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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

You know, you'd expect a god, or a godling, to be a bit more accurate in the predictions he hands down for his prophets to pass out. Even a fake one ought to have better predictions. How else are they to draw new acolytes, if everyone can see and confirm for themselves that the Ra Religion is full of it, and batting 0 in the prophecy department?

The ancient Egyptians would be SO ashamed...

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 02:11 PM
This thread is still going? I do hope it's maintained its top comedy elements...

Off to read up on the hoaxers that knew no shame...

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

They're right here [the lead books], next to the frozen burritos, wrapped in tinfoil to keep any alien UV signals from penetrating the refrigerator and potentially "activating" them.
That's quality right there. You'd best be careful Homeland Security don't turn up and think your fridge is packed with improvised expletive devices... You know, the ammunition for the googlebombing!

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 06:17 PM

Originally posted by Bunken Drum
reply to post by nenothtu

They're right here [the lead books], next to the frozen burritos, wrapped in tinfoil to keep any alien UV signals from penetrating the refrigerator and potentially "activating" them.
That's quality right there. You'd best be careful Homeland Security don't turn up and think your fridge is packed with improvised expletive devices... You know, the ammunition for the googlebombing!

I keep the timers for the Googlebombs in an entirely separate location (safety considerations, you know) so they probably can't run me in for questioning under a naked light bulb just for the words... everyone has a few words laying around, right?

They're as common as fertilizer!

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

everyone has a few words laying around, right?

They're as common as fertilizer!
Goddamnit nenothtu, have you gone native on us? The Major told me he had concerns about you. Said this mission was gettin to ya. Cloudin ya judgement. I didn't believe it. I still don't believe it, but keeping unsanctioned words lying around? Never mind what it looks like, you know how dangerous these words can be. Do I gotta remind ya what happened last time the wrong words got out?

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by Bunken Drum

All the words I have laying around at the moment have started "sweating", indicating that they have become unstable. I may have to throw them in a box to create an IVD (Improvised Verbal Device) and leave it sitting next to a South African road. I'll get right on that, as soon as the Major sends me some new, stable words to replace them with.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by nenothtu
Good luck with that! I'm still waiting for the anti-light-worker charms I requisitioned. That may be why I ended up in hospital a few months ago. I actually had an NDE but it wasn't anything like those we hear about. Certainly no Ra or Onanism. I ought to write it up in the paranormal forum, but I'm still on meds that rival the recreational cornucopia so I'm finding it bloody difficult to stay focussed long enough to read 2 pages 1 after the other, nevermind write much.

Still, if it was them pesky light-workers that did for me, they hexed themselves in the foot because I'm now enjoying a reasonable lifestyle without the annoyance of working, curtesy of insurance, and with an excellent cocktail of free prescription meds, I'm saving a freaking fortune! Take note ye meddlers in the arcane, I'm a minor legend in my own lunchtime for surviving bodily malfunction that has seen off those with a less doughty liver and insufficient spleen.

Naturally the time will come, as it has before, when boredom sets in. Of course, just because I'm not actually very ill anymore is no reason for me to relinquish my cushy life! Hey, call me whatever you like, only fools and horses work and only complete morons do it voluntarily when there's a perfectly good alternative. But, as I say, boredom will eventually set in and that's when I'll be on your light-muddling cases with all the malevolence of the rule of threes. Make sense? Think about it... very, very carefully.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 08:31 PM
I was asked to look into Tony Dodd as another branch of James's deceit and manipulations of the UFO community back in the 80's and 90's. Tony was a respected former police officer and coordinator of Quest magazine. (formerly the Yorkshire UFO Society). From first hand accounts and correspondence with persons of that time frame, Tony was well liked and an ardent pursuer of UFO stories and later in life was respected as much as the former police officer that he had been.

No disrespect to Mr. Dobbs but I was told that he became a little quirky as quite a few of UFO investigators had become in those days and I think he let the fame and request for appearance's go to his head a little. He was still basically an honest, straight forward man but he caved in to the masses so as to please them more than to seem boring and uninformed. Stretched the truth? yes, he and many others did to stay in the limelight and to sell books and run the circuit.

First hand accounts have him interacting with James in England about the Kalahari incident and I'm told James even stayed with Mr. Dobbs for a short period of time. It was revealed that James abused his stay by taking some personal property that wasn't his to take. It seems James always had gadgets that he couldn't have paid for because he didn't work. When he did work he was all thumbs and didn't last long at all. Scamming was easier and less hard to perform to fund his life style.

Here is an article from 1989:

1989 May 7th: Kalahari Desert, Botswana

One of the most famous cases (and probable hoaxes) occurred in 1990 with the claim that the South African Air Force had shot a 'flying saucer' out of the sky. Tony Dodd, a former police officer and coordinator of Quest
(formerly the Yorkshire UFO Society), claims that in July 1990, he was contacted by Captain James Van Greunen, a special investigations intelligence officer with the South African Air Force. According to Van Greunen,
a UFO and been shot down in the Kalahari desert by two Mirage fighters which were armed with an experimental laser cannon. He provided Dodd with a small dossier of the case. The dossier gave a detailed account of the incident which claims that the UFO which was traveling at 6000 mph and was tracked by NORAD's radar system.

He claims that a special team was sent to the crash site where they found a large silvery disc embedded in the ground. High radiation readings were reported and the craft was carefully shipped back Valhalla, the air base.
It is then claimed that once the craft was inside a hanger a hatchway opened up and out stepped 2 creatures.
The aliens were taken to a medical unit where they were examined and described as being 4ft tall, with grey skin, no body hair, over-large heads and huge slanting eyes (sound familiar!). The two creatures were than
allegedly sent to Wright Patterson.

For quite some time debate raged between UFOlogist, those thinking that this was just an wild hoax,
and those believing this to be an authentic case. Van Greunen met with Dodd in England but soon afterwards
the South African government ordered him home. He later fled South Africa and moved to Germany where he published his story. The documents that Van Greunen supplied were examined closely and found to be fraudulent.
By no means were all of the investigators influenced by fame and game. Some have passed on and some have moved into different areas of interest. They are and were legit. Some just got caught up in the moment.
Another snippet with some of the other players in this Hoax:

Botswana/South AFRICA UFO Crash!

This incident, alleged to have occurred on the 7th May, 1989. Revelations were made by a Dr Henry Azadehdel that he was in touch with South African Intelligence officers who had revealed 'all' about the incident.
(The officer...James Van Greunen)
From a Tony Dobb and Henry Azadehdel seminar
Why do I drudge up these known facts and old accounts?
Because I wanted to show that almost the whole community cashed in on a money cow. Even respected investigators got in on the act and people are still buying their books and still believing their stories.
Some like I've stated are legit and there were others at Quest magazine at that time that worked with Mr. Dodd whom were honest then and still are now.
James will never stop. it has been in his blood from early childhood. So here's to another lie soon to emerge from James's infantile imagination and here's a link to his South Africa Intelligence Documents from 1989 with the SA logo.

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posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 04:13 AM
reply to post by eletheia

*Boy In A Dress steps up to the lecturn and after sipping from a glass on a shelf
underneath, he taps the microphone and scans the eager audience*
"How are you doing today?" he says softly and the crowd applaud loudly at
the Man/Girl's kind question*

"For many years now... (BIAD's words show an earnest)... The Galactic Federation
has struggled to get it's message out about the different races of alien that make
up the esteemed Council. The Draco, The Grays, The Nordics and many more, work
with diligence to ensure our way of life and this very planet we call 'Earth' remains
on it's path to an enlightenment that only a few of us have glimpsed"

*A pregnant pause follows as the orator in the short red dress draws in the crowd*

"Any of you that have read my work... *BIAD holds the garrish-covered book aloft*
know that The Galactic Fed are here and RIGHT NOW are entrusting their mission to a
specially-chosen few. One of those Missionaries is with us tonight"

*BIAD Glances to his right and sitting on the podium is a sandy-haired man, the young
girl sat beside him squeezes his hand for reassurance*

So, I'll tarry no longer and after you've donated what you can"... *a brass plate is
circulating the crowd and BIAD spots a fat guy in a white T-Shirt and a home-grown
Van-Dyke beard dump a wad of cash in the receptacle*... we'll introduce our Guest
Of The Evening"

*BIAD looks again to his right and mouths 'It's in the bag' to the portly chap with the
salt-and-pepper beard and the 'AREA 51 NOW!' -blazoned tie.

"Here he is folks... this is the man you've come to see"... *the audience erupts and
the whoops, cheers and applause is deafening* ..."let's have a great welcome for
Mr. W..."

The cacophony of sound drowns out the name of the smiling young man that approaches
the eyeless freak at the lecturn, a thick-looking book is jammed under his arm and his gait
shows he's a mild considerate person -who may have the answers.

The applause continues and Boy In A Dress slips back to the vacated chair and pulling
down his hem, he smiles at the young woman with the 'emo-style' hair-do and the heavy
masscara beside him.

"Do yer' think they'll buy the 'BIAD' coffee-coasters?" the Man/Girl asks the woman that
was reknown in the past for her supposedly 'Alien UV-Signal' account and a demure
smile appears on her strangely somehow-masculine face.

"This lot will buy anything BIAD... stick with me and we'll make a fortune" she says
and leans over to rummage in her handbag and show off her ample -paid or- busom.

Did I tick all the boxes?

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posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 04:26 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Have you tried the Soviet 'Buy My Book' Repeater Rifle yet? it's a doozy and
can be acquired at all major conferences on UFOs. The price is reasonable,
all you have to give is your sanity.

This item is NOT a toy.

Edit: I have been approached to announce the new South African WH1 Stun
-Gun that will disable all reasonable thinking in a one mile radius.
Preliminary tests show that any rumoured side-effects of changing one's gender
are seriously doubted, but the manufacturers will not be held accountable.
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posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

And then you woke up??

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 11:16 AM
Most of us here on this thread will remember 'Steelesco' who at one stage had his

begging bowl out on behalf of Wayne! Indeed off the top of my head if i remember

right he purported to be donating £20 ( he could ill afford) every two weeks to the Wayne

Herschel charity.

Whilst surfing recently i came across the following 'quote within a quote' on the site

'South African Skeptics' March 29th. 2007 [4yrs ago and it could have been yesterday]

Wayne Herschel needs a cash injection to perputate his fool's foray into the swampy lands

of selective bias! Quote (it appears) from a Sunday newspaper article

Our article last Sunday about Melkbos author Wayne Herschel and his theories about the

origins of Stonehenge and the pyramids was preposterous according to one distinctly

underwhelmed reader.

Well, maybe not as preposterous as he thinks. For buried deep within Hershel's website at

www.thehiddenrecords is the following

"More books need to be printed urgently and new investors are invited to join the quest. Each

new investor will be entitled to a royalty ad. infinitum....................

An investment share of $25,000 in the project earns the investor a 17c per book reward. The

investment is treated like a 'bank loan' with interest. The return of the 'loan' amount to the

lender is being targeted within a 12 month period.

"The offer may sound too good to be true, and because of the unique nature of this project,

will only make sense to those who have taken the time to read the book! Dan Brown has sold

over 40 million books. Even if The Hidden Records were to sell only a fraction of such a figure...

......................IMAGINE the reward!"

The columinist does not explain how an ostensibly lucrative deal offer resulting from an

apparent upsurge in popularity can in any way diminish the preposterousness of it's

contentions. It is non sequitur, unless the implication is that it is OK to bilk people with dodgy

facts and dodgier reasoning, as long as someone - ANYONE - makes a buck thereby.

Not much of a deal for an investor when according to Wayne's OWN words he doesn't have

the distribution and book sales are virtually zilch
17c of 0 = NOTHING

posted on Sep, 24 2011 @ 08:28 PM
Got another threat about a certain video and so I'm flying out to a Langley safe house on a remote island far from Dr Judy's big ear on the universe.

I might have to decode my spy speak for Dr Judy in my reply back. Woo Hoo, actually means, I don't give a rat's buttered butt what you do.

I have read a few threads this week on red mercury (is it real?) and its funny that Henry Azadehdel was running that scam pre-2003 somewhere in the mid to late 90's.


While Henry portrayed himself as an audacious adventurer, to others he was the ubiquitous Man-in-Black. Stories circulated of his appearances; strolling through a Tokyo hotel lobby, for instance, just as he was spotted - like Oswald - leaving an embassy in Mexico. Rumours associated Henry with the deadly trade in Red Mercury, or the 'missing' Alternative 3 tapes, or parrots. He was twice reported seen in the back of a Soviet embassy limousine in Ottawa. As far as the three appeal court judges were concerned, however, Azadehdel all the while sold cans of pop behind the counter of his brother's suburban mini-mart. If they considered any of these stories a shade bogus, it was bogusity shaded with bold panache.


They were considering producing a documentary on him at one time and its not clear if it was ever made. Henry is an old friend of Judy/James Van Gruenen and a partner of crime in England and scams around the world. There was even a mention of alien communications or a signal story that was on the horizon.

Got another offensive video of ATS members killed online and the good Dr. seems to be more involved with devil worship now than fake alien's and a personal phone line to Orion. I did crack the phone code and will try to call them myself. Its 1-800-wayneisgod, hope that 800 is really toll free..

Henry was instrumental in promoting the Kalahari incident for James and was with him in Germany at one time. Maybe he gave her an orchid (wink,wink) as she was disguised in a uniform as her brother James the out of uniform bumbling waiter dude.

Judy knows the clues above. So NASA Judy I'm still waiting on your next move and that sock you wear surely must be worn out by now. See you bopeep in the world court.
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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 11:51 AM

Originally posted by dcmb1409
Got another threat about a certain video and so I'm flying out to a Langley safe house on a remote island far from Dr Judy's big ear on the universe.

Not me. I'm gonna pitch a tent right in the shadow of the EFFET telescope. They'll never think to be looking for me there, so they'll never figure out where to deliver any threats heading my way. It's part of that CIA training I got when they brainwashed me for the Mind Control program - hide in plain sight, and no one thinks to look where you are - they're too busy poking around in dark nooks and crannies, where you're not, in the certainty that you must be on the run and hiding from them. Eric Rudolph was a graduate of the same program, and look how long HE held out against the entire Federal government while they were beating the bushes in the back woods looking for his "hiding place". Through the Intel Agency grapevine network, I hear he even joined the search crews looking for him!

With that in mind, I think I may apply for a position in the Judy Faltskog Financial Empire (TM) . Maybe she has just the right place for a former CIA trained and brainwashed assassin and Intel Operative who is now on the run from every one and every thing since Judy and Bjorn turned the entire Alphabet Agency hierarchy against us...

I might have to decode my spy speak for Dr Judy in my reply back. Woo Hoo, actually means, I don't give a rat's buttered butt what you do.

W00t! (I think that's hexadecimal for "Woo Hoo").

Is Henry A. still alive? I picked up a batch of Red Mercury at Tesco's last weekend (it's two aisles over from Wayne's Book - and selling much better!), and am looking for a place to unload it... is he alive still? Has anyone seen him lately - maybe at a McDonalds in Kuala Lumpur eating a Big Mac with Elvis?

Got another offensive video of ATS members killed online and the good Dr. seems to be more involved with devil worship now than fake alien's and a personal phone line to Orion. I did crack the phone code and will try to call them myself. Its 1-800-wayneisgod, hope that 800 is really toll free..

Devil worship? Mein Gott, she must have run up on that wierd-ass from the blog! I'm still waiting for the ground to crack open under my feet and release a horde of devouring demons RE: "his" vapid threats. You remember the wierd-ass... they guy texting threats in to the blog from southern England via a cell phone through a Service Provider Who Shall Remain Nameless But Who Is Very Cooperative Nonetheless.

Truly a Small World, isn't it?

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:19 PM
Not sure if Dr Henry is still alive or if he is dating Dr Judy and playing grandpa to her 17 children. Maybe Dr Henry is still trying to get the red mercury stains off of his hands. (Cherry Kool-Aid is hell to wash off). Last mention I have of him is in a book called Mirage Men in 2010 about scams and disinfo topics.

Ran across a NASAJudy post on ATS from 2009/2010 as Danascully and had to laugh, it appears James was married to Judy whom is James. my head is spinning.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------

It has taken me a great deal of contemplation and courage to join this

group and say what I am about to tell you.

I hope by what I tell you that you will at last let my husband rest in


I am from Germany and I am the wife of James Van Greunen.

We have 2 wonderfull children that are 22 and 20 years old.

My Husband was a Colonel in the RSA Military Intelligence.

He felt it was his duty to inform the world of the event that you call the

Kalahari Incident.

My husband trusted the wrong people with this information.

These people made money out of the documents supplied by my husband, eg

Michael Hesemann.

It was Mr Hesemann from Munich who destroyed me and my childrens life by

systematically discrediting my husband and the truth that he stood for.

My husband commited suicide in 1993 due to pressure from Intelligence

services eg. CIA, NSA, DIA, SASS, Michael Hesemann, Henry Azadhedel and

many other self made UFO researchers and self proclaimed UFO prophets.

My husband died as a man and not a Transexual as you would like the world

to believe. My husband never changed his sex!

I suggest you question the source of your information. The more crazy the

story the better it sells... Isnt it?

James Van Greunen is buried in Bavaria near our town.

All I ask is that you let him rest in Peace now....

His Wife and Children
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----

Eletheia answered her and Judy went silent, ha ha.

seem to be getting a pain in my shoulder. Maybe witch doctor Dr. Judy is doing the voodoo doll curse on us again. It worked last time when she cursed the blog, yep. she's a menace and a power to be reckoned with.

Where in Bavaria are you buried Judy? I'd like to visit your grave and pay my respects.

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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 06:29 PM
CONFESSION........I am very easily distracted and whilst looking for something in
particular I came across the following in the UFO AFRINEWS No 4 it pertains to
Judy's life while she was still James.and the infamous Kalahari incident

from UFO Afrinews No 4 by Cynthia Hind

A Manchester solicitor and well known UFO investigator says - "our contacts advise that
the object was NOT brought down by SA Forces, but crashed due to avanced composites
fatigue. - A satellite in trouble ?

I doubt we will ever know the truth about what happened on the SA border but i cannot help
feeling that whatever it was it certainly was NOT space craft with two aliens inside!

On page 7 item (c) of AFRINEWS No 3 we referred to a strange hieroglyphic type of writing
which Van Greunen alleged was found inside the 'crashed craft.' He actually produced two
pages referring to this writing, with an interpretation [his obviously.]

To be given a sheet of incomphrensible symbols perporting to be an alphabet from the star
system Reticuli, and to be asked if i think this is the alphabet of a 'real' language is a
daunting experience! This - you may have already guessed is YET another twist in the
tangled plot of the incredible James Van Greunen Saga.

These strange symbols, together with a key to their sounds in English and [i quote] various
deciphered phrases as seen and translated on board Alien craft by person signing himself
Captain James Van Greunen SAAF Intelligence, Pretoria. and dated 10th Aug [or 8th oct 89]
represent an astounding feat of inventiveness!

The point i want to make - is in the document labled 'The Crem Alphabet' by James Van
Greunen there is no consistency, no logic that one can see. I wondered how the person who
did the 'translation' could not only have deciphered this most impenetrable alphabet, but even
translated the most abstract concepts - All in the space of days ? document dated Aug or
Oct 1989.

For the Record these are his translations





Godzilla couldn't have put it better !!

I can only dismiss this as a complete fabrication in line with the others that have made
"The Van Greunen Saga" one of the most impudently successful confidence tricks in
ufological history.............................................

Two Aliens in a crashed craft to destroy and execute ALL of

And how lucky James was there to translate their mission into English?

That must have been the precursor for his later deciphering of the intelligent signal in 2010!

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409

A few things to note in the snippet you quoted. James "died" in 1993, which is the same year that Judy came into existence, graduated from UC Berkeley, and was kissin' other girls in South Africa. I feel her/his pain... ya gotta wonder what it's like to be a lesbian trapped in a man's body, and wonder further how one could tell I mean, you know... lesbians like girls... men like girls... How would you KNOW if you're a lesbian trapped in a man's body?

These are the sort of thoughts that keep me wide awake at night, staring fearfully at the shadows in the corners...

The ages are about right for James' children, and as I recall they are about right for Judy's children, too! Well, at least what Judy claimed for the ages of her children...

If James is really buried in Bavaria, it should be a simple matter to put this story to rest,,, gallows humor purely unintentional, I assure you! A simple trip to the graveyard would suffice, I find it incomprehensible in light of that fact that "Missus van Greunen": seems reluctant to tell just which cemetery he's allegedly buried in... as an aside, Bavaria is a beautiful area, and lovely place to spend the rest of forever. Don't ask how I know, 'cause all I'll say is that I've got bout 3 albums full of photos of the area.

Is it just me, or did any one else notice the list of alphabet agencies given there as being similar to... well, IDENTICAL to, really, the agencies that Judy and Bjorn have beset upon us? maybe Judy and Bjorn are responsible for James' suicide. It fits their M.O., eh? To be sure, I feel that Judy is INTIMATELY connected to the demise of James!

posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 04:04 AM
reply to post by eletheia

Odd, isn't it, how they can translate a completely alien script in a completely alien language - and I stress the word ALIEN! I understand that there are some archaeological mysteries surrounding some purely terrestrial, eminently HUMAN languages that they should be put to work on. They ought to be able to crack the likes of Linear B in a matter of minutes!

Regarding this:


I was born near Akron, and can't read alien scripts.

Due to the number of "(sic)"s in the translation, I'm forced to conclude that aliens are atrocious at spelling, and have to wonder how they manage to walk among the stars with that grade of education.

The hubris of alien races! Thinking they could "overthrow", "enslave", "iniahalate (sic)", and "extinct" the human race with only two of their kind, and then to be shot down by a lowly, non-existent "Laser Cannon" (said in my best Dr. Evil impersonation, complete with finger quotes!)

Oh, the INHUMANITY of it all!

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posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 10:50 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

You know what they say about pathological liars. There's a little truth mixed in with all of the BS slung. I take this approach when reading anything from NASAJudy and match it with past history and retorts, makes it easier to identify sock puppets.

Bavaria, ahh yes. Spent some time there myself on a REFORGER exercise (wargames) some time back. Would like to visit James's marker myself and maybe leave a saucer and an African violet to mark his passing and contributions to the world and the UFO community.

NASAJudy's transformation back then must have been either a major shock to the system or a major release of pent up emotions, We may never know. But after seeing her morph now from world renown NASA astronomer back to vampire and devil worshiper, I have to wonder if she ever contemplated having dental and new age surgery to transform yet once again?

You know, with orthodontic fangs and ribbed batwings attached to her back. I would really like to brag about my car door handles being made by Dracula and Vamprilla. Kind of sucks the blood from your head, doesn't it?

The Tony Dodd research took me back to his time in America and I'm trying to get some first hand accounts of the Sedona, Arizona story by James of his family ordeals and miraculous recovery. Just to see if there was any shreds of truth to his claims or if it was slung from a full plate. We know there were claims of missing property or items that followed James where ever he went so I'm hoping to get some accounts and new info, especially the bookstore theft claim.

Let me know if you want copies of the latest threats and a copy of the first hand accounts of Tony D. and I'll U2.

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posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

maybe Judy and Bjorn are responsible for James' suicide. It fits their M.O., eh?
To be sure, I feel that Judy is INTIMATELY connected to the demise of James!

Unknown to most here, I was actually at the operation of James-To-Judy!
Yes... I know, I know... the many questions will come, but before all that,
I must state I was a lowly Candy-Striper at the time with a nibbling lower
lip and thin ankles.
But I was there.

I recall the nervous mouse-haired young man agreeing with the surgeon to go
ahead with the 'nip-and-tuck' and as I reached to wipe sweat fromn the brow of
Dr. Himmler, I distinctly heard James mutter to himself "you'll be the death of me

So you may not be far from the mark, Neno.

Nah... I wasn't there really, I was at the Kalahari Crash-site... with Elvis.

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