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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 04:03 AM
reply to post by m0r1arty

OMG ! Judy is realy scraping the bottom of the barrel now.Nowhere on her posting could i see that the tape was from 1989 (when that particular hoax was first aired) So she's up to her OLD TRICKS of mixing old news as "BREAKING NEWS" ................And it's taken her 16 days to uncover this one !!!!!!!

Judy your past is catching up with you fast ..................

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 04:19 AM

Originally posted by Bunken Drum

Originally posted by Drunkenparrot

extraterrestrial signal alien communication space Disinformation Slander tactics
Conspiracy Debunking UFO Judy Fältskog Faltskog Extraterrestria lAlien SETICIA SecretSignal NASA
illuminatini beru secret government Nenothtu rich-england BIAD Marrr Eletheia Bunkendrum Portogoal drunkenparrot mor1arty

Thanks DP.
I wonder what an "illuminatini" is? I hope it hasn't got gin in it - cant stand the stuff. I'm not too fond of vermouth either, but, in order not to let the secret agent side down, I can just about deal with it with vodka & a cocktail onion. All the same, I prefer it gently stirred, not shaken, so each sip tastes a little different to the last. I'm hoping an "illuminatini" is something like that... with a dash of freshly sacrificed virgin's blood, or some such.

That's hilarious Bunken Drum! I'm thinking it's a drink you sip in a 1940's film noir style bar, with the collar of your raincoat turned up and your fedora hat pulled down over your eyes, briefcase of invisible court summons at your side.

I'll try an illuminatini, don't mind if I do

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:18 AM

This sort of reasoning infuriates me... Orion666 chips in:

... I would, however like to make a brief statement about the attackers,
which I feel is extremely relevant for this thread. It is plainly obvious that
these people that are posting absolute babble about you are doing it
to discredit you, instead of intelligently discuss.

Well, so much for reasearch... just assumes and moves onto stating that's
it's obvious that those who oppose the 'Spaceship on the Sphinx's back'
theory are doing it for sinister reasons!
'intelligently discuss'!! about using your curser to measure underground
water tables!!?

However what I find most amusing about the skeptics is that there is a 90%
probability that these people believe if one form of creature or supreme being.
Actually more than 90% of the earth's population believe in some form or
another of supreme being...

Yes ORION, it is amusing... you take this leap of assumption regarding a mass of
people and then attempt... (and fail to drive the dagger home, in my view!)... to
indicate that there's a connection between someone who has religeous beliefs
and someone who doesn't agree with Herschel's opinion that a three-legged UFO
landed on an ancient statue's back!
ORION...? your word-smithing is cr*p!! (I apologise to ATS readers for that)

...So in order to make it easy for people to understand my analogy,
lets reference "+" as probably the most followed, then closely followed by
"("If that is the case, then when your research clearly shows that there is
a "Star Ship" and other factual evidence, shown on the papyrus, and
people ridicule you for this statement, then please remember the
following line...

It clearly shows...?!!!

...If star ships are ridiculous and absurd, then beings that look like
humans but have actual wings (ie. Angels) take the cake in terms of
absurdity. No one has ever seen an angel, but millions of people have
seen UFOs...

I'm not even going dwell on the artistic reasons why 'Angels' in history have wings...
that's 'newbie' stuff.

'No one has seen an angel'...! he just moves right along doesn't he?
In my view, Starships are not absurd, I just don't believe a three-legged one landed
on the Sphinx and someone painted the event on papyrus.
Then again, no one has ever seen an angel, so they've just painted what they've
imagined...? But of course, those secretive Eygptians wouldn't do that... noooo!
Nobody has seen an angel.
Eygptian renderings show factual events and can not be mis-interpreted by anyone
in the world... even those who have never seen angels... which is all of us?
-Orion666 said so.

...Yet people prefer to believe stupidity fed to them by the religious order
that they follow, rather than asking for facts and evidence (which do not exist ->
referencing Angels here), but instead you are showing the facts!...

All people who follow a religeon are stupid.
Those who believe Wayne Herschel are not stupid.
Angels do not exist, Spaceships that land on Sphinxs exist -reference Wayne's
IReport for factual evidence.

...You just have to look at the first testament in the "" bible......

Sorry! must stop you there. Being a non-stupid person that DOESN'T believe
in a religeon... (I used to, but Orion666 told me it was uncool to be stupid)...
I can't access the bible, because it rambles on about religeon.
Oh, and well done ORION666, nice touch indicating that all other religeons that
AREN'T mentioned or connected with the bible are false!!!

... to know that when you reference it with Ancient Sumarian text found 10,000
years PREVIOUS to the "" bible being written, you can already see where this is going.
Need I say more ???...

Er, yes you do have to say more.
You have to explain that a book that mentions angels... a book that that by your
deductive reasoning must be stupid, should have any connection with Sumarian
texts... you forgot FACT 1 on your list -ORION, those who follow religeon are stupid.

... I don't think so.So guys put your mind at rest, I can assure you that
Wayne is definitely on the right track ;-) And our world needs this kind of information
to be known so that the so called "religious" killings can be stopped and peace
will finally be achieved ...

I feel better already ORION666. Put my faith in Wayne's theories and shout it from
the rooftops that he's right, he's the one we should listen to!
Not those musty books, no... there're old and don't show any proof.
P.S: Thanks for talking down to me Wayne... I mean, ORION666.

... P.S. Just out of curiosity, could you let me know what type of software
you used on your website to compare the star map please? I've been looking
all over the net for a screen shot that is similar but I can't find it.
I hope you can help.

I'm speechless!

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:41 AM
My speech has returned!

I see on this site: SOURCE

... Gorgonzola reports that 'The Karahari was true all along!' and with that,
Blue Angel responded with:
P.S. Please take your ATS grievances elsewhere.

I'd take that suggest -Gorgonzola and I welcome you.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

I see Club Conspiracy is now BIASED in the view of "Gorgonzola" (Judy) and she is asking for the complete thread to be deleted, She still can't get 'screen shots' through her thick head !!!!!!

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 06:05 AM

Originally posted by eletheia
reply to post by A boy in a dress

I see Club Conspiracy is now BIASED in the view of "Gorgonzola" (Judy) and she is asking for the complete thread to be deleted, She still can't get 'screen shots' through her thick head !!!!!!

It seems to be a common theme with James and Wayne... if you don't agree with me,
then you're A: Wrong and B: biased in your own opinion and ergo, work as a Dis-Info
It's like listening to a squalling child that is demanding attention.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 06:38 AM
Oh, it gets better::

Post by Cheesey on CC.

A message for the IDIOTS (Slaves) on ATS:

Ms Fältskog wishes to thank you for the Devotion, Loyalty and undevided admiration you have shown over all these months.

She realises that she is totally Adictive, Gorgious and absolutely unforgetable, and stated that she DEMANDS your continued hard work, sleepless nights, Devotion and Loyalty for many years still to come.

She expects you to have her name in your mind wherever you go and that your lives will only revolve around her as it has been for the past seven months.

You willingly accepted her as your Mistress and willingly you have become her slaves...

You MUST work harder for her admiration "boys"

The story is very far from being over, and there is a LOT of WORK still ahead!

I get these replies sent to my inbox. It's not like I put any effort in.

I put more effort in standing up to make a coffee than I do into investigating this piece of trash.

Guess she'll be banned from there now.

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by m0r1arty

Not only has she deleted her post on that facebook page but she has also left the group.
She really wants to just disappear from all the publicity she gets. And now she's left CC... At least we know she's still watching this thread

I think we should move this to RATS. She already knows about half the stuff we have on her perpetuating this hoax, I think the other half should be discussed in somewhere she has no access to. Yes? Or no?

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 08:54 AM
Judy has had her five minutes of fame on club conspiracy (they there have also seen through her) she was given a platform to air her grieviences but as always she had nothing to say (this is getting very repetative)
Didn't answer any questions put to her by Blue Angel ( site moderator) So she is hardly in any position to
claim discrimination against her person. Getting TWITCHY NOW are we Judy ????

Am i alone in this? I have actually seen the sphinx in Egypt and IMO nothing bigger than a felucca could
land on it's back (and without space to maneuver) So surely a space ship from light years away would
need to be somewhat bigger??

And as far as FACTS are concerned, WHAT FACTS ??? Wayne by his
own admission only uses reasoned hypothesis

REASONED meaning.......a discussion in persuit of higher meaning to form conclusion
HYPOTHESIS meaning.......investigation a TENTATIVE explation

I dont see ANY FACTS there !!!!

Now the QUOTE from CNN ireport....PS just out of curiousity could you let me know what type of soft ware
you used on your website to compare the star maps please? I've been looking all over the net
for a screenshot but can't find it. I hope you can help?

ROFLMAO........Saw that on Waynes fb. laughed then and remembered it like you would
remember agood JOKE Lol Lol.................

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

When I saw the YouTube vids Judy posted trying to salvage the UV in a Radio Telescope hoax by using photoreceptive diodes to control current flow in an amplifier circuit, thus appearing to produce "signals" from (visible) light, I thought "my, what a novel approach! She might fool some with that - assuming they just don't understand electronics". You see, controlling current flow in that manner is no different than just putting a potentiometer in the circuit, like the volume knob on a radio. It's not RECEIVING a signal, it's controlling current flow in the amplification of a pre-existing "signal".
Well, you're not quite right here, so I thought I'd elaborate, just in case anyone reads this & thinks "Aha! Nenothtu doesn't know everything about electronics so Judy must be right!" or any other of the typically either/or means of logically fallacious thinking that many of the dimmer bulbs on the street called life are prone to employ.
You hit the nail on the head with "on/off switch" b/c a diode is an either/or device. In the case of streetlights tho, its a photovoltaic device that feeds current to a logic gate, preventing a 2nd current from flowing to a solenoid, so long as the daylight produces enough of the 1st current (like a mini solar panel). When the 1st current drops below a set threshold, the solenoid is triggered, switching on the main power to the streetlight.
All that a UV sensitive diode would do in a situation Judy suggests is prevent anything being amplified unless the diode received UV - any modulated signal therein would be entirely irrelevant, b/c the diode only has 2 states: current flows or it doesn't. (Incidentally, this is why such setups are called "logic circuits" - for any given input, the output is defined by set parameters.)
Still, all amp stages must be shielded against radio interference, so her idea would produce just amplified noise in the presence of UV.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:37 AM
I can only think that Gorgonzola isn't Judy Faltskog... I know I may be
doubted here, but one only needs to look at Gorgonzola's responses
on that site.

... Ms Fältskog wishes to thank you for the Devotion, Loyalty and Undevided Admiration
you have shown over all these months...

Undevided? I'm sure that isn't the way NASA employees spell that word and I could accept
that when one is emotional about a subject, simple type-O's can be achieved, but 'i' isn't
anywhere near 'e' on the 'Qwerty' keyboard, so is it prudent to employ folk for tasks that
may involve searching for alien existence?
I for one, wouldn't want it spread across the world that a space visitor requested that we
should take him to our 'larder'!!

She realises that she is totally Addictive, Gorgious and Absolutely Unforgetable, and stated
that she DEMANDS your continued hard work, sleepless nights, Devotion and Loyalty for many
years still to come.

'Gorgious'!! ...' Unforgetable'!!... tsk-tsk back to school -methinks!
I see Gorgonzola seems to fall into the same type of sexual innuendo as SunFlare, LadySambuca
and the rest of the 'sock puppets' here on ATS.
As said by many here, this indicates that it's the same person and also that it is James stamping his
feet in a tantrum.
Now I am confused!!

The story is very far from being over, and there is a LOT of WORK (and Punishment)
still ahead!

As Mr. 'SkepticGuy' responds, this is a worrying statement.
edit on 18-11-2010 by A boy in a dress because: (no reason given)

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:38 AM
Hmmm. I dont think I explained that last bit well.
All electronic circuits, being composed of conductors & sometimes semi-conductors are subject to having a radio signal, whether that be a broadcast, hum created by mains power distribution, or from stars etc. induce a current into them, in the same way an aerial works. The solution is to put them in a metal box which is connected to earth (this gets irrelevantly complex with mobile devices), thus such radio interference affects the box, not the contents: basically a "Faraday Cage". In consumer gear, its often not that good, but its usually the cables that are the main problem.
If Judy Faltskog's UV sensitive diodes were situated in such a way as to be able to pick up any UV coming from space, regardless of the fact that a diode just doesn't work like that, they would have to be outside the box (oh, the irony). Thus, they would be subject to all manner of radio interference inducing a current into them. Therefor any signal they were amplifying would be compromised.
Still, nenothtu is also bang on that there would have to be a signal in the 1st place to amplify. This signal would presumably be the impossible 1 created by UV received by a radio antenna & then fed into a radio pre-amp stage...
Utter bollocks!

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

Excellent analysis! Folks that follow religion are "stupid"... unless, of course they follow WAYNE HERSCHEL's new religion, the cult of Oneism! Those folks are obviously geniuses, because they can figure out what it means to "reference '+' and '(', even when the fella that brings that sort of "reasoning" fails to ever explain what he means by that "referencing"!

Yes, BIAD, it "clearly shows", just like the cover art on innumerable science fiction novels "clearly" shows similar things - if you ignore the intent of he artist, and "reinterpret" it yourself to mean what you want it to mean!

I wonder how Orion666 can be so sure "no one has ever seen an angel?" He can swallow Wayne's new cult hook, line, and sinker with no evidence, but balks at seeing angels? Maybe he missed the wings... It's my understanding that "miracles" are what happen every day while folks are sitting around waiting for the spectacular, like having a bush spontaneously combust, and so they usually miss out on the real miracles - like the cry of a baby, or the strange occurrence that their heart still continues to beat without them even having to think about it, or an act of uncalled-for kindness. Folks generally miss out on the real miracles while looking for the spectacular. Maybe they miss out on angels as well, because they're looking for the wings - or maybe they miss out on demons, because they're sniffing for brimstone, and never see the monsters coming until it's too late.

I always told my kids when they were little that monsters are real, and I know they are because I've seen 'em and fought 'em. Don't miss them by trying to find them under the bed or in the closet, sticking a scaly green hand out now and then. They look like any other person - until they start ACTING like monsters. That's how you recognize them, and by then it's frequently too late, unless you've been watching all along.

Klaus Barbee comes to mind as an example.

Same goes for angels - folks just don't know where to look, or what to look for. I never recognize them until they're carrying my fat away from the fire. Then they, like the rest of us, go on about the business of living.

Now, it's also odd to me that Orion666 can trash "religion" in one breath, then appeal to the bible (isn't that a religious book?) for support in the next. Which is it? It can't be BOTH ways! I find it odd as well that he "references" the figure of "10,000 years" of pre-biblical Sumerian civilization. The Sumerian civilization sprang into existence around 3500 BC - roughly 5500 years before TODAY. The bible started being written down between about 1500 BC and 1000 BC, depending on which scholars one wants to believe. That leaves a gap of, at most, 2500 years - NOT "10,000".

"10,000 years" is an odd figure that factors in to Wayne's "theories" quite a lot. For example, he claims that Neanderthals were replaced by modern humans 10,000 years ago, by his god Ra. This completely ignores the fact that fully modern humans were present already sometime between 90,000 and 125,000 years ago. They just never made it to EUROPE until about 40,000 years ago. They actually mad it to the Americas around that same time, and Australia considerably earlier - around 60,000 year ago by some estimates.

The last known Neanderthal fossil found to date is from St Cesair, and is around 28,000 years old. There's an 18,000 year gap between them and Wayne's "modern humans" that he alleges Ra supplanted them with. Specimens of modern humans ("space-a-mans"?) that are only 10,000 years old are mere babes. Modern humans had already been present in Europe and the Americas for about 30,000 years at that point, Africa and the middle east for at least 80,000 years, and Australia for 50,000. 10,000 year old humans were hardly "new creations", whether any "space gods" were involved in their production or not.

Wayne, or Orion666, or whomever - I invite debate on THAT point as well. You want "facts", well, you got 'em - I mean you got MORE of 'em - and I'll bet you can't refute those any more than you've been able to answer any of the others we've presented.

This bit:

... I don't think so.So guys put your mind at rest, I can assure you that
Wayne is definitely on the right track ;-) And our world needs this kind of information
to be known so that the so called "religious" killings can be stopped and peace
will finally be achieved ...

sounds like it came directly from the mouth of Wayne. Touching upon his condemnation of "religious violence" here, I remind all of his incessant cyber attacks by his Light Warrior Brigades. I am irked less when someone tries to visit physical violence on me than when they try to silence me. There is no violence quite like the violence of trying to take a man's voice away while leaving his body intact for purposes of slavery. In either case, I, and many others like me, WILL fight back, tooth and nail. If you can't handle that, don't jump us to begin with. If you ignore that caveat, you do so at peril, for you are proceeding directly into a World of Hurt.

As a matter of fact, that philosophy could cure ALL religious strife. It's fine for others to have a opinion, and it's fine for them to voice that opinion, even loudly. It's NOT fine to do so at the expense of silencing the opposition. That is what dictators do when they can't answer logic with logic, facts with facts.

If you find yourself unable to support your religious convictions, as in those presented in Oneism, then perhaps it's time to revisit and revise those convictions to more closely align them with observable reality. Trying to slap the opposition into silence is sure to draw fire.

Especially if I'M on the opposition team.

I've already explained why no one else can find thee "pattern alignments" that Wayne finds. He picks and chooses which points to wedge in to the "star map" alignment, and then moves points around, changing relationships, distances, and orientations until he can force a match. I could recommend a couple of really good - and FREE - software packages to look for stellar alignment with, but unfortunately they all display stars as they ARE, or WERE, positioned - and not as Wayne WISHES they were. I simply don't know of any software that will move the very stars around to conform to Wayne Hershel's fantasies. I note here that Wayne himself didn't come up with any in answer to that query, either.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by eletheia
Now the QUOTE from CNN ireport....PS just out of curiousity could you let me know what type of soft ware
you used on your website to compare the star maps please? I've been looking all over the net
for a screenshot but can't find it. I hope you can help?

ROFLMAO........Saw that on Waynes fb. laughed then and remembered it like you would
remember agood JOKE Lol Lol.................

I was tempted to advise a good stationary store where Felt-tip pens are stocked!

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by DrHammondStoat

That's hilarious Bunken Drum! I'm thinking it's a drink you sip in a 1940's film noir style bar, with the collar of your raincoat turned up and your fedora hat pulled down over your eyes, briefcase of invisible court summons at your side.

I'll try an illuminatini, don't mind if I do
Yeah, thats the kind of thing I was thinking too. In Berlin perhaps, or Vienna. Sophisticatedly ignoring some tawdry not-quite- striptease act, accompanied by a stereotypically wise black jazz pianist...
Ah, but the briefcase? Far too valuable to leave by your side: it'd have to be cuffed to your left wrist, leaving your right hand free, ready @a moments notice, to draw a Walther Think Pad with which to shoot down the opposition.
I wonder what Wayne & Judy use? Seems to be firing blanks...
On that note, I almost speculated on what ovoid object we might find on the end of a cocktail stick in an illuminatini, but I decided that would be unnecessarily unpleasant.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

When it comes to vaulting accepted facts and evidence that's backed with research,
Wayne holds the trophy for ignoring these and trampling over them without another
The idea that Neanderthals don't fit into Mr. Herschel's musings of how and when Man
populated Earth -means little... those heavy-browed creatures were too stupid to know
they were causing an inconvenience.
Presumably, the fur-wearing shambling figures believed in religeon and surely this led
to their extinction!

Fossil dates and all that scientific mumbo-jumbo mean nothing to the man who shaded
under The Tree Of Life. One only has to look in the many magazines that can be found
in airport waiting rooms and the like, to see that RA was 'de-man' with his shoulder-landing
I suppose that if the 'stoopid' apemen with their gutteral cries had agreed with Ra and
his remarkable building abilities to build a pyramid, then they could have celebrated the
event with esoteric daubings on their cave walls.

Stoopid Neanderthals.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by Bunken Drum

Yup! I sometimes don't explain things very well, but that's it in a nutshell. The very name "diode" comes from the Greek for "two", implying two possible states - either "on" or "off". I think what this circuitry is doing is opening the gate to allow ambient "signals" (such as a 60hz hum from a light bulb in America) that is induced in unshielded circuitry to get through and be amplified. There is also the possibility that they are using Selenium, which will produce a "signal" of a strength dependent on the amount of "light" hitting it (think photovoltaic cells) which is then fed into the amplifier, producing that variable "squeal" they seem to have produced. It's not a "signal" by any stretch of the imagination, it's allowing random noise induced in unshielded circuitry through to SIMULATE a "signal".

The variable charge allowed by Selenium used on the toner drums of Xerox machines is what allows for varying shades of gray in copies, rather than a simple "black/white" image. Depending on how much light hits the drum from the original, the static charge induced there allows for more or less toner per unit area - depending on the strength of the static charge at that particular point.

In neither case are these light "signals" picked up in the light range by radio telescopes! Physics just doesn't work that way. For example, one would not put a hypothetical "UV photoreceptor diode" at the focal point of mesh radio dish and expect it to "reflect" all of that light from the parabolic area to that focal point (where the actual antenna is usually located). Nearly ALL of the light would fall through the mesh of the dish and be lost. That's why they use mirror parabolas in OPTICAL reflectors to gather light from a wider area to be re-directed to the focal point, an OPTICAL lense - which then usually focuses the light (gathered from the entire area of the mirror) for use at a viewing lense, or CCD photoreceptor.

Also in either case it's not UV doing the squealing, nor is it "new", nor is it "Tesla technology". What it IS is an all around "FAIL".

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

Ah, those poor, much-maligned Neanderthals! They TRIED to conform with Ra's notion of what constitutes "art". There are examples of Neanderthal artistic efforts from late in their tenure (stoopid archaeologists! They think Neanderthals picked that up from the"moderns" they ran across! They should know it was an effort to please Ra!) composed of beads, necklaces, body paints, and odd trinkets. There are even examples of "Venus figurines" going back 300,000 years to the days of H. Erectus (stop giggling!) such as the one from Berekhat Ram in Israel and Tan Tan in Morocco. All these inferior species had to be eliminated, however, since their "art" did not please Ra.

They evidently had problems depicting feathered pseudo-saucers landing on postage-stamp sized areas of ancient monuments...

Oh, and in reference to Gorgonzola's threats at Conspiracy Club, I'll just add those to the growing list of threats. For the record, I refuse any "punishments", "mistresses" or "masters". I'm not his "man", and never will be. My kind don't suffer captivity gladly. Any "punishments" they attempt to mete out will be defensively met in kind. They should have already figured that out when I didn't just lay down and cry after their first few attacks.

Simplest solution: don't jump and they won't be caught in the air. I have grave doubts that their intelligence rises to that level, though. I'm pretty sure those threats have been logged in about a dozen places now, showing that there is a threat in need of defense.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by m0r1arty

Originally posted by Cheesey on CC
You MUST work harder for her admiration "boys"
Well, with the BDSM references, we're into another area of my expertise.
Clearly, being a natural dom, I cant know what it subjectively feels like to be a sub. I do know several people who are so into this scene that they've been on courses & 2 people who teach dominance & submission. Obviously, outside play scenarios, we talk about all kinds of aspects of the practices &, for some, the 24/7 lifestyle. Combining such anecdotal evidence with my own 20+yrs experience, here's a few observations:
Subs tend to fall somewhere between 4 extremes;
1) Those who are ultra-sub & wish to be led &/or pushed to find their limits;
2) Those who are distrustful & so wish to put up a fight against being convincingly conquered;
3) Those who are sexually inexperienced &/or emotionally needy, who may turn out not to be submissive @all;
4) Those who aren't particularly sub/dom but are very curious.
The common factor they all share is that, for it to work, they must reach a deep level of trust with whoever dominates them. As a dom therefor, it is imperative that @no time do you appear to be out of control, unconfident, desperate, or out of your depth.
Out of control: serial HOAXING.
Unconfident: unwilling to debate facts & attempts to erase embarrassing mistakes.
Desperate: trolling multiple sites using the same MO.
Out of depth: failure to grasp that some people know a great deal more about the specifics of science involved in this HOAX & about how to use the internet.
Judy Faltskog is no metaphorical Dom/me & if his/her RL personality reflects what we've seen online, could only be a wannabe/piss poor attempt IRL. S/he would not get to play with my subs, b/c I know they'd be disappointed & probably top from the bottom.
FYI Cheesey, one doesn't admire one's subs, one grants permission for their admiration.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

As many of us think Gorgonzola is Judy, does the fact that she states on club conspiracy "So
the Kalahari incident was true after all" mean she is linking herself with that incident and
therefor admitting her CONNECTION to James van Greunen ??????????

Sounds like that to me !!

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