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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by dcmb1409


You have been missed

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 07:04 AM

Originally posted by dcmb1409
reply to post by nenothtu

I see that the Waynester is up to his old tricks. I need to get back into the swing of things and read all of the latest it seems. Can someone point an old MIA where to do some catching up. Light warriors had me kidnapped

You had me real excited there for a moment - you really did ...
I miss dcmb1490 as do others.

He was an integral part of this team and has been sorely missed and worried more than a few folks as to his whereabouts.

Hey - lets catch up for a beer and we'll get you up to speed. All has been quiet on the farm these past few months, but it does seem like things may pick up a little now.

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by Netties Hermit

Thanks it is me dcmb1490 but had to sign in as dcmb1409 because i can't access my e-mail as of yet. long story short, had some major water damage and lost my computer and everything that was on it. Just got back online and everything is changed. Can't find my blog, my e-mail is locked, blah, blah and still I see Wayne is at it from the little that I can gather at the moment. I,m working to get everything worked out and back up running, hope to have my e-mail back soon.

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Welcome back Dcmb... and BIAD blows a kiss your way!!
It looks like the old b*ll# Machine is being cranked up and
so, we better 'man-up'.

Judy-Judy...? won't you let it heal, gal?

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 06:38 PM

Originally posted by dcmb1409
reply to post by Netties Hermit

Thanks it is me dcmb1490 but had to sign in as dcmb1409 because i can't access my e-mail as of yet. long story short, had some major water damage and lost my computer and everything that was on it. Just got back online and everything is changed. Can't find my blog, my e-mail is locked, blah, blah and still I see Wayne is at it from the little that I can gather at the moment. I,m working to get everything worked out and back up running, hope to have my e-mail back soon.

The blog got taken down in a Light Warrior attack, as did another one belonging to one Wayne Herschel, an innocent man protesting the misuse of his good name.

Well, ONE of your blogs got taken down, and ONE of the other Wayne Herschel's got taken down. All the rest are faring fine, and doing brisk business. You know where yours are. Don't worry about the Wordpress blog. I've got it all backed up and ready to go again, but since Wordpress are such censorious wussies who cave at the slightest threat, I'd pick another place to re-post it if I were you. Just let me know when you're ready, and I'll e-mail the blog to you in all it's HTML glory - including every last comment posted there, right up to the very last one posted before it was taken down. Homey does backups like Wayne does BS. The whole story of the blog is in the book. The Book.... suitable retribution for the blog attack has been made, in a form that will never leave the internet now. Even I can't make it go away. Several hundred copies are floating around on the internet now, and being read, uploaded, and downloaded on a daily basis.

ATS itself came under Light Warrior assault, at least twice. One time was a "Google Bomb" that Wayne tried to set against it, which backfired and gave him all manner of negative publicity. I laughed my ass off (no, really, I did. There's nothing there to hinge my legs on now, and locomotion is a problem). He Google Bombed HIMSELF in an intended attack on ATS! His malpage is still there, but he has since quietly wiped away the Google Bomb from it.

James/Judy went on a suicide mission against us, spamming BS all over the internet which got met and countered at every turn. She finally bit off a bit too much, and claimed that the MAGIC telescope in the Canaries was her own creation, and called it the EFFET Telescope, claiming it was her magic radio telescope that picks up UV light. I reckon she figured that no one would have a clue as to what that exotic looking telescope really was. Bummer. She hasn't been seen or heard from since, unless that was really her trying to claim that NASA "Professors" have decrypted an alien signal which is transmitted in Latin that I posted about on the previous page. I'm still reeling around about the claim that they made a "secret" public announcement about the matter.

Speaking of your e-mail, it's been sending out some odd SOS messages. No wonder you can't get into it.

Anyhow, have a go at the book. It's got pictures, documents, and lays the story out fairly well. It should get you caught up on the aftermath of the Wayne Wars of 2010. A search on "The Hoax Heard Round the World" turns up multiple download avenues now. It's free for the downloading. I was hoping Wayne would put a copy of it on his bookshelf right next to The Hidden Records, but no such luck so far. I saw a recent photo of him, with THR prominently displayed on the bookshelf behind him, but all of the books next to it were books on Mythology.

Come to think of it, that's pretty dog gone appropriate!

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

Cool, thanks for all of the updates. Use your backup of the old blog anyway you see fit. I might be off line again after two more weeks for some time and don't have the time to keep another blog going. My e-mail is the same as the old except its hotmail instead of google now. Google is telling me that my account was shut down for security reasons but i can start a new one. I owe Wayne it seems and before i go offline again for a while, they will be a payment made. always pay my debts. Nice to see everyone again (Eletheia, Netties Hermit, BIAD, Nenothtu) , now let me see what socket I can stick Waynes finger in. Doc said he might need some shock treatments.
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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by dcmb1409

Check your U2U's. I know you can't reply, but there's info there.

posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

First of all let me be clear... Wayne and his minions had nothing to do with my being offline for so long, mother nature was the culprit and i'm still recooping from that aftermath. I have two weeks of internet left before I have to find my way back online with new weapons of fighting for the truth. Wayne is a minor hoaxer and the he-she is a mental midget. after reading nenothtu's excellent book which a lot of work was done, I was impressed and mad. Impressed with nenothtu's attention to detail and the ungodly amout of work he did. Mad that Wayne threatened me again. Bring it own bad writer of bad fantasy. Once an idiot always an idiot wayne, eh?. I have many blogs left in me, wayne, your attempt to clean your name from the hoaxes and underhanded attempts to block the truth reminds me of Hitler in WWII. Granted you have a following that will orgasim at a flashlight beam on a winter's night and proclaim you the messiah of the bedroom researchers, you are a hoaxer and a piece of subhuman waste. Antichrist, maybe, I think you are more a charlatan with a poor book and a poor idea that was stolen as all of your ideas. Come and meet me at a new blog where you and Judy can romp and play and convince those that will believe that a telephone exist between you and God. Come Wayne and play with the big boys. Remember Herschel, there are others watching your actions. Venni Veddi Venci
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posted on Apr, 25 2011 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

email me dude at hotmail. I lost all of the information about emails and this scam but some things I will never forget. I can lay at rest any fears that this is not whom I say it is. we all talked via email and U-2's. I can verify.

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 06:19 PM
After reading some of Wayne's gushing self promotion on his fb. I decided to do some of my
own research and came across the following

Best selling author Dan Brown is reportedly rewriting the screen play for the adaptation of
his own novel 'The Lost Symbol.' Well known scriptwriter Steven Knight had been hired to
write the screen play for the big screen adaptation of the best selling novel 'The Lost Symbol'
by Dan Brown.
However, now it appears Coloumbia Pictures has decided to hand scriptwriting duties over
to none other than the author of 'The Lost Symbol' himself, Dan Brown.
Perhaps Dan Brown wants to ensure that 'The Lost Symbol' movie ends up as faithful to his
novel as possible, and what better way to make sure of that than to write the adaptation
himself ?

(Well that makes sense to me
...THEN we have Waynes take on it off his fb.:dn

crucial link to the stars too.........and then Washington DC.....the layout plan........will he deliver
the high entertaining controversial truth.......or add more fiction ?

( Hey Wayne do your research Dan Brown has always maintained he is a writer of fiction )

Wayne Herschel...Dan Brown Rewriting 'The Lost Symbol' film script perhaps including the
RA symbol's REAL history ? (in your dreams Wayne)
Will he deliver the controversial earth shattering truth or will he deliver added fiction? The RA
symbol full historical origins....www.(to waynes web page supprise supprise!)
I'm quite happy saying Dan Brown uses work of other authors. (wayne pot kettle black comes
to mind) Not many know what it cost Michael Baigent defending his work in court against
stronger lawyers that Brown had in this case. Michael Baigent lost £4million as well as losing
his case.

So i went on to the internet and found the following TRUE account of the court case. For a so
called researcher you really NEED to check your FACTS Wayne and stop trying to rewrite

The case became an international media circus thanks to the reclusive Dan Brown's daily court
appearence. Another aspect of the case was that Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh co.authors
of 'The Holy Blood' and 'The Holy Grail', were NOT in fact suing Brown for breach of intellectial
copyright - but their own publishers Random House.
Michael Baigent was cross examined by Randoms QC every day for almost a week - On the
occassion when he was invited to examine a passage in 'The Da Vinci Code' and point out
exactly which words proved the plagiarism from his own book. The silence lasted for 2.5mins,
during which time you could hear the clock tick, pages rustle, pens scrape across paper.
Finally he looked up and said to the judge "No you're right it's not there. In the final
submission it was stated Mr Baigent was an inadequate witness and his evidence was
comprehensively destroyed. The case cost between Baigent and Leigh £1.8million and Michael
Baigent has NOT had to sell his nice house in Winchester.

So Wayne at the risk of repeating myself CHECK YOUR FACTS AND STOP POSTING
MISLEADING INFORMATION in an attempt to make your loopy ideas have some

posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by eletheia

Hello Eletheia, The truth and Wayne Herschel have never met. Interesting find on Dan Brown and the Herschel reply. Dan Brown like Herschel is a fiction writer. only difference is that Dan Brown realizes the fact and has made a lot of money writing fiction. In Herschels alternate universe he writes fiction and believes it to be fact. His money dosen't come from movies or fiction novels, it comes from balcony gardens and 3 person lectures in an otherwise empty lecture hall. Maybe I'm wrong and NASA Judy does work at NASA Ames, Blossom Goodchild is a genuine prophet, and ultra violet waves can be picked up by radio telescopes. Is it just me or does Dan Brown's fiction sound truer than Wayne Herschel's reality? DC
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posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 07:28 PM
Poor Wayne!

It seems like just everyone on the whole planet is hip to something called a "Google Bomb", and trying to employ it against poor little Wayne Herschel, associating his good name with foul descriptors such as HOAX, fraud, charlatan, and so on. Even Wayne himself got in on the act at one point when he google bombed HIMSELF with the same terms on one of his own pages!

One of the merry, murderous marauders in the Army of Darkness has ran across this interesting and telling tidbit at one of Wayne's numerous web pages promoting his hoaxes, and reported back in to HQ via encrypted zip squeal transmissions:

My journey so far in releasing sensitive material that was previously regarded as forbidden is obviously not in the best interests of these very influential echelons of society that believe this information should remain hidden, especially those of the Jewish community. My name is being “Googlebombed” and associated with the word “hoax” by a Google hosted “blogger” webring owned by the two friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The impersonation of my website with my name is in complete violation of Google’s terms of usage according to hosting conditions and even with multiple reports of abuse made and my correspondence continually fall on deaf ears and it remains active. It is therefore the assumption that the abuse of my name is in the best interests of the Google owners. This impersonating ‘Wayne Herschel’ blog has the complete makings of a ‘Googlebomb’. It links in multiple ways to the renowned disinformation activists and more specifically to the UFO disinformation ATS website. Here the ATS website hosts over 800 pages of nonsense using the word hoax hundreds of times with my name.

S ource

Notice how it all the fault of "them JEWS" now? And notice how he conveniently drags ATS into the mix as well? We seem not to be "paid disinfo agents" any more, having been demoted by Wayne down to "disinformation activists" but at least we're still "renowned"! Wait... isn't Wayne selling his books? He gets money for those sales, right? The books are wholly disinformational in nature, so doesn't that make HIM the "paid disinfo agent" now?

What a thought - Wayne Herschel, paid disinfo agent - after having accused US of that!

Also note that he's downgraded how many ATS pages are "google bombs" now - it's a mere 800, where previously he had claimed it was over 3,000! Perhaps one day he'll get his figures right, all the way down to facts - ZERO!

You know, if I were of a mind to start up another blog, or resurrect the old one, I think I might look to that site he mentions there, which has obviously withstood at least one Light Warrior assault already without buckling, than the censorious folks at Wordpress. I don't think I'll ever have anything to do with Wordpress or any of their products ever again after seeing how easily they cave to blackmail, but this new place may be worth a gander...

Hat tip the the Army of Darkness Recon Scouts who are out scouring the 'net 24/7!

posted on Apr, 27 2011 @ 10:08 PM
Regarding the terms 'the Jewish community' and ATS... does that mean we have to cut
off the end of our... sorry, I digress.

My journey so far in releasing sensitive material that was previously regarded as forbidden

Wow! his perception of his life also reads as a fictional character, he really thinks that the
world around him is hiding something that he is only a few inches away from finding out.
I can only assume they based 'The Trueman Show' on our poor truth-trekking Wayne.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 02:52 AM
Regarding Wayne :-

There are people who lie but they actually believe the lie

Then there are people who lie because they think that they can get away with it

IMO Wayne is the second type, Every time i read Waynes effusive tomes and his 'sermons'

to his 'sheeple' it brings to mind a film i saw many years ago "Elmer Gantry" does anyone

else see a correlation ??

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 07:54 AM
Well, I'm learning a lot about Wayne Hershel as a man. I can add racist to his growing despicable attributes as a messiah and eater from the tree of knowledge. Whom knew fruit from a tree makes you so stupid. If I remember correctly (since all of my files are gone) Wayne also expressed his distaste (or was it his brother on FB?) about the black population in his country,too. Hmmm, I think a new blog might be in order. It kind of gives me a chill thinking about NASA Judy living in Germany and it was hinted at that she lectured at a neo-nazi function (the Rains in Germany).her ties to South Africa then we read this racial slur from SA. Shades of 1939! The underhanded and dirty tactics of "God on Earth", Wayne Herschel, will not fall to the wayside and be forgotten so he can make another dime from yet another lie. Knowledge will prevail.

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 06:17 PM
It appears to be a misdirection and a false alarm. Sergey Brin and Larry Page are... the FOUNDERS OF GOOGLE! I've been unable to uncover a "webring" or "blog", but Wayne appears to have targeted them because they aren't falling all over themselves to go along with his program. No "Google bombs" at all, as he claims, but rather he's on the attack against GOOGLE ITSELF, because they didn't cave in to his demands and cater to his whims on how their search engine should be run, specifically as it relates to himself and his fantasies!

Good luck with that, Wayne. They already OWN you. Pissing them off is bound to have bad consequences for your publicity stunts - they'll likely get buried on search page 1,347,712.

They already own you, your followers, and all the data all of you have ever put out on the internet.

I'm looking forward to hearing from them.

Gotta give the man a bit of credit - he's got far bigger balls than he has brains. On second thought, they don't have to be very big at all to fill that criterion...

Edit to add - Wayne's warpath against Google is tied to his warpath against the Jews as well - Sergey Brin is a Russian Jew who emigrated to America as a child (age 6, 1979), and made the American Dream work for him!

Wiki page on Sergey Brin

Wiki page on Larry Page

The official Google Blog is at Blogspot, here. I could find no mention of Wayne or his "work" there.

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Wayne needs to be very careful of upsetting Google. After all he relies very much on them

for his very serious uplifting important research. lol ! Because without them how on earth will he

be able to refine all those "star maps" and god forbid, what about his measuring of the water

levels under the Sphinx and the tunnels under the pyramids ??

I mean without Google Wayne is STUFFED

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 08:38 AM
Wayne Herschel reporting on his face book yesterday:-

UFO activity expected tomorrow....
a show stealer.....ha ha! They are starting to be sighted

in London following a claim tomorrow is a day of a sighting .........Hmmmm 20hrs ago


VERY SMALL..........LOOKING FOR MORE FOOTAGE................ 15mins ago

Wayne Herschel...A news researcher said it occured in history that UFO activity often occured

on royal events. I thought it worth mentioning and i saw the footage of the anomaly as

explained. Would'nt be supprised if a bird coincidence of flight path and speed will be the

preferred explanation.

Well Wayne how are you going to explain that one away ...............ANOTHER prediction down

how many more to go ?

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by eletheia

Simply amazing. In all of the searching and digging since this hoax broke I noticed a pattern of Wayne making predictions and can't find one that was fullfilled, unless I overlooked one. James/Judy in my research didn't seem to be much into the prediction aspect as much as telling fantastic stories to sell books and tickets. It appears to me that Herschel uses predictions and fantastic stories (like the signal) to draw attention to his book and website in hopes of a sell regardless of the outcome hoping that his website offers enough "strange ideas" to hook the reader. Maybe this Goggle thing is another attempt at name association to drive traffic toward him. Publicity, either good or bad drives traffic and he knows that. My 2 cents worth.

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 05:18 AM

The 'potty' hypothesis of Wayne Herschel the 'South Africian' on Great Britian & the
Royal family taken directly from his face book

By order
1) All must obey and honour the elite blood line
2) Media 'prove' they are loved and therefor ALL must follow
3) They demand you the commoner pay for their greatness
The Monarchy insist that they are not equals to anyone and this alone is an abomination
that i cannot accept . I hope people can consider what the Monarchy realy is. The UK
economy is being severely damaged in support of this wrongful social demanding society
By tradition adoring and honouring these inbreeds that only marry within a strict bloodline are also accepting the law they are fighting for.......THE LAW OF MONARCHY:

FB friend NJH....Wayne please review your British History, we have had a constutional
monarchy and in terms of finance the handing over of crown estates to the people in exchange
for annual payments was a good deal for us! The wedding is making the UK millions just in
terms of TV rights alone!

Wayne your reality
1) All profits will be awarded to the super rich media magnets who are running "Operation
adore the Monarchy"
2) No commoner will benefit a single penny in the prosperity
Sad thing about this wedding.......The couple seem nice and perhaps they are both decent for
now but their family and their elite commitments will not let them change the system
I will
be watching the developments tomorrow as an interested watcher..........but not one to rever in
what it is. I watch and hope to see interference by the public who are against the Monarchy...
..........hope to see anything develope that makes people question why on earth they are
revering these opulant worthless leeches of society, because if they love the Monarchy.........
they unconsciously support the tradition that these people that actually have nothing to offer a
developing society............that the Monarchy are better people than they are...........just by
birthright. How can that possibly make sense?.........and to think Will and Harry must have
thought for years that the Monarchy is greater than their lives themselves, that they must
accept the loss of their beloved Mum was most likely 'taken care of'' by their own people for
making the Monarchy look silly.

FB friend LSS...Then dosn't that make Jesus a Reptillian Hybrid? "It makes sense to them
because the Queen says she is a direct descendant of the Lord Jesus" (me really do you
have a hot line to Buckingham Palace

Wayne Herschel...Not sure about reptillian claims but time will tell. The elite are just plain
greedy, arrogant mortals (glorified commoners) who want more money and power and to be
more oppulent and seen as more successful to piers while the rest of the world worked to the

Well that is Wayne's Wacky World
What planet is he on?
decade is he living in?
and What substance is he on?

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