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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 01:18 PM

OMG the cat's out of the bag !
Thank's Drunken Parrott you've grassed me up big style !!
No Regrets though.

Wonder what James/Judy regrets ?

Amongst many things, I will put my goverment disinfo, agents wages on it, that he regrets the
Whickham message board link:
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posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by Portugoal
reply to post by nenothtu

When will the final report be ready for the world? I really think a new thread with every single shroud of evidence should be created for all of ATS to flag and to get the story out there.

I reckon we really just need to pick a cutoff point for the release. It's starting to look like the story will never be "finished", since it keeps on growing, and growing....

I've been working on it a bit over a month now, so I'm thinking a target date around 3 weeks from now will do. A likely stopping point will be the initiation of this new "light Warrior Assault". That will get the reader up to speed and more or less inform anyone who cares to read as to what is up, and what to look for,

That date isn't really firm, and is subject to change depending on unfolding events, but it's a target to aim for.

Edit to add: There is already enough of the book "out there" that, should any unfortunate events transpire to prevent my continuance - and I mean ANY event, from a hangnail bad enough to keep me from typing, right on up through an interstellar kidnapping by Aenstreans (Episode III: "The Wrath of Karne") - what is already done can either be released "as is", or reworked a bit and then released. Just make sure it hits a few bullet-proof servers for downloads. If none of those events transpire, I reckon they've bought more time...
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posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 07:53 PM
As i continue to peruse the Club Conspiracy Forum GORGONZOLA tells us:-

Judy worked as an astronomer [ Qualifications ? ] on loan to NASA [ makes her only a temp,If remotely true ]
NASA asked her to pack her stuff because she had discussed the signal with a friend of hers [ really!! Wayne
a friend he said "he hardly knew her !!!] who by MISTAKE went and spread it across the internet. [ MISTAKE
surely not !!! he had a BOOK TO SELL ]

ATS got wind of the story and they have gone full throttle to slander, discredit, defame, insult, humiliate,
intimidate and spread blatant lies [ As i understand it Wayne got one of his minions, in this case COSMIC
PIXIE to relay information HE WANTED RELEASED for the first 25 or so pages of this thread, as i recall she
took quite a bit of 'stick' for this ]

A colleague of hers from NASA [ now it has already been verified on this site that she NEVER worked for
NASA ] told her intelligence services were trying to squash information she divulged by attacks on her character
to make her appear totally unreliable and even unstable [ UNRELIABLE !! well we've all heard the lies and
changeablity of credientials and ALLEGED findings, UNSTABLE well we've seen the total rantings of her
"Sock Puppets"

She was told [ who told her ] ATS was owned sponsored and manned by disinfo Psyops who had targeted
her for destruction and elimination [ Whoa.....never knew Judy was so IMPORTANT !!!!! is she ? ]

She told me the signal was definately ET and during her time on loan to NASA she was told a lot of things by her
employer about ET reality and she was made to sign an oath of secrecy not to divulge information [Yeah.......
......a temp is entrusted with top secret confidential information.........a temp. who NASA says has never
worked for them !! ]

The moderator of Club Conspiracy asked if she would come onto the site and answer questions put to her
supprise! supprise! she has not done so. I have spoken to Judy and i will be making more posts soon with information she will provide to be included on this (ClubConspiracy) thread that was on 4/11/10 eight days ago
and up till now nothing, nada, zilch NIX.

I SERIOUSLY and TOTALLY doubt the AUTHENTICITY and INTEGRITY of your forged information [originals
can be seen ]

I find it strange that a thread supposed to deal with an alleged signal found by Judy Faltskog is 90% speculation
lies stories forged information about her sexuality and hardly any discussion on the signal she found [ the signal
has already been disproved and speculation about her IDENTITY (NOT SEXUALITY) only exists because she
is not addmitting whom she is.]

As instructed and advertised by the lawyers of Judy Faltskog only a court of law will decide the merit of this case
[ Which court will that be British ? American? German? South African? Australian? French? And in court Judy
you have to produce HARD EVIDENCE not heresay and definately NOT UTUBE VIDEOS.

Are you ready for this particular can of worms Judy Faltskog ????????????

posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 08:07 PM
In poring over this thread yet again (this is the 4th time for a full read, I think), searching out links to posts proving the hoax nature of this story for yet another post of such a link collection, I noticed that Mr. Hesemann claims to have a copy of the original Birth Certificate for James van Greunen. This would be dandy thing to have in the archive collection, but I seem not to have it. Does anyone have a copy of this item that they could get a copy of to me?

I have passports, I have German legal papers, and I have a few birth certificates, but that particular one is not among them.

posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 08:15 PM

Originally posted by eletheia

As instructed and advertised by the lawyers of Judy Faltskog only a court of law will decide the merit of this case

[ Which court will that be British ? American? German? South African? Australian? French? And in court Judy
you have to produce HARD EVIDENCE not heresay and definately NOT UTUBE VIDEOS.

Are you ready for this particular can of worms Judy Faltskog ????????????

I suppose that, given the international nature of this hoax, only the World Court at the Hague could possibly have jurisdiction. If Judy cares to bring action there, I'll be happy to appear and bring my evidentiary exhibits. She's have to have Interpol serve the summons papers, though, and foot the bill for my transport (by ship - I'm never riding the skies again, given the current state of inconvenience and discomfort in merely boarding an airplane).

So, yeah, bring suit at the Hague, Judy, and I'll show mine if you'll show yours...

Oh my, that just didn't sound at all right, did it?

posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 09:55 PM
This is the next installment in the "Individual Posts Which Prove This was a Hoax" series. These are from pages 61-90. I seem to be doing this in 30 page increments.

More links to individual posts that show this was most certainly a hoax:

Netties Hermit finds an Aenstrean connection: link. An even firmer connection was later made when it was discovered that both Judy Faltskog and James Van Greunen wrote a book called "The Aenstrean Revlations", and in both cases it was claimed to be an autobiography concerning abductions by "Karne".

RICH-ENGLAND asks some questions which show the defiance of logic in this story: link

Bedlam points out the holes in the story, and the details that got Judy caught, and proved it to be a hoax, and the fact that Judy then came up with MORE erroneous details in an attempt to salvage a botched hoax: link

Smokingun visited us from the German website to report on the findings of his own investigation of Judy - chock full of discrepancies - and the fact that she started trying to erase her web presence after the hoax was found out: link

Nenothtu points out some specific changes Wayne has made in the original story in an attempt to salvage it, the problems with those changes, and the fact that the feeble attempts to salvage the original story on Wayne's part indicates that Wayne was a willing accomplice in the hoax, rather than an unwitting dupe of Judy: link

Dcmb1490's list of things that had been debunked in the story already, up to 19 May 2010: link

RICH-ENGLAND reports Michael Hesemann's testimony and visual verification via Judy's photos that James IS Judy, and was staying in South Africa and Germany during the time she was allegedly studying at Berkeley. Mr Hesemann would know this because he was dealing with James on documents supporting the Kalahari Incident at the time: link

Michael Hesemann confirms James/Judy's involvement in the Lesotho Hoax as well, which he investigated on site in 1997. This shows James/Judy to be a serial hoaxer: link

RICH-ENGLAND's posting of James and Judy's passports, confirming they are one and the same person: link

Nenothtu's post of James and Judy's photos side by side for comparison, and analysis of the passport document comparison, confirming that they are one and the same person:link

Further clarification from Michael Hesemann: link

On the cult front, dcmb1490 discovers and posts a direct quote from a "press release" by Wayne Herschel announcing the launch of his new "religion" (again, a direct quote) in connection with the Blossom Goodchild GFL hoax, indicating that Wayne Herschel is a serial hoaxer as well, and has a penchant for capitalizing on hoaxing - both his own and the hoaxes of others: link

Michael Hesemann comments on the German legal documents that confirm James and Judy are the same person, having undergone a sex change operation: link

RICH-ENGLAND's post containing scan of the actual German legal documents confirming the sex change from James to Judy: link

Michael Hesemann's translation of the German court documents from German to English: link

Link to another ATS thread stared by dcmb1490 and called "The Alien Lie - a Debunking", to condense the evidence presented into a more easily digestible and compact form: link

First post by Warlockandjudge, trying desperately, and failing miserably, to defend this hoax - not by providing ANY sort of evidence, but by attacking the messengers instead: link. It is interesting to note here that Warlockandjudge wasn't "banned", in spite of pretty severe provocation, and contrary to Moaningmartel's claims that all Judy supporters have bee banned. WaJ wasn't, and neither was Wayne. They simple couldn't hold up their ends of a debate involving logic, and slipped off back into the shadows. Also of interest to note is that WaJ registered SOLELY to post in this thread, made 11 posts over the course of a few hours, and disappeared - but was NOT banned.

Nenothtu's post pointing out flaws, inconsistencies, and failures of logic in Warlockand Judge's posts attempting to support Judy's claims: link

Michael Hesemann's refutation of Warlockandjudge's claims: part1 - part2. These were originally posted in reverse order, and that order has been corrected here.

More evidence courtesy Michael Hesemann: link

Janice Fugea's sister confirms, through RICH-ENGLAND, that James and Judy are the same person: link. I have been in contact with this individual myself, and can confirm that the link made by her is indeed factually reported here, and that she has been in the actual presence of James AND Judy in both roles, and has first-hand knowledge of the events surrounding and including the sex change operation.

More background information on James/Judy provided by Janice's sister: link and here, and here, and here, and here (FWIW, the family resemblance mentioned in this post is still under investigation), and here.

Dcmb1490's timeline, to assist in keeping the various facets of this story in a logical order: link.

Dcmb1490 provides yet another link to Wayne's attempt to start a new cult, a blatant promotion through a "press release" that uses the euphemism "belief system" in place of the previous term "religion": link

Michael Hesemann's refutation of Wayne Hershel's "Vatican City Star Map" interpretation: link

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posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

I like many others who read this, await the proof of James/Judy's claim and Wayne Herschel's
evidence and yet, I am at a loss to work out why I am on that 'hit-list'?!!
I have done no real research, I have looked at images provided and gave my opinion, I have
read logical debates between ATS members and agreed with the majority of them... that majority
always ask the same question as I do... where's the proof? where's the evidence?

Some great investigations have been done and some stalwarts of the thread have been lost
along the way, but I see that has Nenothtu lists the links and the folk who have provided those
links, I ashamedly haven't.

Without coming off as arrogant, I merely 'flowered' the reasoning of the questioning and stood
in line with all the others to await the revelations. The so-called 'hitlist' is nothing but a result of
a child's tantrum from someone who has been caught in a lie.

Keep up the great work guys.

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posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 10:51 PM
Very impressive list there nenothtu! It serves as a great reminder for just how big this hoax is, and how many paths it has led down. Keep up the good work guys!

P.S: I defintely think a few more people should be added to this hitlist Wayne. I merely make appearances at the beginning, sparingly in the middle' and recently now, at the end of the thread. Obviously, you've compiled this list on a whim, not givng credit where credit is due, and using the only qdtive posters to consist of your hitlist. Youremissing out on 'hitting' some great INFO agents.

posted on Nov, 13 2010 @ 05:29 AM
So Sorry,
Apologises to Drunkenparrott, my last post should have read 'Portugoal'.

Slip of the finger !!

I had been reading your posting Drunkenparrott, it was very good, your name stuck in my mind.!
Won't happen again.

Then again it might have been the shock of being short, fat and bald !!


posted on Nov, 13 2010 @ 11:45 AM
Well... the li'l olde eyeless wig-wearing freak known as
'A Boy In A Dress' finally made it onto You Tube!
Notice how he names me as BIAD and not as my full
Username title... It would've 'sillied' the seriousness that
this poster was trying to purvey.
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posted on Nov, 13 2010 @ 07:04 PM
Yup, she's makin' us FAMOUS!

It IS somewhat annoying that, as I observed earlier, comments on that video have been disabled. Somewhat annoying, but not overmuch so. It's in reality an admission of the weakness of the argument - an admission that there is no way in hell they could stand against facts if such were to be presented on that page...

People of the more discerning and thinking variety will be able to see that right away.

Be that as it may, I'm perfectly willing to bring the argument HERE, since they are clearly afraid to do so. I'll just help them out with that, since I AM a helpful sort!

Here is the blurb from that YouTube video entitled " The Signal - The Truth "

Orbitalobserver | November 12, 2010

A possible Extraterrestrial signal was found using a Reciever sensitive to the Ultra-Violet frequency.

The Reciever was developed privately over a period of 8 years which incorporated the use of Tesla Technology.

This project was privately funded and developed and tested on a privately owned Radio Telescopes.

Government Disinformation Agents has debunked the impact of this research, and the Astrophysicist Intimidated and Humiliated into silence because you are not suppose to know the truth.

My answer:

1) the initial comment insinuating that a signal was found with a receiver (that's 'I before E except after C', Judy - basic English skills), and specifying that the signal was in the UV indicates that Judy is going to try to brazen this hoax out. Points for tenacity! Use of the word "Receiver" means that she's still going for the UV signal in a RADIO telescope" angle. Optical telescopes are called "telescopes" or "scopes", not receivers. There is no such thing as a 'receiver' (radio) "sensitive to the Ultra-Violet frequency" (optical).

No - such - thing.

A "new development" in that area is ALSO impossible, and I don't care WHAT kind of "Tesla technology" they want to claim was used. Tesla himself would tell you, were he still live, that LIGHT is not received by radios. Tesla was an electrical genius, and most certainly knew the difference between light and radio. He knew that Marconi wasn't developing cameras for photography.

On the Tesla connection, to quote Bedlam from page 44 of this thread:

Originally posted by Bedlam

the story has a Mars face connection, the story has an orion alignment connection and she did claim similar message 'binary' encryptions and is currently incognito.

Oh, please. I think you missed adding "Tesla" to the lineup of woo validating references.

Yeah, Bedlam, looks like they're trying to close that gap now...

Bedlam also answers this 'Tesla' claim way ahead of time, from page 32 of this thread:

Originally posted by Bedlam

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
From someone on FB:

Therefore, I will now shut up my big fat fingers and just give the links that I have found in the hopes that this will help demonstrate that there is indeed, a real possibility here, with today's computers and radio telescopes and special Tesla coils

Oh, my. Why is it that everyone who's babbling about this sort of thing has to ring in Bearden and Tesla to authenticate their statement? I'm surprised he didn't add in something about zero point energy, too.

It's pretty hard to take someone seriously that's trying to handwave some sort of quantum crap and is still talking about radio telescopes receiving UV.

Tesla Technology is Tesla Technology - not magic that will transform light to radio with a wave of the magic wand. On top of that, even if it were magic, the UV would have to make it THROUGH the atmosphere first, in order to be present for any such magical conversion to take place.

This technology was "privately developed" and tested on a "private radio telescope"? Then why the attempt at a NASA connection, and why the secrecy? YOU own anything you develop privately, and YOU own rights to anything you pick up on private equipment. Judy could have released this data to the world if this claim were so, without interference. The basics of that are that the government doesn't control what the government doesn't control. It was either NASA as per the original claim, or it was not. One or the other is a blatant LIE. I think BOTH are blatant lies.

Also present in the original claim was that this signal was alleged to be being "locked on to" by ground based radio telescopes all around the world. Never mind the fact that we checked with some of the observatories specifically mentioned, like Arecibo in Puerto Rico and Jodrell Bank in the UK, and ALL denied it. Ignore that for the moment.

Are we to believe that this secret cartel developing impossible technology privately - and at private expense! - had warehouses full of these gadgets sitting ready to go, along with freight carriers standing at the ready, to distribute these "devices" to radio telescopes all around the world, for instant installation by untrained techs (and 'magic' like this, so far out of reality, would take a LOT of training!), and all that was accomplished in minutes, again at the private cartel's expense, out of the goodness of their hearts, and then covered up by government entities who had no control over the matter to begin with? And all of this was in place, for free, on the off chance that they might pick 'something' up?

THEN they punched holes in the atmosphere over EACH observatory so that the UV could get through to be converted by this black magic?

" The Signal - The Truth " my ass. Around here, in the real world, that sort of "truth" is what proceeds from the south end of a north-bound bull, and is what we call politely an "EPIC FAIL"!

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posted on Nov, 13 2010 @ 07:51 PM
I just KNEW Tesla would be exhumed to stand witness to this farce at some point.

They really ought to leave him alone. The poor guy's done enough as it is.

'My magic [blank] works because...of Tesla Technology!' - when you hear this, you know they're a fraud, unless it's an AC motor or generator, or you're that Cheney bimbo who tries reductio ad absurdam in every chapter of her crap book.

"Tesla worked with compressed gases - cryogenics involves compressed gases - therefore Tesla INVENTED CRYOGENICS!" - pretty close paraphrase from memory of actual statement in Cheney's book. Get a grip, dear, you wouldn't have been his 'type'.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 10:53 AM
Well, since I made the list & the only thing I've contributed of any substance was to explain the mechanisms behind how hollow structures produce sound in odd ways (thus The Sphinx is not hollow), I thought I'd best live up to the enmity I've garnered. So I had a think. How about if Judy, despite a complete lack of qualifications or publications, had somehow made an unprecedented scientific breakthrough & really could detect UV on radio receivers on the ground?
There are only 2 ways the EM spectrum can propagate:
1) Coherently, like a laser - the particles/waves (yes Judy, I'm no astro-cosmo-quantum-theoretical-whatever-funky-cool physicist, but I've seen the duality experiment conducted) travel in straight lines. If this is how the aliens are doing it, Earth would have to be directly in line between the source & intended target. I'll leave it to neno to tell us where the supposed stars actually are in relation to this necessary straight line.
2) Incoherently, like a light bulb which shines in all directions, the output from which thus diverges from a point source & is subject to loss of amplitude by the inverse square rule. In which case, the Earth could receive such signals, wherever they came from & were going to.

However, whilst it would take less power to generate a coherent signal that would be discernible from background noise than an incoherent, the very 1st source of noise that would have to be overcome would be the very star that the signal source orbited. Then there's the likes of supernovae & galaxies behind the source, from the target's POV, & the likes of super-massive stars & gas-clouds etc. between them. Without positing Zero-point energy or some such, the power source would have to be a star!
Fair enough, perhaps it is. Still, whatever it is, lets consider just how powerful that UV signal would have to be @source to arrive discernibly on target. Does anyone else think this might pose something of a health hazard to all life in the source star system?

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by Bedlam

Light and sound...

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posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 05:12 PM
I've been picking up a few snippets on Wayne the 'self published author' and may i add very self publicised

In one blog he states "I have some amazing astronomy friends and we look at everything" !! .........All i can say about that is its a pity for him that they did'nt keep him straight about UV signals.

Then Wayne has numerous links to the CNN site, sounds impressive and must help give his flakey theories some credence, ONLY if you look in more depth CNN ireport is a user generated section and the content on there isnt checked or cleared by a CNN editor. A fb friend asked Wayne will it go to CNN. Wayne answered too controversial, fb friend asked again what about the 2000 recomm. clicks which will take the story on to CNN Wayne replies that is for a normal story.........the contents are forbidden material if i had 10,000 clicks
they wouldnt touch it. lol !!! FORBIDDEN MATERIAL IT'S ALL OVER THE INTERNET roflmao!!!

IMO to be one of Wayne's followers you must have a strong clicking finger and be a dab hand at cut and paste
and be able to type the words and light...awsome....with you in spirit etc.etc.

I am in awe of your near death experience Wayne because it is IDENTICAL to that of the one James van Greunen used to put about !!! Is'nt that just spookey? Both of you having IDENTICAL near death experiences.

Well Wayne i'm sure your lurking ........and you havent been banned from ATS so how about coming on and
answering some questions instead of hiding behind womens skirts (eg. Zara_Bow, Cosmic Pixie, Judy)
Theres a word for men who hide behind women and it begins with a "C" so come on Wayne act like a man

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by eletheia

I loved that CNN iReport he published himself. The funny thing is, he wrote the article in which he constantly refers to himself as, "The Hidden Records author Wayne Herschel says..." Complete joke. The worst part about it is that he created a second account named john and began commenting on how huge Wayne's discovery was and how he was showing all his friends at the British Museum, where he worked.

It was checked out: No one named John worked at the British Museum, and no one was looking at Wayne's "discovery." Funny enough, Wayne came back as himself to comment on the article and suddenly, john made no more appearances!!!! It's all too good.

If Wayne will not come on here to talk to us, perhaps john can make a visit?
Please Wayne
. Or even better, James.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 05:49 PM
Another confirmation that the Judy Fältskog we all know and love was once a Van Greunen.

Facebook page for Boys High School Helpmekaar

Which roughly translates to:
Boys High School Helpmekaar, Braamfontein
Judy Fältskog Yes those were my years of still Greunen. I was Helpmekaar Girls have been from 1979 to 1983. Can anyone ever remember me? My brother Jimmy Van Greunen was in the Boys' School! Piled between old Helpies to visit! Greetings from a cold Sweden! Judy

Sorry moaningmartel. Your statments ... here


and here

The person on FB is the real Judy Faltskog and I cannot speak for the other fotos you have.

...don't wash anymore.
Will the real Judy Fältskog please stand up?

Also, according to Facebook's own Terms of Service

...Please keep in mind that if you disclose personal information in your Profile or when posting comments, messages, photos, videos, Marketplace listings or other items, this information may become publicly available.

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posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by Netties Hermit

And YOUR not even on the HIT LIST .................Have you got 'friends' in high places??

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 06:27 PM

Originally posted by eletheia
reply to post by Netties Hermit

And YOUR not even on the HIT LIST .................Have you got 'friends' in high places??

He's super CIA... shhhhh.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by eletheia

I am in awe of your near death experience Wayne because it is IDENTICAL to that of the one James van Greunen used to put about !!! Is'nt that just spookey? Both of you having IDENTICAL near death experiences.

Oooh! Oooh! I hadn't run across James' NDE yet! I reckon maybe I've been too wrapped up in his abduction by his alien daddy Karne, and how eerily similar that was to Judy's claim of the same, both of which originate from Arthur Shuttlewood's tale - oddly enough from 1965, the year James/Judy was born.

Do ANY of these people ever have an original thought?

So James wrecked his scooter and died for 20 minutes, only to come back to pester folks with oddball revelations from his "gods" as well? To be honest, I DID notice strange similarities between Wayne Herschel's new cult, and the one that James tried to start. I just chalked it up to the grossly common factors found among nearly ALL of these upstart "Light Warrior" cults (BTW, what kind of religion needs "warriors" to spread their message of "light and love"? Isn't that notion sort of antithetical? Just one more instance of similarity between the rise of Wayneism and the rise of Islam))

Also, the "20 minutes dead" thing is sort of bothering me. After 4 minutes of lacking oxygen, due to heart failure no longer pumping blood to the brain, the brain starts to suffer damage, which exponentially increases as time passes. The brain, being "dead", starts to degenerate.

Come to think of it, though, a few instances of brain damage would go a LONG way in explaining much of this...

Well Wayne i'm sure your lurking ........and you havent been banned from ATS so how about coming on and
answering some questions instead of hiding behind womens skirts (eg. Zara_Bow, Cosmic Pixie, Judy)
Theres a word for men who hide behind women and it begins with a "C" so come on Wayne act like a man

I can think of TWO C-word that meet that description, so I'll not speculate. I'm pretty sure Wayne will never be back here, though. He's demonstrated at least 3 times that he can't hold up his end of a discussion if his opponent starts dragging in facts and logic to use to contend with him. Facts and logic wrap him right up pretty neatly, which wouldn't be the case if he were to be able to apply ANY of his own to his argument.

Funny, every time he gets bested in a debate (which is every time he enters one), he tries to use brute force and coercion to eliminate his opponent. Nothing like trying to eliminate someone telling the truth because it's inconvenient for you, eh?

Wait... what? Isn't that what Wayne accuses others of, all the while doing it himself instead? Yeah, baby, I got facts and evidence to back THAT claim up, too! Eventually, you have to ask yourself, exactly WHO is really engaging in a "cover-up" here?

You see, fact, truth, and logic can stand under their own power. They NEVER have to silence the opposition. They show the opposition for what it is instead, and let it's own foolish pronouncements stand as a monument to fallacy.

Which is EXACTLY why Wayne will never show up here again. He can't silence us here, and he can't back up his arguments or claims with ANY sort of fact or logic. In other words, Wayne doesn't HAVE any truth. If he did, he'd be right here, all over us, making us look like idiots. It always goes quite the other way, though.

Besides, he's probably pretty busy running that new Anti-Christ cult called Oneism.

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