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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Forgive me Neno, for not researchiing this myself... I 'm not a person who understands
the intricacies of 'red-wire-green-wire' complexitiesa nd I frown on any technical stuff that
threatens to crack a finger nail!

Is there a site or a place that categorically states that a radio telescope can not pick up
a UV signal?
James/Gorgonzola must be shown that this isn't just something that ATS members made up.
Can you assist -Big Man?

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by A boy in a dress
Gorgonzola Link:

I won't get bogged down with Gorgonzola's rant at 'SkepticGuy'... Skeptic holds his own
in a mature nature and Gorgonzola should take his advice and debate it here.

I wish she'd stop that! It's making my sides hurt...

... Your Disinformation agents are so obsessed with Ms Faltskog that it is very
obvious that they must be glued to their computers just so they can feel close to the dame.....
since seven months now.
That must stand for devotion, admiration, obsession, subordination, otherwise it would be
termed stalking. You must all be really weird, kinky lonely old basturds with not much
going in that department anymore for you lot to prowl on a lady for so long.

James/Gorgonzola continues with implying that ATS members here -are doggedly tracking
James's actions on the internet because they admire his physical form... again, the insercurity
of his exterior perceptions.

You'll just have to take my word on it, but if I wanted to be close to this "dame", I'd be raiding her refrigerator this very instant. As things stand, I have access to far more appealing feminine forms... which, incidentally, is how I can state with all confidence that Judy is NOT endowed with DD equipment per her claim.

... Oh, and please tell your agents on ATS that they are not proving how clued up
they are on electronics, rather how little really they know about the subject...

As 'SkepticGuy' advised, get yourself on ATS and prove 'em wrong -James... the ball is in
your court.

I second that... well, THIRD that. Rather than make the claim that we are displaying our ignorance, how about PROVING we are displaying our ignorance? I note for the record that, although Judy made that claim there, she provided NO evidence to refute what has been said. It's easy to claim something, quite another to back that claim up. That seems to be a pattern with both Judy AND Wayne!

... Hi Mr Blue Angel, can you please please please delete my profile and / or this thread?
Get trigger happy if need be and Bann me! Hell, do I have to beg for this!!???

This relates to me that James's impatient 'other side' sees that he's losing out and wishes to
'go stealth' and not talk anymore. Like any petulant child, he wants it all to go away.
Instead of showing his hand and debating the UV signal hoax and explaining why he invented
the yarn, he puts his tongue out at any oppostion and hurls childish insults.
As below.

It tells me a couple other things as well. For one, it confirms that Judy's main intent is to get herself banned, and she appears to be frustrated that Blue Angel is not feeding her persecution complex. It also tells me that Judy lacks self control. Doesn't even have enough self-control to ban HERSELF. She just... can't... stay... away - even though she always claims she's gonna! Here's a simple trick I learned, Judy: if it gets to be too much for ya, just turn the damned computer OFF! It has a little button there, just for that purpose...

.. This is no fair fight if one is outnumbered by ATS Agents at 100 to 1
I have had enough and I dont want to put up with their childish games and Bullsh*t anymore!

Unlike them, I have a life out there! Before I disappear, one last message to ATS and the
Disinformation Agents and then they can all kiss my ass!

I asterisked the crude word, but as you can see, James put himself on that site and then
didn't like the responses... phrases like 'not fair' and 'I have had enough' are familiar to all
who interact with James in regards of his hoaxing.

Indeed! I bet Skeptic Guy will have his chest ALL puffed up over his Wheaties this morning - Judy has just admitted that he has the strength of 100 men! After all, no one from ATS has posted there other than he and m0r1arty, and Skeptic Guy has been carrying the battle there with alacrity by himeslf these past few interchanges!

I would think a "fair" fight would involve Judy coming here, and debating the subject - staying on topic, of course her little side forays here have caused her to lose focus, and therefore lose the "battles" - in a semi-intelligent manner. After all, she has multiple PhD's, and were just a bunch of dumbasses who know nothing of the physics and mechanics of radio! Seems like, if she were trying to purvey any "truth", she'd have it all over on us. She ought to be able to whup us with her brain tied behind her back!

Not only are we dumbasses, but I personally am a hick hillbilly dumbass, the absolute lowest, dumbest sort. She ought to be able to run rings around me intellectually. I have to wonder, therefore, what she is afraid of, and why she feels the need to stand afar off and pitch tantrums...

Why, I'M so stupid, I'll sit right here and wait for her to show up and tear my argument to shreds with provable facts!

I probably ought to pack a lunch for that wait...

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Is this sort of behaviour called 'ring and run'? James seems to look on his antics
on different sites as a guerilla tactic and when evidence is requested, he just hurls
insults and runs off laughing... although, I believe that James's heart doesn't think
what he is doing is funny.

Hence the ranting, two personalities clashing and causing the mayhem.
James knows the admiration of the female form that males display, after all his male
'side' holds his original formats.
I believe James's envy of such 'power' that females have, may have always been with
him and his physical feminine alterations should have eased those concerns and quietened
that envy.

But anger has to go somewhere and when ATS members doubt a 'Dr. Judy' UV signal claims,
James sees it has a doubt on his femininity and to him, that's just down-right unfair!

So we get this petulant shouting and insults... the exterior manifestation of James's conflict.
In my view.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 08:45 AM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

There probably is such a site, and I'll have to dig into it, but it will likely have to get pretty technical to explain why. Bedlam had it pegged dead on, though. Radio telescopes work with wavelengths around 6 meters or so, I think, going up to perhaps several kilometers. To reflect waves that big, you can use a mesh reflector, because the wavelength is so big, it will not "fall through" the mesh, but be reflected back to the focus instead. Even the fiberglass dishes that are used for satellite communication have a wire mesh embedded in them to reflect the radio waves. When you can use mesh like that, you can build a MUCH larger reflector, which is why radio telescopes can be so much larger than optical ones. As a matter of fact, I believe they HAVE to be bigger, in order to collect a large enough sampling of the radio waves to be useful, since the waves themselves are so much larger. The mesh, being a lighter construction, is less likely to collapse under it's own weight.

With optical telescopes, the wavelengths are much shorter, and so require a solid reflective surface polished to within a fraction of the wavelength being received. Visible light waves are far shorter than radio, and UV waves are even shorter than visible light. Those can't be built out of mesh, because the light would just "fall through" the mesh, and not be reflected at all back to the focus. They are, instead, built out of glass, which makes them considerably heavier per unit area, and prone to deformation and actual collapse. As I recall, when we sent the mirror out from the TCO reflector telescope to be resurfaced, It had to have a special transport truck, and was freighted, I believe, for 14,000 pounds - and that mirror is only about a meter. I may be fuzzy on the weight details, and they could be wrong - it was quite some time ago. I recall clearly, though, that it was some gawdawful weight for the size, and required special transportation.

Radio telescopes, on the other hand, have reflectors from 10 to a couple hundred times that diameter, yet are still movable with tracking motors. Some of the larger of those are specially built and "move" by moving the focal point instead, and the one at Arecibo is a special case - It's so large that the observational swaths are limited, and for the most part can only observe areas that the entire planet has it pointed at. The focal adjustment is minimal. Even the one at Green Bank, though pretty large, moves to points of interest - it just moves relatively slowly. With a glass mirror for optical observation at light wavelengths, that would be impossible, even if they could build a mirror that big and brace it up well enough to avoid the deformations.

The basics are, however, that radio telescopes can and do use a mesh for the reflector surface, and light will fall right through the mesh of a radio telescope and not be observed at all.

Incidentally, the fact that radio waves can be reflected from a mesh surface explains why mesh Faraday cages work, and why cell phone reception is so abysmal inside buildings with sheet metal studs - they act like one great big Faraday cage.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Sorry slightly off topic but in the interests and well being of Nenothtu.......You'll need a little more than
a sandwich...You'll need a kit of army rations to bed down and wait.............and wait.........and wait.....

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 09:04 AM
There... Nenothtu has kindly laid out evidence to show that radio telescopes
don't and can't pick up and interpretate UV light signals.
Now James, Judy, Gorgonzola, Moaningmartel, Doubtful Dina or even Wayne Herschel,
you can prove the statement given by Neno as incorrect.

Then we can move on with more important parts of this supposed event.

I found this site that may assist.Radio and UV light signals
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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

Close to the dame...? James still insists we discuss the sexual side of his existence and
not the hoax he invented. The odd part to me -although it smacks to me that he's not a
'happy bunny' having this 'judy' baggage -is this is shown by the wording 'dame' and not 'Dame'
I may have sussed it... James was married to an English woman, right? Well, here in the UK, we have a rather peculiar custom leading up to & around Xmas: the Pantomime. Its not uncommon for minor celebs, or majors on the way down, to get a gig doing panto in a regional theatre. Amongst the peculiarities are that, traditionally, the principal boy is played by a girl & the dame by a middle age/+ man. Perhaps James/Judy has been looking forward to treading the boards off the back of his/her popular success? Trouble is... you do have to be @least Z-list to get such a gig.

On the electronics thing, both nenothtu & I make no secret of being merely informed, not experts. I expect Bedlam has a fair clue, but if any of us are wrong in our assertions, there's no need to even debate us. James/Judy or a sock puppet could simply tell us the manufacturer & part/catalogue number of this magic diode & we can then email them to confirm whether any modulated signal carried by UV would have any affect on its performance whatsoever. I suspect that the device is a invisible as these law suits that had allegedly been filed, so its unlikely that even the amplitude of UV, which one would expect to be the controlling factor, would do anything but pass straight through them...

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:03 PM

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 01:09 PM

Originally posted by A boy in a dress


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Sorry Moderators.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 05:51 PM

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 07:43 PM
Another thought I've had concerning Wayne and Judy's reluctance to post here and support their hoax was spurred by Cheesy's attempt to have the thread at Conspiracy Club erased. They have discovered that they can't have their words erased here unless they go over the top vulgar or off topic, as she has done there in her attempt.

Even some of THOSE posts have been preserved.

It becomes pretty problematic when you tell a lie, and it's recorded for posterity that you told it, for all the world to see. You can't just go back and say "I never said that!" because it's right there for all the world to confirm that you DID in fact say that. We all have come to know and love Wayne and Judy' proclivities for erasing and rewriting history.

They are scared spitless that they will say something here they can't take back or erase, and it will give the lie to their entire premise. Therefore, they will not post here. It's abject fear of THEMSELVES, their very own words coming back to haunt them as has happened time after time now.

Such egregious errors were made over there, too. Unfortunately, whether that thread is deleted or not, they have somehow found their way into a backup file, and are already recorded for posterity.

Bummer, huh?

Might as well come on and debate the issues, Wayne and Judy, because either way, you won't escape the exposure coming. The only fighting chance you've got is to man up and debate the issues here, try to refute them here. Once The Book is out, it will be OUT, and there won't be any recalling it.

It simply will not be possible for me or anyone else to recall or erase it.

IF you can prove me wrong, I promise to either put that in the book as well, OR, in a best case scenario, scrap writing and releasing it altogether.

Why would I release it if you can PROVE me wrong? That would be a stupid move, wouldn't it?

Come on... give it you best shot... nothing left to lose, everything to gain...

Edit to add: After thinking it over, I reckon Wayne and Judy really DON'T realize how stupid it is to release provable lies as facts, so that will probably fall on deaf ears.

Oh well, back to writing The Book. I'm right in the heat of Nitromaria's posts, and LadySambuca's responses... you know, the ones that weren't erased, but rather preserved for posterity...

Also, their campaign against ATS as a "disnfo agent outlet" seems not to take into account that the only disinfo here has been posted by THEM. I'm sure that factored in to their attempt to have the thread erased, and then their campaign against ATS. It seems to be proving a problem to these hoaxers to have their very own words recorded for posterity, and to be uneraseable.

If it were otherwise, they could prove any lies they claim we have told by presenting facts to counter them... The truth will shine like the sun in a raging sea of lies - yet they can't seem to counter what we have said. That is, of course, BECAUSE the truth will shine like the sun in a raging sea of lies... and they have no truth to provide. We seem to have cornered the market on that.

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 09:03 PM
Notice Judy's urge to "disappear" as she puts it. She wants her web presence (yet again) wiped clean. Unfortunately, she still doesn't understand the concepts of cache and screen shot.

By the way Judy, since you frequent ATS, and you evidently know how to join and leave facebook groups, maybe you can find your way over to the ATS Facebook group and join.
Just a suggestion.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 09:08 PM

While going over LadySambuca's posts for The Book, I ran across one claiming she had met Judy in Chile. She said her husband was there and hooked up with Judy, causing their divorce. LadySambuca further stated that Judy's role there was "doing the settings on the dishes so they can point to the satellites". This would indicate a satellite ground station in Chile, which should be relatively easy to find.

In fact, I DID find one, in Santiago. Here is the webpage for it, with all the details of the setup, including coordinates where it can be seen in Google Earth:

Santiago Satellite Station

Note further that this particular satellite station is operated by... Swedish Space Corporation!

Is that it, Judy? Is that the one you were working at? Come on in and tear my argument to shreds! Use this tool I've given you to best effect!

Come on, baby... take this bait... come on in and discuss...

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 12:47 AM
Well, I've added ANOTHER twenty pages to The Book waiting on Judy to come and engage this evening. This chapter is dealing mainly with Nitromaria's story, and LadySambuca's appearance and odd left-handed support for this woman she alleges destroyed her life.

I reckon Judy isn't going to rise to the occasion, so I'm calling it a night. Zero-Dark-Thirty comes early in the morning, and I have yet another fun-filled and exciting day of "danger-close" work ahead of me then.

I'll see y'all again tomorrow evening.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Your poor fingers... all that typing and rage-venting... it won't do.

I agree with you regarding the falsehoods that have beeen displayed here
regarding the UV signal hoax, but I would venture further and offer the idea
that we may have all just mis-understood certain parts and views can get
fouled in the net during collation.

Would it be too naive to offer the olive branch and say "let's begin again and
ask Judy Faltskog... as she wishes to be known -to explain her side of the
story and possibly untangle some of the confusion between people here on
ATS and those who see Judy has a 'fall guy'.

I certainly would be willing to discuss calmly and maturely any aspects of
the UV signal subject with Ms. Faltskog and hopefully -we here could see
where we OR she went wrong.

Again with Mr. Herschel. I can see how he arrives at his theories and how
he perceives that certain segments of history may have been 'altered' or even
totally destroyed... this would be a fine forum for him to discuss and to convince
many of us, that though his views may seem radical... the ideas may be still viable.

I think that the ranting and raving, the mud-slinging and the down-right slurs on BOTH
sides needs to abate and for us all to gather at the table and discuss how this account
should procede.

*BIAD sits smugly at his computer and feeling of acting like an adult makes him shudder*

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 05:02 AM
It's getting a little fractious over on the 'other' site:
SkepticGuy Takes One For The Team.

It seems that Blue Angel hasn't read any of the 'Hoax Thread' here
and doesn't see the connection between something being said by
a ATS member and then a 'Newbie' member coming on and contradicting
it without proof.

I think we all agree that some factions of Judy's group are monitoring this
However, Blue Angel sees 'reds-under-the-bed'!

Edit: Quickly scanning some of the pages, B.A seems a little trigger-happy
with the 'Banning Switch'!
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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 10:20 AM
Go on 'SkepticGuy'... you carry yourself well and I can only
presume 'Blue Angel' hasn't read this hoax thread.
I'm disappointed that Gorgonzola hasn't entered the fray.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by A boy in a dress
Go on 'SkepticGuy'... you carry yourself well and I can only
presume 'Blue Angel' hasn't read this hoax thread.
Im disappointed that Gorgonzola hasn't entered the fray.

Well who's been naughty then ??????

Anyway back to the thread I agree 'SkepticGuy' is holding his own and doing ATS proud !!!
However i don't know why you are disappointed or supprised at the non appearence of Gorgonzola
she has of course used up her COMPLETE vocabulary in her venomous first RANT she apparently knows
no others. And we all know. SHE DOES'NT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS PUT TO HER.!!!!

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

"QUOTE" Your poor fingers...all that typing and won't do..

I know Wayne would sympathise with Nenothtu he had the same problem when trying to get
his count up on CNNi constantly having to click on the 'like' button. He said so on his fb.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

It's getting a little fractious over on the 'other' site
That Blue Angel seems a bit "on one", as we say over here. Seems like s/he may be suffering from a type of myopia that is an important ingredient in this HOAX.
Does BA think that Bill only exists as a CC member over whom they hold the moderators Sword of Damocles? Or is he a real person & ATS site owner, who, should he choose, could no doubt contact this Sanjay the CC site owner & get any such decision to swing it reversed?
Did Wayne & Judy think that the names Arecibo & Jodrell Bank are just ciphers in a world over which they have authorial control? Or are they real places, staffed by real people, whom other real people can contact & ask what they're upto?
Did they think that "UV Signal" is a plot device sufficiently outside most peoples' scientific comfort zone that such people would just accept any claims made about it? Or are they real people also, who daily come across things which they personally dont fully undertand, but turn to other real people, with verifiable clusters of letters after their names, for an explanation?
Oh but wait, the myopia goes further. In Wayne & Judy's view, anyone that disagrees & points to the entire canon of science that demonstrates that their claims are false is an alphabet soup disinfo agent. Er... yeah. Going right back to the days of Copernicus & the 1st serious attempts @studying optics. Yeah, there they were, in their period MIB costumes, spending what @the time were vast sums to have lenses ground to particular specifications so that they could study the lights in the sky, in the expectation that what they'd find would contradict the doctrine of the Catholic Church & could thus prove fatal to them, but... The results of their experiments were written down with an eye to deceiving us centuries later. People like Faraday & Marconi were clearly uber-agents!

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