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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by Portugoal

It shows one thing... that ATS is envied by other sites for it's members behaviour
and conduct.
It certainly made me a little proud to a member of a website that deals with topics
-that are at times are weird and wonderful, but are dealt with in mature way.

Long live ATS!

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by Portugoal
Yeah mate & apparently not just childish but also attempting to punch above BAs weight, since Bill was able to carry on posting after being banned. It was mentioned earlier & I too would like to know how that was possible, if for no other reason than that it may validate a prediction I made back when BIAD 1st drew our attention to this particular aspect of "the farce laughed at around the world" - I'm not above the childlike pleasure of a pat on the head for being right. Nor am I above pointing out that, however Bill did it, the American expression for what he did is "to hand someone their ass for a hat".

In some ways its a shame that the standard of moderation here is unlikely to allow it to stay up for long, but I'd be very interested to find out what BIAD could do with such a mental picture. I'm thinking along the lines of The Elephant Man crossed with a 70s prog rock concept album cover... but, as distasteful as that may be, for 1 thing it'd be no worse than BAs behaviour & for another, BIAD may well be able to surprise us by trumping my musings with a whole new level of bad taste, somewhat similar in essence to Wayne Herschels abuse of various cultures for his own ends.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:40 PM
Andromedia came onto this thread five days ago very demurely. Most of her first post consisted
of questioning the ATS policy on religion, which really has nothing to do with this thread. Then
she went on to say the "regular guys" say what ever they like whether its off topic or whether
its slanderous or whatever--------Well i believe it was pointed out to her that if she cared to go
through the thread there are many of the "regular guys" who have had "off topics" removed me
included and IF as she says she has followed the thread she will note the people who were
banned were actually abusive! The defination of SLANDEROUS is oral communication of FALSE
statements.I beleive everything which has been stated on this thread is backed with actual
proof and original papers.And i dont have an answer to "whatever"--does it actually have any meaning!

Then Andromedia goes on to say "I am not commenting about Judy Faltskog or Wayne
Herschel at his stage but merely questioning the ATS modus operandi. Well dont ATS make
their m.o. quite plain when signing in?? And how can she come onto a thread titled "Alleged
NASA Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers signal from nearby stars" and with the self published
author Wayne Herschel personally spreading the news all over the internet (making sure his
fingers are in the pie!) and not be prepared to comment on the very substance of the thread ???

Andromedia goes on "You always attack people who do not agree with you"..........Well is a
difference of opinion an attack ? This is after all a DEBATING FORUM. And she has been
treated with respect and had her questions answered.

Andromedia continues..."So I am questioning the fairness of ATS wth regards to religious
views and also with regards to individuals and their view points...........Well Andromedia if you
discuss religion on this thread you will be off topic. READ THE TITLE OF THE THREAD.but
your views on the Hoax signal are very welcome, and if you think ATS Moderators are unfair
may i suggest you try Club Conspiracy.

And then Andromedia says "It seems like first the "regular guys" attack the people and call
them names--then next the person is off and the posts removed. IMO the people i have met
on this ATS site have all been polite and respectful in their postings (unlike many other sites
that i have lurked at) The only abuse i have come across on this thread has been from those
who have been banned, used dual identies, and been 'sock puppets'

She goes on "ATS basically forces people to create aliases so that they can say their say"
NO ATS forces no one to use aliases Wayne Herschel has appeared as himself (unfortunately
he's still in the shower) and you are very welcome to do the same if you wish. Contrary to what
you say every one does have an equal platform so why dont you use yours? You are not banned

And again "I need to respond to this one because you are starting to get nasty again.....this is
the kind of thing that is a disgrace to ATS".............Come on now my 90year mother would find
that amusing AND she's a LADY !!!

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by eletheia

I know that when one views this thread for the first time and I know that one always
feels like an 'outsider' at that point -it may seem that there are 'regulars' who seem
to be dominating the thread and I suppose... in a way, that is true.

The idea of Moderators overseeing all can be forgotten and so, a member who comments
on this thread for the first time may well be concerned that they will be seen as an 'invader'
that may be seen as one of Judy's/Waynes minions.

All I can say is, READ THE WHOLE THREAD and see how it grew from a relayed message
from a member into a hoax that is still in the midst of a wrestling of finding out what happens
Yes, the hoax is exposed, but this particular rabbit-hole runs deeper and connects to other
possible pranks and may even run into hoaxes that are yet, still in the public arena as true.

Evidence is here on this site, that shows the levels many will go to attempt to resurrect the
hoax into a real event.
Oh... and I'm NOT a dis-info agent... (but I'd say that anyway -if I was one!)
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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 10:43 AM
Here is a Bjorn Faltskog page at One Vibration: Bjorn Faltskog

As nearly as I can tell, he joined on 23 September 2009, before this hoax was perpetrated. I can't be sure this is the same "Bjorn Faltskog" Judy claims as a husband, because he gives his location as Adelaide, Australia, rather than any corporate office in Sweden. Apparently his birthday is 21 June, and he does seem to have an interest in "crystals" and other esoteric things.

The "Bjorn Faltskog" at Facebook claims to be single: Bjorn Faltskog at Facebook, not married to any "Judy Faltskog", and most of the rest of the references I've uncovered lead to Bjorn Ulvaeus from Abba, the same group that Agnetha Faltskog is a member of. In that connection, Agnetha Faltskog married Bjorn Ulvaeus on 6 July 1971, and the couple divorced in June 1980. I don't know how marriages go in Sweden, but in the US the bride usually takes the groom's name, not the other way 'round.

It seems to me that Judy may be an Abba fan, and be mixing and matching names in order to try putting labels and markers in this hoax.

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 11:23 AM
I thought that, in light of recent events, it might be good to repost the following, an excerpt from a larger post by dcmb1490, showing that these threats of litigation are nothing new, nothing novel, and have been employed by these self-same hoaxers before:

Source link

Around that time, Tony Dodd -- a former police sergeant, now Director
of Investigations with Quest, a Leeds-based UFO group -- reported
being tailed around his home town of Grassington and across Europe as
he travelled the lecture circuit. At one of his conferences, Dodd met
an "intelligence source -- American ufologist Wendelle Stevens -- and
became convinced that the Paris branch of the South African Security
Service had been contracted to liquidate the former policeman and his
Armenian co-investigator. Generally speaking, rule one for some
ufologists is 'a little persecution lends much cachet to one's work'.

As they voiced the concerns of an increasingly sceptical UFO
community, Good and Birdsall began to receive a stream of angry
correspondence, not all anonymous but mostly litigious in tone. One,
signed simply 'J. Brown', warned Good of his imminent exposure as a
CIA informant with alleged connection to a shadowy group known as the
Aviary. Others were more explicit, offering to curb legal action in
return for Good's public apology: "I have seeked the protection of
the law where these type of faul language and insults are involved,"
wrote Azadehdel greyly. "I have employed both firms (of solicitors) to do
their best," concluded the letter. "Since finance is absolutely no
objection on my part, to see this case through as professionally as

Notice the employment of the SAME tactics then as now: the investigators are "persecuting" the hoaxers, the hoaxers accuse the investigators of being "CIA informants", the hoaxers threaten litigation that never comes to pass... etc. In this case, the hoax came into question because of the source, a "young South African Military Intelligence Officer", whose credentials came into question - and were never confirmed. His name?

James van Greunen.

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 12:53 PM

Originally posted by nenothtu

Notice the employment of the SAME tactics then as now: the investigators are "persecuting" the hoaxers, the hoaxers accuse the investigators of being "CIA informants", the hoaxers threaten litigation that never comes to pass... etc. In this case, the hoax came into question because of the source, a "young South African Military Intelligence Officer", whose credentials came into question - and were never confirmed. His name?

James van Greunen.

Oh, poo. You mean the "NSA agents" (whatever those might be) aren't coming by to arrest me?

I guess the lawyers from Dewey, Cheatham and Howe aren't coming either.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by Bedlam

As nearly as I've been able to piece it together, the CIA agents must be on OUR side, and have arrested Bjorn's NSA agents as they were coming to arrest us...

The lawyer's couriers, if that is the case, should be very wary of stepping off of the airplane on to foreign soil with those papers in hand - I hear that rooms have been reserved at Gitmo for them!

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 03:09 PM
Here is a webpage set up by of of Wayne's "astronomer friends": Astronomy SA

Not much in the way of astronomy there yet, but I reckon it's still in the process of being set up. I'm not yet sure how this fellow links to "astronomy", but Wayne has asked him to analyze his latest "star map" hoax, and asked if he still has "open telescope" nights. The astronomer himself claims to be in "international trading" rather than astronomy.

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 08:36 PM
Here is the log-awaited fourth installment of "Posts in This Thread That Prove it is a HOAX". This installment covers thread pages 91 through 120.

Now, without further delay, I present the evidence:

Dcmb1490 points out that a post at a German website connects "James Forbes" to Judy Faltskog's username of Aenstrea. The post also admits that "James Forbes" is an alias: link. This is an important bit of evidence in light of the fact that both are also linked to the writing of the book "The Aenstrean Revelations", and tell precisely the same abduction story.

Nenothtu comments on excerpts from Wayne Herschel's pages which prove he is trying to start a cult intended to supplant all other religions. Those excerpts further claim that Wayne is a "prophet" predicted by Nostradamus:link.

Dcmb1490 posts verification from Judy's own mouth on 13 February, 2010, that she is in Germany, not Sweden, which gives the lie to her claim to live in Sweden: link. That radio interview also ties her to James Forbes/ Van Greunen via the Aenstrea story and Aenstreans. This post also has some good information debunking Wayne's "Star Map" claims.

Dcmb1490 posts an excerpt reporting in the South African crash hoaxes, Van Greunen's part in those hoaxes, his misrepresentation of his avocation, the investigation leading to the discovery that the incidents were hoaxes, and Van Greunen a hoaxer. All in all, a remarkably similar series of events to this current hoax: link and here. This shows Van Greunen to be a serial hoaxer, who apparently reuses the same hoax templates from time to time.

RICH-ENGLAND post presenting the argument for Judy trying to contact Janice, pointing out the inconsistency of that if Judy truly never knew Janice: link.

RICH-ENGLAND post of a photo of James Van Greunen and Janice Falcus together, confirming that they knew one another: link.

Dcmb1490 posts a critique of Wayne's "work" by a REAL PhD, debunking it rather thoroughly, and indication the codes used by these hoaxers in general meant to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting: link.

Post by Marrr pointing out the similarities in writing style between Judy and "Bjorn" indicating the actual authorship of those posts: link. Marrr goes on to point out his suspicion that Judy reads this thread more than the "regulars" do.

RICH-ENGLAND post of a rsponse from Michael Hesemann refuting Judy's claims that he forged the passports, and her spurious allegations that he had other criminal activity in his background: link

RICH-ENGLAND points out an inconsistency on Judy's "Vampire rave" profile where she places herself in both Sweden and Germany at the same time: link.

Dcmb1490 posts abut Wayne's admission at IReport that this initial hoax was a "false claim": link.

BIAD points out that Wayne admits to the hoax with the words "I think since no proof ever emerged it is probably a hoax." at iReport: link.

RICH-ENGLAND posts of e-mails from the British Museum debunking the Wayne Herschel sock-puppet "john801" as being employed there, per his own claim: link and here - link.

Dcmb1490 post of what he believes to have been the origins of the various elements of this hoax: link.

Dcmb1490's post of a debunking of Wayne's "UFO on the Sphinx" hoax by an actual academic: link.

Dcmb1490's post debunking the "UFO on the Sphinx" hoax by the British Museum: link.

BIAD shows one instance where this thread is being monitored and replied to elsewhere: link.

BIAD shows another instance of the same: link.

Nitromaria's first post, in which she testifies as to personal experience of her family at the hands of Judy Faltskog, who tried to extort money from them: link.

Nitromaria post proving that Judy did NOT have her husband's baby in August 2010: link.

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:37 PM
Well! It appears that BlueAngel at CC uses pretty much the same tactics as Wayne and Judy! Likes talking trash at folks, but insures that they can't respond in kind at her place.

Fair enough. It IS your website, after all!

Apparently in response to my post here

I got this reply, right from her Royal Highness, but there, where of course they never sent my confirmation e-mail so that I could post there!

Super Moderator

Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 10,020
Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars, page 186

That's odd.

The poster states that BlueAngel has fallen for something.

Either the Judy thing or ATS being a CIA DISINFORMATION site.

Sorry, but it would be none of the above.

Try reading, pal.

I never sided with the the Judy thing nor have I stated that I believe ATS is a CIA disinformation site.

To the contrary.

I suggest that you learn your facts before you post lies about me or I'll chew you up piece by piece and spit you out as I have just done.

In Peace,

So then, I can log in but not respond to such uncalled for remarks.

I can read just fine, "pal", and I can write a damn sight better. There have been NO errors on my part, I call 'em just like I see 'em.

Nor have I told any "lies" despite what you'd like the world to believe. Here's a hint: at ATS, you can get the link to that specific post by clicking the little link that says "this post" at the top left of each post. Use it if you want to call ME out, so that there aren't any "mistakes" made, eh?

I welcome your pathetic attempts to "chew me up piece by piece and spit me out". It's been tried by harder folks, although perhaps not as dense.

That sure as hell wasn't it.

Peace my ass. If that's your version of peace, I want none of it. Let's have at it.

Get to chewin' and spittin'. It's an easy thing to do when you won't let me on there to defend, now isn't it?

If you want civil discussion, I can accomodate, but NOBODY steamrolls me like you tried to do there. "Snarky" I can handle, and handle very well. If you want to go that route, I can accomodate there, too.

On the positive side, BlueAngel IS asking some of the right questions of "RipVanWinkle" to debunk that story being told there. If that conversation continues, she ought to get around to the really interesting parts. I've got to tip my hat to her there. Any bets being placed on whether or not RipVanWinkle clams up and never responds?

The questions BlueAngel asks of RipVanWinkle are:

You worked for Judy for four years?

In what capacity?

Judy took care of your really bad health and financial issues and paid for this out of her own pocket?

What were your really bad health issues?

What is the name of the JUDY company in which she employed you and others?

What was your job description?

What is the EFFET project?

Anyone who has been following this ought to be able to see right away that those questions are gonna get Rip's drawers ALL in a wad. Judy and Wayne don't much like the HARD questions - you know, the ones that have concrete answers that can be checked out!

Rip Van Winkle ---> a "sleeper agent", if the story is to be followed.

Rip VAN Winkle --> Judith VAN Greunen.

Take your pick, or come up with your own. We all know here how Judy loves to put "hidden" meanings into her internet handles.

Edit to add: Ah, I see she edited out the part about chewing me up and spitting me out, so I retract that portion of my post. Civil is better, if one prefers to go that route. My comments concerning the accusation that I was telling "lies" still stands.

Also, I'm going to let the original, unedited post stand here as well. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me TWICE, shame on me. I've learned, during the course of this investigation, the value of backing stuff up to account for edits and deletions. Wayne and Judy taught me that, and it's probably the only valuable lesson they've given me.

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 10:52 PM
RipvanWinkle posted at CC, in part :

I posted the videos as proof that Judy Faltskog is telling the truth, cause she was my employer for 4 years on the EFFET Project. I helped on the construction of these Optical-Radio Telescopes.

Personally, I think the next question to grab 'em ought to be along the lines of "What is an 'Optical-Radio Telescope', how does it work as far as picking up visible light in RADIO equipment, and why have NO astronomers ever heard of one?" - assuming that Rip ever rears his/her head again.

The "EFFET Project" - none of the astronomers I know have ever heard of it, but there is a French project with that in it's name ("Effet de serre") dealing with the greenhouse effect - not "Optical-Radio Telescopes", and not really astronomical (although it deals in part with the greenhouse effect on Venus) but rather climatological in nature. Doesn't "Effet" mean "effect" in French? I don't know - my French is kind of rusty.

I'm interested in RipvanWinkle's replies to BlueAngel's questions.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 03:37 AM

I've finally identified the telescopes in RipvanWinkles videos.

When I ID'ed them, I smacked myself upside the head and said "why didn't I look there FIRST?

I was looking for adaptive optics 'scopes, not Cherenkov scopes, based on the movable mirror tiles. Silly me, I've probably been awake too long again.

So then, then NEXT question I would ask RipvanWinkle (if I could post there!) would be: Which 'scopes are those REALLY, and why did you try to pass them off as some fictitious "EFFET" telescopes?

I'll not identify them here yet, but the discerning reader (and one with a bit more sleep!) can find them easily enough. They're pretty distinctive, especially in the boom arrangement for the detector housing at the focal point. That's right, detector housing.

Not lens. Not Mirror, Not antenna. DETECTOR.

On a lighter note, I made some MAJOR headway in solving distribution problems for The Book this evening. As a matter of fact, a provisional copy is already uploaded, just in case, but not yet available to the public. I have a bit more to add, have to run through it for spelling and grammar errors, and have yet to send out advance copies of the final product to certain interested parties that I promised the "right of review for accuracy" to first.

I mentioned that I'd like to get it so far out there that it can NEVER be recalled, and the man said simply "you already have".

So then, WHATEVER goes down from this point forward, the signal will NOT be stopped! It may just be a bit incomplete.

Edit to add: I almost forgot - the videos posted by both Gorgonzola AND RipvanWinkle at CC are on YouTube under our old buddy Orbital Observer's account. Why is it that I'm not surprised at that turn of events linking those two (or three... or ONE) posters? Further, why is it I'm not surprised that they were posted at CC within minutes of being uploaded to YouTube?

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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 05:22 AM
Come See The Paradise.

Thank you RipVanWinkle... it's okay for CC members to monitor
postings here, but for myself and others to monitor CC...?
From CC -Rip's comment:

So I think lets feed the sicko pigs with any old # we can, they have shown
to gulp everything down in a matter of seconds and then get the runs with
their rantings and psycho speculations.
BlueAngel judging on how everything we say here on CC are taken out of
proportion over on ATS, I would rather not answer specific questions.
But I am all for feeding time at the pig stigh.

So we... (soowee!?)... pigs must endure another course of vagueness and
self-assumption, while you quietly reel Blue Angel into your boat.
Oh well, you've tried it here Judy, why not re-use the ploy there, I suppose

Edit: Nice touch on an early 'we' -there Judy!

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Getting away from technicalities this is my take on the youtube tapes


The search for Extra Terrestial Intelligence Signals has never been more promising

March 2010 a possible Extra Terrestial signal was detected in the ultra violet frequency
spectrum by the EFECT telescope

We have never been alone Full details of this discovery will soon be revealed

What struck me straight away.............Wayne has found his NEW BLOSSOM GOODCHILD !!!!!!!!1

Will it work for him this time...........NO WAY ........Theres a book coming out! and it's not HIS.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by eletheia

What struck me straight away.............Wayne has found his NEW BLOSSOM GOODCHILD !!!!!!!!1 Will it work for him this time...........NO WAY ........Theres a book coming out! and it's not HIS.
Good, good..... Very good (uses diabolical voice, then diabolical laughter) Ah ha ha ha !

I like your last post! A star (without inter-stellar ultraviolet transmissions) for you!

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by eletheia

That Efect Telescope-thingy!

I've gotta get me one of those!
Not only does it do all the wonderous things that other dishes
can't do... it also blasts out a version of Tubular Bells!

Luckly, Judy took out the piece where a small child says:
"..and the man in the rain, picked up his bag of secrets and journeyed
up the mountainside, far above the clouds...
and nothing was heard from him again..."

We can only hope.
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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by Springer
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

I found two accounts that were the same person... If you look above it's pretty obvious who they were...

U2U me with the other "suspects" and I'll make sure they are dealt with if they are the same person.


Springer's Response to 'Double-Talk'
This above is for RipVanWinkle on CC.
You see this? This is what we had to put up with.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 07:55 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Hey guys, I haven't posted in this thread for a long time, couldn't even tell you what it was I posted but your post nenothtu piqued my interest as I am originally from Adelaide, S.Australia. Now I am not entirely sure of what if any connection there may be but from a little digging via Bjorn Faltkstog's myspace it would seem that this person is definitely a lightworker and possibly goes by the name Ambassador Sarek. Sarek and this also.
From what I can see Bjorn Falkstog is possibly in Indiana in the U.S at the moment and returning to Adelaide soon after 10 years in the states, and it also seems he is a big Trekky as well. Some of the photos on myspace seem to confirm to me that he is or at least was a resident of Adelaide.
However on one of the links I provided the profile said OM Sarek so I googled that and came across a Swedish folk group called Sarek.
So I don't really know if there is a conection but definitely the Adelaide Bjorn is a lightworker/starseed in the U.S currently.

Anyway, as I said I just saw my hometown mentioned and thought I'd see what I could find out.
Apologies if I have not really helped, but maybe their is something amongst that to work with.
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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by nenothtu
It seems to me that Judy may be an Abba fan, and be mixing and matching names in order to try putting labels and markers in this hoax.

Intriguing! You are definitely onto something there!


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