi?

What more do you seek DC05?

August 4, 2010

I have answered your questions repeatedly on the hoaxers and I deplore those that lie like you and the hoaxers.
What more do you agents want?


-Wayne Herschel- Family members are working with me on this... in a day or so it will all be clear.
15 minutes ago

Family friends will be commenting here and we are setting them up to arrange a face to face meeting to be sure she is safe.... See More

I still have her old facebook page open and didnt close it the moment I heard it was closed. She is a dedicated family person and I wont list her family names. We have 380 odd friends in common.

-Wayne Herschel- (5min ago) I can say this much... this IS the NASA linked Judy
she wrote like an academic on astronomy,
she had understanding of physics way over my head. ... See more... See More
-Wayne Herschel- I dont have books in book stores to sell... they are blocked in the USA. I have most online for free for all those that keep crying its a hoax for book sales...

posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 11:13 PM
The Hidden Records I by Wayne Herschel and Birgitt Lederer (Jan 31, 2003)
(27 customer reviews)
Formats Buy new New from Used from
Other Binding $21.12 $21.44
Sell this back for an Gift Card

( Waynes response after someone offered to contact the FTC on the USA banning his book)

August 19, 2010

The status of the book "The Hidden Records" interference and blockage in the USA is as follows:

1) After 2 earlier US distributors holding back on the book with strange circumstances, both selling and not paying and not listing it with book stores, it needed a new distributor each time and moving tons of books at great cost.

2) The latest distributor who had 2 tons of books, did not list the book with stores, but listed it as a rare book, holding back deliveries with an excuse and did not pay for a year, avoided communication, no sales reports and always averting interaction and explanation... has now shut down and is not traceable... for now.

The interference we have experienced is not on a federal level, it is on a direct interference of marketing level and no publisher is willing to take on this book and deal with the ongoing interference for now. It is also digital internet interference mainly deleting the book listings for marketing and availability and ugly threats as emails.

Before we take on tracking down the people involved right now with the missing distributor, we need to set up a new distributor first so the stock can be moved one more time if we can relocate the stock assuming it is not destroyed.

Decision makers of the book project prefer from recent threats that we leave this issue for now and focus on a film release first and exposing the interference story only used as a last resort if there is more interference.

A UK book seller is now delivering books with internet sales in the USA for now

A false ebook of The Hidden Records made by a fraud book selling group is now in circulation with altered content and this too is being documented for exposure.

It was only when this information was released on Andrew Collins blog that Mr Herschel admitted that he was the one who asked Judy to look for the signal at the coordinates of his research.

So in effect - Mr Herschel started this whole thing.

And that was just the tip of the ice burg. You should have seen his responses on a certain blog.

Oh well, another time another thread maybe.

Source: Wayne's Facebook, ATS and CNN rants.
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posted on Oct, 4 2011 @ 11:37 PM

Originally posted by DJW001
reply to post by dcmb1409

Oh good grief... they tried to sell "Red Mercury!"

You mean this stuff I got from the mail-order house ISN'T red mercury? Bummer! I was all set to start making nuke triggers!

I'm reporting them to the BBB!

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 12:06 AM

Originally posted by dcmb1409

And that was just the tip of the ice burg. You should have seen his responses on a certain blog.

Oh well, another time another thread maybe.

Actually, they CAN see those responses from that blog - if you're talking about the Wordpress blog they assaulted. It has all been recorded for posterity, and emplaced in the public view. It can be found on pages 332-351 of the e-book "The Hoax heard 'Round the World".

Free for the taking - get it while supplies last!
There are only 2 virtual tons of the e-books left, stored in a virtual warehouse while virtual customs officials argue over a virtual ban of it in the virtual US...

Gotta create that scarcity story to make copies move like hotcakes, right? It worked for Wayne, didn't it? No? Ah, wait just a minute then....

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Don't get mad but the E-book slipped my mind when that post was slung together and I'm beating myself up over it. It had better stuff than what I found in my old files.

Maybe will post a couple of good ones from it tomorrow. If I remember correctly he had a sock puppet circus going enforced with the little car full of light warrior clowns in the center ring. Always loved a good circus.

Speaking of circus's, had this prepared for one of those new Herschel threads but never posted it. seems a shame to let it get erased.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----
Robert Buval originally came up with the pyramid and Orion OCT (Orion correlation theory) while on a camping trip in the dunes of Arabia. There was no Egyptian papyrus, pyramid hieroglyphics, or book of the aliens, that suggested a correlation. It was three dots in the sky that appeared to mimic the pyramids closely but not accurately. ( if a star map of Orion is laid over the pyramids, the small offset star does not line up perfectly with the offset pyramid that it is suppose to represent.)

Wayne Herschel turned this into a circus. Babbling about the leg of the bull zodiac sign and his mystery star theory that he had to work really hard at to match with his home computer astronomy software (called StarMapPro or something like that, will have to locate it).

He saw a pattern in everything to include the sesame seeds on his bread and had RA (Waynes god) land on the back of the Sphinx in a feather fan.I guess the UFO's couldn't land on the ground and had to make a grand entrance onto the back of a limestone monument. besides, the Sphinx did have an elevator and a football field size landing zone.

He's tied in the Vatican (just like Dan Brown whom writes a good fiction novel and sells it as fiction), the DC monument, Mexico, Peru, Stonehenge, Mars, the zodiac,and anything else that matches his sesame seeded bread and it all goes back to RA and the feather UFO overlord of the Egyptian people portrayed as dumb humans, as we all are in his theory.

All of that and it came from an Orion campfire idea in the Arabian desert in 1983 between two families making small talk. Bauval did write a book long before Herschel about his idea and it was somewhat popular, more so For the OCT theory and the shafts in the pyramids possible aligning with them.

Herschel claims he has documented proof from magic books of the 15th century to Egyptian papyrus, to monuments of the 20th century and the face on Mars (guess he's been there and explored).

I don't want to get started on his cult religion Oneism.

Here's a debunk snippet. (One of many on the web.)

"Also, zodiac constellations are not Egyptian, and there is no evidence that Leo was recognized as a lion by anyone, least of all Egyptians, 12,500 years ago. The Egyptian astronomical system was completely different from the Mesopotamian scheme that eventually gave us the zodiac. The oldest Egyptian representations of a lion constellation are New Kingdom, and there is good evidence that the Lion is not Leo. The zodiac we know was not introduced into Egypt until the Ptolemaic period, and it is a Graeco-Roman transplant.

"If the star-aligned shafts in the Great Pyramid tell us the Egyptians wanted the north sides of their pyramids to face the northern sky, and south sides of their pyramids to face the southern sky, why would they arrange Giza with the southernmost pyramid matching the most northern star of the Belt and vice-versa? If the Egyptians intended the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx to reflect the arrangement of the sky in 10,500 B.C., why is the Sphinx on the wrong side of the Nile? In fact, Bauval and Gilbert had to turn a map of Egypt upside-down to get the Giza pyramids to match the stars in the Orion Belt."


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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 06:55 AM
Hmmmm....................regarding Wayne's penchant for purloining..........

>>>>> Graham Hancock

>>>>> Robert Buval

>>>>> Adrian Gilbert

>>>>> Erich Von Daniken

>>>>> Dan Brown


Hmmmm................Gives an insight into Wayne's OBSESSION with copyright

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

... Well, its documented that Henry gave it a go once after he
sold illegal orchids for real in the UK and was caught...

What's wrong with Palm plants?!

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Did a quick 'back in time' and revisited the cnn1 report thread that Wayne got you banned

from when you exposed that he was mulitple posters on that site!
as you would expect

it had died a death. However there were a couple of new posts since i had last been there i

am posting one here so others can appreciate the 'caliber' of Wayne's disciples

# Maddog # to me waynes thiry fits beter than the norm of todays iluminated fals realily

im with the plaides

i like the mars inomalys video you did and the way youv shown how obvious it is cus out of all

you have found is the only thing that will show we have left this planet to do it or we have come

from there to here everything els could be a trick created in he begining by an elite civalisation

that is still here some ware.

I kid you not.

SHAME on you Wayne taking advantage of the disadvantaged

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 08:32 AM
I stated on another thread about Wayne Herschel that after actually going head to head with this guy on different venues like blogs and such, he is a class-A liar and a punk. He blatantly lied in front of his dominion and they ate it up like the spoon fed garbage he nourishes them with.

I don't understand them.

Is it the fact that they are rubbing elbows with someone that has a book out there? ( even though he had to publish it himself, no publisher would touch it).

Or maybe they want so hard to believe in anything but reality that they would take a bullet for Wayne just to to prove their dedication to pseudo-science fantasy even if he himself laughed at them and claimed it was all a joke (which it is) because they can't or won't recant their convictions.

It troubles me that he can lead people to another site and lie in front of them and they still back him without using reason or questioning their doubts.

The guy is crude, mean, and a pathological liar. As an author, just look at his comments in some of the above post. If Bridgette didn't write for him (and not that well, either) he wouldn't even be able to self publish.

Some of that nasty diatribe is in Neo's E-book located here:

Such is the life of a landscaper turned mystical writer and the creator and pope of oneism. Pope lie-us the I.
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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

You say you don't understand Wayne's minnions - I don't either..........except maybe.........

as i said in an earlier thread, they are somewhat mindless, can't think for themselves and

NEED to be told what to do and believe. Wayne fulfills that need - 'taking advantage of

the disadvantaged!'

Most people can only go back a couple of generations in their own lineages! Some take

enough interest and research and can go back two or three centuries. I myself can go back

to 1737. That in itself is a lot of information to absorb! - So i can never figure out WHY

any one is interested in discovering IF their forefathers were Aliens.
[ too far away to have

ANY significance on the here and now ] Still it seems to be making Wayne a living

British Forensic Psychologist Dr Mike Berry said in 1998 about hoaxers

Most hoax offenders are lonely, inadequate people who crave attention, however negative,

and will pay little regard to the consequences of their actions. If you lead a boring life and feel

you have no control over what happens to you, hoaxing is a way of adding excitement in much

the same way as joyriding or drugs. It s also a very repeatable offence, which means you can

go on getting a buzz from it until you are caught.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by eletheia

... If you lead a boring life and feel you have no control over what happens to you, hoaxing is a way
of adding excitement in much the same way as joyriding or drugs.
It s also a very repeatable offence, which means you can go on getting a buzz from it until you are

That's just freakin' great!
I TRY to lead a boring life, I never joy-ride a drug and refrain from hoaxing, but now
poor BIAD is getting tied-in with Judy 'my-dish-is-bigger-than-your-dish' Faltskog.

Well, like I was tellin' The President -the other night as we drove around in a stolen
Lamborghini and jammed huge handfuls of coc aine up our noses... (BIAD doesn't have
a nose? did he do it the 'Stevie Nicks way?!)... I get a buzz out of being a repeat-offender.

The Prez said "Pardon?" so I repeated it again.

posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 11:56 PM
I'm not promoting an e-book or doing any self pats on the back but only stating a recent insight to myself. I posted an article about a montage and even sent neo some emails about "did you know this or that" all the while he had it laid out in a book format.

I feel silly now and humbled that my files matched somewhat with his book but my files were incomplete with what he had put together. Granted I read some of this book when it came out but never read it at one sitting. Doing some very recent research I reopened the book and realized what he had accomplished in that blood,sweat, and tears of a resource tome not to mention the tremendous effort it must have taken.

I read it through today and felt like a fool for the past emails we shared. My file catalog is inadequate compared to what he has amassed over the past year. I used a system that I had to hunt and piece together to make a point that I was trying to make and kind of forgot about his e-book, confident in my abilities to quickly find materials.

My missing documents and resources with holes in them were in his book.

Once again, not promoting anything just letting Neo know that he needs to overlook my emails and his book has now become my main reference source. My God man, I found things that I have either lost or forgotten and had a terrible time relocating.

sign me humble jerk.

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

No need to feel "humbled". None at all. Nearly ALL of the material in that book was collected by yourself and others here. All I did was behave as a central repository for it. I collected and collated data, and tried to piece it together into a more or less coherent whole, and to give it some sort of flow or progression, leading from one bread crumb to the next.

I've got something on the order of 1.4 gigabytes of files in the matter. So much that I've not been able to get it all properly organized even, and I don't know how much of that is doubled up, or what is missing.

When I went to put it all together in the book, I was driven, "a man with a mission". I went through the thread page by page, post by post, up to around page 142, collecting more stuff that I had missed or misplaced along the way. That stuff had already been brought to the table by yourself and others. YOU all did the leg work. I just pieced it together.

Had it not been for experiences at the blog that YOU started, the book would have never been born to begin with. When we endured that massive "Light Warrior assault", it lit a fire under my slack ass, and the eventual demise of the blog - and the underhanded, extortionist, blackmailing way that was accomplished - was what drove me onward to complete that mission.

I wasn't about to let us get whooped, and go out with a whimper. Pure hard-headedness, and nothing more. Stubbornness, that's all.

It took about 2 months to do all the reading, thinking, collating, organizing, and writing. I worked at it several hours a day, sometimes forgetting to eat even. I had a mission, and I was damn well going to see it through to a conclusion. When you fell off the 'net, and we couldn't find you anywhere after all the threats the "Light Warriors" had made, well, that made it even more imperative.

All I did was to put it together, try to trim out the excess fat, and type it up. NONE of that would have been possible without the efforts at laying the groundwork and collecting information that were accomplished by you and the others here. To this day, I have not sat down and read it from cover to cover myself. I use it more as a reference than anything else, looking up this or that.

YOU, in the company of others here, did the ground work, the grunt-work in the trenches, and that's not anything to feel humbled about at all!

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 03:41 AM
Bedlam said..."edit: I bet a cold beer this ends up being some sort of viral marketing for a book, with "How we received a signal from aliens and it was all covered up" as a theme."

You did notice that the OP is a "writer" according to his sig.?

Rather thought this from the first post for some reason.

Maybe a good way to take a rough idea to a finished story.

If others have already pointed this out, sorry.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by dowot

The designation "writer" under cosmicpixie's handle means she has writers privileges in the ATS writer's forum, not that she is an author of books. I'm not aware of any books she has written, and she didn't originate the hoax any way, she just reported it at ATS after having found it already in progress at Facebook.

James/Judy has written at least one book that never really got off the ground called "The Aenstrean Revelations" about his first hand communing with "aliens", and of course Wayne Herschel wrote that ridiculous book where he takes artworks from ancient cultures and tries to warp it to fit his pet theories. There was probably a collaborative work in the offing with Judy providing the "alien communications" part of the story line and Wayne providing the "they silenced us!" part of the story line, but it got nipped in the bud when the whole hoax was exposed. That's all speculation - no evidence has been uncovered to support it that I know of - but Bedlam was probably on the right track.

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by dowot

You're right about it being some sort of markeing ploy. But not by the OP, she is just a vehicle

for Wayne's marketing strategies, since he first put the book on the market on 2003.

His favourite is the one that 'TPTB' or the 'ELITE' are trying to ban his 'secret' knowledge and

Judy just screams "make it go viral"

posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Don't be too hard on yourself... I blame this eyeless freak called BIAD.
He should've been there for you, all raven-black haired and shiny thigh.

He should have seen that Wayne would call his Eygptian Gods down to
disrupt the truth-finding and have the great website -you made, closed down.

BIAD is supposed to be smart... really, it's not all just good looks and red-nails.
He was supposed to see through this attempted hoax and set-up schemes to
out-wit and dismay the enemies of Darkness... did he? No.

So don't be too hard on youself, Sir and to lighten the load, I've hidden his nylons.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 11:41 PM
E, not sure if this is the pic you were referring to but it does favor Jimmy. Does anyone see a complete correlation with dummy's pic and Mars?

My waffle came closer to aligning with the Martian landscape.

Cousins maybe? The kissing type perhaps.

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